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Manuka Honey

Posted by Clatterbuck (Beltsville, Md) on 08/14/2020

I seem to have accidentally discovered a cure for my post gallbladder removal issues. After the removal of my gallbladder a couple of years ago, I started having problems with needing to rush to the bathroom after I ate. Certain things seemed to trigger it but sometimes it seemed to come out of nowhere. It was really annoying. I also think all of the diarrhea was causing me to miss out on nutrients.

Last month, I had a sore throat and decided to use my usual sore throat remedy of manuka honey. This time my throat hurt pretty bad so I took a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night for a week. The sore throat went away like usual, but since then I haven't had any diarrhea, not even after I drink coffee.

I haven't even had any honey for two weeks and it still seems to be working. I don't know if the manuka honey is what fixed the problem but it is the only thing I did differently before my stomach problems stopped.