Anemia - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Anemia. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Blackstrap Molasses

Posted by Nurse Jon, Rn (Scranton, Pa) on 06/04/2012

Black Strap Molasses / Anemia

When working in the hospital as the case manager for patients who would refuse blood transfusions (the majority of my patients were not for religous reasons, rather for health concerns) there would be some who the blood building drug EPO would not work.

According to the manufacturer guidelines, the TIBC (total iron binding capicity) study needed to be used and not the traditioinal iron stores that the docs typically asked for. When the EPO did not work, the TIBC was always low. On getting a doctors order and approval from the pharmacy, we gave one table spoon of BSM mixed with peanut butter three times a day.

We saw 3 grams per dl increase in RBC (red blood cell) counts in as little as 24 hours. It was not that the body was making blood miraculously as it takes 2 weeks for a stem cell (red blood cell wanna-be's) to mature, rather the theory was that the signaling that the blood would be available soon caused a release of shunted blood.

This happened in patients with hemaglobin blood counts as low as 2.9 (the lowest I case managed). Counts continued to rise for the next few days until they were at safe levels. Most were cancer patients. Research shows that avoiding blood transfusions decreases the risk of metastatic cancer. BSM makes this possible. None of my BSM doped patients returned with metastatic cancer. In time we discovered that EPO was not needed when there was no arthritis. The BSM worked on its own.

In over 600 patients I cared for, not only did none die, they often got out of the hospital faster (1/2 to 3 days) and cheaper than those who got blood. The oldest, a 79 year old woman, got out three days faster than a 35 year old who got blood, both with broken hips. More importantly, The BSM doped patients had lower morbidity (getting sick) and lower mortality (dying) rates that those who got blood.

It should be noted, the only way to get this care is to go to a hospital that specializes in advance transfusion practice or bloodless medicine care.

Now as a holistic nurse, this is one of the treatments of choice for many of my patients who have Risk for 'Altered Nutrition: Less than body requirement to maintain normal red blood cell count (this is a nursing diagnosis for someone who has a medical diagnosis of the various types of anmeia).'

For those with arthritis, I decrease the BSM to a teaspoon once a day and add one raw red beet to their weekly diet.

Blood Building Recipe

Posted by Bai Li (Houston, Texas) on 09/11/2009

Building Blood in Preparation for Surgery

I don't know who first gave us the recipe, but it is said that it really works:

Take a pound of beef stew meat (or any other cut you can get, no or low fat) and put it into a Glass canning jar, some do this without any added water, some add
only a little, not higher than the level of the meat. Put the lid and band on the canning jar, and put this into a canner or large deep pot, add some water and put the lid on the pot, bring to a boil, then simmer for 6 hours. All of the IRON is cooked out of the meat and into the water. Give this to the person who is anemic or anticipating surgery, and also give them Black Strap Molasses, the one with the highest iron, calcium and magnesium, listed on this website, ONE tablespoon along with the beef broth. This will shock the doctors, just how fast it will build the blood. We are giving my mother 1 cup three times a day. So you may need to cook several pounds, jars at a time. Our friends are doing this for us too, and one of them got about 1 quart of juice from 4 (four) pounds of beef.

IMPORTANT: Don't fill the jars too full, because when it is boiling you can lose some of the juice into the pot, and any juice lost is IRON lost. Leave at least a couple of inches above the meat in each jar. There are other treatments that will help and if you email me, I will reply with what else we are doing, that you may not have heard of, and you can ask your doctor for these too. The reason that this works so well is that the HEME from meat it very quickly absorbed by the body, but the HEME from vegetables is slowly absorbed by the body. You can find more information about this on the internet.