Natural Cures for Brain Fog


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Posted by Everson11 (Mt) on 01/01/2016

I had serious Brain fog going on, I suspect from trying to do a candida cleanse, and literally couldn't sleep because of it...

I ate 1/2 teaspoon of 35K Cayenne powder, which I would NOT recommend, (turned it into a paste in my mouth and swallowed)... Normally I would boil water...

It worked though, after 20 minutes of pain, which doesn't happen to me with the tea... My head is clear, sinuses are clear, and lungs are a lot better...

I would recommend you make sure your eardrums are clear, as you will feel the blockage if they aren't...

That's my next mission, as mine are waxed up...

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning

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Posted by Susan (USA)

If you haven't yet seen this article on Earth Clinic, we suggest you take a moment to read Jason Uttley's brilliant article on Chronic Fluoride Poisoning. One of the more common side effects of CFP is brain fog.

Replied by Victoria

Hi, my name is Vickie. I have lived in Gladstone, Oregon most of my life up till the last few years people in Gladstone Oregon drank water with fluoride in their water system as a result. I am 53 years old. I was about fourteen when fluoride was put in the water here. There are so many folks with medical problems today as I know this is not good. I know there are cures and it will take a while for some to get the idea but I ask you the cost of this and the many people that are hurt medically from this . I would like to ask for help for this for love of everyone in and from this town that was affected by this.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 02/15/2013

This may help because it helped my brain fog. I found that a small teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil ingested each morning immediately gets my brain sharper for the day. I was having foggy, muddled, almost lethargic thinking and getting very slow recall of names, events, and rememberances of just "yesterday." Since eating that tsp of VCO, I'm a lot sharper. I can recall a name at the drop of a hat. A small tsp at night, before bed gives me the best rest I've ever had; I wake up feeling wonderfully, well-slepted. However, being allergic to most nuts in various degrees, one symptom has arisen since taking VCO: my nose skin peels and around my chin and nose folds, it is slightly rashy. I'm not sure if this is a fungus/candida detox or allergic symptom. I did read that many people are allergic to the actual coconut protein and not allergic to the oil. I will monitor this for the next month. However, my brain IS sharper since taking this small amount of VCO every morning and before bed. I note that many people have stated the same, but, also advocate starting with small doses of VCO, say 1/2 tsp, particularly if you have candida, allergies to nuts, or get heart palpatations. Starting small, avoids massive detoxing of your organs and skin.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cathy (Villa Park, Illinois USA) on 02/13/2009

I have been using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil since April of 2008. One tablespoon per day. I have Hypothyroidism and was having a lot of problems with brain fog. I was having difficulty doing my job and sometimes would forget where I was going when driving home for a few seconds. I am a creative person but was totally unable to express my ideas in artwork or my writing. I could not organize my thoughts. I could not make decisions or remember what I was supposed to do. This on top of all the other symptoms of hypothyroidism. 2 weeks after I started taking it the brain fog totally went away. I am very dependent on the coconut oil now as I do not want to go back to not knowing what I was doing. As for my other symptoms such as totally lost my sex drive which is destroying my relationship and sleeping too much and low energy etc. it has not changed any of that. My thyroid has gotten worse and I have had to double my thyroid medication (Thyroxine). I am working with a Naturalpathic doctor which was a very wise thing to do. She told me to keep taking 1 Tbsp of coconut oil per day. I just wonder if I should take more than that since I have heard of other people have been able to go off the thyroid meds when taking 2 Tbsp per day. She is also treating me for Adrenal Fatigue and cervical dysplaisia and fibrocystic breasts. I guess I'm a mess right now and just want to be well again. I am a big fan of the coconut oil because it is the one remedy that has made the most difference for me. Also I want to add that the doc specified I should use the solid coconut oil instead of the capsules which I started out on because she said that way you can tell if it has gone rancid. But I still use the capsules for backcountry trips and road trips for convenience.

If anyone knows a way to bring back the sex drive I would be grateful.

Replied by Ruth
(Hickville, Nj)

Hey Cathy, Just read your post from Feb 2009 and thought I would mention something: I have been working on curing my thyroid as well, and went through much of the same things as you have. Please consider adding Lugol's solution to your current regimen. I bought mine from amazon. Does wonderful things for fibrocystic breasts too.

Replied by John
(Lakewood, California)

As far as your sex drive, you may want to ask your naturopath to do a Female Hormone Panel as you may need to supplement your hormones.

Replied by Dottywine
(Dallas, Texas)

Just wanted to add that whenever I cook my breakfast eggs with UNREFINED coconut oil, I have a noticeable increase in mood and alertness. I have no explanation.

Replied by Misty
(Bloomington, In)

Will refined coconut oil work for brain fog?

Replied by Michael

If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, my advice is to add 200mcg of Selenium and Iodine to your daily regimen. Use Iodoral Iodine, approximately 13mg per tablet.

Replied by Silvina

You need Iodine for your thyroid. Get off Big Pharma medication. Talk to your naturopath about having your Iodine levels checked. You'll be very low. Dr Mark Sircus has very good information on Iodine. Familiarize yourself with it and good luck

Coconut Oil
Posted by Brynne (Irving, Texas) on 12/17/2007

I listened to a nutritionist last night who reminded me that the brain is mostly fat, and when we aren't sleeping well, feel irritable, can't concentrate, or even have headaches, our brains may be crying out for fat! As we add the coconut oil to our diet, our brains may find greater balance and we feel the soothing nature of the unctuos coconut oil internally as well as externally. This all happened when I recently took only 1 TBS of Coconut oil per day for 2 days and then started my cycle without the usual 4 aspirin cycle was so peaceful. I felt so quiet and easy throughout my body; there was no struggle to have my normal cycle.

Replied by Jan

I'm sorry but the brain feeds on glucose not on fat.

(Upland, California)

The brain is made up of about 50% fat. You need fat in your diet. The brain can run on glucose or fat, but there is a lot of evidence that fat may be a better source, that is the ketogenic diet. I feel much better on a ketogenic diet. My brain is more clear, less fog and it puts me in a better mood. Some people speculate that paleolithic man lived in ketosis because he did not have the massive amounts of carbohydrates available to him that we presently have in our diets.

Replied by Sarah
(United States)

The brain can also use ketones instead of glucose. Hence the concept of the ketogenic diet and other similar diets. Coconut oil aids in the production of ketones so it can help feed the brain in the absence of glucose.

Replied by Christopher

Hey man I just wanna say your like a message from the holy spirit bro I have been suffering for over 17 years brain fog confusion, memory loss, fatigue, u name it I had it!! I would cry my eyes out all the time!!! But last night I read your testimony and I tried it 5 minutes after I was finding peace man and I couldn't believe it I was just so amazed?? What the heck!!! Please contact me bro thanks

Cold Showers

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Posted by Nate (Los Angeles, CA) on 04/08/2008

Cold showers for brain fog are great for waking up in the morning and actually lifting one's mood. Takes a bit to get used to (heavy breath intakes and shivering) but after you step out you feel alive and then, as you warm up ... awesome! I have been doing them for 4 days now - do it slightly "cool", to get used to it, then cool it down even more. I make it about a 3-4 minute affair. Seems to have cured morning "head fog". If you're new to it - get ready for a rush.

Colloidal Gold

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Posted by Kevin (Palmer, Alaska) on 11/18/2022

I had covid fog and the lack of energy that comes with it. The covid brain fog was diminished in 24 hours and even better at 72 hours. My energy started returning at about 72 hours. I noticed my eyesight was clearer the first day. I take 1 oz of Colloidal gold Nano 20 ppm every morning on an empty stomach.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Jon (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/07/2009

I have heard that colloidal silver helps with brain fog, but I have heard that heavy metals can attribute to brain fog. So does colloidal silver make brain fog worse in the long run? Please help.

Dark Chocolate

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Posted by Roger (New Smyrna Beach, Fla USA) on 02/19/2009

Hershey's Special Dark Mildly sweet chocolate.
This will clear BRAIN FOG.

It is high in antioxdants to help the brain make faster elect connection. The chocolate and sugar speeds up the blood flow to the brain.

You should take one section three times a day.
Most people the fog starts to clear in about 4 hours.
It will also help your memory.

It is a cheap fix that the Dr. will not tell you about as it is not approved by the Medical Board.

Try it it works great for brain fog.

If you take it everyday you will also lose weight.

If you have a question e-mail me.

EC: Actually, 100% dark chocolate (no sugar) is best if you can find it. A friend of ours, an osteopathic doctor, recently turned us on to the 100%. We buy it here: Click on the Pralus image (, then scroll down towards bottom of page to find 100%. Be forewarned, it is BITTER!!!

Replied by Rose
(Los Angeles , Ca)

I quickly got used to the bitterness and now find the taste very enjoyable.

Dark Chocolate
Posted by Roger (New Smyrna Beach, Fla) on 03/04/2008

re: Fibromyalgia Brain Fog. I had this after a heart problem. A friend said have you tried Dark Chocolate Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate. I said no what does it do for you? Clears the Brain Fog.

I got one bar at the Drug store. The next day half of the bar was gone and so was the Fog. It did not come back. I still keep three large Bars in the ref. I tell everyone about this stuff.


Posted by Reader Of EC (Los Angeles) on 08/17/2012

1st, try to reduce grains from your diet. 2nd go 2 days without eating meat and when you resume, try to eat smaller amounts. Eat mostly fresh uncooked veggies for week. 3rd, do a parasite cleanse recommended by Dr Hulda Clark. Fresh ground cloves, Black walnut tincture and Wormwood herb. Those three can be purchased at your local heath food store. Its very hard to find Blackwanut tincture or freeze dried caps that are still green. They are most effective against brain fog when green.

Buy omega fish oil with combined 3, 6 and 9 capsules. You will see a big difference with omega's. I'm currently experiencing brain fog and that helps. I also will need to sleep in for 2 days in a row as for some reason, that helps heal the fog faster with the other mentioned treatments, even when I have had enough sleep.

Olive leaf extract will act as a natural anti biotic and help your body fight any accumulations of bacteria or viruses in the body. It was once recamended that I try probiotics however with me it did not help at all. I think my body saw this as an intrusion and I felt a little more tired than usual after taking them.

Coffee enema. It sounds gross but it's very effective at evacuating toxins from your liver. Be sure the coffee is organic as coffee beans are one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops.

The water must be distilled and NOT tap! That's VERY important. The coffee should be normal strength and not made too strong. Its actually recommended that the coffee be simmered/boiled for 10 minutes. When cooled, the coffee should be held in for 15 min while laying on your right side. I recommend doing more research on coffee enemas and personal testimonials.

You may want to investigate your environment for potential common contaminates such as mold or fungus spores from damp areas around the home that may cause brain fog. You may also want to investigate any recent dental work with amalgam fillings. If you have had any recent vaccinations you may want to do some research some effective supplements to help the body remove the toxic preservatives.

I think with me, I notice it's my intestines/colon or liver than can cause the brain fog. When it's the liver, the coffee enema works. When the intestines, the parasite cleans and eating mostly raw veggies, juicing apples and carrots.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by S Cornwell (Nyc) on 08/08/2013

I actually was going to respond with the same comment. I was battling brain fog for years and changed every aspect of my life. The biggest change came from cutting out wheat and moving to a low carb low sugar diet.

Gingko Biloba

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Posted by Katherine (Cincinatti) on 05/31/2018

I take Gingko for memory but found it helps my brain function better, faster and succinctly. I used to have brain fog but after changing my diet and eliminating a lot of sugar and wheat plus Gingko it is gone. I feel the Gingko working 15 minutes after taking it. It also helps my circulation, my feet are not as cold as they used to be. I take two 120mg capsules a day, one in the morning after I drink a glass of warm water with gluten free breakfast bar and then another capsule at 3pm to help the afternoon energy slump at work.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

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Posted by Pam (Pittsburgh, PA) on 02/28/2009


I tried inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide today for chronic brain fog and headaches. I emptied a nasal spray and poured the 3% hp that I bought at the local grocery store. I sprayed 5 sprays in the back of my throat while breating in. It burned my throat a little and the taste made me gag but I noticed a small decrease in the amount of brain fog that I am experiencing. I think I may have done too much too soon though because 2 hours later I did the same amount and again 2 more hours later. I felt very fatigued and needed to sleep. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, when you spray it to the back of your throat, do you also swallow it? I just ordered 35% HP on the internet and plan to dillute it... maybe it will taste a little better and won't hurt my stomach as much?

Replied by Tim
(Spartanburg, Sc)

To Pam from Pittsburgh, You used peroxide from the store? That is poison! When you read about 3% peroxide, that means food grade 35% diluted to 3%. The 3% solution sold in stores contains many ingredients you do NOT want to ingest. Hence the skull and crossbones on the label. I know you posted this quite a while ago, I hope you are ok and did not harm yourself.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Jonna (Los Angeles) on 09/15/2007

Lately I have been having a hell of a time with digestive issues. Not sure what is going on -- it may be that I am eating way too much hormone injected chicken and turkey now that I moved in with my partner, who has to eat meat at least once a day or he gets sick. On the other hand, I ate a Trader Joe's garlic naan last week at home with a homemade curry and woke up to extreme abdominal pain and brain fog. Second time that happened with the naan, will have to check the ingredients next time I go. So perhaps I am allergic to wheat now. I don't know. At any rate, after a week of snail's pace recovery with Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, molasses, etc., I decided to a) eat vegetarian and b) do Bill Munro's h202 inhalation therapy. I started the peroxide therapy yesterday at about noon. By 8pm the brain fog that I have had for a week disappeared. This morning, exactly 24 hours later, my digestive tract finally feels back to normal. No more abdominal pain. I did 6 pumps of 3% h202 (drugstore brand) every 2- 3 hours. I think eating only rice and vegetables the last few days was helpful too. Yahoo!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hi Jonna, don't give up on the wheat yet! If you are eating bleached flour bread, try going to l00% whole wheat bread. If the problem decreases, then work on eliminating all bleached flour products, and this takes some thought because a lot of noodles, pastas, thickening in soups, dressings, sauces, saltine crackers contain bleached flour. Also, before you give up on eating chicken and turkey, read the ingredients on the package (even on the raw chicken that you have to take home and cook). If it lists chicken broth, natural flavors or natural flavoring package contains monosodiumglutamate.

Replied by Ron
(Portland, Oregon)

Your symptoms sound like wheat allergy. It's very important to get tested for celiac as it can do alot of damage. The biopsy is not necessary just a blood test.

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