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Posted by Organic Gardener (Louisiana, Usa) on 01/21/2014

During renovation of an adjacent apartment, I was recently exposed to extremely high levels of a VOC, specifically toluene. Prior to this incident, I was very healthy. The exposure occurred over a period of four days. I am now experiencing dizziness, wheezing, nose bleeds, burning inside nostrils, tightness in chest, frequent urination, diarrhea and kidney pain. Any advice will be appreciated.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Organic Gardener: I would recommend Lipospheric Vit-C between meals fallowed by NAC 1grm 1hr latter daily for at least 2 weeks. During meal take a Broad spectrum Multivitamin/Mineral plus Multicaroitinoid Complex supplement. Drink much Green Tea. Pine Bark or Grapeseed Extract will also help. Detox Foot Pads are very effective in removing Zenobiotics and Heavy Metals. I would recommend a 50 pack from whole-sellers on

It appears as if you may have already had some preconditions going on so do be committed to this detox as your health could easily spiral downwards. Here is a link w/ lots of info.

Replied by Gail M.

Everyone's advice is great. I would also flush my body with vitamin C, 20 grams a day. Read Linus Pauling. He got the Nobel prize for bit C research.

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Posted by Sharon (Salt Lake City, Ut) on 03/24/2012
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At 50, I've been very lucky to not be afflicted with any allergies but very recently I've started one!!!! I'm allergic to regular laundry detergent which I understand now is common BUT I've also gained another intolerance which seems less common. After using a Cottonelle toilet wipe when visiting a friends house.... I quickly (same day) broke out in a itchy rash. I know it was the wipe because the rash traces where I applied it. At night it's worse of course. As well, any hint of regular detergent (not perfume/dye free) in my underwear or jeans will also cause this itchy rash.

In short, the chemicals in most everyday cleaning products, detergents, toilet wipes are making me crazy not to mention unhealthy. I have since figured out to ACV, epsom salt in a bath to relieve the itch... It really doesn't matter the dosage... Just pour some into your shallow bath water. But more importantly, we all need to rebel/write these product makers and insist they stop putting unneccesary dyes/perfumes/chemicals in our everyday products. I now stick to clear/free EVERYTHING!

Replied by Notdefeated
(Radford, Va)

I have horrible Multiple Chemical Sensitivity reactions. I get very ill when I go out to shop for groceries or any store. I can't go to church anymore because I smell perfumes, etc. My church just put down new carpet. (formaldehyde) I become so ill when I smell stuff that I have even passed out. it has caused tinnitus and it keeps getting worse. I have tried so many herbal supplements and remedies that it has drained me financially, not counting the doctor bills. Doctors won't even discuss the MCS with me like I'm making it up. They say, learn to live with it. I stay away form people completely so I won't e sicker. I am sick every day. more or less. Can any one who suffers with MCS, so you can relate, help me at all? Maybe home remedies or other natural supplement's? Thanks! :-(

Replied by Mike62

Notdefeated: Religion love and enlightenment are very hard to achieve when suffering physically. Eat like Adam and Eve did when they dwelled in the Garden Of Eden, raw organic produce and raw grass fed animal products.

Replied by J.p.

I have the same thing...I went to a Dr.appointment and they put a new rug in and I had to wait out in the hall...I went to another Dr.appointment a year or so later and was waiting to be seen and this woman came in with perfume that set off my tinnitus like a fire alarm...Even when I go into a restaurant that has a fireplace going the smell sets of my tinnitis...I breathe deeply a few times a day which I think helps me...But just one whiff of anything like perfume will set me off. Just ONE...The worst is nail polish remover which my wife occasionally uses.. I'll beat this as I didn't have it until about 10 years ago...went 40 years with none of that...

(Baldwin, N.y.)

I suffer with tinnitus from MCS. It gets really bad after exposure to perfume or chemicals -even ripened fruit. Some make-up also give me a problem with tinnitus. It gets so bad that I can't even concentrate, get anxiety too. I just want to go sleep until it gets better. It's hard to even go shopping. I'm not safe even in my own home. It's very frustrating!!!

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Lucy, you're lucky in that at least you know what the tinnitus by you is from, or what modulates it. Maybe you can read up on how to strengthen your system to be able to deal with MCS.

Replied by Gloria

I've been chemically sensitive for 30 years. It took 20 to finally be diagnosed. I had to go to Baltimore where Dr. Ziem has her office. She is the foremost authority on MCS. If you look up her web site she has her recommendations for MCS, there is no cure, avoidance is the only way to stay healthy, which is very difficult. Dr Ray in Texas has a clinic and if you are severe that is the place to go.

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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/23/2011
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I am looking into buying a mattress at the moment and came across an interesting article. Some mattresses and pillows can contain chemicals which may make you feel sick (headaches, allergies, depression etc.)

Here is the article

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Debbie I looked for a chemical free mattress and bought a wool mattress. It was great for a while but it ended up with large dents. Probably because it did not get turned over enough, not only suffering from MCS but CFS thus just changing the sheets was an effort. In looking for another chemical free mattress I came across (on the internet) a guy who makes them himself. He is at Buffalo, Vic. We have not got one yet but hope to buy one next year. Apparently he suffers from MCS and moved to the country and now makes chemical free mattresses. I also bought wool pillows and we have found them fine. Thanks for the link.

Replied by Pat
(Bloomingdale, Il)

Ik*a has chemical free cotton mattresses.

Replied by Green
(Milvich, Tx)

I've suffered from extreme sensitivities most of my life. Bright sunlight, off-gassing, carpeting, drywall, old mattresses, mold, and more mold, fumes, soaps, especially grass, and more things would make me ill or give a reaction.

I've run from lease to lease, because most apartments and affordable homes had a roof-leak at one poitn, covered up, releasing mold, which slowly poisons and is intolerable for people like us.

Here are the remedys I have found that work for me:

1 I use only Dr. Bronner's soap for both my body and hair. It makes the best shampoo! The dandruff is very well controlled. If my hair starts itching from oil-buildup, or detox, this soap fixes it right away and does not cause dandruff. It relieves it. I highly recommend this soap as shampoo! I use the tea-tree oil Dr. Bronner's soap because it seems stronger than the other types.

2 I've lived in 4 places that were mold-free and my body felt good in. The first was living in a tent in the woods. The 2nd was in a used camper that had no carpeting or drywall. The 3rd was in a 3-year old house without carpetting, with plenty of crawl-space and air flowing under the house, and no roof-leaks ever. Last, the final solution for my allergy to mold is to live in an 18-wheeler sleeper. This solves the problem of dealing with mold in the work-place too. My job is driving a clean 18-wheeler truck, and I sleep in it too. The problem of exhaust is avoidable. I park upwind of other trucks and try to park far away from the truckstops, where no one else wants to park due to the long walk. I don't idle at night. I clean my truck thoroughly and don't store chemicals, oil... In my truck. If it needs oil I'll buy some and throw the rest away. I use thick rubber gloves to fuel with, but I don't need it. Diesel fuel is relatively not that toxic, although the fumes can give me an awful headache, I am in a situation where I must breath them and cannot avoid it. If a truck nearby has bad-smelling exhaust, I'll either slow way down or speed up to stay clear of it. Plus, if it's really bad, a mold-grade 3M gas-mask will filter out anything, even mold.

So, that's my solution and it has worked well for me. I would not recommend anyone with MCS haul reefer. I hate parking next to trucks with tripacks, but if they pull up beside me at night, usually, all I have to do is pull forward 6 feet and I'm fine.

The air ionizers like the xj2000, are great if you have to live with wall-2-wall carpeting. They help to neutralize the toxicity of carpet fumes. Also, if you have carpeting, you MUST vacuum them often. Start vacuuming every square inch of carpetting, including under the bed, many times a day until the carpetting does not cause an allergic reaction. Then you can back off to once a week, but vacuuming is a must for MCS sufferers. I would usually breath through a sock or something while vacuuming, cause a constant stream of snot will flow, to catch the particles raised up by the vacuum cleaner & carpet, but that small moment of suffering will pay off greatly.

The ONLY solution to a moldy house is to get the hell out fast. Forget the lease. Go.

NAET can help.

Superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, ALA and fulvic minerals are all great for building up the immune-system, and enabling the body to detox that crap that causes the MCS, but the main thing is to first get to a non-toxic environment. I've had to sleep on the patio before, as far away from the grass & soil as possible, outside under the stars, with mosquitos biting & all. I'd rather do that than sleep in a moldy house. The only problem is the chemtrails and lets face it, all of us with MCS know that those chemtrails are toxic. It's conspiracy fact for us. The 3M mold-grade gas-mask works great, but it's tough to sleep with. I don't know what to do about chemtrails, but there are devices that get rid of them, but building them can have it's own problems.

Sweating and saunas are great for detoxing also. I've had great success with a fulvic-mineral solution product quickly eliminating mold-based headaches. It's called Trucker's Choice Turbo Charge, but taking too much, just like taking a lot of ALA, and other super-foods will build up the immune-system so much that it sends the body into detox mode, and too much detox can feel like having the flu. And a warning regarding ALA, read up on the Andy Cutler protocal. You don't want to take that stuff without knowing what you're doing. Now Lysine supplementation will knock out any bleeding-gums, cold-sores, sore-throat, voice-loss... Mouth-related detox reactions one may get from the body trying to detox the oral tissues, or detox through the oral-detox pathways. I've had to take 15 grams of Lysine in one day (spread out throughout the day of course) recently to get my lips to heal up.

Detoxing is great, but the main thing with MCS is get the hell away from the toxins. Read up on Hulda Clark's books on hygiene and how to clean up your home. Get rid of all things with a fragrance. My only fragrance I wear is rose-water. I eat it & wear it. It heals emotions. Best of luck to all! Feel free to update me on how these things help you as you put them into practice. I know they worked for me.

Replied by Green
(Ft. Birch, Tx)

About buying a matress, forget about mattresses, couches, and anything with cushions or pillows, since they cannot be washed.

Hulda Clark mentions this in her cleaning protocol. If you cannot wash it in hot-water, trash it.

I bought a flat wooden board, one used for flooring, aired it out in the sun outside, put some sheets and blankets over it and slept on it. It worked great once it was off-gassed. Elevating it from the floor with cinder-blocks is a good idea too, but keep the board flat. My chiropractor told me, and it's true, that sleeping on a flat board is the best thing for your back. You won't need a chiropractor if you do this. A wadded up blanket makes a fine pillow too. The things MCS people use need to be washable in the hottest water, with a little bleach, and completely dryable, and mattresses do not do this. I've also slept on a concrete porch in a fenced-in back-yard. To hell with snakes & roaches. I did have ants bother me one night, though, and plenty of mosquitos. Flat surfaces work great. MCS sufferers have to eliminate toxins, especially where they sleep. The body goes in to deep deep detox mode during sleep and the environment must be very clean, or we will suffer extra during the day. If only there were a gas-mask with a big enough carbon-filter, so we could sleep in perfectly pristine air. It would be so helpful for us, but until then, avoid matresses until you can build up the immune system to a point where it can eliminate the toxins that cause the MCS, and withstand sleeping on matresses.

Replied by Marie
(Houston, Texas, Usa)

Hello, I know the subject was chemical sensitivity which I used to have big time as a result of breast implants but about 10 years ago I started to develop photosensitivity and it controls my whole life. I cannot work on a computer without turning it down to almost pitch dark, I can't stay out in the sun unless it's a short length of time or under any type of light, used to be just florescent now it's any light. Suncreen helps but only for so long. I don't so much get the bad rashes but my skin gets prickly and inflamed, like swollen, and hurts really bad, and I get really tired, I'm in pain until I remove myself from the light source for about a half hour (not feasible to do at work). I have UV filters on everything! I avoid light now like the plague.

My problem is I am trying to go back to grad school and I need a cure for this illness or there is no way I can do it. The only other thing I can think of as possible causes is an infection I got in my eye 10 years ago. I also had a falling accident and I might have gotten some kind of infection from the cut. Didn't go to a doctor. I've been tested for lupus but it came back negative. This is a mystery illness, nothing I have done so far has been able to solve. Other things to note: I am anemic don't know if that's a factor. I've been to several derms and docs. I will say that at times it's better - I can even turn my monitor screen to a brighter light. Right now it's as bad as it gets though. I was eating really bad the last few months. I've since tried to eat better again but to no avail. I did try the baking soda thing as well - didn't really help. Has anyone else suffered from this???

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
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Marie, here is a list of stuff for eye health: l-taurine, vit-A, zinc, lutein, zeoxanthin, astazanthin, NAC (or any glutathione boosters), bilberry, eyebright, grape seed. There are many nutrition formulas that contain most of the above ingredience, then u can obtain everthing in 1 cap, but there's the list for comparrison.

Magnet therapy can drive out any possible radiation in head/brain, as well as reduce inflamation and promote healing.

If your anemic and have photosensitivity, include cooked chicken or calf liver in your diet at least once weekly. Liver is loaded with nutrition, esp vit-A. Also eat organic eggs as they too are loaded with good protein and vit-A. Be carefull to not overdose the vit-A.

Do some immune support and also topical for eye infection. Colloidal Silver is good for both the forementioned. Be careful if purchasing the protein or gelatin based C. S. As it can grow germs after expiration date. Oops, now the labels are manufacture date. Nothing past 1yr imho.

Good luck and update your cond./ prog.

Replied by Jane
(Brisbabe, Qld, Aust)

Chemical Sensitivities: Hi everyone:) I have had Chemical Sensitivities for roughly 10 yrs now (hubbie even makes our soap/face cream, I clean with vinegar and only edible "all natural" stuff used in house & on our farm etc) I am writing because I also suffer from Electromagnetic Radiation sensitivities (from Wi-Fi, mobile phones / towers, cordless home phones etc) -This really limits where I can go and I can't get too close to people (everyone seems to own a mobile phone) I developed EMR "1st" after 2 large mobile towers were built a couple of blocks from a past owned suburb home - the chemical sensitivities followed soon after. Towards the end of living in this house I was also developing electrical sensitivities - I couldn't even switch lights on /off without pain (very strong pins and needles) in not only in the finger which switched it off, but hand and arm that would last for hours after.

Since moving home my electricity sensitivity has improved to almost 'normal' (with the exclusion of very high fields (eg no hair drier, held power tools etc) I believe I am not quite as chemically sensitive also but my EMR sensitivity has not improved.

I'm posting this because I wanted to share that I believe EMR caused my body to 'break down' and not be able to tolerate anything. It may be worth a try to stay (as long as possible 1- 2 mths?) somewhere with 'low mobile reception' and turn off the cordless home and mobile phone and Wi-Fi and see if this helps at all???? Best wishes and hopes to you all

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, NV)

Take a look at earthing mats, sheets, shoes, and also connecting with bare earth as much as possible. It should help relieve some of the EMF stress and help your body heal as well.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

The best shoes to wear are leather soled shoes as they will help "earth" you. On Earthclinic you can also check under remedies "barefoot".

Replied by Zorro
(West Allis, Wisconsin)

Hello, Please google orgone it helps with this, you can make your own or buy it. ou put it around your house and by phones. tv's, computers anything eletrical.

Here are some sites that can explian orgone. You can also wear this around your neck.

the woman

educate your


Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Jane, I just thought I'd write to say I do all of the aforementioned except make the orgone. I started wearing a q link about 11 years ago for emf protection. I also have an emf protection pad on my bed that has far infrared heat if I want it too. I use an earthing mat that I have under my feet when I'm at the computer as well.

When I attended a Longevity Now conference that is held here in California, all the doctors on the panel, when asked what have they seen really change over the last 8 years, answered, the rise in maladies due to all the electromagnetic fields we are being exposed to.

So, it's very real! And I do what I can to protect myself. I would google the various words, earthing, barefoot technology, q-link, etc and educate yourself on what you can do. There's also a book that I know can be found on Amazon called, "Earthing" which I've read and heard one of the doctors who helped w/ that book speak on. He suggested just simply lying on the grass, walking barefoot or strolling on the beach to clear your body. I hope this helps.

EC: Check out all the contributions about earthing on our Barefoot Remedy page!

Replied by Sunflower
(St Augustine, Us)

Only ACTIVE works. Passives: pendants etc can be harmful Http://

Try it, IT WILL change your lives as much as it does for me and my family, in ways we could only dream of. IMHO, it makes sense to arm ourselves with a schumann resonance
This is the Most affordable, yet gives the BEST results version I discovered and am using currently, also the ONLY one synced to our cicardian/bio rhythm. Not only does it offer emf protection, it revives the immune system, aids recovery, protects & heals from illnesses by generating the Schumann resonance.
Personal take anywhere protection with a 2m range in military spec rugged case and ultra long batt life.
Whole house protection
Http:// And Directions
"The frequencies of the Schumann signals change with ionospheric conditions. These conditions change diurnally, seasonally, and with variations in solar activity. That, in its own turn, varies both with the eleven-year sunspot cycle, and also with a twenty-seven to twenty-nine day cycle, mainly during sunspot minimum periods. Lunar tidal changes in the height and thickness of the layers could also sometimes affect the cavity dimensions and hence the Schumann frequencies. So can powerful ELF signals from HAARP.
Harmonizing rhythms usually return to orderly pulsations once the source of disturbance is removed. A strong harmonizing rhythm will drive and entrain the matrix of interlocking fields, creating more orderliness.
Planet Earth has a natural frequency for electromagnetic radiation called the Schumann resonances. The human brain also has resonant natural frequencies for EM radiation "in tune" with the planetary cycles.
Schumann's resonance forms a natural feedback loop with the human mind/body.
In turn, these basic frequencies can re-activate stalled healing processes, enhance growth, accelerate immune responses, and generally "jump-start" functions inherent to the body's tissues, by "rebalancing its energies" (according to Oriental medicine) or (in Beal's terminology) by re-configuring the liquid crystal orientation of cell membrane components and thus triggering specific intracellular responses.

Replied by Fran

Shungite is a Russian stone which absorbs EMF and also purifies water. It is known as a miracle stone in Russia.

You can get it in little circles to put in your pockets. Rocks to put by computer/ wifi/ TV etc. Mats to use on your mattress.

It also purifies water- you can have a couple of little stones in your glass water or glass bottle and it will help. It can be added to a bath and you can get shower heads with it.

I went through a period of hearing electric and phone lines which drove me crazy- this stone was recommended to me by a healer and it has really helped me. I have the 'harmonizers' in my pockets, I have some by my bed, I have little tiles to put my food on and some little rough elite pieces for making up water. I add essential oils to the water for a air fresher or face spritzer.

There are a lot of places selling it- including Amazon but it will be much cheaper direct from a factory in Russia.

Good luck- I hope you feel relief soon

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