Anosmia: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Treatment Options

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/31/2008 391 posts

The best remedy for lack of smell or anosmia is L-Carnosine. The condition is often due to excess heavy metals in the neural system, lack of vitamin B complex and excess toxins which causes loss of smell.

The remedy that I would likely to use is 500 mg of L-Carnosine usually twice or three times a day. Some cilantro or coriander taken once every two days, usually of a small amounts such as one- three tablepoonful, and B50 taken once every other day. Magnesium is synergistic, where magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate maybe helpful.

Certain foods that should be avoided that kill the nerves includes aspartame, sugar, and avoiding paints, thinner and moldy environment. Sometimes the toxicity of chemical toxins may be neutralize includes 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day.

To be correct, riboflavin is vitamin B2, vitamin B6 is pyridoxine. The zinc is not used. If fungus, moldy or allergy is indicated, the common remedy is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day to reduce the allergy and fungus problem that induces anosmia or loss of smell.

Sugar may damage the nerves but not as dangerous as aspartame, sweet n low, or diet products. Lack of balance in dietary fats are often common cause too, so I would likely take fish oils, which are high in omega 3 once a day. Granulated lecithin also helps reduced some excess heavy metals as it reduces free metals due to their hydrophopic fat soluble properties, of which granulated lecithin is soluble. The dose I would use is one tablespoon a day, often on an empty stomach.

As to the magnesium it is synergistic with the vitamin B complex, especially B6. Excessive zinc can also cause anosmia (loss of smell) and hence chelation therapies such as cilantro, fish oil, and lecithin is helpful. While l-glutathione is not a chelation it does detoxify to help recovery of neural degenerative disorders and I might take these 500 mg twice or three times a day, usually 5 days out of a week.

Quite often in certain parts of India, high levels of arsenic (usually north part) and certain regions of India, is high in fluoride, which causes neurodegenerative disorder. Fluoride increases absorption of free metal toxicity, such as aluminum, and possibly, free metal zinc, etc. causing neural damages. The demyelination of aspartame, monosodium glutamate as also causes in which avoiding these is most helpful. The lecithin can help myelination which protects neural damages and some neural transmitter supplements of vitamin B complex, but also certain amino acids that increases serotonin such as L-tryptophan maybe helpful. To further protect more damages, the use of dechlorinator in drinking water is best in reducing the inflammation of the nerves and tissues which deaden the sense of smell. Woman especially the sense of smell swings greatly depending on their menstration period, which are often linked to hormonal changes. Reduction in toxic effect of fluoride as well as more normal hormonal levels, is the use of borons supplements. The boron I prefer is borax, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax dissolved in one liter of drinking water, perhaps once every two or three days, assuming I don't know the level of fluoride in drinking water.

The constant source of free heavy metals is usually from defected water faucet and water filtering devices. A change of old water faucets, old metal pipe fittings, old water filters, is especially helpful as the prime source of heavy metals come from that. Interestingly, I have found out heavy metals also come from vegetables and flour due to fertilizers high in heavy metals. but people without a way to check heavy metals are pretty much blind by the level of toxicity from metals going on which leads to Alzheimer, lupus, Parkinson's disease and even Multiple Sclerosis. Sometimes a mild condition starts with concentration problems, anosmia, for example. Wheat products and excess oils used in cooking products are also a problem because they are acid forming and oils used in cooking products sop up heavy metals during cooking when one uses metal frying pans, and other metalic cooking utensils. Even the excessive use of cellular phones can cook the brains as it is microwave radiation, destroying nerve cells. For example when I do use cellular phones, I often used it on a handsfree mode.

This is the updated remedy.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok,Thailand) 391 posts

Posted by Melanie (Surrey, B. C. Canada) on 01/17/2006: "Ted, I have not been able to smell anything for many years and wondering if you have some magical natural cure for this?"

Your conditions of not being able to smell anything is called Anosmia. Anosmia is a condition where you cannot detect smells. I believe this is caused by a zinc deficiency. For the body to best respond to zinc, I suggest you take zinc acetate (without the calcium carbonate and tricalcium phosphate fillers), vitamin b6 and magnesium. These three seems to work in synergy.

Vitamin D3 and Calcium

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Posted by Caroline (Kent, England) on 11/04/2016

I lost my sense of smell last year during a bout of bronchitis. When I was given steroids the sense of smell returned but, of course, you can't take steroids indefinitely, so when the course finished my sense of smell disappeared. Back to gloom. Then something interesting happened at the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D3 deficiency. Within 2 weeks of starting the D3 (4,000 units per day) my sense of smell returned. When the first part of this intense course stopped the sense of smell disappeared, only to return when the second stage started. In the end my Vit.D levels were satisfactory and my tablets stopped. My sense of smell disappeared within a few days.

My calcium levels were then found to be depleted so I was put on Calcium/D3 tablets (daily dose 3000mg calcium/800 units D3), but my smell didn't return. After discussion with my doctor he agreed to supplement the Calcium/D3 tabs with an extra daily dose 1,600 units of D3. Three weeks later glorious smell returned.

Sense of smell is governed by the olfactory nerves in the nose which send messages to the brain. Vitamin D3 is important for the neurological pathways in the body. Quid pro quo. I hope my journey helps someone else.


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Posted by Jen (Australia) on 01/30/2021

I lost my sense of smell due to zinc deficiency. Covid also burns through zinc, and bioavailable copper. But taking a zinc supplement like Zn picolinate alone is short term ok, but bad for copper long term. Best to eat something like oysters (high in both zinc and copper). Zinc ionophores might also be relevant eg quercetin. Make sure iron levels are not high, as iron feeds infections eg ferritin under 40, saturation under 35%. Iron chelation is being used in covid treatment. Natural iron chelators include cabbage, Bragg Apply Cider V, green tea, quercetin, lactoferrin, IP6. Cheers.

Posted by Ed (Fla.) on 01/28/2021

For over 60 plus year I have been told that the loss of taste or smell is as a result of zinc deficiency. I know we are told not to take large amounts of zinc, but for many years I took 100mg or more every day. Everyone must make their own decisions on what and how much to take. Pray on it.

Be Well,


Posted by Ginger G (Ohio) on 10/08/2018

I have had bouts with loss of smell and taste for a few years now...Prednisone used to bring it back but that no longer works. Last night I chewed a garlic clove and I almost tasted it a little. took a zinc pill and today I tasted a little, haven't tasted for about a month now. I swabbed out my nose with caster oil without hexane and tonight I will try the drops. I'll let you know as we go along...

Posted by Lydia (Bergenfield, Nj) on 03/28/2016

Hello, I am not sure what made me start looking again for any updates on ideas to get my senses of taste and smell back. Four years ago, a restaurant customer suggested I take zicam zinc swabs for my cold. I figured, sure, it's natural, right? It was a month after using these swabs that I found I couldn't taste or smell anything.

I am a chef. My life was over.

I hired cooks and continued in my restaurant as if nothing happened, but in fact, my world as I knew it ended.

With no insurance, I started looking and found the Taste and Smell Clinic in Washington DC. I visited and was put on theophylline...and encouraged to go back every few months. With no job, and no insurance, this was impossible. And it has continued in this fashion for all of these years.

Upon discovery that I have Hashimoto's Disease for the past 10 years or so -- it took many endocrinologists to figure this out -- I wondered now that I am on meds that are supposed to help me with my horrible thyroid situation that maybe it has helped me to get some of my smell/taste back. Not much, but I have noticed a bit of a difference.

Have you heard of Hashimoto patients and anosmia? I am going to try the castor oil -- and let you know how it goes.

Thank you,


Replied by Robin B.

Hi Lydia,

I went to the same place in DC. I thought the doctor had zero personality. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 20 years ago about the same time I lost my sense of smell. But I also got a terrible upper respiratory virus at the same time. Blood work showed thyroid issues ( which run in my family). Also went to Chicago for tests. I can smell citrus and a few other things. It is devastating and depressing. I look every now and then for new info. I've come to live with it. Nothing has helped. Good luck. I know EXACTLY how you feel.


why not find a real traditional chinese medicine or ayurvedic med doctor, where the treatments have been used for 5k years? y'all are in a med.mafia loop... it's in their intere$t to keep us sick...Osteopathic manipulation is of great benefit, as well

Replied by Emma
(Atlanta, Ga)

I also have hashimoto's, and have been anosmic for 14 years. My thyroid condition is finally under control, but I am still anosmic. Can't really say docs have helped much, I am afraid...

Replied by Laura

Hi, I have Hashimotos thyroiditis too. I own a small bakery. and lost my smell and taste just over 2 years ago. I know your pain. I am constantly searching for an answer.

Posted by Dallas (Amesbury, Ma) on 03/14/2014

Hi. I do not have this problem but I have heard that taking zinc, after a while, will help with the inability to smell. This can be a serious problem as, if you have no sense of smell, you cannot tell when food is bad, which happened to my mom last week, and she got VERY sick. She would never try zinc before; maybe now she will. Check online for dosages. I think 50 mg./day is tops. You CAN overdose on zinc so be careful. It may take a few weeks to improve.

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