Natural Cures for Brain Fog

| Modified on May 18, 2024

Lawrence Wilson, a medical doctor and president of The Center for Development, sites brain fog as one of the most important symptoms of poor brain functioning today. However, most individuals consider the condition difficult to define and treat because it has such an array of causes and connections. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing issues with mental confusion or lack of clarity, you can treat the condition utilizing a variety of natural cures and therapeutic supports such as reflexology, detoxification, and supplements like CoQ10.

What Is Brain Fog?

Dr. Wilson defines brain fog as a general feeling of confusion or pervasive lack of mental clarity. If you are dealing with brain fog, you may feel like you have a “cloud” in your mental processing that prevents you from thinking clearly. In addition to cloudy thinking, individuals are often more forgetful, become somewhat detached from typical relationships, and may even feel discouraged or depressed.

Brain fog can be difficult to treat because it is a largely “subjective” condition by way of description. It also is generally associated with quite an array of causes including adrenal fatigue, fungal infection, the use of antibiotics, heavy metal poisoning, hypothyroidism, and others. Dehydration and low energy are also often linked to the condition.

Can I Remedy Brain Fog with Natural Cures?

One of the important first steps for treating brain fog is identifying the underlying cause of the condition. A medical professional can help you identify the cause after which you can typically utilize natural treatments to cure or at least balance your condition. Some of the best natural cures include reflexology, detoxification, and supplements like CoQ10.

1. Reflexology

One of the main treatment options Dr. Wilson supports is daily foot reflexology. This system pinpoints target areas in your body that and utilizes a massage-based system to promote the removal of wastes from your body as well as the improvement of general processing.

2. Detoxification

Another important practice for treating brain fog is detoxing your body. Dr. Isaac Eliaz, an integrative medicine expert and the founder of the Amitabha Clinic and Healing Center, suggests using modified citrus pectin to remove the toxins from your body without altering your essential mineral levels. You should take at least 15 grams of pectin by mouth per day for the best results.

3. CoQ10

Improving your body’s cellular power can improve your energy levels and reduce symptoms of brain fog. CoQ10 is a natural supplement that helps support mitochondrial function and reduces inflammation throughout your body – both important considerations for treating brain fog.

WebMD also suggests that managing stress and timing your day on a regular schedule can help you avoid issues with brain fog as well. Try one of these options or read below for other reader-tested suggestions.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Debbie (Jackson, Ms) on 08/16/2012

This Brain Fog is getting worse and worse. I've battled this for about 10 yrs or so. The worst part is is almost happens overnight. Very scary. Makes me not want to get out in the public.. Can't think or speak very clearly. My 25 yr old son has just recently had 2-3 episodes, affects his work. He's an electrician and when he's at his worse, he can't think clearly enough to work.. What can be done about this?

Replied by Ryan
(Bloomington, Il)

Stop eating wheat and artificial sweeteners. I lived with brain fog for several years and have cut out both and feel like a new person.

Replied by Rob

added to the suggestions above...except for the salt?...Try taking a good quality Co Q10 softgel, or better Ubiquinol (more absorbable CO Q10).

2. Take it with a Krill oil supplement before going to bed. Krill may have more brain protective qualities than omega 3 alone & help boost mood.

3. Add Turmeric to your diet...or take as supplement.

4. Occasion take a Alpha Lipoic Acid..make sure it has Biotin in the formula.

5. Eat a simple vegetable, berries, nuts, wild salmon, (paleo, or anti inflammatory diet)

These five should help and all have brain protective qualities.

Replied by Dren
(WV, US)

I read somewhere that Magnesium can be absorbed through Epsom Salts soaks, either just feet or full bathing in it. Anyone heard if that works?


It definitely works for muscles cramps/contractions.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Dren,

We have experinced Epsom salt baths to be a good way to get magnesium. It has immediately relieved a toddler's constipation, and helped my daughter with an asthma attack. It may not be the best way to get magnesium. I really don't know which is the best. But it works. There are other ways to get it into the system. We have used magnesium oil, sprayed on the skin and we have used Natural Calm. And there are other ways to supplement but the above are my favorites. We use all of the above frequently.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Dren (WV, USA) Epsom bath has its merits but not enough Mag. I usually add a handful of Mag. Chlor. in crystals for that reason. On Dr. Sircus' web site you will find useful info. He advocates topical treatment for best absorption. Just google it.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Barbara
(Mt Laurel, New Jersey)

Help! I have been on most of those vitamins and have had no success. I not only suffer from brain fog but get vertigo spells that are even worse. I do certain head and eye exercises I learned at Physical therapy that help some. I am at this very moment experiencing so much dizzyness and fog and it has been going on for six days now. Saw Doctor and still no relief. I live alone, can not drive and I am running out of food.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

B: What illnesses are you currently being treated for by conventional dr's?? What prescription or otc meds are you taking??

I am a big believer in detox baths to bring about substantial recover in debilitating or quickly worsening situations. 1/4 cup Epsom Salts - 1/4 cup Baking Soda - 1/4 cup Borax in a hot water bath at least once per wk for at least 1hr per session. This may be too much sodium for some folks who may have kidney or hypertension problems in which case supplementing Potassium would be needed. ACV can help w/ any possible fluid retention, otherwise this is an excellent broad spectrum detox. and instant alkalizing remedy.

You may also consider Oil Pulling for detoxing the body listed in "Remedies" at the top of page.

If you need some assistance for grocery shopping check w/ your local community action office as they may can help you. Also, you can purchase non-perishable grocery items online from major grocers or retailers like WallMart, and will ship to your door.

Replied by bzbrum
(bklyn NY)

I have used organic Turmeric which helps. you have to figure out how much to take.

if you start feeling thirsty then don't take more, that thirsty feeling is the sign that you are getting enough.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sara (Washington, DC) on 11/13/2008

I have been suffering from an unexplained brain fog and fatigue. I noticed 2 remedies on your site, Apple Cider Vinegar and lime juice and baking soda. Which should I try? Can I try both?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anya (Phoenix, Arizona) on 08/18/2007

I am now a firm believer of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. For the past 6 months I have been suffering from extreme fatigue, and do not know why. I've been to many doctors and not one can tell me why. I think I have it narrowed down to either chronic fatigue syndrome, valley fever or an allergy. I started taking ACV on a regular basis (3T per day) for the past 2 week. I can't even explain how much better I has given me my life back after 6 months of suffering. I still do not know what exactly is causing the fatigue, but I no longer have it! I would recommend this to everyone! I feel great, no more brain fog, fatigue, sore throat and my headaches are GONE. I finally feel normal again!

Replied by Kelley
(London, Ontario/canada)

You probably have candida overgrowth. That's exactly what it sounds like according to your symptoms. Apple cider vinegar kills yeast overgrowth and is very effective.

Replied by Patrick
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I know it's been years since this post, but I'm in the same situation. I got sick with what I think was the flu, and not long after developed brain fog. It's been over a month and the flu has gone, but the brain fog has not subsided. Can this be from candida overgrowth, and does this have anything to do with the flu? I've just started drinking ACV with water yesterday after recommendations from a few sources on the internet, and I really hope this can finally alleviate this terrible condition, as I am a college student and I'm finding it extremely difficult to learn. Thank you.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Patrick brain fog could also be caused by Aspartame and MSG consumption. They are called "Excitotoxins" and can kill brain cells off (especially if you are magnesium deficient). If you are a student do you drink diet drinks or caffeine drinks? They are loaded with these. Google "Excitotoxins" to learn the dangers. Dr. Russell Blaylock has an excellent video on google video.

Replied by Lennon
(Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa)

Hey patrick, I just wanted to find out whether the apple cider vinegar helped with your BRAIN-FOG? What other symptoms did you experience with the brain fog? cause I experience similar symptoms.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Debbie from Jackson Miss.... You say that both you and your son have the brain fog condition. That might mean the fog is caused by a viral infection. Many viruses can be spread from one person to another, of course. I don't dispute anything said by any of the writers in this section about possible causes of brain fog, but the viral cause is one that also should not be overlooked. Look up the CDC web site on viral meningitis and see all the viral issues relative to the brain and the viruses that can cause problems. And that doesn't exhause the possibilities with a viral or fungal link.

Note the CDC links previous infections such as mumps, shingles virus to name only a few as culprets in causing viral meningitis. And there are many "similar" brain infections that might cause brain fog but would not have the other symptoms of meningitis.

If nothing else works consider assuming it is a virus.

Colloidal silver can kill virus and fungal infection. For long term infection one would need to stay on the silver solution twice daily drinking about 1 tablespoon per dose for three months at minimum. I suggest six months. And to accelerate the treatment I have recommended the use of the same silver solution and adding a few drops of DMSO, a solvent, and using a white paper towel applying to the back of the neck daily for at least two months. The DMSO will carry the silver solution directly into the brain if the paper towel is allowed to soak into the base of the skull for ten minutes. We are talking about four drops of DMSO to fifty drops of Silver solution.

One case I know of who was nearly bedridden with migraines and nausea for two years, cut the migraines in half within two months and cut the duration and intensity by the same in a month by both drinking the silver solution and applying the silver solution plus DMSO to base of skull. He is back working again. Of the many doctors he visited, none suggested to him that he might have a viral infection in the brain.

If the condition is caused by a virus, the consumption of the silver solution and application to base of skull will start showing immediate results. Within ten days the patient will begin feeling more energy and clarity. That alone will indicate the brain fog problem was viral in nature and a continuation of the protocol should continue.

Replied by Rufaidy
(Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines)

Me too. I think I have brain fog and this been 1 year and 3 months now. I think the cause of mine is my allergic rhinitis (sinus inflammation). I just have a question how you guys got certain that what you feel is brain fog? Just concerned coz maybe mine is not brain fog but I feel so dumb all the time like I have no brain, forgetfulness, not clear consciousness like I'm in a dream, focusing problems, learning problems, fatigue, depression and etc.

Replied by Jb
(Franklin, Pa)

Sinus irritation can be caused by a parasite infection, which can easily happen if you have a yeast/candida problem.

Replied by Faith
(Pdx, US)

I had A BAD sinus infection and brain fog for over year. I read hidden dental issues can cause problems. A Study revealed 80% of people cavitation sites in the mouth were infected . That is a large number. I had the oral surgery. I had two major infections.

Replied by Emily
(Eugene Oregon)

I so agree! Mental brain fog gone! It's a miracle.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Posted by Tina (Dumont, NJ) on 06/21/2007

Here is an update from when I recently wrote in about my experience of being "overly-energetic" after taking ACV. Upon further reading, I know now that ACV is a natural stimulant and the website for a popular brand of raw, organic, unrefined ACV 'with The Mother' actually recommends taking 1-2 teaspoons 3x/day, diluted with water (honey optional). OK, so now I understand why I've been bouncing off the walls the last week, feeling like I just downed coffee (very racing, manic feeling). Here's my new plan: 1 TEASPOON ACV with 7 oz. water and 1/4 tsp baking soda. I may take less or none with dinner because I'm not sleeping well. My husband is also sensitive to caffeine and he has had a similar experience to mine. I still love my ACV & what it's doing for my health - goodbye brain fog, depression, acid reflux & hopefully back pain!! Don't give up, folks, & God bless!

Replied by Kharris369
(Seattle, Wa)

I notice you indicated that you were taking the apple cider vinegar for brain fog 3 times a day. How many times a day are you taking it now???

Replied by Yekara


Please be very careful with the combo of baking soda and acv. I took it at night for gas and the next day I felt absolutely awful, had a bad nauseous headache and felt awful most of the day. Other than gas, before that I had no headache or nausea and am positive it was the combo that did it. I don't have trouble with Apple Cider Vinegar alone. Yekara

Apple Cider Vinegar, Reverse Osmosis Filter

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Posted by Wendy (Small Town, NC) on 12/09/2008

I tried ACV for UTI's with great success and have already written in about that. I am also loosing weight, and my arthritis symptoms have completely disappeared.

I also installed a reverse osmosis water filter to remove fluoride from my drinking water. I don't know if it is the ACV, or the fluoride free water that is making a difference, but I feel great. I have more energy and no more "brain fog"! My pain is gone! Maybe it is the combination, but it works!

Avoid Fans and Air Conditioning

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Posted by Diane (Gulf Coast) on 10/27/2022

I woke up every morning with frontal lob headache-brain fog with severe memory loss especially with stress. After months of pain it stopped. WHY? because it was fall-winter and my husband stopped running AC on 70. Turned off the ceiling fan that was on high and turned off his table fan that ALL BLEW ON ME. I was having brain freeze with severe Sinus Infection. Similar to eating frozen ice cream. I would have to go out and sit in my truck and turn on the heat. It caused stress, poor job performance. Then it started on him. After a month, I am back to my self at 66 yrs old.... and NO more fans and cold AC. It all stopped when I read how to nitty my nose with drops of hydrogen peroxide and warm water, it thawed my nose-cleared my sinuses. It was so simple.

Replied by Rob

Hi Diane - What is your formula H2O2 to Distilled water in your Net-Pot Rinse?

Replied by Apryl Whitt
(Aiken, SC)

Unfortunately, living in the “south”. You can't be without “HVAC”. With 90 something degrees and high humidity. Also, having 2 dogs, which one is an Australian shepherd who has a lot of hair. Can't do unfortunately. They've made it impossible for everybody to live, at our expense 🥺


Posted by Angelclare (California) on 05/04/2022

Can anyone direct me to Ted's borax brain fog remedy? I can't seem to find it. Thanks so much.

Borax, Iodine

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Posted by Benni (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 06/20/2012

I had great success following Ted's borax recommendation for chronic fatigue and brain fog. When I read that it had the potential to decalcify the pineal gland, and that it could help to detox fluoride, I knew I had to give it a try.

(The other thing that I did differently was take Lugol's iodine and stop consuming fluoride in water or toothpaste.)

It was difficult to determine which thing helped the most, so I greatly reduced the borax, using only a pinch in water every 4 or 5 days. However, for about one month, I didn't use any at all and the brain fog returned, so I added the borax back in.

About 6 months after adding these things, my brain fog, energy level and mood are much improved - BUT I noticed a definite improvement within a week!

Definitely recommend for CFS sufferers.


PS, I've only sporadically used ACV, salt and baking soda too but generally remember when I am taking the borax.

PPS, I did a liver cleanse with olive oil and grapefruit juice a few weeks ago, and all the benefits of the borax and iodine were amplified, and I feel I need much less of them now.

Brain Balancing Exercises for Brain Fog

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Posted by Juli (Socorro, NM) on 03/17/2008

I have various minor ailments which I am working on correcting with acv and other cures, but for an immediate remedy for congestion and brain fog, first try breathing in through one nostril and out through the other, then switch and repeat until both nostrils are unclogged. If this method doesn't work, simply walk in a straight line for a few minutes, or try any other type of balancing exercises. These exercises will balance the brain hemispheres, clear up congestion and temporarily rid me of brain fog. I have never found anything to be as effective, not even acv. The downside is that it won't last forever (so take advantage and get some work done that requires a clear head).

Also, a tip about acv: if you buy the expensive mother vinegar, save a couple of tablespoons and pour it into a gallon of the cheap store brand. Soon, the cheap stuff will be growing the mother, and you will have a re-usable, active culture very much like a sponge for making bread.

Replied by Glynis C.

After reading about inhaling into one nostril and exhaling via the other a few times I was very sceptical but my fear of the cause for my brain fog was bigger than my sceptism. It worked. I did it about four or five times before I felt better and then several more times just because it was working. I had tears behind my eyes and after two weeks of wondering if I was in the early stages of dementia, 20 minutes later I realized that it was my medication. That post was written in for me in 2014. Thank you so much and thank you also, Earthclinic. You have been my go site for a very long time.

Brain Fog Diet

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Posted by Gaye (Greenwich, CT) on 03/19/2008

I find that I have extreme brain fog (and brain fatigue for that matter) when I eat wheat and sugary things. I have made a great effort in the past few weeks to radically reduce my sugar intake and limit wheat consumption. I have also been eating tons and tons of cooked vegetable dishes with brown rice (Indian, Morrocan, etc. -- you can't believe how many recipes there are for vegetables!). I have also reduced my chicken and fish intake. And forget about beef after the humane society's video. NO WAY! Well, the most amazing changes I have discovered in the past week are that I have a very clear mind and sharper concentration that lasts consistently all day! My skin is also softer and my eyes are brighter.. dark circles not quite so noticeable. My husband and I just got a juicer and we have been having carrot and celery juice every few days. My current issue with juicing is that it appears to cause an acid pH quite quickly, but I might be doing the wrong concoction of ingredients. I tried cabbage and beets one day but felt nauseous for the next 12 hours!

Replied by Maureen
(Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)

My comment is to Gaye from Greenwich, CT. I have been juicing for more than 20 years. You need to make 7/8's of your juice as carrot juice and 1/8 greens. Or 1/8 combination of greens and beets. Beets are a powerful cleanser and you will have to lay down for half an hour after taking too much because of the cleaning effect, no matter how long you have been juicing! So be careful. Carrot Juice is the closest thing to the make-up of your blood. To give you an idea of how much beets to use we juice 4 lbs of carrots, one whole cucumber and a small beet the size of a golf ball. You can judge from that what amount you will need.

Replied by Albert
(New York, New York)

I find that the sugars enter your body too quickly when juicing can cause the nausea. Add almonds almond butter or peanut butter to the mix to give you healthy fats to slow the absorption of the juices.

Brain Fog Trigger: Air Conditioning

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Posted by Diane (AL) on 08/05/2021

Cause of Brain Fog

AC... working in artificial Air Conditioning that keeps you cold all day, and night. My husband had AC down on 73, a ceiling fan and a side fan. I would wake up frozen with a horrible headache. When I would leave the house or go outside, I started feeling better, no headache. Then one morning it was so cold my face and arms were frozen. I realize what was happening to me and my dogs.

Brain Fog Trigger: Canola Oil

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Posted by Sangeetha (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands) on 06/03/2009


I found out the cause of my brain fog. No, it wasn't my hypothyroid, nor my anemia. And ACV seems to have been totally innocent. IT WAS CANOLA OIL.

I have been very sensitive to not-so-good quality of oil from my childhood. As we couldn't find the regular vegetable oil I use at the supermarket around beginning of April, I bought Canola oil. As the container was leaking, I transferred it to the vegetable oil container I had at home which was empty and forgot all about canola oil. Shortly after I had started using it, I had trouble with my memory and concentration, but I had forgotten all about my sensitivity to oils and about canola oil as it was coming out from the vegetable oil container. Just 5 days ago I remembered my sensitivity and researched about canola oil on the internet and found others who have had similar problems. It was also mentioned that it effects the central nervous system and could cause blindness in the long run. I stopped using it right away and started feeling better the next day itself.

I am glad I am sensitive to not-so-good oils as I feel the effects immediately. My family members who are not sensitive, would have seen worse effects after a few years if we continued to use it.

While I was reading about oils, I also found that the vegetable oil (the container of which has pictures of vegetables on the front) is actually a soy bean oil. I never read the ingredients as the name says vegetable oil and it has has pictures of vegetables. I found that soy bean oil is not at all good for thyroid and generally.

I have been using olive oil for normal cooking and vegetable oil for deep frying (sometimes) since. But since the vegetable oil isn't good and olive oil is not suitable for deep frying - it leaves the question...which is the best oil to use?

I would appreciate input from others as to which oil to use - which will not be hard on thyroid and which will also not cause brain fog or any other health issues.


EC: Read the rest of Sangeetha's posts on this subject here.

Brain Fog Trigger: Cipro

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Posted by Bill (Joppa) on 06/19/2013

CIPRO /- brain fog and CFS along with over 80 symptons currently bedridden because I was poisoned by negligent ER doctor! Lost 200K YEAR job of 23 years and my family is going to be in the streets!! It's destroyed my digestive tract and I have lost 65 lbs and there is "NO CURE" and I'm going to die! It's chronic Fluriode poisoning!! I was perfect 45 yr old husband and daddy now a vegetable.

Brain Fog Trigger: Cipro
Posted by Indigo (Sf, Usa) on 03/19/2013

I don't have exact answer, just want to ask people who suffer from brain fog, fatigue or pain ( or all of those) to check if they were given antibiotic Cipro in the past. NEVER take this poison, or any other antibiotic from Fluoroquinolone group. Look up Cipro is poison. Good look to you all.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Bill, don't give up!! Read up on clearing out flouride etc. And start slowly. The body has AMAZING capabilities for restoration and a positive attitude always helps!

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

time for a new beginning. I got c-diff that ruined my intestines from an antibiotic. REALLY SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF ME. I was never as successful as you, so my fall didn't hit me as hard as yours. I'm sorry for your great losses. Coconut oil heals the body -mouth to rectum- and also probiotics. Read the water cure site by Dr. Batmanghelidj to get autoimmune systems back under control. As long as you have breath, there is the possiblility for a full recovery. Nothing is impossible. Fecal transplants can heal the intestines. Try to forgive your fellow humans and it will heal your heart. I have had to forgive much, so I do not say this judgementally, but to help you recover your life. Release your captives and you will find that you are set free.

Carbon Monoxide Cause

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Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 08/16/2012

Make sure there is no leak in your house in terms of carbon monixide, etc, or growth of mold causing brain fog. Get someone to come and inspect your living quarters to make sure environmentally everything is ok and you guys are safe.

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