Natural Remedies for Bell's Palsy

| Modified on Apr 03, 2024

If you have Bell’s palsy, you likely felt fine one day and woke up the next with this mysterious neurological disease. However the condition progressed in its onset for you, you do have treatment options. Castor oil, black seed oil, and turmeric are supplemental options that seem beneficial to the condition as are therapeutic treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care.

What Is Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s palsy is characterized by sudden weakness in the facial muscles. Affecting just one side of your face, the condition makes half of your face seem to droop.

The symptoms of Bell’s palsy come on suddenly and include a variety of conditions in conjunction with muscular weakness. Difficulty making facial expressions, pain near your jaw and in or behind your ear, increased sensitivity to sound on your affected side, headache, decreased taste, and changes in the amount of tears and saliva you produce are all common side effects.

What Causes Bell’s Palsy?

The exact reason for most cases of Bell’s palsy is unclear; however, it is often linked to an individual’s exposure to viral infection. Common viral conditions that may be linked to the condition include cold sores and genital herpes, chickenpox and shingles, mono, cytomegalovirus infections, respiratory illness, measles, mumps, flu, and hand-foot-and-mouth disease. The muscular weakness is caused by the inflammation of the nerve that controls your facial muscles.

How Is Facial Palsy Typically Treated?

While most individuals recover from the condition with or without treatment, doctors sometimes prescribe different treatment options to speed recovery. Your doctor may suggest treatment such as corticosteroids, antiviral drugs, or even physical therapy.

Natural Remedies for Bell's Palsy

Depending on your medical supervision you may be able to stick strictly to natural treatments. Castor oil, black seed oil, and turmeric seem to be effective supplemental options while acupuncture and chiropractic care are also considered effective.

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil packs, Edgar Cayce's famous remedy, can help reduce inflammation and heals nerve damage. The oil also strengthens your facial muscles and maintains your skins elasticity.

2. Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil, taken internally also helps reduce swelling in the nerves and face. This treatment also promotes circulation and stimulates full nerve recovery.

3. Turmeric

The spice Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory agent. Taken internally, it reduces the inflammation in your face and encourages healthy blood and lymph flow to eradicate infection.

Get Checked for Lyme Disease

Here's a recent post from a reader stressing the link between Lyme Disease and Bell's Palsy.

Posted by Lynn (Sonora, Mexico) on 01/28/2021:

"I find that the most common cause of Bells Palsy is Lyme Disease.  I have Lyme Disease, and I ran a Lyme Disease support group in Northern California for many years, and Bells Palsy was a common symptom.  Once on antibiotics for the Lyme bacteria, the palsy soon faded away for most patients.

Being in Tennessee, which is a highly endemic area for Lyme, I would suggest the person with Bells Palsy get tested for Lyme Disease. The best lab in the country is IGENIX in Palo Alto, California. Very few labs know how to test properly.

And the reason why is once a person is bit by a tick, mosquito, flea etc carrying the bacteria, the corkscrew shaped bacteria burrows thru your skin into your blood.  But it doesn't stay in your blood, but burrows into the muscle and tissue mass and into your organs, even into your bone marrow.

For this reason a Western blot blood test or an Elisa blood test are useless, and most of the time will come back negative, (because the organism has already left the blood and burrowed into new parts unknown), yet a person can have Lyme raging in their body. Then they are sent out the door and told they are negative for Lyme when it is going full boar in their body.  So they go untreated, get worse, become crippled or die.

I spent years giving talks to people in these support groups, and always about 50 or so people from these other support groups would get tested, and most would  turn up positive for Lyme, join my support group, get on antibiotics for a season along with a complex health regimen, and they would get their lives back."

Continue reading below for additional natural remedies from our readers. Please let us know which remedy you used to treat Bell's Palsy.


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Posted by Don J (Texas, US) on 06/25/2014

I am 2 months into dealing withc Bell's Palsy and have had limited success. Was given steroids and anti virals for the first week. Have had 20 acupuncture treatments. My biggest problem is I still can't close my right eye. I would appreciate any suggestions that seem to work. Thanks, Don J

Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Don J,

I know a little boy who was cured of Bell's Palsy last year with the following:

Vitamin C (best taken to bowel tolerance - just take it by the gram or more and when you begin to get diarrhea, cut back a bit. I think he was taking Liposomal Vitamin C)

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I think he took 1 teaspoon 3x a day. An adult dose would be more like 3 Tablespoons three times a day. But you might want to start with teaspoons and work up to Tablespoons)

Turmeric (I think he took 1/4 teaspoon three times a day. An adult dose would be 1 teaspoon three times a day. Best in whole milk with a little pepper. Not the best taste, just the best effect.)

Nutmeg (he held one (maybe part of one) in his cheek on the affected side for hours at a time.)

The way I have been taking vitamin C of late to get a lot at once is this: 1 teaspoon ascorbic acid powder, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 3 drops stevia, 2 cups water. This gives 5 grams of Vitamin C, or so. I would drink a couple of these a day or more if I were fighting sickness. I think it tastes kind of like Sprite like this. Of course, I rarely drink soda and I am not sure my family agrees with me. :) )

Dave also has a remedy where he used DMSO and Colloidal Silver to cure Bell's Palsy. Here is a link where you can find that information:

Let us know what you try and how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Miki D

I got BP same week you did. It was long six months until l was able to pretend to smile..because it still doesn't feel natural. My eye still bothers are you doing? All gone? Pain?

Posted by Patricia (Denver, Co) on 08/19/2011

I went to a doctor for bells palsy and he said the only thing he could do was give me a steroid shot which did nothing. Days later I went to an accupuncturist who told me she had good results with this condition, but it may take several sessions. I must have been lucky because I had one session and my face was completely back to normal. Accupuncture is wonderful for many things.

Replied by Sue
(Chapel Hill, Nc)


I am a 56 yr old female and contracted Bell's palsy a couple months ago. The entire left side of my face was paralyzed, mouth drooping and could not close my left eye. Also, my hearing was affected - loud noises hurt my ears. I also was concerned about potential damage to the retina from the palsy in my left eye since my eye would not close unless it was taped shut. I went to Dr. Chen at the Chapel Hill Integrative Medicine clinic and had 3 acupuncture treatments once a week for 3 weeks. I am completely healed, with no residual effects. My ears are still sensitive, however, I can say (with a full smile now) that I'm as good as new!

Replied by Anonymous
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I've had bells palsy since 11/04/11. I took the steroids and antivirals right away. After six weeks with no improvement I started acupuncture. Ten sessions later I still have no improvement. I'm also taking vitamins B1, B6, and B12 and massaging with castor oil daily. It's been over two months now with no signs of improvement. I can manage the inconvenience of hearing sensitivity, drinking with a straw, and looking like two face from batman. However, I can't stand the eye pain. Severe dry eye is like cutting open an onion and just living with the burning pain all day long. Life sucks.

Replied by Julie
(Harrison, Arkansas)

I just got bells palsy again, well I mean again as in I had it for 7 years and about 1 week ago it came back and it's worse than before. I took medicine which never worked and now I am just dealing with all the same stuff as I did before. I hear people do the acupuncture but I am unsure it will work for me. I am looking into surgery to fix this problem- anyone else heard of this procedure?

(va beach va)
6 posts

Wondering why you would do surgery before trying acupuncture?

Replied by Jasonmchicago
(Chicago, Il)

Keep searching, keep looking, keep positive, keep spiritual.... It may be a long road ahead. My journey started in May 2010 when I had tooth pain. Two teeth got drilled. I had been clenching my teeth nocturnally (TMJ). I finally got a TMJD diagnosis and treatment in July 2010. I felt better right away b/c the joints were put back in the correct place. Unfortunately I could not control my mouth. It would spasm and the muscles didn't work. I thought it was due to the clenching and grinding. I massaged them a little and worked to loosen them up with magnesium, etc. I had severe anxiety (unlike anything I have felt before in my life). I literally felt like I was dying (and I was). I did PT and myofacial trigger point therapy. Months went by... Almost 8 months. I tried to "relax" and be "calm" I "reduced stress" got psychotherapy, etc. After 8months I said something else is definitely going on.... I started going to PT again, went to a DO, chiro, etc. My face was out of control... The nerves, muscles, tissue, everything. I had been taking huge MSM dosages and taking all kinds of supplements/minerals but for some reason things were not getting better - but worse! I really didn't know what was going on. I did acupuncture and it helped... But the muscles would tense up right afterwards or stay tense (the never released). Acupuncture gave some relief but not that much. I didn't know what to do... My world was upside down. I still kept going. There was a little spark in me. I said, Okay maybe I won't be able to eat solid foods again... I'm doing everything I can to figure things out. I can't blame myself. I kept searching. I then went to a fibromyalgia specialist and he finally diagnosed me with Lyme. It's been 3weeks (and eye opening 3 weeks)... And I've been taking huge Vitamin C dosage (30 grams), taking dozens upon dozens of vitamins/minerals especially b-vitamins, oil orgeno, activated charcoal, etc. and changing my entire diet. I've got some of my face back.

Doing more Google work I realize that these are all linked... The facial pain, bell's palsy, TMJD, dental fillings, etc. ALL LINKED. Unliked the field of medicne... The body is one unit. It does not have "specialist" for this or that... they are all linked.

So now I've slowly regained my facial muscles, I still cannot chew but at least I know what is going on!

All throughout I looked at After the initial 8mths of anger/bitterness I tried to think of it more of it as a puzzle. The fact that crying, being angry, bitter, dislike for other, etc. isn't going to get me anywhere.

I'm still confused. I'm still bewildered and how things change so quickly "all of a sudden" but I'm also hopeful. Slowly I'm figuring things out.

I'm going to go see a premier "biological dentist" in Houston to see the amount of bacteria that lies under my teeth. Then I'm gonig back to another southern state to my TMJD specialist... The best in the country to realign my splint (which I've been wearing for 1. 5 years). Will things be perfect? We do not now but I have learned through this experience so much... And most important accepting reality. That doesn't mean that you have to accept the "way you are now" be spiritial, be optimistic, be hopeful... And keep looking for answers. Don't give up. You don't have to accept a "new normal" but you do have to accept reality for the way it is now. You can help shape your destiny. You can help shape your future. You have to have commitment and have that little "spark" in you... And whatever you do keep it alive. Keep the spark alive... and you will be okay.

Replied by Jane
(London, Uk)

I am trying to work out why no one has tried Homeopathy? I am a homeopath in training and there is no reason why homeopathy shouldnt be able to deal with bells palsy. Providing you see a reputable and fully qualified homeopath. I am in training on a BSc course in London and I know homeopathy is quite unused in the US. Please seek out an experienced homeopath and give it a try. It's not usually a silver bullet in terms of speed. Being a process that takes the whole person into account, sometimes other symptoms that may have appeared before will need to be cleared (although sometimes if an aetiology can be found & correct remedy found, healing can equally be very rapid)

Acupuncture is also good as it works on energy centres, but the practitioner again needs to be very experienced. Did you know up until the 1930s 3 out of every 5 doctors in the USA were homeopaths. Then.... Antibiotics, drug development, politics, big pharma.... They don't want people getting better!!! You do the math. Homepathy is cheap AND no side effects AND you do not need to keep taking pills - Law of the minimum dose. Get discovering....

Replied by Pat
(West Chicago, Il)

Hello... I have been helping people with homeopathic remedies for over 30 years... It always amazes me the incrediable power of the correct remedy... the problem is that it is very difficult sometimes to figure out the correct remedy.


If you can help with this condition I have a friend who has it that lives close to West Chicago let me know he can contact you.

Replied by Tracy
(Savage, Minnesota)

Bell's Palsy is linked with Lyme Disease, just as your facial pain, TMJ and other dental issues. There are over 365 symptoms associated with Lyme. This website lists many of them:

I suggest you get to a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) and have yourself worked up for Lyme. It can be helped and thus your palsy can be resolved. Check out for LLMD

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

My husband's Bells Palsy is linked to shingles. I don't think there is just one cause.

Jasonmchicago - If you have TMJ, why not have your dentist give you a mouth appliance? They are around $50-$100 (or they were back in the 90's). Also, I saw a post on EC about drinking 1/2 tsp. sea salt in a glass of water a day to cure Lyme's. Search for it.

Replied by Kendra

@ Jasonmchicago - Thank you for your positive and encouraging words, they have shone a light on some of my own personal frustration. I admire that you have not given up and I find strength in hearing your journey.

Replied by Pam

Wow! One session is a dream come true. I had a similar situation- walked out of the ER (thought I had had a stroke) with no answers or solutions and went (literally) straight to the acupuncturist. She told me she would get my face moving again in about 10 sessions and she definitely did. After session 10, I got home and the corner of my mouth was moving ever so slightly and when I woke up the next morning, 80% of the movement in my face came back. Make sure to find an acupuncturist who specializes in neurological disorders and good luck!!

Replied by Chris K.

Jason, that's so inspiring!

I'm impatient for medical care to catch up to Lyme, toxic mold, and environmental illnesses.

My bells palsy isn't very severe, but I'm trying to heal it as part of the overall picture of how Lyme and living in a toxic apartment for two years have affected me.

Thank you for staying hopeful, and sharing your story with us.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Posted by Rajeshvar (Hayward, California) on 02/18/2014

Need to know if any ayurvedic treatment are available for Bells Palsy?

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Rajeshvar,

I believe that Turmeric would be considered ayurvedic ? It is anti-inflammatory. Try 1 teaspoon three times a day. At the same time, if you will take one Tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil, it will help the turmeric to work better and it has anti-viral properties.

Vitamin C would be important, too. If you can take it to bowel tolerance (take as much as you can without it giving you diarrhea) that would be ideal. You can start with 500mg every couple of hours.

Please also see this page at Earth Clinic, where Dave explains how to use DMSO and colloidal silver for Bell's Palsy.

I hope you find relief soon.

~Mama to Many~

Bells Palsy Remedies

Posted by Shan (TX) on 05/15/2020

I had Bells palsy symptoms recently after my kid got it and was given steriod course. But my right ear has become very sensitive and hurts. Are there any natural remedies I can try for this ear pain? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Shan, around here, any earache is treated by inserting - not deeply! - a wad of cotton with olive oil on it. It usually works pretty quickly for pain and after 48 hours it's pretty much healed. Change the wad every day.

Bell's Palsy Remedies

Posted by Mehul Kumar (Surat, Gujarat) on 06/10/2013

Hello, 4 year ago I suffered from facial palsy... And now my mouth is traction one side.... if there is any solution for such contact me as soon as possible.

Black Seed Oil, Habbatus Sauda Oil

2 User Reviews
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Posted by Sam (Jordan) on 04/16/2016

I had a client with Bell's Palsy. She came to me and I had her massage her face with the Black Seed and Habbatus Sauda oils and take it internally too. She took 1 teaspoon of black seed oil daily with some honey. It is best to take the oil 1/2 hour before breakfast.

Her testimony is that her face returned 110%.

"I've been putting it on my face full strength since the Bells Palsy with great results and no reactions of any kind so I think it's safe. My face is nearly back to normal.

Replied by Kristina
(Kyle Tx)

I would like to know where you can buy the oils mentioned in these posts: black seed oil and habbatus oil, sauda oil, and kalongi oil for bells palsy treatment.

Black Seed Oil, Habbatus Sauda Oil
Posted by Rossana (Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental/ Philippines) on 02/21/2013

I did not feel hurt or pain w/ my bell's palsy, sometimes I feel numb here at my lower cheek, the only thing that I did was to hot compress to my face, massage every night, and i'll take polynerv 500mg. Is this helpful for me? I want to try this habbatus sauda, black seed oil, and kilonji oil, is this available in all drug store? And what are the procedures for this? Mr. Ted, I need ur help, pls?

Replied by Faz
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

You can google and read about habbatus sawda, kalonji oil, black seed.

I'm am not sure if its available in the Philippines as it originated from the middle east but I am sure you can buy it online.

Try Accupressure & craniosacral too as in my son case he could feel his cheek with his tongue after the 1st treatment, but this could be due to his age. Maybe Mr. Ted can help us out here

Replied by Anjana

Where will I get habbatus oil?

Replied by Sunduza
(Mossel Bay, Western Cape)

What can I use to relieve pains without using painkillers cause I'm pregnant? Please help.

Replied by Fathiah

Hi Bee.. Habbatul sauda, black seed n kalonji are tje same thing dear, its in 3 dif languages ya in arabic/ english/ urdu :)
U can get it in from singapore at geylang area joo chiat complex/ geylang market/ arab st In KL U can also get hold of it at various places dear..

Black Seed Oil, Habbatus Sauda Oil
Posted by Faz (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 12/29/2012

My son had bell palsy 4 times. The first time he has when he was 6 yrs old, and Dr gave him steroid and he recovered. The 2nd time, he had it when he was 9 yrs old and again Dr gave him steroid but it took 2 mths before he recovered. The 3rd time, had when he was 11 yrs old, and Dr gave him steroid and he had to go for MRI, blood test etc, and the results came out negative but it took him 6 mths to recover, and he had to go for accupressure and craniasacral treatment. At 12 yrs old, got it again, and given steroid but no changes so this time I gave him black seed oil, habbatus sauda, kalonji oil for 2 mths, 450 mg 3x a day , his face is back to normal.

Replied by Bee

Dear Faz, Could you tell me where you went for accupressure & Craniascaral treatment? I have an Aunt with Bell's Palsy in Kuala lumpur. Could you also tell me where you bought the Blackseed Oil, Habbatus Sauda, Kalonji Oil. Best regards, Bee

Replied by Faz
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Craniasacral: you can google Khema Yen, Craniasacral and it should provide you with her blog and there is a contact no. I believe she is a Science graduate who venture into Craniasacral to help people. She is a gentle lady and work well with children.

Habbatus Sawda@Kalonji oil@black seed oil: bought it from the pharmacy Pure Aid.

Hope this will help your Aunty

Replied by Kitty
(United States)


I am so helpless here. I have bell palsy six weeks ago with no sign of improvement. I went to acupuncture and result still the same. Could you please advise what should we do with black seed oil and give me more insights? Thanks.

Replied by Zilla
(Kuala Lumpur)

Where to buy black seed oil n habbatus sauda oil? Tq

Replied by Norlia
(Kuala Lumpur)

Isn't black seed oil the same as habbatus Sauda oil?


1 User Review
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Posted by Sarah (Acworth, Ga) on 03/20/2011

Seven years ago, I came down with Bells Palsy on the left side of my face. My eye was affected a great deal. I was having great muscle spasms in my left eye and suffering with pain. The doctor started giving me Botox Injections around my eye, every three month. This helps a lot. However, three weeks ago I came down with Bells Palsy on the right side of my face!!! Needless to say, I was shocked. Guess I'll be getting Botox in both eyes... I need my smile back...

Castor Oil

2 User Reviews
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Posted by Virginia (Cushing, OK) on 08/08/2007

I successfully used castor oil packs for Bells Palsy which my co- worker contracted. I was beginning to have double vision and my eyes were inflamed. I used the pack on both eyes one hour nightly for 3 nights but the directions called for 4 nights. Well, I got busy and didn't do the 4th night and the symptoms returned until I completed the 4 nights in a row...No more problem at all.

Also, for me the packs are a great pain reliever. I used just the castor oil right on my cheek when I had an infected tooth. Still had to go to a dentist but CO stopped the pain immediately!

Also, used it to remove a wart on my son's toe. Each night applied CO put a sock on him until the wart was gone which was less than a week.

Replied by Lewis
(Thomston, GA)

Hello i've had this affliction going on 7 months now and would really like to get rid of this crap. Please email me back with the directions on how to make and apply this castor oil pack.

Replied by Cookie
(Minot, Nd)

I would also like to know how to prepare the castor oil pack

Replied by John
(Enfield, Nc)

bells palsy

does that castor oil jazz stuff work. with well the after effects of bells palsy because i don't have the bells palsy per say i mean my face isn't sliding like it felt like it was in 2008 when i thought having a stroke, my speech was thick and it was hard to talk. now this past year 2009 toward the begining of the fall i had a problem with my right eye, it seemd wider with more white showing when i looked up or down .. and my left eye floaters, one doctor described it as an after shock from the bells palsy

Replied by David T
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

I've had only one personal experience with what I firmly believe was Bell's Palsy. Taking a shower one morning I suddenly realized that the right side of my face was not moving, frozen in place. I first thought of the possibility of stroke but in testing grip strength and leg use found the only affected area was my face.

I thought I remembered what I once read about causation for Bell's and one main thought was it was often virally related. I looked up a website and that memory was confirmed.

With that possibility, I got out my supply of colloidal silver, which can kill viruses and got out my DMSO, a solvent and carrier and soaked a few white paper towels with the combination. My face was still frozen on the right side. I put the soaked paper towels on the right side covering the forehead all the way to the neck and applied pressure with my hand. I kept the pressure on for about ten minutes, almost afraid to take the towels off for fear of seeing my deformed face again in the mirror.

I took off the towels and took a look and smiled to test right side movement. It moved! Back to normal in ten minutes. It never returned.

Notice that I acted quickly. That is what saved the nerves from being damaged by the virus. One writer on this thread said the problem persisted elsewhere on his face. In my opinion, that is the virus still at work. Try the two part combination. Use "white" paper towels. Remember DMSO will absorb anything in its company and go right into the skin.

Chiropractic Sessions

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Posted by Luz Maria (Queens, New York) on 08/11/2011

I just passed by Bells Palsy page here to get some information for my son... For I had been a patient of this condition... For I am looking for some natural remedy.... My first time was when I was seven and then I was treated with electric shock waves for it was so shocking that I became a shy kid...

Next was when I was a teenager and treated with old fashion grandman home herbals hot steams remedy covering my whole face for some time then going to bed without letting no cold breeze hit you....

Third it was in NYC around the age of thirty or less cannot recall, I was panic, and went to one hospital then to another.. Visiting three hospital with no results.... Just stating that, "The same way it came it will go away".

To all out there that believe this... It is not true.... You can permanently stay like that.... I was real frighten...

An angel put a lady telling to go to a chiropratric..... I faithfully did go.... Starting every day for two weeks then three time a week and in a month my face was back to normal.... For I am thankfull.... But this condition can come for diffrent reasons.

My son's palsy is from an ear infection.... It can come from stress... My palsy came from drastic temperature body from heat to cold or viceversa which in spanish is called un Pasmo..... I advise whoever suffer from this Bell's Palsy to take immediate action for it can become permantly no matter who saids differently.

Replied by Candy
(Milwaukee, Wi)

My experience is that you are correct. I became afflicted in Aug 2005. I didn't go seek medical attention that day. Once I did, I was told I had a Stroke (which I did 7 mos later on my Birthday). It was confirmed it wasn't a Stroke, but Bell's Palsy. At that time, there wasn't a lot of info out on it. I, too, was told it'd go away. After seeing 6 Neurologists, I was given a prognosis of being healed w/in 12-24mos. Of course, this was being told, "the same way it came, it will disappear." Well, it's almost 11 yrs later and it's getting better, but hasn't left "the same way as it came."

I continue to be hopeful that I'll be able to have my "smile" returned.

Replied by Ana
(Las Vegas)

Hi, I had Bell's Palsy in 2013. You are the first person that says that is getting better even though it has been almost 11 years. This is great news! Well it probably doesn't feel like great news to you. I know how frustrating and depressive one can feel after dealing with Bell's Palsy. But I thinks it is great. I was diagnosed with synkinesis caused by Bell's palsy about a year after it happened. I visited 4 different neurologist and they all told me that I would stay like this. I see improvement although minimal. You have giving me hope. I am still searching for the cure. I am going to try DSMO and CS and see what happens. I am also buying the oils that some people mentioned in their comments. I hope to get my smile back as well. Wish you the best!


Replied by Miki

Ana, me too been with BP for 2.5 years ...feels like forever. I look like it is almost gone ( that's what l have been told, but true??) though l feel it all the time, and it is all l see in the mirror. Lipstick, eyeliner are out, and laughing is embarrassing with out covering my mouth. I hate talking pictures and the worse is my eye twitch when l eat. So did any of these stuff helped? I will try it too and actually have an appointment with neurologist..not that l think there is a magic wand out there.

Replied by Jalp

Hi Can you please update if DMSO and CS helped after all these years? Thanks

Chiropractic Sessions
Posted by Missy (Ny) on 02/25/2011

When I was 6 years old, I had Bells palsy. My mother took me to a chiropractor and it cleared up. I am now 51 with no reoccurences. Hope this helps.

Chiropractic Sessions
Posted by G (NY, NY) on 04/01/2009

When I was about 6 years old (over 40 years ago), I had Bells Palsy. My mother took me to a chiroprator for a few sessions and I was cured.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Wen (Chicago, Il) on 07/29/2014

Hi, I developed a facial palsy about 5 years ago. I only recovered about 50-60%. I don't have any drooping on my face, but my smile is still very lopsided. Also, when I smile, the eye on the affected side tries to close, and my chin is still dimpled. Last, every time I catch a cold or any kind of upper respiratory infection, I get pain behind my ear in the exact same spot as when the palsy first started. Do you think I could benefit from using the colloidal silver at this point so much later? Thanks for any advice you may have.

Dental Problems and Bells Palsy

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Posted by Karen (Gillette, Wy) on 10/25/2009

I awoke about a year ago with one side of my face severely swollen and paralyzed. My ear was bothering me and I thought it was just a very bad ear infection. When I went to my doctor he said I had Bells Palsy and it should go away in a few weeks to months. He also asked if I had been in an accident. After three months of getting no better, I went to my chiropractor and she took xrays stating that I had been in an accident. I thougth car wreck when I heard that and insisted that "no" I had not been in an accident. She showed me the xray showing whip lash. I thought about it and recalled that 2 days before I woke up swollen my daughter had been swinging her arms as we walked through the park.. she caught my chin and in one swoop my teeth hit together hard. She saw what she had done and began crying. I checked my teeth then forgot about it.. trying to console her. I had no pain, no apparent cracked teeth and no bleeding.. so I forgot about it until I saw that I had pain free whiplash: I had asked my doctor if a neglected tooth could've caused my problem.. I also asked my dentist.. they both said "no." I had the tooth in question fixed after 3 months of looking like a monster. My face "centered" within hours. again.. no pain at all. the root canal failed in 2 months.. I still had a palsy.. long story short, for a year I had to go into the dentist and convince him that I had a fracture in a tooth.. 5 teeth were removed as a root canal does not hold in a cracked root. I also went to Quantum Energetics and discovered some bone toxins from my bouts with the cracked roots that apparently do not show up on dental x rays but DO cause a seepage of infection. After the last tooth and QE and a year, I now have most of my smile back. I spent a year looking like a monster and paying repeatedly for dentist visits to convince them I needed my teeth pulled.. each time that was the only thing that made me better. Now I know that a cracked root is something they cannot see.. .a tooth problem contrary to what they told me CAN cause Bells Palsy and I probably would've become very very sick from all the dental poisons had I not done my own research and insisted on what needed to be done.

Please ascertain that your "Bells Palsy" is not from a dental problem.. also check for lyme disease and try a natural antiviral.. I hate that anyone else is suffering as I did.. it's hurtful.

Replied by Cookie
(Minot, Nd)

I think you are correct. My son has had what i think is an impacted tooth. He's been holding off on going to the dentist because cause no insurance right now. He's had a lot of pain around his ear and now his top lip is crooked and he cannot pucker. I think this is Bells Palsy. Can someone comment on this?

Replied by Celteyes
(Pearland, Texas)

This is dangerous. You need to do something for that inflammation ASAP! He could develop cellulitis in his jaw area. He could get an abscess. This is all bad. He may end up in the E.R. scheduled for surgery while waiting on dental insurance.

Get some clove oil and put it on a cotton ball around the impaced tooth for starters. It is very good at taking down infection.

He should also take 1/2 tsp 3 to 4 times daily of colloidal silver mixed in a little juice or water.

Replied by Bonnie
(Roanoke, Va)

Just jumping in on this topic, so someone may have already suggested, but try oil pulling, in my home my husband uses olive oil, my son uses sesame oil, I prefer coconut oil. Not sure it will help the Bells Palsey, but it a miracle for dental problems. Do a search here EC website on "oil pulling" for all the specifics.

Replied by Pam
(Joliet, Il)

Dental problems and Bells!!!! I would have never thought of the connection. I currently have BP for the past 4 weeks now with only a very slight improvement with the top lid of my eye able to move but the bottom lid is still "frozen"). I had dental work done 1 week prior to getting BP, having a tooth "fracture" repaired. (an old filling was cracked/broken and the dentist removed the old one and put a new filling in). I'm not understanding though why I got it as it was repaired?

Replied by Karen
(Wyoming, US)

I'm updating a post where I attributed my bells to my teeth that I had removed.. and had a great deal of success in regaining movement.. my update is surprising. I had a ENT do a CT scan early on in my problem.. prior to the removal of all but the first tooth that was pulled and helped me. The CT scan was misread and I had a broken nose!!! I still have a bone between my nose and gum line that I believe is incorrectly healed. I'm pretty much back to normal and believe the removal of my beautiful teeth on one side helped because I it took off the pressure from the 75% blockage I had that numerous doctors and dentists overlooked that was caused by my blockage in my sinus!!! Double check any dental or sinus problems.. wish I would've . I'm pretty much back to normal but now am dealing with getting dental implants for teeth that should not have been removed!

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