Anhidrosis Remedies

| Modified on Jul 11, 2017

If your body does not sweat normally, it won’t be able to cool itself properly, which can lead to additional health issues. Some natural cures for anhidrosis include baking soda, salt, and cucumber juice, to keep you cool and sweating normally.

What Is Anhidrosis?

Anhidrosis is defined very simply as the inability to sweat normally. Sometimes called hypohidrosis, the condition is difficult to diagnose but can lead to the body’s inability to cool itself causing overheating and even heatstroke in some cases.

Common symptoms of the condition include little to no perspiration, dizziness, muscle cramps and weakness, flushing, and feeling hot. A number of factors contribute to anhidrosis including nerve damage associated with diabetes, alcoholism and other issues; skin damage caused by clogged ducts and injuries; and certain medications such as bladder control medication, nausea medicine, and psychiatric medication. Genetic factors and dehydration may also cause the condition.

Is It Normal to Not Sweat?

If you’ve noticed you have been sweating less, you may be enjoying the “freedom” of not perspiring; however, when you consider the purpose of sweating, you can understand the danger of not being able to sweat. The purpose of sweating is to cool the body, so when your body is unable to sweat, it can’t cool itself. While not sweating might be nice, it is not healthy.

Can I Do Anything to Treat Hypohidrosis?

Depending on the cause of hypohidrosis, there are a number of things you can do to treat the issue. However, most mainstream treatments are aimed solely at treating the symptoms of the condition, which is why we suggest natural treatments instead. Baking soda, salt, and cucumber juice are three of the best treatment options for sweating issues.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda helps alkalize the body. This alkalinity increases capillary flow via dilation, which in turn increases the body’s ability to sweat.

2. Sea Salt

Sea salt contains important nutrients that help the body establish equilibrium. Increasing your salt intake will help your body hold and release more water.

3. Cucumber Juice

As dehydration is one of the key factors associated with anhidrosis, hydrating the body well is important. Cucumber juice establishes a high level of hydration which triggers the body’s natural sweating processes.

Continue reading below for home remedy reviews from Earth Clinic readers who have tried various remedies for anhidrosis.

Anhidrosis Remedies

Posted by Donnie (Eudora Ks.) on 09/01/2013

I have been very sick since July the 13 of this year, I had a terribly bad heatstroke, my blood pressure dropped really bad, I've never been a diabietic before and my glucose was up to 140 and I hurt from head to toe for at least 2 weeks. Over the course of a month these came back to normall, it did take a full month. I was outside, the temperature was 88 that day, not that hot but the humiddity was 90 some % that day, it nearly did me in. Since then my doctor made quit my job, I am fatigued dailly. I can't do hardly anything. I get out of breath doing the slightest thing, even in my basment where it's about 73 degrees, I just get worn out just moving around. Going up my basment steps sometimes I'll just sweat a little on the upper center of my back, I don't even know why I sweat there, I'm just walking up the stairs. I have just learned about this website and have been reading, it describbes me to a T. I have been taking several of supplements, just grabbing for any relief but to no avail. I'm using salt tablets with potassium and have taken it for around 2 weeks with no fail. I have had problems with sweating on my face for years, before the heatstroke I did sweat everywhere on my body and now if I can stand to do anything, I just sweat on my back and a band acrosst my stomach. Very rarely on my face. If I get outside in the sun, I go down hill instantlly, my face begins to throb and here comes a terrible headache and a neck ache. I noticed this day that my face had stopped sweating early on within the 2 hours I was outside. I had a more mild heatstroke about 15 years ago but the next day I seemed fine. For the last probably 10 years the sun has borrowed me more and more, especially on my face, I get very weak, and I'm totally blind so when this hits me I get very disoriented instantlly also. My balance is very off as well, This is a terrible thing to have happen but the things on this site seems to hit the nail on the head.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Tany (Bradford, Wy, Uk) on 12/30/2011

Hi all, I have been taking apple cider vinegar (ACV) for some time after I had a few health issues. My Cholesterol results were very good after ACV. I know it works as I used to go to the gym. Since taking ACV I somewhat sweat so much, because of the apple cider vinegar.

I've started again and now during football, I sweat the most, even though I'm not the youngest or the fastest of players.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Dave (Greentown, IN) on 04/04/2007

I have suffered from anhidrosis for about 10 I tried the baking soda religously for 4 mos.Sorry to say I dont seem to tell any improvement.It really limits what you can do,but since it is not a common disease I have been fighting for 2 get disability.If anyone has any other suggestions please send to attached EMAIL ADDRESS

Baking Soda
Posted by Vicky (Harwood, MD) on 09/30/2006

I tried baking soda on my own because I decided not to take previcid any more. I had no idea it was commonly used. I was just lucky to find this website because I was wondering if it was the thing to do. I took a teaspoon every night w/water when I woke up w/acid. i was happy to find out it was an acceptable cure. I also was diagnosed with hiatel hernia. I have not started the ACV yet but plan to.

Here is a very very interesting side result of the baking soda. For most of my life I have also suffered from Anhidrosis. Not a single doctor has been able to offer me a cure. Upon taking the baking soda for acid reflux, I almost immediately began sweating normally. Is there a connection, or is just coincidence. My doctors said my Anhidrosis was neurological.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Vicky: I use the baking soda taken internally to treat dry skin. Alkalinity increases capillary flow by dilation, and hence more sweat. Of course by taking acid forming food, capillary tends to be constricted. So it is not a coincidence. I take baking soda often to rid by body of toxins. Old people who age very slowly or have younger then average face do in fact sweat more and drink more water then other people. The fact is, sweating more reduces buildup of toxins by riding itself of sweat naturally, without having to go to the sauna often too.

Replied by Jacob
(Stockton, CA)

I would like to know more about your story, Vicky. I have been struggling with anhidrosis for 6 months now and I'm freaking out over this. I'm afraid i'm going to die if I don't do something about this in the summer. I drank the baking soda but it didn't make me sweat like u said maybe just a tiny drop in my forehead. also did you have decreased appetite when u had the lack of seating thing? Where u able to sweat alot of almost nothing at all? please let me know my email is posted in case anyone else would help. Thank you and God bless.

Replied by Mark
(Redondo Beach, Ca)

What is the mix ratio of water to baking soda? Is it taken daily? Once a day, multiple times a day, 7 days a week? Thank you

Replied by Madhu
(Chennai, India)

Hi Vicky,
I have been facing with this issue for the past 10 yrs. I underwent for so many medications but no use. Please let me know clearly what amount of Baking soda to be added to the what quantity of water. Will there be any side effects because of that? I hope you would understand the situation how it would be if humans will not get sweat. Please please let me know.

Replied by Brian
(Altamont, Kansas)

hey everyone, I am brian from kansas. And I was born with this inability to sweat, so I can sympanthize with everyone going through this, my question is this, actually I have two and they are for anyone who can answer these questions. 1st how much baking soda do you add to water and how often do you take it???? 2nd is a person able to get disability if he or she cannot overcome it. I too need to make the decision to quit working or take my chances

Replied by Angie
(Fountain Valley, Ca)

Yes your doctor should be able to fill out a form for you I believe you may be able to receive disability due to anhidrosis, there is more than one cause for anhidrosis and baking soda will not solve them all, though happy for those it helps.

Replied by Julie
(Lima, Oh)

I have anhidrosis and am on disability because of it. The fact that it limits everything you do and all the precautions you have to take to stay cool was the reason they put me on full disability.

Replied by Dhanush
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

Dear Vicky, I am real interested to know more about your story. I want to know the dosage and other details. Please please let me know more details about this and how effective is this if the problem is from birth. Please mail me at dhanushbr156(AT)gmail. com about the details. Thanks a million.

Replied by Denise
(Vermilion, Ohio)

My husband has anhidrosis, he's had it for 26 years, I'd like to know about the baking soda ratio.

Replied by Brian
(Parsons, Ks)

This is for Julie in Lima, Oh. Can you give me more information on how you got your disability, a doctors name or how you got them to understand, anything you can tell me. Dr's here just look at me like I am stupid, and refuse to believe me.

Replied by Handyman
(Nowata, Ok, United States)

This is for Julie from Lima, Ohio, just looking for more information on how you got your disability. I am fighting for mine. Please let me know. My e-mail address is littlebeaver1967 (at) yahoo [dot}com thank you

Replied by Handyman

once again I am reaching out to Julie in Lima, OH. can you give me any more information about how you won your case,

Replied by Iris
(Albany, New York)

What is ACV?

EC: ACV is the acronym for Apple Cider Vinegar.

Replied by Dianne
(Marsing, Id)

How much baking soda should I add to water to treat anhidrosis?

Homeopathy, Fresh Cucumber Juice

Posted by Yuvaraj J (Chennai, India, Tamil Nadu, India) on 05/23/2013

My wife has been suffering from Anihidrosis. Initially she was complaining of excess body pain, weakness in limbs and felt better with Tramadol only. This was for at least two years. Later doctors diagnosed that she was suffering from fibromyalgia with underlying neural pathology (of course her nerve conduction test was normal). We sleep in an A/C room. One night just touched her body, it was surprisingly very hot. I remembered she used to tell that she does not sweat, hence she does not have body odour. Then realised that her problem was anihydrosis. She is now on homeopathic treatment. She has been advised to take 250 ml of fresh cucumber juice (without adding water or salt) daily along with homeopathic medicines. Then also advised that because of anihidrosis, she has all the said complaints because of accumulation of toxins in the body that sweat glands excrete. Hence advised complete bedrest, homeopathic medicines, and cucumber juice (fresh). Life pulls on.

Replied by Bibli
(Delhi, India)

What is the homeopathic medicine along with cucumber juice?

Replied by Vivek
(Delhi, India)

Which homeopathic medicines were taken along with cucumber juice?

Replied by A G
(The South, US)

I would also like to know what Homeopathic remedy is being used...?

Water and Sea Salt

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Posted by Cindy (Wichita, USA) on 08/23/2008

Response to Vicki:

Vicki from Harwood, CA writes: "I tried baking soda on my own because I decided not to take previcid any more. I had no idea it was commonly used. I was just lucky to find this website because I was wondering if it was the thing to do. I took a teaspoon every night w/water when I woke up w/acid. i was happy to find out it was an acceptable cure. I also was diagnosed with hiatel hearnia. I have not started the ACV yet but plan to.

Here is a very very interesting side result of the baking soda. For most of my life I have also suffered from Anhidrosis. Not a single doctor has been able to offer me a cure. Upon taking the baking soda for acid reflux, I almost immediately began sweating normally. Is there a connection, or is just coincidence. My doctors said my Anhidrosis was neurological. Also, drinking wine definitely increases my incidence of acid reflux which is too bad since I love wine. Could I just take the baking soda prior to the wine?"

Anhidrosis is caused by dehydration. As is the acid condition. When one is chronically dehydrated, one's body fluids become concentrated and acidic. Before I became unable to sweat at all, I suffered awful rashes from my sweat as it was so acidic.

I cured over 30 years of indigestion and, in the end, acid reflux and hiatel hernia - with my first two glasses of water. I had much more serious health problems at the time but the end to heartburn was a very liberating moment. I ate so many things that I hadn't been able to eat for years that I now need to lose some weight! I can eat and drink whatever I want as long as I drink enough water and take the sea salt as per the watercure instructions.

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and requires twice again the amount of water for the body just to deal with that and get back to even. Same with caffeine. I don't drink alcohol but I do drink coffee though I quit it altogether for a couple of weeks when I initially began re-hydrating because I had trouble drinking water in the beginning and had to start slow.

So many health problems are caused by a build up of is so easily remedied with the water/sea salt. So are other things. I used to have a couple of migraines a month but haven't had a single one in 4 years, since I found out about dehydration. And it's free! Except the salt is a little bit more expensive. I use filtered water but it's still WAY cheaper than rolaids, mylanta etc...I switched to baking soda because the other stuff was so expensive. But I am now convinced that the miraculous relief I got from baking soda was actually due to the fact that I mixed it with plain water.

Re-hydrating is so important - I wish more people would listen. Many symptoms will clear up once the body is convinced it wasn't just a fluke that it got some water. When the body stops rationing water (which is the purpose of histamine), things can begin to change very quickly.

Replied by Gamboni
(Brooklyn, London, England)

Hello Guys. I was wondering if you could inform me on how to take a 'dose' of bi-carbonate soda (baking soda), could you please help me on how to take this?... Thank's peeps

Replied by Harve
(Oakville, Ontario)

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