Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Diseases

Posted by Elzee (Alberta) on 01/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

First off, thank you for this site and information. I've suffered various autoimmune (AI) symptoms for nearly 2 decades. I'm largely anti-prescription- they just seem to trade one problem for another. I respond strongly to Rx & OTC drugs. After much research, I started oral Borax at the “maintenance" dose (5.5 grams (1.25 tsp) in a litre of water, then 1 tsp of the solution twice a day with magnesium).

In one day, my hoarse voice (thyroid symptom) of years returned to normal and my stomach feels relaxed. I'll continue with this low dose as long as it's effective but I personally know two severely arthritic people (with other AI problems) who take the large therapeutic dose with incredible success. I'm looking fwd to more symptoms disappearing, and plan to report back soon.