Collagen Supplementation for Torn Ligaments and Tendons

Posted by Art (California) on 10/11/2020 2182 posts

My friend is doing very good, but I wanted to mention my 80 something year old neighbor who I mentioned this specific collagen supplement to and she said she wanted to try it to help her joints. I saw her yesterday and we talked for awhile. I could see she was moving like a much younger woman, but it was her hair that really caught my attention! 😲😲😲

Yes, her hair looked like it belonged on a 30 year old!!! It had not only filled in her thinning areas, it was thick, full and dense! She was thrilled and told me how she had just been to her hairdresser and she was shocked at the difference! Her hairdresser immediately wanted to know what my neighbor had done and she said she started using a specific collagen supplement that I had suggested for her. Her hairdresser wanted to know exactly what it was!

My neighbor went on to tell me that her friend was also amazed at the change and she wanted to try it too!

Overall, this product is producing pretty amazing results for more than just torn ligaments and tendons!