Natural Remedies for Hypertrichosis: Reduce Excess Hair

Mint Tea
Posted by Sandy (Toronto, Ontario) on 02/24/2011

I've had excess facial hair since age 19 (I'm 22). I tried laser hair removal and let me warn all of you LASER MAKES FACIAL HAIR WORSE!! Instead of getting rid of the dark hairs, I now have a peach fuzz, PLUS the darker hair. I've heard of many other woman who have experienced the same thing.

I've been getting electrolysis for almost a year now, on a weekly basis and I'm starting to see results... But it takes a long time!

Anyways, on to mint tea. I read that it helps with excess facial hair, by blocking free testosterone in your body (or something of that nature). I can honestly say that I notice a big difference during the weeks that I drink mint tea daily vs. weeks where I forget. The growth of the dark hair is minimilised considerably.

For anyone battling annoying facial hair, I suggest you try it. You have nothing to lose, as it's delicious and nutritious! I buy plain old peppermint tea bags from the grocery store.

Hope it works for you!