Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases

Borax and Liposomal Glutathione
Posted by Uncertain from LA (LA) on 11/04/2019
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Borax/liver enzymes/autoimmune/causes/remedies/blood oxygen/liposomal glutathione -

Recently I started taking liposomal glutathione and have been feeling much better. I recommend this. - I have mild autoimmune issues. I have been taking the “maintenance dose” of borax, only one to two teaspoons of the concentrate a day. It has given me some results I am happy about.

I only take OTC supplements at this point. My doctor has not prescribed me any meds at this point. - Recently my “alt” test is slightly high, 36. I have stopped the borax and the curcumin I have been taking wondering if they are part of the problem. Could or should I switch to boron or fructoborate tablets? I have taken curcumin but not much, only when I felt some pain or neuropathy. - I am having stomach issues and wondered if my stomach issues were also related to the borax or curcumin?

If so, what do you do about it? - There is blue coloring under my fingernails near the lunula. I understand this is sign of low blood oxygen. Could this raise enzymes? Would sleeping with oxygen help me with low blood oxygen? - Autoimmune issues seem to have multiple causes. They could be from fungus, bacteria, viruses or triggered by something like a drug. Borax works against fungus. If you cannot take borax what would be the next best options to take? What would be the best thing to fight viruses and bacteria? Were my physician to give me prescription drugs can you take the boron or borax with them? Is it possible to treat the autoimmune antibodies? I thought about a cleanse but I don't want to damage my organs. What would be a gentle option that works even if it takes longer?