Anhidrosis Remedies

Water and Sea Salt
Posted by Cindy (Wichita, USA) on 08/23/2008

Response to Vicki:

Vicki from Harwood, CA writes: "I tried baking soda on my own because I decided not to take previcid any more. I had no idea it was commonly used. I was just lucky to find this website because I was wondering if it was the thing to do. I took a teaspoon every night w/water when I woke up w/acid. i was happy to find out it was an acceptable cure. I also was diagnosed with hiatel hearnia. I have not started the ACV yet but plan to.

Here is a very very interesting side result of the baking soda. For most of my life I have also suffered from Anhidrosis. Not a single doctor has been able to offer me a cure. Upon taking the baking soda for acid reflux, I almost immediately began sweating normally. Is there a connection, or is just coincidence. My doctors said my Anhidrosis was neurological. Also, drinking wine definitely increases my incidence of acid reflux which is too bad since I love wine. Could I just take the baking soda prior to the wine?"

Anhidrosis is caused by dehydration. As is the acid condition. When one is chronically dehydrated, one's body fluids become concentrated and acidic. Before I became unable to sweat at all, I suffered awful rashes from my sweat as it was so acidic.

I cured over 30 years of indigestion and, in the end, acid reflux and hiatel hernia - with my first two glasses of water. I had much more serious health problems at the time but the end to heartburn was a very liberating moment. I ate so many things that I hadn't been able to eat for years that I now need to lose some weight! I can eat and drink whatever I want as long as I drink enough water and take the sea salt as per the watercure instructions.

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and requires twice again the amount of water for the body just to deal with that and get back to even. Same with caffeine. I don't drink alcohol but I do drink coffee though I quit it altogether for a couple of weeks when I initially began re-hydrating because I had trouble drinking water in the beginning and had to start slow.

So many health problems are caused by a build up of is so easily remedied with the water/sea salt. So are other things. I used to have a couple of migraines a month but haven't had a single one in 4 years, since I found out about dehydration. And it's free! Except the salt is a little bit more expensive. I use filtered water but it's still WAY cheaper than rolaids, mylanta etc...I switched to baking soda because the other stuff was so expensive. But I am now convinced that the miraculous relief I got from baking soda was actually due to the fact that I mixed it with plain water.

Re-hydrating is so important - I wish more people would listen. Many symptoms will clear up once the body is convinced it wasn't just a fluke that it got some water. When the body stops rationing water (which is the purpose of histamine), things can begin to change very quickly.