Natural Remedies for Angular Cheilitis Relief

| Modified on Jan 26, 2024
Posted by Lilysun (Seattle, Wa) on 01/25/2024

I had tried all the usuals to get these cracks off my mouth! Silver, oregano oil, coconut oil ext. I had these things for almost two months! Finally came here (idk what took me so long) and tried the plain yogurt. It started FINALLY going away after first night. I'm at day 5 and its almost gone!!!

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Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 03/14/2023

No reaction to erythritol that I know of. However, I did have what I believe was angular chelitis on two separate occasions after eating cheap, non organic soy sauce. Once I switched back to organic Tamari sauce I haven't had it come back. However, I recently saw in the news erythritol has been linked to an increase in adverse heart effects. I would use it sparingly regardless.

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Posted by Amy (Orlando, FL) on 03/13/2023

I think erythritol gives me angular chelitis. Went to a dermatologist. She prescribed nystatin ointment and gave me a sample tube of Eucrisa. The Eucrisa reduced the swelling, redness, and cracks, but it came back. So I've started the Nystatin. Anybody else react to erythritol?

Vitamin E
Posted by Christi (FL) on 10/24/2022

Hi there! I used vitamin E oil on a Q-tip and it healed up my angular cheilitis the two times I had a bout. I do know I have Sjogren's mouth dryness so perhaps this is why the remedy worked. It was my underlying cause. However, I had also taken a mushroom complex for a couple of days and this triggered my first bout. Sugar triggered another bout. My guess here is that I'm loaded with Candida. I have also lived in a mold home.

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Posted by glori (FL) on 01/06/2022

Thank you, Jack! you hit the nail on the head!!!! The artificial sweetener sucrlose (slimfast meal replacement) definitely has something to do with it! I always thought it was just a b vitamin deficiency.

I healed it within a few hours using antibacterial wipes that contain benzalkonium chloride in them which is a miracle cure in itself!!!

Athlete's Foot Cream
Posted by Maria (New Jersey) on 01/29/2021

Yes, Athletes foot cream works for angular chelitis! I use generic lamisil and it goes away fast. It's the same bacteria. Yeast. I highly recommend.

Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/28/2020

My 12 year old is prone to chapped lips. Over the weekend he developed a crack in the corner of his mouth. Nothing I was trying was helping. It looked awful.
I came to Earth Clinic and took notes and started him on B complex, which I had in the house.

No joke, within hours it was improving. Here 3 days later, taking 1 B Complex daily, he is almost 100 % better.

Thanks, you guys!!


~Mama to Many~

Posted by Sandra (South Carolina) on 08/15/2020

I have been using vaseline and it's getting worse. But maybe mine is because of the black mold in my home

Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 07/20/2020

Many years ago when my young daughter was at her dental check up, her dentist noticed she had angular cheilitis and told us it is a sign of a B vitamin deficiency. We immediately began giving her a supplement of B Complex vitamins and her skin returned to normal very quickly.

Best wishes for healing!

Vitamin B Complex
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 07/19/2020

I believe angular cheilitis condition is from low b vitamin, I had it when I stopped my vitamin bs for a while.

Avoid Peppermint Products
Posted by Lorayne (Napa, Ca) on 09/04/2018

I just started having cracks in the corner of my mouth 6 months ago. First time was in February and just thought it was the cold weather and dry because of having the heat on etc. Next time was in July, suffered for a week and then it got better, came right back, cleared up when I started using OTC Hydrocortisone cream. It came back again a week later and I was just ready to go see a dermatologist. I thought about what was I doing differently and remembered that I bought new toothpaste, A&H Peroxicare. I looked it up on line and a LOT of people were having trouble with this toothpaste and mouth cracks, dry lips, dry mouth, tongue irritation. Stopped using it right away and within 24 hours the difference is almost 100% healed. I used the hydrocortisone cream for about 12 more hours since I was having an allergic reaction. 24 hours later, I don't even need that now. I never would have dreamed that I would ever be allergic to toothpaste but there is some ingredient in it that is causing a lot of irritation to a lot of people. I think back in February, I was using the same toothpaste but I couldn't swear to it. Good Luck finding your cure, the mouth cracks are painful.

Posted by Art (California ) on 03/30/2018 2164 posts

Recently my niece had angular cheilitis around her mouth which appears as a rash around the lips that causes painful cracking at the sides of the mouth that can bleed. She applied a saturated solution of borax water to the affected area 3 times per day and it was all gone in less than a week! Another win for borax!


Avoid Peppermint Products
Posted by Diana (Fl) on 01/13/2018

Thank you! I have actually had this since a teenager and I'm now in my 60's. My dentist never knew how to help me. It's not constant but it does flare up. I take a live liquid probiotic which really helps. Lately it has been terrible, hurts like crazy, and the probiotic isn't helping. You just solved my problem I think! I've been drinking lots of Peppermint chocolate coffee's from Starbucks! No more peppermint!

Honey, Athlete's Foot Cream
Posted by Sf (San Francisco, Ca) on 12/07/2017

I got angular cheilitis from being exposed to harsh cold conditions without proper lip moisturizer/sunscreen and face protection. My lips puffed up, the cracks at the edges of my lips were raw and painful, the skin around my mouth broke out and then got crusty and flaky, I had pus buildup, and the skin under my lips broke.

What didn't work for me:

Garlic and honey paste, teabags, cucumber, Vaseline, aquaphor

What ended up working:

I switched in between applying local raw honey to the cracks, rinsed it off after an hour, then applied athletes foot cream (from CVS), throughout the day. Burt's beeswax chapstick (original), helped with the chapped lips, and vitamin e oil helped with the flaky skin. I also stopped using fluoride gel toothpaste when brushing my teeth and used just basic white fluoride toothpaste, as it doesn't sting the cuts at all.

it's been under a week since I've been using this regimen and I'm almost healed.

Avoid Peppermint Products
Posted by Maya (Treasure Coast Florida) on 11/08/2017

I'm so glad you mentioned toothpaste! I just got a new brand.. from a health food store.. what I noticed is it's super foamy (unlike other natural brands) this may very well be the cause of my AC which is extremely rare for me to get.. in fact I don't remember last time I had it and was so surprised when it developed just the other day!

Avoid Peppermint Products
Posted by Healthy Girl (Mesa, Az) on 07/13/2017

I battled angular cheilitis for over two years. I tried anti-fungal creams, B-complex vitamins, turmeric, different essential oils, yogurt, ointments - you name it, I probably tried it! It came on so suddenly that it had me stumped. At times it would get better and then flair up again, although not as bad as the first time I came down with it. I think I have finally solved my problem:

I believe I have developed an allergy to the peppermint oil in my toothpaste and lip balm. I also think that Xylitol makes it come back. Recently, I started brushing my teeth with straight baking soda and salt and then I gargle with peroxide. When my lips start getting chapped, I put Vaseline on them, although I still wear lipstick just about every day. It has now been two months and no peeling or cracking at the corners of my mouth. I think cheilitis can be caused by many different things whether it is an allergy, fungal or a deficiency.

I hope found my cure - the real test will be when I go to the dentist the end of this month. Hopefully, I won't have a flair-up.

Raw Honey and Garlic
Posted by Calimama (Ca) on 01/13/2016

I had angular chellitis once before and tried the dish soap cure and it worked. This time it didn't.tried rubbing alcohol, diluted bleach, b- vitamins , yogurt, clortrimazole cream-none worked.

What worked was raw honey (menuca if you can find it) and raw garlic. I cut a clove of garlic and rubbed it on the cut and surrounding area.may sting a bit. Then dabbed on the honey.

Do this several times a day and before bed.use a fresh piece of garlic each time..

Cut started healing in 2 days..

You could also make an ointment. Take a clove of garlic and grate it fine in a small bowl or mortar .add a teaspoon of the honey and a half teaspoon of coconut oil and mush.put it in jar, keep in fridge and apply several times a day until it heals in 1-3 days.

Over The Counter
Posted by Deanna (Illinois) on 12/25/2015

I swear by Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda do take care of alot of aliments, but I found NOT for this, maybe too strong? irritated, made it worse for the cracked corners of mouth ...what worked for me was Cortozone 10 in the OINTMENT not the cream...90% better next day 100% day 3.

I believe mine was caused by old lipstick. Suffered for 2 weeks plus, complained to my friend about it, who said try the ointment not the cream... worked.

Folic Acid
Posted by Misha (Binghamton, Ny) on 10/15/2015

I am surprised that folic acid supplementation is not at the top of this list for Angular Chelitis. Folic acid absolutely works for the treatment of this condition and I can attest to its effectiveness on at least two occassions.

Posted by Penny (Oregon) on 09/03/2015

My first response is to say that there is absolutely nothing simple about AC else we wouldn't need these chat rooms. I like the idea of flax seed and the MSM.

I am not cured but I accidentally came upon something that helps with the worst of the symptoms, the cracks and sores, but does not stop the sloughing at the corners of the mouth nearly to my chin and I am also convinced the same sloughing around my nose. My husband brought home some dried fruit, which I was unfamiliar with but immediately fell in love with - so delicious! It is dried Mango from the Phillipines. If I eat half a dozen pieces daily the sores are gone. Now if I can just get rid of the skin sloughing! I am not sure which ingredient in the dried Mango helps, but I suspect it is at least in part to the Vit A. Now I am off to try the MSM and flax seed which is such a lovely assist and I do not mind using it at all.

I have another embarrassing symptom (sounds worse than it looks) that I am curious if anybody else has because I think it is related to the AC. In the nares of my nose I get hundreds of white heads, not pus, just white heads. If I run the side of the tweezers with a tiny amount of pressure, they just explode! I have always had a few over the years, but it seems if the AC is active so are they. ( no it isn't visible! ) Anybody else experience this? To treat this, I have been using Frankincense oil applied directly to the inside of my nose and it seems to help significantly, & no I do not use a carrier oil just because I want the full impact and it doesn't burn, sting or blister! I have had AC for nearly 15 years, tried many remedies, this is not a remedy, but it keeps the discomfort and sores at bay. So eat your Mango~

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