Easy and Effective Natural Cures for Anemia


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Posted by Desiree (Branson, Missouri) on 12/02/2011
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My mother has had normocytic anemia for years and years. This is when each red blood cell is in good shape, but the amount of red blood cells is fewer than there should be. She has taken iron pills (ferrous sulfate) for a while now and it has slightly helped, but she has still had the anemia. In the past year she has had severe kidney ailments and was hospitalized and given several blood transfusions. Recently I have been taking care of her and she has been eating a lot healthier, taking herbs for her liver and kidneys, drinking ACV, and drinking a smoothie with fruits and vegetables every day. Her health has drastically improved, but she still had the anemia.

However, about 2 weeks ago I started putting a cup of beet kvass in her smoothies and on her most recent visit to the doctor, her anemia improved quite a bit. She still has it, but it's gotten way better. She also takes the iron supplement still, but that alone wasn't doing it. I'm certain it's the beet kvass that has improved her red blood cell count.

Posted by Linda (Fairview, Oklahoma, Usa) on 02/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Yeah! Molasses, molasses, molasses. I have a digestive problem with BSM; have celiac disease and the malt seems to be a real problem. I am also anemic. I have found spinach, peaches, beetroot, cinnamon and chickory all to be helpful. Of course, energy begats energy and exercise (moderate when tired) is great for an energy boost.