Natural Remedies for Hypertrichosis: Reduce Excess Hair

Epilator, Alum and Rose Water
Posted by Nicole (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/09/2013


Shaving alum and rosewater:

Hello everyone, Right after I wax I dip the solid shaving alum into a bowl with rosewater in it and apply it to the skin for an hour or half an hour depending on the area. It does sting a lot but it's worth it. I use this on my face, arms and legs.

I have noticed a huge difference, the hairs are lighter, thinner, take longer to grow out and I have a few bald spots.

But if I don't wax for 2 months the hair grow back in the bald spots, I thought the alum and rosewater was supposed to permanently get rid of the hair but the hairs are still there, they just take longer to grow back and are much thinner.

Is alum and rosewater supposed to get rid of hairs permanently or am I mistaken?

Can anyone please tell me why this is happening? Do I need to be more patient?

Thanks for all your help by introducing this method to me and thank you in advance for all your answers :)