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Picky Eater Toddlers

Posted by Vikram (Nashik, India) on 08/17/2013

Please can u suggest me any remedy my 2.5-year-old daughter is fussy about eating. She does not eat anything if we do not feed her forcefully. Awaiting an earliest reply.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

I would think feeding her forcefully and putting so much emphasis on what or how much she eats is destroying her appetite and giving her negative connotations about food. My sister-in-law ate nothing but red raspberries one summer when she was little, and when my Mother-in-law asked the doctor about her concern for her health, he said let her eat what she wants, and when she gets hungry enough, she will eat on her own. He was right. Unless your daughter has an illness that is keeping her from eating, just put food out that she can eat when she wants during the day. My children often ate their dinner throughout the evening instead of all at once at the evening meal, so I left their food on the table and they have good memories of food and calmness at our dinner table. I know you have your daughter's best interest in mind, but I would back off and let her eat when and what she wants. Her body will tell her what she needs as long as nourishing food is available.

Replied by Gab2well

Do not give her too much to drink in way of juices or milk that may cause her not to want to eat. Also do not put too much on her plate so she will not be fearful of not being able to eat it all. Also make sure she is not anemic, which can cause a child to have a loss of appetite.

Replied by Sandra

Give her fresh juices (greens, mixed with carrot, pineapple). Carrot is one of the most nutritious drinks. She will get most of her nutrients from this drink. Research about the benefits of carrot juice. Most of the food we eat today has no nutritional value anyway - we are better off getting nutrients from juices (not processed juices).

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, USA)

Vikram, I am seeing lots of great advice for you here. I also agree that forcing her to eat is only going to worsen the problem. Two year olds can be pretty contrary.

My oldest son is almost 20. I nursed him until he was two. He ate no solid food until he was 16 months old. Threw up everything I tried to give him. (I wasn't forcing it, even if he put it into his mouth he threw it up. ) I didn't push it and figured he wasn't ready. People wanted me to take him to an eating disorder clinic. No way. Finally, at 16 months he started to eat. I think he may have had some food allergies and it was his bodies way of protecting him from food. He was fine on human milk alone. Everyone said he would be a picky eater. He wasn't. He is a super young man who will eat anything.

My niece was a very picky toddler. But her parents were patient and just offered healthy food. Eventually, she would eat. She is now a healthy eater and a teen.

She will eat when she is hungry, just offer healthy stuff. And don't let her think you are happy when she eats or upselt when she doesn't. Food needs to be a non-issue. I agree that juices are a great healthy food for her (fresh juiced. ) Raw milk, organic bananas... Also, sugar is filling and empty calories, so avoid letting her have these.

Also, most toddlers don't need a whole bunch of food. A banana is a breakfast for a toddler.

Hang in there and try to be patient. It is really hard when you are worried about their health.

Let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Trudy

I agree with all the other suggestions, so have just one more: when my grand-daughter was a toddler, she ate no vegetables at all, only meat and potatoes. We just put her food on her plate and she chose what to eat. As the adults were eating, we would occasionally comment how, when I was little and didn't like a vegetable, I would put a piece of it on a spoon with a food I did like and, wow! You couldn't even taste the disliked food. They hear everything, and soon enough we heard from her 'you can't even taste the pea! ' Now, at age 7, she eats everything. Will try any food on the table--she knows she doesn't 'have' to eat it, so is willing to try.

Pillows for Children

Posted by Shonni (Switzerland) on 03/10/2014

Pillow for Children - Yes or No? Opinions wanted.

Hi, my husband and I are a bit losted at what is the right thing to do. When our daughter was about 3 we asked a lady at the baby shop at what age and what type of pillow should we give to our daughter. She told us that her daughter is now 20 and still does not use a pillow. She advised against it. She did say that if we ever see our daughter using her stuffed toy as a pillow (putting it under her neck) then it would be time to buy her one. She is now 5 and we have never seen her using her stuffed toy. She did mention it maybe twice that she wanted a pillow, when we asked why she said because we have one. What do you think ... should she be using a pillow or not?

PS: She has never complained about stiff neck or any other muscle problems, is very healthy, only be sick twice and has sooo much energy. Opinions much appreciated. Thanks Shonni

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Shonni,

If she is comfortable with out it, that seems fine. It also seems like sleeping on your back or stomach would make one less likely to need a pillow. I would tend to think that side sleepers would do well with a pillow so the spine is not so bent.

I do not let babies have pillows because of the suffocation risk. But somewhere around the toddler age, all of mine have taken up pillows, probably because everyone else in the house has one.

~Mama to Many~

Prader-Willi Syndrome

Posted by Anonymus (Xxxx, Zzzz) on 11/19/2012

Does anyone know of a home remedy to help with Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS)? A 4 year old friend's daughter is suffering from it. Any testimonials welcome.

Replied by Gwen

A modified ketogenic diet may help Prader Willi Syndrome patients - 30% fat, 45% carbohydrates and 25% protein, with at least 20 grams of fiber per day. See this link

Rashes: Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Choob (Johannesburg, South Africa) on 10/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Toddlers Body Rash Cured

I'd just like to extend a overdue but heartfelt thanks to Ted and all the other folks who have listed their cures and remedies. After spending many sleepless nights looking for a cure for my Vegan toddlers' aggressive growing rash - i stumbled accross very helpful info at Earth Clinic from Ted's Bicarb and ACV drink (which i still take cause i like it and it seemed to work for my candida), the tumeric paste, VCO, acidophilus to omega deficiency. The rash disappeared within a week from her entire body and hasn't returned. Truth is i now use this website as my first reference, and have passed on the word to the parents with other toddlers. Thanks Ted for taking your time and sharing your remedies - your extra long emails are EXTREMELY USEFUL AND HELPFUL.

EC: Hi Choob, Can you please be more specific about the remedies you used to cure your child's rash, i.e., recipes, quantities, dosages, how often? Thank you!

Rashes: Multiple Remedies
Posted by Gail (Alexandria, VA) on 05/20/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

My nearly 4 year old daughter has had a itchy, sometimes painful rash on her bottom for nearly 3 months now. We have tried antifungal creams (prescription and over-the-counter, antibacterial creams, A & D, yogurt, baking soda, oatmeal baths, etc. nothing seems to help for long. Has anyone been through something similar? We are going back to the pediatrician next week. We have the first available dermatologist appointment at the end of July. We have also tried homeopathic sulpher.

Replied by Jack
(Toledo, Ohio)

May I suggest the external application of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and then apply "DMSO" ON TOP OF IT this puts the HP directly in contact with the bacteria or virus, also I've used "MMS" AND THEN DMSO ON TOP OF IT ALSO. The link for MMS is, And it does more than you can imagine.....GB.. JACK

Replied by Catherine
(Seattle, WA)

response to Jack: I would not recommend giving a 4 year old MMS! Not sure about the DMSO either, that sounds way to strong.

Replied by Kate
(Abilene, Tx)

used on both my kids with great success within hours or overnight:

wash bottom with cetaphil lotion (lipid free soap substitute) and rinse. product will say rinsing is not necessary, but found works best for this if you do.

then, blow dry the bottom with a blow dryer on cool/warm until dry--less irritating on sensitive skin.

follow with Dr. Smith's ointment (sold in most stores in baby ointment section) it has thymol which is an antifungal.

Replied by Pamela6000
(Cape Coral, Fl)

TO Gail from Virginia... Did you ever cure your child with this rash? My 6 year old has the exact same thing! Been there at least 3 months.. Itchy and red, cracks at times. We have been to 2 - 3 drs.. Tried all you have tried plus oral antibiotics in case of a strep infection there.. No results! I did start using straight ACV which helped but it burned badly so was hard to apply. It faded the red though.. We are at a loss! HELP!!!! Right now we are in Italy and cannot get DMSO and such...


Replied by Gg
(Willow Road, Usa)

Sounds like yeast on the skin. If you have access to extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined, cold pressed then you may try this on a very small area of the rash. Small area to be sure of no bad reaction. If no bad reaction try on entire rash. Be sure to try small area first. This was done for a family members baby of mine, after they had used stuff from the medical doctor that did not work. The coconut oil made the rash alot better and finally cleared it.

Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia

Posted by Jenifer (Snellville, Georgia) on 01/11/2009

RSA-in newborns: This is the best site, I hope out there maybe an answer to my 1month old 1st grandson.He came down with it@ 2/wks.If anyone knows of any remedy for this virus,{RSA} and how to keep it at bay.I have read all the whys and not to dos.The answer from the DOC'S are albuterol ,breathing treatments,thats fine,im just looking under every nook-cranny. I welcome all insight :]

Replied by Rosy
(Orlando, FL)

Look for molds in your, or your daughter/son's house. Do an air quality test and see if this is aggravating the baby's breathing. Vinegar washes are a good way to clear mold, but different types react differently.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (Rsv)

Posted by Cindy (Elizabeth, Colorado) on 03/02/2010

Question: Need to know if there is an all natural remedy or product that can be given to a 6 month old infant for RSV and ear infections.... thanks

Salt Water Soaks

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Posted by Ness (San Antonio, Tx) on 07/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

2 months ago, My 1 yr. old had gotten a yeast infection and it was sooo disgusting, with pus filled bubbles and everything. We did the athlete's foot creams, and only temporarily helped, soaked him in baking soda 3x a day and applying the cream after. Helped but doctor suggested a prescription cream, worked too, but a couple days later, it came back

We were headed to the coast that week and my father suggested to stick him in the salt water. My father said he would always get hurt with fishing hooks and stuff on deep sea fishing trips and such, but took a swim in the saltwater before coming home. I didn't want to, but while I was tanning, and daddy was swimming, neither of us noticed my father run off with him in the water. It didn't seem to hurt my son, so we pulled out a small pool for him and put a couple of buckets of salt water for him to play in. Later that night we took him a good bath and it seemed clearer and the next morning, the RASH WAS COMPLETELY GONE!! Hasn't comeback since.[this is like 3rd week]

I suggest taking a vakay, and sitting your child in a small pool of salt water, even with minor cuts and scrapes. I scraped my knee that day and it healed too after swimming. The salt water just cleans it all out, killing the infection, and cut, so it stays sterilized. Take a real good bath and check it out in the morning. I should have brought some home.. lol

Replied by Christal
(Kyle, Texas)

Antibiotics cause yeast infections, also known as Candida overgrowth. Always give and take probiotics. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria, and that allows the bad bacteria to overgrow, you need a balance so make sure you aren't giving him any or taking any yourself, esp if you are breastfeeding, also make sure that you don't give him any sugar or breads unless you make the bread yourself.


Posted by Mike (Hopewell Jct, Ny Usa) on 04/02/2011

My 2 yr old had a deep abraison on his head about 10 months ago. The scab has grown and it appears like his hair has matted itself into the scab. We tried to assist it by moistening it and "teasing" the hair out and scraping the scab but it was very painful for him and the scab seemed to be very vascular and thick. We put some tea tree oil on it and it really burned temporarily. His pediatrician told us to try to gently pull the scab off but he is very sensitive to it. We feel it is taking too long and it has not gotten better. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. MJB

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

My son had bad cradlecap and I used both olive oil and coconut oil (separately) on the area. I left it on there for a while and then it can just be gently lifted off. Both natural products so you can use as much as you need.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Posted by Emma (Port St Lucie, FL) on 04/15/2009

hi, my 20 month old son has seborric dematisis and i would like to know if i should fallow the same measurements for him. the doctor currently has him on derma smooth for scalp and skin... hes been on it for about two months now. if any body knows please tell me cuz i want to stop using the chemicals on his skin.

EC: Hi, Emma. Which remedy are you referring to, apple cider vinegar?

Sinus Congestion

Posted by Monica (Chino, Ca, United States) on 03/18/2013

I have a 4 yr old son who has sinus congestion & enviromental allergies I can't give him the Tomatoe Tea, I've tried the 1/4 tsp of Garlic Powder & Ginger w/Honey cut it down to 1/8 but still it does not work. I use garlic steam ... nothing. There has got to be something that I can do. I have an air purifier his room which is clean and I changed his diet. Milk is gone though he drinks goat's milk in the morning. I'm going to try taking away bananas as well & try Apple Cider Vinegar in vapor. I don't like to give him meds & surgery is my last resort, going nuts here. Please help. Thank you.

Replied by Kat
(Kansas City, Mo)

Mom: Does he have Asthma?? I am 57 yr female & have Asthma. Used to take many pills, now only Proventil inhalation & Advair. (purple disc) When I am sick w/ congestion, I take a inhalation treatment & have been drinking green TEA. I am not a DR but only know what works for me. Hope something helps your son soon.

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, North West, South Africa)

Hi Monica, Stop giving your son starches in all its varieties, leave out the goats milk as well, eliminate all processed Foods that are filled with chemicals. A 4 yr old may not like it but be creative to coax him to eat proper food.

Replied by Monica
(Chino, Ca)

Thank you. No he does not have asthma. His congestion is really bad at night, I'm thinking enlarged adenoids. The next step will be going to the chiropractor hopefully between that & some remedies we can cure it.

Replied by Monica
(Chino, Ca)

Thank you, weening him off of milk has been the hardest he LOVES it, starches are limited but I can do it. He does love certain raw vegetables Broccoli being one of them.

Replied by Ky Mama
(Clinton, Ky)

Try nettle tea. Pour 2 cups boiling water over 2 T. Dried nettle leaves. Strain after 15 minutes and sweeten with some Stevia. If he could drink this during the day, it may help a lot. My son with severe asthma was able to be off inhalers, steroids and OTC allergy meds by taking nettles in capsules. His little brother, too small to swallow capsules, used nettle tea to cure a case of hives in 20 minutes.

Another think you can do is mix 1 T. Peppermint essential oil and 1 T. Eucalyptus essential oil and put this is 1/4 cup olive or coconut oil and massage it into the back and chest at betime. (Spot check it first to make sure it isn't too strong. ) This helped my daughter who had asthma a lot!

Vitamin C is also a natural antihistamine, but I find it hard to get a lot into a child who cannot swallow pills.

Blackstrap molasses is very nutritive and if he would take a t. twice a day, it wouldn't hurt and might help.

We use raw goats milk at our house and it doesn't seem to set off any ones allergies here.

Hope you find a good solution for him!

Replied by Danielle

Breathing issues can definitely be from microscopic parasites.

Sinus Infections

Posted by Monica (Chino, Ca) on 03/07/2013

Sinus Infection, etc. I saw the Tomatoe Tea, but am a little iffy to give to my 4yr old son. Is there anything else that I can look into thats o.k for children. Thank you.

Sinus Infections
Posted by Jen (R) on 01/06/2010

Severe sinus infection in 11 year old

i am looking for something that will cure my sons sever sinus infection and bronchitis. I took him to the dr. and they said it was bronchitis no sinus infection and that he should drink clear liquids and sleep on 2 pillows. I cannot stand this dr. (he's the on call dr.) my son clearly has a sinus infection, he was blowing green buggers and now they are bloody. so my question before i go back and spend another 100 dollars for them to tell me to give him not 1 but 2 pillows to sleep with, is what can i try at home first?

And whatever it is has to be 11 year old appropriate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all Thank you EC.

Skin Ailments

Posted by Sasha (Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica) on 07/13/2009

my daughter is 4 yrs old and from age 2 she has some tiny razor like bumps that itches and black spots that goes along. i used hydrocortizone cream that my doctor prescribed and it worked for a while then stopped. What natural remedy can i use to get rid of this problem?

Skin Allergies

Posted by Reeni (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 01/17/2010

My six year old daughter has had a problem since she was 2. She gets tiny red bumps all over her torso and even on her forehead and cheeks after she takes a bath. She gets very itchy for about 15 min. until her body is completely dry. We consulted a Dr. and he said It's because she is allergic to dust mites. in her case her body reacts to the allergy only when it comes in contact with water. I removed all the carpets, soft toys and washed her bed protector every now and then. Still every morning, after taking the bath she is frantically itching all over her body. I wonder what's wrong?

Replied by Sarah
(San Diego, Ca)

Both of my kiddos have very sensitive skin and we had to eliminate all soaps and shampoos for a while. When they would "break out", I would use 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in the bath and that started to clear it up.

What soap, if any, are you using??

We also found that Emu Oil (kind of pricey) works the best to clear up many skin conditions. My son suffers from excema, and Emu oil is the only thing that cleared it up. (And I tried Extra virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, tea tree oil..)

Hope that helps. :)

Replied by B Davey
(Copacabana, Australia)

My boys, 3 and 5, both get eczema and skin allergies. I tried all kinds of remedies and ointments. When I removed all artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and flavour enhancers it cleared up. I limit processed food as much as possible and they drink non- homogenised milk.

Its worth trying and not too difficult. At birthday parties and special occasions I don't worry too much.

Good luck.

Replied by Andrea C

I know this is an old post, but I have had this problem for years, I finally traced it down to Chlorine in the water supply. I put a shower filter on my shower head, and fill the bath with the shower head as well. End of problem. Love Andrea C xxxxxxx

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