Natural Remedies for Angular Cheilitis Relief

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Posted by Sheila (Md) on 07/05/2015

Angular Cheilitis is CURED by B2. This is why they add riboflavin to our milk, fortified cereals, bread, etc. Took me years to figure out, but in hours I feel better & cracks in the corner of my mouth heal within a day.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Posted by Kevo (Asheville, Nc) on 02/14/2013

Vitamin B2 cured me of angular chelitis. I had these sores in the corners of my mouth all through high school, when I used to eat tons of sugar. Turns out, refined sugar robs the body of B vitamins. (When refined, all of sugar's natural vitamin B is removed as molasses, so the sugar actually absorbs it from your body as you digest it, leaving you deficient. ) Anyway, at the time I didn't realize WHY I was deficient; I just read online (back in the 28K modem days) that B2 would solve the problem. Within 1 week of taking B2, the sores went away. I had them return a few times over the next few years, and every time, I would just start popping the vitamin B again until they disappeared. B Complex works too; chances are, if you are deficient in B2, you may need other B vitamins also.

Finally, I quit eating refined sugars and now I don't have to take any vitamins; I haven't had the sores come back for years.

However, just recently, I had to take antibiotics for over a month following a serious throat infection and surgical removal of an infected abscess. After a few weeks on the antibiotics, I was so surprised to see the angular chelitis flare up in the corners of my mouth after all this time. A little research turned up the fact that some antibiotics cause vitamin B deficiency with long-term use (and in return, B vitamins can actually interfere with the absorption of the antibiotics). So it is NOT recommended to take B Vitamins while taking these antibiotics. Instead, start popping B complex after you are done with the drugs.

Finally, a great source of B vitamins worth trying is Nutritional Yeast flakes. They are commonly found in the bulk sections of health food stores. 2 Tablespoons contain from 35 to 100 percent of your daily value of every B vitamin. You can safely eat tons of it. It is really tasty sprinkled on popcorn or cooked veggies. The advantage of Nutritional Yeast is that it is a natural source instead of a synthetic (lab made) source. So instead of eating Vitamin B made out of petrochemicals, you are just eating dead, dried yeast cells (sounds yummy, eh?) that were grown on vitamin B-rich molasses, which was removed from (guess what) sugar! Coming full circle now. Some say that vitamins from whole foods are much easier to absorb. At any rate, either natural or synthetic will work. Good luck.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Posted by Simon (London, Uk) on 12/21/2009

Angular Chelitis

I had to share my findings with the annoying discomfort that comes with cracks in the corners of the mouth that is often confused with Cold sores. I tell all my friends as soon as I see that they are suffering. They are always so thankful as they tried everything else. Just TAKE Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin containing foods and it will go away in days. As the cracks are usually caused from a Riboflavin Deficiency.

These foods will provide your body with B2 at an uptake rate of around 15%.
Beef liver, cooked 3 ounces 1.71mg
Mushrooms, cooked 1 cup 0.47mg
Raw, unpasteurized milk 1 cup 0.34mg
Mushrooms, raw 1 cup 0.29mg
Organic egg, cooked 1 large 0.27mg
Almonds, raw 1 ounce 0.24mg
Organic Beef, cooked 3 ounces 0.19mg
Broccoli, boiled or steamed 1 cup 0.18mg
Spinach, boiled or steamed 1 cup 0.18mg
Organic chicken, dark meat, roasted 3 ounces 0.18
Asparagus, boiled or steamed 6 spears 0.13
Salmon, broiled 3 ounces 0.13

Daily requirements:
Adults 19-years and over: Males 1.3mg Females 1.1mg

You can also just eat a Breakfast Cereal with fortified vitamins, take a multi B-Complex or source the foods. Good Luck!