Natural Cures for Brain Fog

| Modified on Nov 19, 2022
Colloidal Gold
Posted by Kevin (Palmer, Alaska) on 11/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had covid fog and the lack of energy that comes with it. The covid brain fog was diminished in 24 hours and even better at 72 hours. My energy started returning at about 72 hours. I noticed my eyesight was clearer the first day. I take 1 oz of Colloidal gold Nano 20 ppm every morning on an empty stomach.

Avoid Fans and Air Conditioning
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 10/27/2022

Hi Diane - What is your formula H2O2 to Distilled water in your Net-Pot Rinse?

Avoid Fans and Air Conditioning
Posted by Diane (Gulf Coast) on 10/27/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I woke up every morning with frontal lob headache-brain fog with severe memory loss especially with stress. After months of pain it stopped. WHY? because it was fall-winter and my husband stopped running AC on 70. Turned off the ceiling fan that was on high and turned off his table fan that ALL BLEW ON ME. I was having brain freeze with severe Sinus Infection. Similar to eating frozen ice cream. I would have to go out and sit in my truck and turn on the heat. It caused stress, poor job performance. Then it started on him. After a month, I am back to my self at 66 yrs old.... and NO more fans and cold AC. It all stopped when I read how to nitty my nose with drops of hydrogen peroxide and warm water, it thawed my nose-cleared my sinuses. It was so simple.

Posted by Angelclare (California) on 05/04/2022

Can anyone direct me to Ted's borax brain fog remedy? I can't seem to find it. Thanks so much.

EC: Check his replies here:

Coconut Oil
Posted by Gayle (Upland, California) on 03/27/2022

The brain is made up of about 50% fat. You need fat in your diet. The brain can run on glucose or fat, but there is a lot of evidence that fat may be a better source, that is the ketogenic diet. I feel much better on a ketogenic diet. My brain is more clear, less fog and it puts me in a better mood. Some people speculate that paleolithic man lived in ketosis because he did not have the massive amounts of carbohydrates available to him that we presently have in our diets.

Raw Onions
Posted by Omar (Bloomield NJ) on 02/19/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Instant brain relief : Eat raw onion or add it on top of a stew or salad with good amount of onions.

Chewing a raw ginger works as well but does not last as the onion trick. I have had good experience with onions every time. My sight gets clear immediately and my brain clarity takes over the fog in an instant.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Verna (Texas) on 01/28/2022

It definitely works for muscles cramps/contractions.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Diane (AL) on 08/05/2021

AC... working in artificial Air Conditioning that keeps you cold all day, and night. My husband had AC down on 73, a ceiling fan and a side fan. I would wake up frozen with a horrible headache. When I would leave the house or go outside, I started feeling better, no headache. Then one morning it was so cold my face and arms were frozen. I realize what was happening to me and my dogs.

Lion's Mane Mushroom
Posted by P Fogarty (Rochester, NH) on 01/17/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I had brain fog so bad, I was ready to quit driving. Did research and came across medical mushrooms. Lion's Mane Mushroom gave me back my life within three days.

Gingko Biloba
Posted by Katherine (Cincinatti) on 05/31/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I take Gingko for memory but found it helps my brain function better, faster and succinctly. I used to have brain fog but after changing my diet and eliminating a lot of sugar and wheat plus Gingko it is gone. I feel the Gingko working 15 minutes after taking it. It also helps my circulation, my feet are not as cold as they used to be. I take two 120mg capsules a day, one in the morning after I drink a glass of warm water with gluten free breakfast bar and then another capsule at 3pm to help the afternoon energy slump at work.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Michael (Michigan) on 05/25/2016

If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, my advice is to add 200mcg of Selenium and Iodine to your daily regimen. Use Iodoral Iodine, approximately 13mg per tablet.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Christopher (Fitchburg ) on 05/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hey man I just wanna say your like a message from the holy spirit bro I have been suffering for over 17 years brain fog confusion, memory loss, fatigue, u name it I had it!! I would cry my eyes out all the time!!! But last night I read your testimony and I tried it 5 minutes after I was finding peace man and I couldn't believe it I was just so amazed?? What the heck!!! Please contact me bro thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Herbted72 (Eureka, California) on 04/10/2016

I would like to second some of Toourlady89's recommendations—I have also found the following to be of great help in alleviating my previously ongoing brain fog issues:

1. Gingko Biloba has been helpful for me and makes me feel more energized and alive, which helps with the brain fog across the board.

2. Natural Vitamin D3 has been a life saver... I found the best way to get it was from a fish oil supplement called Polar Power by North American Herb and Spice Co. It also has DHA/EPA in it which also helps with brain fog so two birds with one stone!

Also, the herb Gotu Kola has been *immensely* helpful as well, perhaps more than anything else I have tried. I learned about it browsing the internet one day researching brain fog and quickly picked some up. Apparently it's one of the best herbs for the brain on the planet.

Anyways, just wanted to add my two cents in for what its worth and what has helped me the most! Best of luck to you all on your journey in getting rid of brain fog!


Posted by Everson11 (Mt) on 01/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had serious Brain fog going on, I suspect from trying to do a candida cleanse, and literally couldn't sleep because of it...

I ate 1/2 teaspoon of 35K Cayenne powder, which I would NOT recommend, (turned it into a paste in my mouth and swallowed)... Normally I would boil water...

It worked though, after 20 minutes of pain, which doesn't happen to me with the tea... My head is clear, sinuses are clear, and lungs are a lot better...

I would recommend you make sure your eardrums are clear, as you will feel the blockage if they aren't...

That's my next mission, as mine are waxed up...

Chronic Fluoride Poisoning
Posted by Victoria (Gladstone) on 12/05/2015

Hi, my name is Vickie. I have lived in Gladstone, Oregon most of my life up till the last few years people in Gladstone Oregon drank water with fluoride in their water system as a result. I am 53 years old. I was about fourteen when fluoride was put in the water here. There are so many folks with medical problems today as I know this is not good. I know there are cures and it will take a while for some to get the idea but I ask you the cost of this and the many people that are hurt medically from this . I would like to ask for help for this for love of everyone in and from this town that was affected by this.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sarah (United States) on 10/03/2015

The brain can also use ketones instead of glucose. Hence the concept of the ketogenic diet and other similar diets. Coconut oil aids in the production of ketones so it can help feed the brain in the absence of glucose.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (KY) on 02/18/2015 2075 posts

B: What illnesses are you currently being treated for by conventional dr's?? What prescription or otc meds are you taking??

I am a big believer in detox baths to bring about substantial recover in debilitating or quickly worsening situations. 1/4 cup Epsom Salts - 1/4 cup Baking Soda - 1/4 cup Borax in a hot water bath at least once per wk for at least 1hr per session. This may be too much sodium for some folks who may have kidney or hypertension problems in which case supplementing Potassium would be needed. ACV can help w/ any possible fluid retention, otherwise this is an excellent broad spectrum detox. and instant alkalizing remedy.

You may also consider Oil Pulling for detoxing the body listed in "Remedies" at the top of page.

If you need some assistance for grocery shopping check w/ your local community action office as they may can help you. Also, you can purchase non-perishable grocery items online from major grocers or retailers like WallMart, and will ship to your door.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Barbara (Mt Laurel, New Jersey) on 02/17/2015

Help! I have been on most of those vitamins and have had no success. I not only suffer from brain fog but get vertigo spells that are even worse. I do certain head and eye exercises I learned at Physical therapy that help some. I am at this very moment experiencing so much dizzyness and fog and it has been going on for six days now. Saw Doctor and still no relief. I live alone, can not drive and I am running out of food.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Yekara (Jerusalem) on 02/11/2015


Please be very careful with the combo of baking soda and acv. I took it at night for gas and the next day I felt absolutely awful, had a bad nauseous headache and felt awful most of the day. Other than gas, before that I had no headache or nausea and am positive it was the combo that did it. I don't have trouble with Apple Cider Vinegar alone. Yekara

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Faith (Pdx, US) on 11/09/2014

I had A BAD sinus infection and brain fog for over year. I read hidden dental issues can cause problems. A Study revealed 80% of people cavitation sites in the mouth were infected . That is a large number. I had the oral surgery. I had two major infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 11/08/2014

Dren (WV, USA) Epsom bath has its merits but not enough Mag. I usually add a handful of Mag. Chlor. in crystals for that reason. On Dr. Sircus' web site you will find useful info. He advocates topical treatment for best absorption. Just google it.

Namaste, Om

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee ) on 11/08/2014

Dear Dren,

We have experinced Epsom salt baths to be a good way to get magnesium. It has immediately relieved a toddler's constipation, and helped my daughter with an asthma attack. It may not be the best way to get magnesium. I really don't know which is the best. But it works. There are other ways to get it into the system. We have used magnesium oil, sprayed on the skin and we have used Natural Calm. And there are other ways to supplement but the above are my favorites. We use all of the above frequently.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dren (WV, US) on 11/08/2014

I read somewhere that Magnesium can be absorbed through Epsom Salts soaks, either just feet or full bathing in it. Anyone heard if that works?

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Ron (Portland, Oregon) on 10/04/2014

Your symptoms sound like wheat allergy. It's very important to get tested for celiac as it can do alot of damage. The biopsy is not necessary just a blood test.

Brain Balancing Exercises for Brain Fog
Posted by Glynis C. (Missouri) on 09/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After reading about inhaling into one nostril and exhaling via the other a few times I was very sceptical but my fear of the cause for my brain fog was bigger than my sceptism. It worked. I did it about four or five times before I felt better and then several more times just because it was working. I had tears behind my eyes and after two weeks of wondering if I was in the early stages of dementia, 20 minutes later I realized that it was my medication. That post was written in for me in 2014. Thank you so much and thank you also, Earthclinic. You have been my go site for a very long time.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Fuji (Florida) on 11/29/2013

Re: Brain Fog

This really helps for me...I have an autoimmune illness and migraines. The med I take for migraines is famous for causing brain fog and my other health problems certainly don't help either. I take a multi vitamin, a B Complex and D3. These are the basics. But what helps a lOT in conjunction with that is a supplement called Phosphatidylserine or PS-100. Anyway, the Phosphatidylserine plus my vitamins helped A LOT. Also of help was getting in some exercise (even a little), going to bed 1/2 hour earlier than before, eliminating soda, eating healthfully in general, reducing the intake of sugar, bread and wheat, (eating some fresh fruit is fine) and drinking lots of good quality water. These things should really help with brain fog!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Toourlady89 (Hayward Ca) on 11/25/2013

To Rob from Manhattan: Mg L threonate took me about 4-5 months before I really felt the memory results. I also used Gingko a few weeks before that. Many other good effects from Mg L Threonate to my family, like you said, its relaxing, it helps to get sound and rested sleep, it also could stop teeth grinding, snoring (eventually) stops tics, shaking of extremities, anxiety, and depression, fear of the unknown, helps heal allergies that has developed from substances you were not allergic to previously and then so much more..

I added other supplements on the list one at a time after I felt some results from the new ones ..Except these: you need Vit D3 2000 IU to push Mg into the right cells in the body and the brain, then Vit C around 2000mg a day.. Vit B 100 complex according to studies will protect the brain from shrinking ( commonly found in Alzheimer's)

It takes Mg a long time to be replenished in the body. To speed it up, I used Mg Oil spray as well. Pls. Google. It would also help to google Mg deficiency both on line and on You tube.

Take note that if you are on any antacids, this could affect the absorption of Vitamins, Iron and supplements. Also of absorption of B12 from food.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rob (Manhattan) on 11/24/2013

Toourlady, thanks for these suggestions... I am trying the Magnesium Threonate as per your suggestion... so far I haven't noticed a memory increase... but it does give a strong noticeably mental relaxing effect. I have ordered the Huperzin and will report back... also am trying Vinpocetine... many report taking it with the Huperzin.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Toourlady89 (Hayward Ca) on 11/04/2013

Brain Fog is a slow process. I felt the same. So I was searching for answers like you have. I feel better after experimenting and searching thru the years.. I can now memorize numbers again, credit cards, Drivers license, car plates, etc. or movies that I have watched many years back, and so much more.. or where did I place or put down my eyeglasses or keys, etc...

1) I found Magnesium L Threonate.. this one takes time to work but it will restore long term memory accurately. (Google it)

2) Gingko Bilova opens up the blood vessels for better blood and oxygen circulation to the brain.

3) Vit B complex 100 mg of the 8 B vitamins to prevent shrinkage and or restore shrinking brain that could lead to Alzheimers disease.

4) Vit D3 ( need to get bood levels checked)

5) Vit C 2000mg and higher

6) Huperzine A helped restore short term memory

7) Selenium helps with functioning of the Thyroid

8) Zinc also with functioning of the Thyroid

9) Make sure your Ferritin or Iron level is NL- up in the 70's and higher. Also have your Thyroid levels checked . TSH, Free T3 and free T4

Yes, I take all these daily and more.. The brain is very important for our health and longevity. We can take charge of our own health and not accept that forgetfulness or going to Dementia is part of normal aging as even some Doctors would say.. It can be helped. It does cost money, but what is money without health.. I get all my supplements on line.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rob (Manhattan) on 11/03/2013

added to the suggestions above...except for the salt?...Try taking a good quality Co Q10 softgel, or better Ubiquinol (more absorbable CO Q10).

2. Take it with a Krill oil supplement before going to bed. Krill may have more brain protective qualities than omega 3 alone & help boost mood.

3. Add Turmeric to your diet...or take as supplement.

4. Occasion take a Alpha Lipoic Acid..make sure it has Biotin in the formula.

5. Eat a simple vegetable, berries, nuts, wild salmon, (paleo, or anti inflammatory diet)

These five should help and all have brain protective qualities.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Watercure2 (Ne Pa.) on 10/31/2013

1/4 tsp of sea salt in a glass of water stops brain fog. I take it with every glass of water before every meal and between meals & before bed & never got it again.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jan (California) on 09/27/2013

I'm sorry but the brain feeds on glucose not on fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by S Cornwell (Nyc) on 08/08/2013

I actually was going to respond with the same comment. I was battling brain fog for years and changed every aspect of my life. The biggest change came from cutting out wheat and moving to a low carb low sugar diet.

Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 08/06/2013

May be fluoride poisoning. Check whether your municipal water has fluoride. Detoxing fluoride will increase mental clarity. Read through Fluoride poisoning in EC. Borax, Tamarind Juice can help. Good Health.

Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Terry (Wi, Us) on 08/06/2013
1 out of 5 stars

I've had brain fog for well over a year, so bad that I had a ct scan done. It gets better at times but always comes back, doctors told me it could be my allergies and cfs, I have trouble with memory concentration and always feel mentally drained. I've tried vitamin b complex with little success. Any ideas?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kathy (The Usa) on 06/21/2013

Yes Bill, don't give up. I have been on Cipro twice and I don't think I have any problems from that. I do not eat processed food (very little anyway). I read that it was found turmeric dissolves amyloid plaque in the brains of lab animals. Try about 1/4 tsp twice a day in some water or put it on your food. In the morning I take 1/4 tsp in some warm water after I've taken a spoonful of non-GMO lecithin granules or I sprinkle it with ginger on my eggs and/or vegetables. Use some salt-free butter (I use sea salt on everything).

BTW, with what I've learned in the past several years I don't know how anyone can claim to have non-GMO anything. Maybe they think it's GMO free but I think that's impossible. I guess it's possible to be tainted with a reduced amount. Food is just not the same as it was sixty years ago.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 06/20/2013

time for a new beginning. I got c-diff that ruined my intestines from an antibiotic. REALLY SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF ME. I was never as successful as you, so my fall didn't hit me as hard as yours. I'm sorry for your great losses. Coconut oil heals the body -mouth to rectum- and also probiotics. Read the water cure site by Dr. Batmanghelidj to get autoimmune systems back under control. As long as you have breath, there is the possiblility for a full recovery. Nothing is impossible. Fecal transplants can heal the intestines. Try to forgive your fellow humans and it will heal your heart. I have had to forgive much, so I do not say this judgementally, but to help you recover your life. Release your captives and you will find that you are set free.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 06/20/2013

Bill, don't give up!! Read up on clearing out flouride etc. And start slowly. The body has AMAZING capabilities for restoration and a positive attitude always helps!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bill (Joppa) on 06/19/2013

CIPRO /- brain fog and CFS along with over 80 symptons currently bedridden because I was poisoned by negligent ER doctor! Lost 200K YEAR job of 23 years and my family is going to be in the streets!! It's destroyed my digestive tract and I have lost 65 lbs and there is "NO CURE" and I'm going to die! It's chronic Fluriode poisoning!! I was perfect 45 yr old husband and daddy now a vegetable.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jb (Franklin, Pa) on 06/04/2013

Sinus irritation can be caused by a parasite infection, which can easily happen if you have a yeast/candida problem.

Brain Fog Triggers
Posted by Joy (Battlegrround, Wash) on 05/31/2013

I have hypothyroid and I use 3-7 tsp a day of coconut oil... coconut oil does cause die off and regulates blood sugar.

As you increase your intake you have more symptoms for a while. Nausea, blurry vision but I'm on month 7 and don't plan to stop.

Magnesium with trace minerals regulates hormones with vitamin D.

Brain Fog Triggers
Posted by Lila Sanchez (City On A Hill :), His Kingdom) on 05/30/2013

I notice you are using the VCO for HypErthyroid. Is Coconut Oil good for HypOThyroid too ? I have been having terrible Brainfog and memory problems, lethargic low energy & fatigue and have not been taking my Kelp lately. Kind of forgot! I have increased the VCO in my coffee.... I have some Liquid Iodine fr Thyadine (TriMedica) 150Mcg per drop but I've never found directions on how much to use. I had built up 7 per day and one before bed after reading someone slept better but slacked of that too after a major expense w/ the flu and stomach allergies... Don't know what's wrong w/ me. I'm usually so good about taking my vitamins... My BrainFog has not improved, it's been really bad last couple months especially since I've been having "irregularities" for the first time in my life :(

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ryan (Bloomington, Il) on 04/29/2013

Stop eating wheat and artificial sweeteners. I lived with brain fog for several years and have cut out both and feel like a new person.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Indigo (Sf, Usa) on 03/19/2013

I don't have exact answer, just want to ask people who suffer from brain fog, fatigue or pain ( or all of those) to check if they were given antibiotic Cipro in the past. NEVER take this poison, or any other antibiotic from Fluoroquinolone group. Look up Cipro is poison. Good look to you all.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 02/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

This may help because it helped my brain fog. I found that a small teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil ingested each morning immediately gets my brain sharper for the day. I was having foggy, muddled, almost lethargic thinking and getting very slow recall of names, events, and rememberances of just "yesterday." Since eating that tsp of VCO, I'm a lot sharper. I can recall a name at the drop of a hat. A small tsp at night, before bed gives me the best rest I've ever had; I wake up feeling wonderfully, well-slepted. However, being allergic to most nuts in various degrees, one symptom has arisen since taking VCO: my nose skin peels and around my chin and nose folds, it is slightly rashy. I'm not sure if this is a fungus/candida detox or allergic symptom. I did read that many people are allergic to the actual coconut protein and not allergic to the oil. I will monitor this for the next month. However, my brain IS sharper since taking this small amount of VCO every morning and before bed. I note that many people have stated the same, but, also advocate starting with small doses of VCO, say 1/2 tsp, particularly if you have candida, allergies to nuts, or get heart palpatations. Starting small, avoids massive detoxing of your organs and skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rufaidy (Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines) on 02/13/2013

Me too. I think I have brain fog and this been 1 year and 3 months now. I think the cause of mine is my allergic rhinitis (sinus inflammation). I just have a question how you guys got certain that what you feel is brain fog? Just concerned coz maybe mine is not brain fog but I feel so dumb all the time like I have no brain, forgetfulness, not clear consciousness like I'm in a dream, focusing problems, learning problems, fatigue, depression and etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 11/28/2012

To Debbie from Jackson Miss.... You say that both you and your son have the brain fog condition. That might mean the fog is caused by a viral infection. Many viruses can be spread from one person to another, of course. I don't dispute anything said by any of the writers in this section about possible causes of brain fog, but the viral cause is one that also should not be overlooked. Look up the CDC web site on viral meningitis and see all the viral issues relative to the brain and the viruses that can cause problems. And that doesn't exhause the possibilities with a viral or fungal link.

Note the CDC links previous infections such as mumps, shingles virus to name only a few as culprets in causing viral meningitis. And there are many "similar" brain infections that might cause brain fog but would not have the other symptoms of meningitis.

If nothing else works consider assuming it is a virus.

Colloidal silver can kill virus and fungal infection. For long term infection one would need to stay on the silver solution twice daily drinking about 1 tablespoon per dose for three months at minimum. I suggest six months. And to accelerate the treatment I have recommended the use of the same silver solution and adding a few drops of DMSO, a solvent, and using a white paper towel applying to the back of the neck daily for at least two months. The DMSO will carry the silver solution directly into the brain if the paper towel is allowed to soak into the base of the skull for ten minutes. We are talking about four drops of DMSO to fifty drops of Silver solution.

One case I know of who was nearly bedridden with migraines and nausea for two years, cut the migraines in half within two months and cut the duration and intensity by the same in a month by both drinking the silver solution and applying the silver solution plus DMSO to base of skull. He is back working again. Of the many doctors he visited, none suggested to him that he might have a viral infection in the brain.

If the condition is caused by a virus, the consumption of the silver solution and application to base of skull will start showing immediate results. Within ten days the patient will begin feeling more energy and clarity. That alone will indicate the brain fog problem was viral in nature and a continuation of the protocol should continue.

Posted by Reader Of EC (Los Angeles) on 08/17/2012

1st, try to reduce grains from your diet. 2nd go 2 days without eating meat and when you resume, try to eat smaller amounts. Eat mostly fresh uncooked veggies for week. 3rd, do a parasite cleanse recommended by Dr Hulda Clark. Fresh ground cloves, Black walnut tincture and Wormwood herb. Those three can be purchased at your local heath food store. Its very hard to find Blackwanut tincture or freeze dried caps that are still green. They are most effective against brain fog when green.

Buy omega fish oil with combined 3, 6 and 9 capsules. You will see a big difference with omega's. I'm currently experiencing brain fog and that helps. I also will need to sleep in for 2 days in a row as for some reason, that helps heal the fog faster with the other mentioned treatments, even when I have had enough sleep.

Olive leaf extract will act as a natural anti biotic and help your body fight any accumulations of bacteria or viruses in the body. It was once recamended that I try probiotics however with me it did not help at all. I think my body saw this as an intrusion and I felt a little more tired than usual after taking them.

Coffee enema. It sounds gross but it's very effective at evacuating toxins from your liver. Be sure the coffee is organic as coffee beans are one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops.

The water must be distilled and NOT tap! That's VERY important. The coffee should be normal strength and not made too strong. Its actually recommended that the coffee be simmered/boiled for 10 minutes. When cooled, the coffee should be held in for 15 min while laying on your right side. I recommend doing more research on coffee enemas and personal testimonials.

You may want to investigate your environment for potential common contaminates such as mold or fungus spores from damp areas around the home that may cause brain fog. You may also want to investigate any recent dental work with amalgam fillings. If you have had any recent vaccinations you may want to do some research some effective supplements to help the body remove the toxic preservatives.

I think with me, I notice it's my intestines/colon or liver than can cause the brain fog. When it's the liver, the coffee enema works. When the intestines, the parasite cleans and eating mostly raw veggies, juicing apples and carrots.

Carbon Monoxide
Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 08/16/2012

Make sure there is no leak in your house in terms of carbon monixide, etc, or growth of mold causing brain fog. Get someone to come and inspect your living quarters to make sure environmentally everything is ok and you guys are safe.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Debbie (Jackson, Ms) on 08/16/2012

This Brain Fog is getting worse and worse. I've battled this for about 10 yrs or so. The worst part is is almost happens overnight. Very scary. Makes me not want to get out in the public.. Can't think or speak very clearly. My 25 yr old son has just recently had 2-3 episodes, affects his work. He's an electrician and when he's at his worse, he can't think clearly enough to work.. What can be done about this?

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/03/2012

Hi Janette, It sounds like you have a serious case of candida. What you are describing is classic of this condition. Doctors don't acknowledge it for the most part! There is much information here on this site regarding it. Look for Bill from Luzon, San Fernando, Philippines as he has given extensive advice regarding this condition which he rid himself of. Also, you can go to and read an extensive amount of articles regarding this. The book, "The Body Ecology Diet" can help you as well. I have used it a lot. Have given the book to several people as well. It's a very sound protocol to clean up the "inner ecosystem" as Donna Gates, the author, calls it. I also posted an interview with her yesterday that hopefully is still accessible as it contains valuable health information. Also, if you can get to a far infrared sauna, that will help a lot! Hope this helps! Lisa

Posted by Los (Newyork, Usa) on 08/03/2012

Janette, sound like you have candida, change your diet and do a candida cleanse. I had the same issue and brain fog really sucks! Best of health to you!!

Posted by Janette (Palos Verdes, Ca) on 08/02/2012

Hi I am Janette, as I am writing this I am suffering with bad brain fog, so bad its even hard to read/ write this message. I am exhaused even after 9 hours when I usually good on 6-7. I am 50 and I am having blood work done to check my levels of Estrogen etc... However I will be trying this ACV today!!! I cannot stand this feeling it is horrible!! And I feel like doing nothing, feeling of depression, emotional, and TIRED!! My head is so fuzzy!!! It really sucks!! Help if any Ideas. Thanx a million. Pheww

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/26/2012

Hi Jas, I would venture to say, by what you are describing, that you are suffering from a severe case of candida. Candida can manifest in many ways and it is the root cause of many illnesses of which doctors don't really address or give credibility to what candida is capable of doing to the body. Many people have systemic candida and one of the big tell tale signs is severe brain fog. Medications exacerbate the problem.

There is so much information on Earth Clinic regarding this subject especially from Bill of San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines. It would be redundant for me to go back over it since he has covered this extensively and combated it in himself. I have not had it, only helped others to overcome this, eventually quite debilitating issue. Not long ago, he even addressed what I just said in my first paragraph. Anyway, check out his information here. Another leading authority regarding candida is Donna Gates and you can find her by googling Body Ecology in which her site has lots of info as well. Diet is the first place to start and detoxing.

Wishing you the best, Lisa

Posted by Jas (New Delhi, India) on 07/26/2012

Hi Guys, I have gone through most of the feedbacks that you shared and seems some of you might can help me. I am not sure If I am suffering from Brain Fog or not but symtops are quite same. It started almost 45 days back when I suddenly had a severe fatigue attack. Dont know the reason, may be due to a bit stress or heat. After that I felt quite low for at least 3-4 days. After recovering I started going back to my work, suddenly in afternoon I have this brain foggy feeling. Unclear mind, Stiffness, missing major feelings and slight on creativity side and throughout its continous..... In short feeling some cloudiness in brain. But I am able to do rest of my works fine, talk fine, walk fine, work fine, but this wierd feeling of brain fog is killing me.

I consulted specialized neurologist, he said its a tension type headache and advised antidepressant clonozepam so as it can relax muscles. Also he said may be its some chemical imbalance due to defficiency in serotonin, but no firm tests are their to prove it. I took medicine for 3 weeks, but it hardly helped, instead when I left, I faced severe headache for 2 days. Right now, I am not taking any medication and foggy feeling is still constant, even I believe its not a stress headache as I do not have any stress other than to get rid of this thing. All my reports, MRI, EEG, Blood tests are normal. Only I am left with thyroid and Vitamin deficiency tests.

Please advise if ACV will be usefull in my case. In addition I am trying to but breathing exercizes in routine, but not much benifit yet. Dont know what to do next.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Robert (Fayetteville, Ar) on 06/27/2012
1 out of 5 stars

Did not work at all!

Borax, Iodine
Posted by Benni (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 06/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had great success following Ted's borax recommendation for chronic fatigue and brain fog. When I read that it had the potential to decalcify the pineal gland, and that it could help to detox fluoride, I knew I had to give it a try.

(The other thing that I did differently was take Lugol's iodine and stop consuming fluoride in water or toothpaste.)

It was difficult to determine which thing helped the most, so I greatly reduced the borax, using only a pinch in water every 4 or 5 days. However, for about one month, I didn't use any at all and the brain fog returned, so I added the borax back in.

About 6 months after adding these things, my brain fog, energy level and mood are much improved - BUT I noticed a definite improvement within a week!

Definitely recommend for CFS sufferers.


PS, I've only sporadically used ACV, salt and baking soda too but generally remember when I am taking the borax.

PPS, I did a liver cleanse with olive oil and grapefruit juice a few weeks ago, and all the benefits of the borax and iodine were amplified, and I feel I need much less of them now.

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