Diabetes Type II and Berberine: Dosage and Research

Research Updates
Posted by Betty (CA) on 12/29/2021
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Hi Art,

My brother is T2D borderline T1 now. I have him taking Berberine complex by Swanson, VitD3+K2+A, ALA, Iodine. And a couple more supplements I can't think of at the moment. He has been on them for one month. Sugar has gone from 560 to 220 so far. He is hoping to get off some of the meds.

His pancreas function is at 30%. What do you recommend, if anything?

Berberine is the best!

Research Updates
Posted by Art (California) on 12/28/2021 1510 posts
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I wanted to update my above article because a new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials just came out that adds further confirmation to the value of Berberine for diabetes.

This new meta-analysis (MA) of RCTs( December 2021) of the use of Berberine for T2DM is very enlightening and clearly illustrates that Berberine is a very good adjunctive treatment or possibly even a primary treatment option for T2DM :


Here is an important quote from the full MA :

>>> ' Forty-six trials were assessed. Analysis of berberine applied alone or with standard diabetic therapies versus the control group revealed significant reductions in HbA1c (MD = −0.73; 95% CI (−0.97, −0.51)), FPG (MD = −0.86,95% CI (−1.10, −0.62)), and 2hPG (MD = −1.26,95% CI (−1.64, −0.89)). Improved insulin resistance was assessed by lowering FINS (MD = −2.05,95% CI (−2.62, −1.48)), HOMA-IR (MD = −0.71,95% CI (−1.03, −0.39)), and BMI (MD = −1.07,95% CI (−1.76, −0.37)). Lipid metabolisms were also ameliorated via the reduction of TG (MD = −0.5,95% CI (−0.61, −0.39)), TC (MD = 0.64,95% CI (−0.78, −0.49)), and LDL (MD = 0.86,95% CI (−1.06, −0.65)) and the upregulation of HDL (MD = 0.17,95% CI (0.09,0.25)). Additionally, berberine improved the inflammation factor. ' <<<

This multitude of positive health enhancements including reduction of inflammatory mediators IL-6 and Tnf-alpha as well as positive heart and kidney effects accompanied by a very good safety profile make Berberine a "must consider" option for people with diabetes. The added lipid improving effects are just the icing on the cake.

It seems likely that pulsing of Berberine dosing may prolong the effectiveness of Berberine over the longer term, helping to prevent the body from becoming resistant to its effectiveness.