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Migraines and Alzheimer's Disease
Posted by Art (California) on 07/19/2023 2140 posts

A friend who I have known for roughly 30 years always has had migraine headaches for as long as I have known her. About two years ago, she started showing symptoms of early onset Alzheimer's Disease (AD), which is advancing very rapidly.

I was wondering if migraines might be a forewarning of future AD, and according to the following article, it definitely is with people who regularly have migraine headaches being three times more likely for men and 6 times more likely for women to get AD than non-migraine people : study found that a, 9.9% of cognitively intact participants.&text=They also found that people, dementia than people without dementia.

Here are two very relevant quotes from this interesting article :

' A 2001 study examining the risk factors for Alzheimer's disease found that men and women with a history of migraine were three times more likely to develop AD.5 Looking at women alone, the study found that they were almost 6 times more likely to develop AD.5 '

' Another study was conducted to determine if migraine was a risk factor for dementia subtypes; Alzheimer's and vascular. The study found that a history of migraine was noted in 23.5% of participants with AD compared to 9.9% of cognitively intact participants.6 They also found that people with a history of migraine were three times more likely to have dementia than people without dementia.6 Similar to the previous study, they found that people with AD were four times more likely to have a history of migraine disease.6 Interestingly, when looking at the subtypes of dementia, they found no correlation with a history of migraine and vascular dementia.6 '

I tried to convince my friends to try alternative means of improving her situation, but my other friend, her husband, will not try any alternatives even though she is declining very rapidly. She is now so bad in just two years that she could not remember to take helpful supplements without someone giving them to her.

If you have migraines regularly, you are at increased risk for AD, especially if you are a woman. It may be worth taking steps early on to improve your chances against getting AD.