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Memory Protocol Update From Art

Posted by Art (California) on 04/21/2022 2164 posts

I just wanted to update this memory thread as I haven't updated since last year.

Recently my friend who had excellent results with the memory regimen outlined in the original post told me that she had another health issue where her heart was getting reduced blood flow in a lower portion of her heart and her doctor was very concerned about it and quickly scheduled her for a chemically induced stress test of the heart. That was back about two years ago when she was having significant memory issues and she cancelled the scheduled test because of Covid-19.

More recently she told me that she had forgotten the actual reason her doctor scheduled the test, but she remembered that she was supposed to have it and rescheduled the stress test again. She took that test last week and the doctor told her that her heart function was now normal! She asked me what I thought caused the improvement. I reminded her that late last year she had increased her melatonin dose up to 72 mg/night and melatonin has shown in studies to be heart protective as I previously wrote about here :

And here:

There is no way that I know of to say positively that her increased melatonin intake is the reason for the normalization of her heart function, but it certainly seems in line with the available studies. The other supplements from her memory regimen may have been contributing factors, but of those supplements, melatonin has the strongest evidence for heart protective effects. Btw, I think it is worth mentioning that she will turn 80 next month and her improved memory is still very much intact!