Natural Remedies for Bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis Remedies
Posted by Tom (Sierra Vista, AZ) on 10/08/2022 55 posts
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Well I went to town on Wednesday and had the sore throat two days later on Friday. I had visited Walmart and Fry's grocery for a few hours.

So I implemented a three capsule dose of 50 mg zinc picolinate (ZP) internally every 6 hours. That's 150 mg of ZP per dose or 600 mg per day. It worked great again, within a day, to eliminate the sore throat. I like the 3 capsule dose because it provides a surplus of zinc while the 2 capsule, 6 hour dose was barely enough to overcome the sore throat.

I don't have any bad or negative side-effects from this level of ZP.

This form of zinc is so absorbable that I see the chance of a zinc overload as unlikely because the cells take it up and then utilize zinc to eliminate the virus.

I like the 6 hour dose interval because that also worked well for me last winter.

Actually, I stopped taking the zinc picolinate on Nov 3, 2022 because of indigestion.

I will still try taking ZP for any sore throats but probably at the 2 capsule dose of 400 mg per day instead of 600 mg per day.

Bronchiectasis Remedies
Posted by MsCDBrev (Cumming, GA) on 09/22/2022
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Nebulize HP!

I have not been diagnosed with the condition, however have suffered for a long while with the symptoms. Due to circumstances of our family being victimized by a crime, beginning in 2009, I was forced to live in a dwelling for two years that was HEAVILY mold infested; Black mold among others. During this time I began suffering with many symptoms including, joint pain, skin lesions, difficulty breathing, sores in my nose, wheezing, recurrent bacterial blepharitis, scalp sores, sinus infections, excess mucous production, post-nasal drip, trouble walking, severe brain fog, under eye aging, irritability, recurrent UTI's, bladder pain and spasms, fatigue, excessive sleepiness, etc. I suspect I also developed a fungal infection in my sinuses and lungs, however the symptoms were very similar to those you mentioned. Doctor visits resulted in prescriptions for sinus allergies, antibiotics, pain meds, muscle relaxers, depression meds, etc. none of which helped. I felt like no doctor was listening to me when I described all of the symptoms and suggested they could be related to aflatoxin exposure combined with a family trauma that caused unbelievable stress, zapping my immune system.

I have spent the last 11 years researching, and trying to detox my body using holistic/natural methods and products. It has been a long and arduous process, however I have learned a great deal and am thankful that my eyes have been opened to the problems with conventional medicine. I experienced good success with most symptoms, however I was never able to stop the wheeze or the nose sores. I then stumbled onto Bill Munro's HP inhalation method here on Earth Clinic. I tried that method, but quickly realized I needed a different delivery mode, and began nebulization. I first began nebulizing 3% Food Grade HP diluted 50% with distilled water. After more research I quickly added 1 drop of Lugol's Iodine to the nebulization cup along with my 3% Food Grade HP, diluted with 50% distilled water. I CANNOT TELL YOU THE RELIEF I HAVE EXPERIENCED. I can try to put it into words here, but my words will not do the results justice. Within a week I started noticing that my lungs were clearing, in a manner that seemed like the clearing was starting from the bottom working its way up. Over the next couple of months, that process continued, again from the bottom up. First my lungs began to clear, then my throat (which always felt like it was covered in goop from post nasal drip), then my sinuses, then my nose congestion began to clear. Along with these results came an increase in energy, and a clarity of mind that I had not experienced in a number of years. The wheeze has not returned, and I feel like my body is oxygenated more than it has been in years. The improvement in my overall health has been astounding.

I hope anyone who tries this method gets the same or better results than I have. Aren't we all sick and tired of being sick and tired?


Connie B.

The results have been amazing!

Bronchiectasis Remedies
Posted by laura (FL) on 08/31/2022
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Hi Emmaus... I am dealing with this as well, along with pseudomonous infection and also do not have cystic fibrosis.

I have tried many natural routes and would be happy to connect with you to talk through what has worked for each of us....I am in St Pete Fl...

One of my next approaches may be methylene blue with red light therapy...

Thank you, Laura

Bronchiectasis Remedies
Posted by Art (California) on 01/20/2022 1583 posts
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If you are going to use colloidal silver (CS/AgNPs), it may be more effective via nebulizer or small cold process vaporizer over oral intake. This will get more of the CS, at relatively high concentration directly to where it is needed to kill the infective pathogens present in the airways. A typical pathogen in bronchiectasis is Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA) which can have protective biofilms, especially in long standing disease activity which can blunt the body's defenses as well as antibiotics and it can quickly become resistant to antibiotics. CS has shown the ability to break down biofilms, have synergy with some antibiotics and CS has also shown the ability to make some antibiotics that the pathogen has become resistant to, effective again. CS is also a broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral, capable of destroying PA and a multitude of other pathogens that might be found in the airways. This study illustrates the usefulness of CS against PA and its biofilms.

The potent antioxidant, N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) has also shown the ability to break down biofilms while offering its potent antioxidant effects while increasing one of the body's more potent antioxidants, glutathione. The inflammation generated in Bronchiectasis results in increased oxidative stress (OS) and the inflammation feeds off of the OS. NAC has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects along with the ability to reduce oxidative stress. NAC is also a mucolytic agent that can help thin mucous secretions which may be helpful in producing a more productive cough. NAC has also shown synergy with the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin against PA and its biofilms.

Another useful consideration is Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), not to be confused with grape seed extract. GSE is a potent antibacterial and antifungal with a very good safety profile and it is a biofilm disrupter also. Again, with a very good safety profile.

The following study showed effectiveness against PA, but the study is behind a paywall. This link is to the abstract of that study only.

Lastly, Melatonin has shown itself to be a highly potent inhibitor of lung inflammation and lung oxidative stress which is going to be extremely useful in this case. Melatonin also inhibits gram-negative bacteria of which, PA is one.

This combination shows the potential to be effective for the purpose at hand. Biofilm busting capabilities seem like a must have in Bronchiectasis and here you have 3 potent ones that are also capable of killing other potential lung pathogens that may be present. At least two show synergy with antibiotics.


Bronchiectasis Remedies
Posted by EmmausRoad (FL) on 01/18/2022
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Does anyone have information specifically for Bronchiectasis? It is technically a COPD disease with some significant differences. There are two types, Cystic Fibrosis and Non Cystic Fibrosis. I have the non Cystic Fibrosis type. Bronchiectasis is inflammation of the Bronchial tubes caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Apparently it is often caused by contamination in surgical settings through ventilators or water.

I had several surgeries between 2007 and 2009 for Breast Cancer. I developed Bronchiectasis within a few months after my last surgery, although it took nearly five years to get an accurate diagnosis.

Bronchiectasis differs from other COPD diseases in that it is characterized by excessive phlegm production, occasional bleeding of the bronchial tubes, constant flu like symptoms associated with the infection, periodic low grade fever, and coughing (particularly when laying down at night) and wheezing. Many people with Bronchiectasis are mis-diagnosed as asthma, COPD, etc.

Apparently, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is already somewhat antibiotic resistant when it infects the lungs. The general progression is one of mild infections in the beginning, then increasingly worse and worse over time. In the last four months, I have been on antibiotics of varying kinds and strengths five times. I have now become resistant to ALL of them. When the infection "blows up" it happens very fast and I have been hospitalized twice in two years with Pneumonia.

I had tried some natural remedies in the early stages of this disease but saw no improvement, so succumbed to the idea that the medical establishment was my only hope. Now that is gone as well. I am ready to try ANYTHING. I am particularly interested in CS, DMSO, HP inhaled or diffused. I am starting an ACV and MSM intake protocol.

I also do a clearing technique I learned at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. I lay on the bed with my legs bent, feet tucked up close to my hips and then raise my hips as high as I can. Trying to avoid coughing, I labor breathe out, pushing the phlegm down my esophagus to my throat and then simultaneously coughing and sitting up and spitting into a cup. I do this several times until there is nothing left to cough up. I do this once a day, usually in the evening before dinner (ie; on an empty stomach! ).

I also use a percussion machine, a vest filled with air that percusses, loosening the phlegm and I use Symbicort 160/4.5 inhaler after breakfast, once a day.

I would appreciate ANY suggestions people have on how to improve my condition. Thank you all so much in advance!