Natural Remedies for Hypertrichosis: Reduce Excess Hair

Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Andrea (Natchez, Mississippi) on 08/11/2016

About 3 years ago, to my horror, I found a course thick black hair growing on my chin, at first I plucked it and It stayed gone almost 10 months, (the time frame is very accurate because it just so happened the hair first appeared on my 33rd birthday) but now It appears about once every 9 weeks . So about 3 months ago, for unrelated reasons, I began looking into Natural/organic skin care and whipped up this exfoliating scrub using the following:

  • organic ground flaxseed
  • coconut oil
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • a few drops of tea tree oil

**also after having a cup of lemon zinger tea I emptied the contents of the tea bag into the mixture with a little bit of boiling hot, store bought distilled water **

Well, because the flaxseed thickens and gets super slimmy it went from a scrub to more of a mask that I left on for about 15 minutes after it was dry, then I added little warm water & was able to use it as an exfoliating scrub after all, a gentle once over and my face felt and smelled amazing, my skin was so smooth and it was brighter.

As I said before, usually that hideous hair showed up about every 9 weeks but it's been over 12 weeks since I used the scrub and NO HAIR ON MY CHIN!!! *

*I think using the boiling water brought out the oil from the flaxseed but please don't take that as fact I'm only guessing

** I am convinced it was the flaxseed bc I've been using the other ingredients for a while, and the hair was still coming back. now I just boil some water add it to the ground flaxseed, Pink salt and coconut oil, paint it on, let it dry then scrub myself head to toe skin is so happy smoothe and it even seems that the little bit of cellulite I began to notice About a year ago (butt and thighs) seems not so visible these days...

Probably use this 3 or 4 Times a week for body and for face I just add boiling water to ground flaxseed for a sticky but soothing moisturizing skin brightener just about daily....

Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Sandy (Christchurch) on 11/03/2015 2 posts

I have had course hairs on my chin for several years, made worse when I decided to pluck them, I usually pluck these hairs twice a week, About 6 weeks ago I made flax seed oil for my hair, and decided to put some on my face to see if it would be good for my skin, around the same time I also applied coconut oil....I used both of these products for about 2 weeks but stopped as I didn't like the tight feeling it gave my skin.

From the time I started using the gel and oil I noticed the hair on my chin had stopped growing, I kept feeling for hair to pluck and NOTHING..It has been 6 weeks and to date I have pulled out 3 hairs.....This is so weird...I figured if it is the oils then when I stopped using them the hair would return..but it hasn't.