Natural Remedies for Bell's Palsy

Dental Problems and Bells Palsy


Posted by Karen (Gillette, Wy) on 10/25/2009
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I awoke about a year ago with one side of my face severely swollen and paralyzed. My ear was bothering me and I thought it was just a very bad ear infection. When I went to my doctor he said I had Bells Palsy and it should go away in a few weeks to months. He also asked if I had been in an accident. After three months of getting no better, I went to my chiropractor and she took xrays stating that I had been in an accident. I thougth car wreck when I heard that and insisted that "no" I had not been in an accident. She showed me the xray showing whip lash. I thought about it and recalled that 2 days before I woke up swollen my daughter had been swinging her arms as we walked through the park.. she caught my chin and in one swoop my teeth hit together hard. She saw what she had done and began crying. I checked my teeth then forgot about it.. trying to console her. I had no pain, no apparent cracked teeth and no bleeding.. so I forgot about it until I saw that I had pain free whiplash: I had asked my doctor if a neglected tooth could've caused my problem.. I also asked my dentist.. they both said "no." I had the tooth in question fixed after 3 months of looking like a monster. My face "centered" within hours. again.. no pain at all. the root canal failed in 2 months.. I still had a palsy.. long story short, for a year I had to go into the dentist and convince him that I had a fracture in a tooth.. 5 teeth were removed as a root canal does not hold in a cracked root. I also went to Quantum Energetics and discovered some bone toxins from my bouts with the cracked roots that apparently do not show up on dental x rays but DO cause a seepage of infection. After the last tooth and QE and a year, I now have most of my smile back. I spent a year looking like a monster and paying repeatedly for dentist visits to convince them I needed my teeth pulled.. each time that was the only thing that made me better. Now I know that a cracked root is something they cannot see.. .a tooth problem contrary to what they told me CAN cause Bells Palsy and I probably would've become very very sick from all the dental poisons had I not done my own research and insisted on what needed to be done.

Please ascertain that your "Bells Palsy" is not from a dental problem.. also check for lyme disease and try a natural antiviral.. I hate that anyone else is suffering as I did.. it's hurtful.