Natural Remedies for ADHD and ADD

Gluten-Free Diet

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Posted by Mary (Detroit, Michigan) on 12/05/2014

I actually have ADHD, and recently I developed a gluten intolerance. I had some trouble before hand and noticed all the symptoms of my ADHD disappear after a month of being totally gluten and dairy free. I recommend trying a gluten free diet for a few months, gluten free all the way down to the last particle no cross-contamination.

Grape Seed Oil

Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk.,canada) on 10/04/2012

I was doing research on grape seed oil/extract when I came across a reference to it helping people with ADD/ADHD and thinking that my cousins son (7 years old) had one of those because of his behavior I told my cousin about it. She tried him on it with good results in that he quit hitting and was able to concentrate on one thing for a much longer time. I later found out that he was autistic and that too much made him chatter excessively so she was careful to not give him too much - less than 1mg per pound of body weight.

Unfortunately we only know what it did for him short term as about five months after he started on it both him and his mother were killed in a car accident. Some people I know that tried the liquid form of grape seed extract had stomach problems from it so I recommend the caplet form which is just the solids of the grape seed and skins after pressing the oil out. I hope this info helps some of you out. Al


Posted by Msannanola (New Orleans) on 09/28/2013

I read dr Brownstein's book about iodine. He had a case study in there of a child being cured of ADHD with iodine as a major component. Iodine is also a part of Dr Batman's water cure. There is testing you can do to determine iodine sufficiency. I don't have a child but I would try it if I had a child with ADHD. I would also Eliminate flouride. It is everywhere. I got a black berkey water filter to eliminate flouride. I think I had flouride poisoning. Flouride and other halides like chlorine, bromide (in bread) and halides in fire retardent make you deficient in iodine. You cannot be properly hydrated without it. The natural cell death called apoptosis can't happen without it, so basic functioning of the body is compromised without this nutrient. Iodine is the original medicine. It was used traditionally for all sorts of ailments. Lugols solution is cheap.

Learning Discipline, Playing Sports, Taking Fish Oils

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Posted by Greyso (East Aurora, Ny) on 09/14/2015

My parents used an all natural solution to ADHD when I was a child: Discipline. They discilplined me and it taught me to discipline myself. Also playing sports really helped me to focus (and still does). As I got older, I found other methods, certain music low in the background and Fish Oils have helped me immeasurably. I don't want to give a dosage because I work with my doctor on that and it may be different for others, especially children.

Replied by Anne

Hello Greyso,

By saying that your parents disciplined you, do you mean spanking? I'm asking because there's a serious on my marriage because of that. He believes that I'm wrong for not spanking my boys who display some ADHD behaviors (they are kindergarteners). I tell him that discipline does not equal spanking and/or beating. I view spanking as the last resort...that's not to say that I won't smack occasionally but that's just not my go-to response. I'm tough on removing privileges, especially for things they take to heart. I'm just curious as to what you mean by discipline and if my husband is possibly right.


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Posted by Tasha (Springfield, USA) on 04/20/2009

Hi all was wondering if anyone was sure if melatonin is safe for kids to take, I have heard that they can and some say they cant I am a mother of an 11 year old boy with ADHD and severe anger issues and need help. I have tried medicating and and decided to take him off the concerta and clonidine he was taking that to help him sleep, but he stays up till 2 and 3 in the morning which is really starting to affect him at school failing grades are a big issue right now, not to mention the phone calls from his teacher several times a week, So I am wanting to try the melatonin 3mg. to see if he gets some better sleep and hope maybe he will start doing better in school. Thanks for any feedback I am desperate at this point, Tasha

EC: Here's an article on medscape that might help:

... "While there is an enormous amount of anecdotal information available, there are few well-controlled studies that have examined safety, appropriate dosing including amounts and timing, use in special populations such as children or the elderly, side effects, or interactions with other products. However, the few published studies that have looked at use of melatonin in children have generally found the product to be safe, though most have focused on use in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

One study of 20 children with developmental disabilities found that children given melatonin fell asleep significantly more quickly, but did not experience overall longer sleep durations or wake less frequently.[4] A second slightly larger study of 46 children with neurodevelopmental disorders found that sleep improved in 34 of the children and none experienced side effects.[5] Only a very few studies have examined the use of this hormone in children without disability. For example, a study of 40 elementary school children without neurologic problems who were experiencing delayed sleep onset found that over the duration of the 4-week study, melatonin was relatively safe and significantly more effective than placebo in advancing sleep onset and increasing sleep. Of note, tests that examined attention span in these children found that, even in those whose sleep improved, measures of attention did not change.

The National Sleep Foundation[3] suggests that the product may be useful for teenagers who experience delayed-sleep-phase syndrome, an inability to fall asleep during the early nighttime hours that causes problems in awakening the next morning. However, appropriate dosing and duration of use in teenagers is not known."

Replied by Cathy
(Pataskala, Ohio)

My son has been taking Melatonin for almost 4 years now. He is now taking up to 6 mgs at age 10 and he sleeps great and has had no side effects. He is ADHD and never slept well thru the night before melatonin. It really makes a difference in his behavior as well. I would strongly recommend it.

Replied by Jerilyn
(Mobile, Al)

My son has been on Melatonin for a few years now. We started at 3 mg and it did nothing to help him sleep. We are now on 5 mg. My pediatrician says that it cannot harm your child. It is completely safe. I have my child on FOCALIN 40 mg. We deal with ADD as well in the mornings.

I am just getting on board with homepathic remedies b/c I do not like the side effects of this controlled substance. We have been on it for a while and it has not made my life easier at all. My son deals with ticks/twitches, has anxiety and has trouble sleeping. I need some guidance in this aspect as well. I did want to comment on the MELATONIN though. My son is also on TRAZADONE at night to sleep. This was not working until I added teh 5 mg MELATONIN to it. I think it(Melatonin) is wonderful and start off low first then increase if need be. I just want my children to be normal...

Replied by Jquacken793
(Cathedral City, Ca)

My son tried the 3 mg of melatonin because he was staying up all night and it did put him to sleep, but he developed a rash on his body that really bothered him so he decided he's rather stay awake. He is 11.

MSG Link to ADHD

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 08/14/2011

Anyone who has a child with autism, learning difficulties and even ADHD must look at the following video. There is much evidence to suggest that consuming Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is linked to these problems.

I didn't realise how dangerous it was until recently and that it was linked to the above.

I went to buy some chocolate recently and discovered it contained MSG (under the name Flavors), also went to buy a "Gluten free" chocolate chip cookie... It also contained MSG (under another name)

MSG is also the reason people are becoming "addicted" to food, can't lose weight even if they lower their food intake, get headaches... There are so many diseases linked to the consumption of MSG. If it is in so many foods imagine the accumulative effect over one day.

There are some foods that can block the Glutamates from being harmful. Magnesium and Tumeric are two foods that will negate the harmful effects.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Debbie, I think that flavors can contain MSG or not, that is the misleading bit. In the book Excitotoxins the author includes a few lists of what is indeed MSG and what may contain it so in the end unless they really state it with its real name there is not really a way for you to know. The best thing is to eat as little processed food as you possibly can.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Francisca, I agree it is best to avoid processed food, but apparently they are putting MSG in meat and even spraying it on crops! It is also in milk powder which is in yoghurts. You think you are eating healthy but you are not.

They are putting it in baby foods and even in baby formula. Apparenty there is even MSG in most vaccines!

Here is a list of the hidden names that MSG comes under.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Debbie, you are right, MSG seems to be everywhere nowadays. My question is why? Does anyone have any idea why they are doing it? Someone must have a lot to gain from it? And why can't these people be stopped? As far as yogurts go I make my own. I agree that one can try to eat healthily only to discover one is not. Sad world..... It is an ongoing worry, what to eat, what to drink, where to live...... Trying to protect oneself from all the attacks. We will be moving to the countryside soon but don't think that we will be in paradise. Searching for a house in a not too polluted place, a bit away from all the pesticides, etc was a pain. We will have a lot of sun flower crops near the house though but they don't seem to spray a lot of stuff. We just hope for the best, nothing more we can do! I would have prefered to be somewhere in the woods but we liked this house. And to think that we are supposed to live in the free world.... We are maybe free to worry!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Francisca, the best thing you can do to ensure you eat healthy is to grow your own wheatgrass and juice it. There is a great book by Ann Wigmore on wheatgrass. It is a "superfood". She said that you could live on wheatgrass juice and be healthy. It also remove radiation and heavy metals from the body. It is wonderful. If you grow some wheatgrass you can also harvest the seeds for future juicing or even grinding and making bread.

Why are they adding poisons to our diet... I have my own theory. It's called eugenics and it is happening worldwide.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi again Debbie, the problem with wheatgrass is that it is something not really known in Europe. At least I have never found any seeds or anything and I have access to four countries (France, Germany, Switzerland and Britain). I wouldn't know where to start although my juicer, an Oscar, does make wheatgrass juice.

You are probably right about the poisons in foods and everywhere but then, why are they so keen on saving people in the third world? My husband says that they do it in order to make sure they will have enough slaves to mine mineral resources. Why are they seemingly always searching for cures for illnesses? Yesterday I read an article in a paper suggesting that if you take Paracetamol every day you will have a lot less chance of dementia and men will have a lot less chance of prostate cancer. Such an article is enough to have hundreds of thousands of people heading for the pharmacy with no regards of the side effects of constantly taking such a drug for the rest of your life (yes, because you are not going to stop if you know you will get dementia or prostate cancer?). Just imagine the profits.... Not only Big Pharma but also pharmacies and the governments through taxes on all of them and on us and moreover the treatment of all the illness that will come from the excessive taking of medication! One such article is the equivalent of a gold mine!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Francisca. Are they so keen to save people in the third world? How long have these poor people been without infrastructure. What about desalination plants for water? The country is on the sea.

Scientists know all about excitotoxins and how toxic they are for the brain. That will cause dementia for sure but they are not warning people about it. Google "Abstract Excitotoxins" to see all the studies that have been done.

The author of the book I read said that reporters attempting to write about Excitotoxins are fired or demoted. Why? People need to research for themselves.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Francisca, you can easily grow wheatgrass in Europe. I have. Just buy wheat (the grain itself, that IS the seeds! ) in a health food store and grow it! I did it in earth and cut the young grass with a scissors, and I also did it without earth, by sprouting - only water (soaking, then rinsing a few times a day).

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Also mmsg, and Francisca in Ann Wigmore's book about Wheatgrass, she put some wheatgrass juice in water and it took the flouride out of the water. They did a test on the water. It would be worth reading her book.

Replied by Linda
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)

This message is for Francisca from Michelbach-Le-Bas: Francisca, Wheatgrass is grown from Wheat Berries, the same grain which is ground into flour to make bread.

Hard Red Winter Wheat is the best to grow wheatgrass from, but if it were me, I'd grow whatever I could get. Surely someone near you has got it, even if you go to an animal feed store, or maybe a bakery.

Barley is another grain which grows a highly nutritious grass which you can juice the same way.

The grass juices are very healthy, and Wheatgrass takes about 9-10 days to grow from seed to juicable harvest.

Wheat and Barley for grass-growing can also be ordered online. There is an excellent and informative website called "Sprout people" which should explain how to do this further.

Or you can google "how to grow wheatgrass"

I grow my Wheatgrass in cafeteria trays in the kitchen.

It's a great and easy thing to do, especially if you have an electric juicer to juice it.

Regards, Linda

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

To everyone talking about wheatgrass, while it is excellent for you, the greens from barley or barley grass is even better. Barley greens contain every enzyme known to man. I came across that when I was researching for natural cancer cures and I grew it in my basement under lights and cut it with scissors and just put it in my blender with whatever else I was using. At that time I was on the "Budwig Diet" and it cured my cancer. Unfortunately, I carried on with chemotherapy after and became disabled by that for a substantial period of time. I would urge you all to try grape seed extract for ADD/ADHD but start with small doses - no more than one mg per pound of body weight per day.

Replied by Sara
(Sacramento, Ca)

Happy Day! I am glad you are doing well after Chemotherapy. Thank you so much for sharing your insight on wheat grass and Grape Seed Extract.

I bought a bottle of Grape Seed Extract from Trader's Joe for my ADD, but only took one capsule 3 times a day, so did not see much effect. I am 162 lbs. Do I need to take 3 capsules each time? If so that would make 9 capsules a day. The servings size is 3 capsules and serving per container is 50.

I would highly appreciate if you give me your thought.


Replied by Kathy
(the USA)

I thought I would make you aware that I cannot ingest any capsules because I am highly sensitive to hidden sources of MSG and one capsule can be 11-13 mg. of MSG. I have to open all capsules and takes dry ingredients either with water or sprinkle on unsweetened applesauce. Whatever the amount, it is still a toxin. Minute amounts can accumulate so by the time you have a reaction you don't recognize it as an MSG reaction.

Replied by Mary O

MSG is rampant in fast food. They do it for a few reasons. MSG is a flavor enhancer. Processed foods are heated to such a high temperature that there is no color, no flavor, and no nutrients left in the final product. It is cooked at high temps to kill the enzymes. This way, the food will not rot after being stored for years. Canned food is cooked right in the can. God only knows how much metal ends up in the "food". Now, they coat the inside of some cans with plastic. Yum plastic flavored "food".

They may have started with real food, but when they are done, it is not really food anymore. Just some bulk to make you feel as if you have eaten. Since this "food" is devoid of flavor, They have to analyze the food to make it seem like food.

First, they make a recipe with real food by real cooks and then cook it in a regular oven.

Then they run it though a chemical analyzer which lists the chemicals they will need to make the food taste like the original item, lets say a chocolate chip cookie. The machine will also spit out a list of chemicals need to make the cookie look like a cookie. and finally, we need some vitamins and minerals, so the machine spits out a list of more chemicals.

The MSG lets soup companies use less meat, because the MSG make the soup taste more meaty. Vegetarians can even buy flavor packets to make food taste like meat.

So far sounds yummy huh?

They bake up the cookie and then add the petro chemicals (chemicals derived from the by products of making gasoline, kinda sounds like you are eating plastic) to make it seem like food again. OK bad enough right!

MSG is very addictive. This a huge reason fast food restaurants love MSG so much. It keeps you coming back everyday if you addicted enough. This of course causes obesity. For a few reasons, you can't stop eating the food, so you eat too much, plus you are very hungry for real food that God put on this planet with all the nutrients that you need to survive. Ah, but you say the soil is depleted. Well chemical fertilizers do not provide the plants with enough to make non organic food nutritious, so that is why people take vitamins. Most vitamins are not natural made from food but UN-natural chemicals.

Your body treats these as poisons, as if you drank some motor oil. So, if you choose to take supplements, take food based ones with no added chemicals. Standard process makes food based supplements, and are available at doctor's offices. Mostly alternative doctors. like chiropractors.

Remember when coke always came in a glass bottle. this is because when they tried to put in a can, it ate through the metal can. God only knows what soft drinks do to your insides.

If you think unprocessed organic real food, is expensive, consider this. Processed food is expensive. I do not even eat organic processed food. If you cook your own food, it tastes better and it is better for you.

If you do not have time, use a crock pot and cook at night or while at work. Cook larger quantities and freeze the extra. I freeze in individual sized servings.

If you can not afford pastured raised meat, try pasture raised eggs. Eggs are cheap. My eggs are 63 cents for 2. A cheap source of protein. Cholesterol is not bad for you, as long as it is not hydrogenated. This was a myth propagated by the vegetable oil companies. Eat butter and meat fat. Free range is not what you are looking for. This just means the farmer left the barn door open so they can go outside if they choose. And outside could be a slab of concrete. But they won't go outside since they feed them inside.

Hens need to eat grass and bugs for the eggs to have a nice orange yolk and not end up all runny. Broth made form pasture raised meat or poultry is also inexpensive. I just fill the pot with bones and water. I use joint bones to make the gelatin quality marrow bones for the nutrients in there, and meaty bones such as necks or ribs for flavor and more gelatin. I leave it on the stove for 2 days, and never let it boil. If it boils it does not jelly up. I strain it and keep it in the frig uncovered till it jellys up (a day or two). I store the fat that solidifies on top to use instead of oil or butter, which I can't eat. I store broth and fat separately in canning jars and store in the freezer If you eat pasture raised broth and eggs and can't afford anything else organic, use non organic but buy fresh or frozen. Canned food is dead.

I saw a show about the making of a new snack food long ago that explained the process of making processed "food". It was kinda hard to believe. I wish I could link to the show but have never been able to locate it on-line.

Even if you never go organic or pastured raised, eat whole food not packaged. Packaged food is not food. If a product list a bunch of vitamins at the end, this food was devoid of vitamins after processing. The government will not allow them to sell empty food and require them to add a few vitamins.

You will save a lot of money on medical bills if you eat whole foods.

OK, now I am stepping off my soap box.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U MARY from Texas,,,,,,,,,,, as far as Coke Cola is concerned, you got the right string, but the wrong yoyo. Soft drinks today are light years from their start. A Pharmacist named John Pemberton from Columbus, Ga. first concocted the drink in the 1880's. It initially contained coco leaves which added a small amount of cocaine. He sold his formula to the Candler family in Atlanta.

However, the first bottler, Joseph Biedenharn, was from Monroe, La. and he was the one who got the show on the road. The old coke was highly carbonated and the glass bottles were designed to handle this extreme pressure. Back in 1954 I measured the pH of a coke and it was 2.3. Today, if you have an upset stomach then you dissolve two alka seltzers in a glass of ice water. In my youth you just drank a cold coke cola, which did the same thing.

Now, all soft drinks have little carbonation and are just a sweet syrup. The cans of both soft drinks and beer are now like tissue paper because both have little carbonation.

Years ago, you had to be a strong man to bend a beer can. Now your six year old can handle that chore.

I get a kick out of folks who only know the history from the date they were born. My grandkids are like that. Makes me want to cry.

As far as orange hen yolks are concerned..... they come about because of the carotene in the grass they eat. Even in the South, your eggs will have yellow yolks in the winter when there is no green grass to eat. The orange carrot gets it's name from the carotene it contains.

Mary,,,,,,, you have given some very sound advice in your post that folks should heed. I just thought that some additional info was needed to explain why you said what you said. Hope that is good with you.


Replied by Mary O

About Robert Henry's comment.

Thanks for your additional info. It is good to have the most info on a subject that you can find.

I guess I am wrong about the carbonation thing. Could coke ever eat though eat through a can, or is that a myth?

I hate all carbonation and never drink it. Coke was not the the main topic of my rant anyway. In any event, it is not good for you, because of phosphorous, content and corn syrup (although you can find with real sugar if you look), amount other ingredients that aren't good. Here is a link that can explain everything you need to now about dangers of soft drinks, way better than I can.

one more

You are so correct about the orange egg in spring and summer. I love these orange one so much better. This winter I was longing for those great orange eggs. But Even if yellow pasture raised eggs are best.

This was a question about MCS and I did wander off topic. I was hyper that day.

Phosphatidyl Choline

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Posted by Cheryl (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) on 05/12/2012

I have given my son who has dyslexia and ADHD 1/2 Livolin Forte which has phosphatidyl choline in desperation and surprisingly he has immense changes to his reading ability, cos at age 10 he couldnt read, and he will struggle to spell, but now after barely 1 week on livolin, he has the ability to grasp the phonetic sound some 40% of the words shown to him on sight. Can anyone tell me if it is harmful for him to take that supplement? I have been giving him fish oil but there is not much changes. I check into the internet which say phosphatidyl is helpful for brain problem like alzheimer and dementia. But I will like to share what I had learned so as to help other desperate parents.

Pine Bark Extract

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Posted by Nicole (Virginia) on 08/28/2016

There are studies showing Pine Bark extract improves ADHD in children (study link below). I started taking it myself and it has helped me concentrate and focus better as I've been feeling all over the place these past few years...can't get my act together, forgetful/terrible memory, brain fog, not organized. I supplemented and after a week or so (not right away) I started noticing changes. I was able to stick with tasks longer and finish them...I was doing things faster without getting distracted anymore. My overall focus was so much better! I would get through my lists so quickly. I could also remember people's names again! I've always been horrible with the point where it's embarrassing (b/c I really know some of these people). Walking my child through orientation I was remembering the names of kids I haven't seen in several years...that was a shock to me.

And it's so subtle. You remember like you never had forgotten it...not a lightbulb eureka moment where you have to concentrate and finally have it...but rather it's just there as if you never forgot it. Basically, I forgot I was bad at names. Not until the 4th time and suddenly I realized...wait, how are all these names coming to me?? Also you have energy but you don't feel wired or anything, like with caffeine. Suddenly you're just focused...but in a normal how you're supposed to be! I was quite pleased. It's more of a feeling of blocks being lifted...rather than a stimulant creating these scenarios if that makes sense.

PBE has also been shown to alleviate anxiety and improve test scores in college kids. I take 1/8 tsp in a capsule each day. I bought the loose powder an fill my own 00 capsules. My son has ADD, OCD and anxiety (I believe caused by heavy metals) and I plan to start him this week as school begins (but I wanted to test it on myself first for any side effects).

Incidentally, I originally discovered Pine Bark Extract (PBE) b/c I was searching natural ways to lighten to lighten melasma (and then stumbled upon the ADHD research). PBE has been shown to lighten is successfully.

It's my deepest belief that ADD/ADHD is caused by heavy metals in the brain and ultimately these kids (and adults) need to be detoxed from them. This is why many kids w ADD/ADHD are deficient in zinc and magnesium...because heavy metals are the "heavier" of these good/bad metals and thus displace these lighter good metals/minerals out of our body.

I told a wellness business owner (previously a pharmacist until she converted to natural health medicine) that I'd like to test my system for heavy metals and she said "sure, I will give you a full spectrum vitamin/mineral test to see if you're mineral deficient". I said 'why"? She said...if minerals are low it's well-known that it's b/c they're being displaced by heavy metals in the body. I held off on the test in order to research this myself...and sure enough I found it to be true. (Heavy metal detox should be done carefully and slowly so I'm still in the research phase in order to detox my son...he had an amalgam cap and vaccines.)

Heavy metals also cause leaky it's important to detox and heal the gut btw. you search on earthclinic for Ted's ADD & ADHD remedies...he recommended things like magnesium and zinc, probiotics (that heal the gut) and selenium, NAC, ALA which detox the body of heavy metals.

I believe Pine Bark helps with focus and concentration b/c its a powerful polyphenol that boosts glutathione which is critical in detoxing heavy metals. Here's a study showing an increase in glutathione (GHS) in children with ADHD by taking pine bark extract.

Replied by Magnolia16

How is the Pine Bark extract working for you and your son? What is the dosage and how do you give it to your son? Thank you so much!

Replied by Julie

Is there a particular brand that's better with pine bark extract? And can you take it with Zoloft? I'm thinking about trying it on myself before trying it with my 6 year old son.


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Posted by Justin (Atlanta, GA) on 11/24/2021

My ADD has improved drastically with Progesterone as seen in the lumosity score attached.

This comes from Dr Michael E. Platt's book, the miracle of bio-identical hormones. I was skeptical too, which is why I strongly urge everyone to read this book! I have looked for 24 years for something this powerful.

As per Dr Platt's recommendations, I also removed sugar, simple carbs (I only eat carbs with resistant starch now), and I eat vegetables every 3-4 hours for brain-powering glucose AND I use coconut oil for frying. I eat a small serving of veggies right before sleep. And when I can afford it, I top each serving of veggies with brain octane (MCT oil).

I keep cole slaw and/or salads prepped and ready to eat at all times, for convenience.

For the love of all that is good, I urge everyone to read the book and just try it! A 20$ bottle of naturally-derived progesterone (from wild mexican yam) has done more than anything else that I have tried!

Remedies for Poor Concentration

Posted by Mllewendy (N. Platte, Nebraska) on 02/02/2013

Ideas on poor concentration? I was diagnosed with ADD issues before they lumped it as part of ADHD (which I disagree with for certain reasons). Anyway, I looked and you don't have it listed separately... Is there some way that can be rectified? Thank you!

EC: Hi Mllewendy,

We don't have enough material on ADD to separate it into a new page. Once we get more posts, we can certainly do that.

Replied by FH

ADD and ADHD are the same condition - ADD is just an antiquated term for it (someone used to be diagnosed with ADD, with or without hyperactivity). It was officially replaced with the term ADHD in 1987 in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), which is the "bible" of all psychiatric, psychological & brain disorders. It's not been a legitimate label for the condition for 36 years! It wasn't "lumped" into anything. It was updated and replaced. I've seen professionals still refer to it as ADD, and I lose faith in anything they have to say about it if they haven't even updated their understanding enough to use the correct term nearly 4 decades after it changed.

In fact, ADD only existed as an official term for the condition for 7 years (1980-87). Since then, you can be diagnosed with ADHD inattentive type, hyperactive type, or combined type (both).

Remove Red Dye

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Posted by Dreamstrider1979 (Springfield, Mo) on 06/29/2011

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD(oppositional defiance disorder) when he was 4. I know that is a really early age for that type of diagnosis, but he would have horrible temper tantrums and bang his head on the floor or destroy everything he could get his hands on. It didn't matter what we did. We thought, at first, he had a touch of autism, but after taking him to a doctor that specializes in pediactric nerology we were told ADHD/ODD was the diagnosis.

He was too young to go on meds so we were assigned an in-home therepist by Family Services. She talked to us at length about diet and how it effects kids. One thing she mentioned was Red dye #40. It was in EVERYTHING. From Kool-aid to jello, and even in some chocolate products. She convinced us to get rid of the dye to see if it made a difference.

It did. We got rid of everything with dye and taught our boy that he couldn't have it. While we still have some issue now and then, the effect of removing the dye was noticable in about 3 days. The temper lessened and he was easier to talk to and even quit getting into as much trouble at school. He is now 8 and we have introduced Red dye #40 a few times to make sure that the results were from taking the dye away. Each time we have given it to him, even in a small dose, and then removed it, it has been several days of horrible tantrums and anger and crying. Once it is out of his system again, he is back to normal.


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Posted by Becky (Cedar Springs, Michigan) on 08/04/2009

Has anyone considered just MORE SLEEP for children (and adults) with ADHD and ADD? My brother, who is now 28, and both of my sons, 10 and 3, have been suspicioned to have ADHD or ADD by teachers and others, and I seriously believe that it could just be a sleep deficit in all of them. I have read a book since my 9-month-old daughter was born called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Weissbluth. The book is mostly for parents of babies but it also covers older children a little bit...and the doctor suggests that a lot of kids who are diagnosed with these attention disorders may just be lacking sufficient sleep! I thought about it, and both of my sons have been terrible sleepers in the past. My 3-year-old still is. I blame myself because, now that I have read this book, I see where I made the mistake of going into their rooms too much at night when they cried as babies and toddlers, so they never really learned how to put themselves back to sleep. My now 10-year-old was still coming into my room a lot at night when he was 6 and 7 years old. I had always stayed by his bed until he fell asleep when he was younger, and I always soothed him back to sleep when he woke in the night. He never learned! My 3-year-old still wakes up screaming in the night all the time, and some nights he tries to fight going to bed. The books suggests putting them to bed way earlier than we think is sufficient, like 6:30 or 7 instead of 8 or 9 at night, and NOT going in at their every cry when they are young. There were studies done, and just making those changes alone improved many children's supposed ADHD and ADD tendencies! It also improved other problems, like strange body tics and twitches. Think about it: our lifestyles are getting crazier and busier all the time and good sleep is getting harder and harder to come by! Could this be why there are so many more cases of attention deficit disorders and other neurological problems than there were before there were busy families with both parents working, electronic games, etc. to keep kids up later??

Please consider just getting more sleep for the victim of one of these problems before trying anything else! I did see that Ted mentioned sleep being a problem and was trying to go into what to give so they can sleep better. According to Dr. Weissbluth, sometimes just going to bed earlier makes it easier to sleep because if you go too late, when you're too fatigued, you actually CAN'T get to sleep because of hormones you release when overtired. So consider just an earlier bedtime!

Replied by Joy
(Pensacola, Fl)

At one point, my 8 year old's supposed ADD/ADHD was at it's worst peak. He would throw "big kid" trantrums and become very easily frustrated. At this particular time, I realized he wasn't getting enough sleep. So I had him go to bed earlier, and the tantrums mostly stopped. He's still fidgety and has issues focusing, especially in school, but whenever he has a poor night's sleep, I know it's going to be a bad day. I don't know about his diet, but I suppose it's what might be considered normal, and without much sugar or fast food. No plans on changing that.

I am skeptical on the medical stance of ADD/ADHD. Of course, most of us here want to stay away from drugs. But I'm sure some children do have real issues, and some children just need real boundaries. This is a world where children gain instant gratification from tv, video games, internet, ipods, cell phones and the hundreds of other electronics they are exposed to. I mean, why does a 7 yr old even need a phone, let alone their own Firefly? It's so rare to see the child whose daily life consists of the enjoyment of reading, hiking in the woods, fishing, and the like. Even sports have, for many, lost its value of just playing the sport. I am not surprised to hear so many more of these ADD/ADHD cases in today's world. And here I am, young myself, in my 20's. My son, how surprising, is very calm and focused on the occassions he plays video games. Imagine that!

I tell him to turn off that tv and go play outside.

Replied by Taryn
(Tacoma, Wa)

My son, now 7 years had sleeping problems since a few months old. Started with colic. After almost 3 years of ear infections, stomach viruses and not sleeping well... I researched possible issues. I took him to a neurologist because that is what his pediatrician suggested. He said he thought he had sleep apnea. He wanted to do a overnight $5,000 dollar test on him before trying anything else. I brought up to him the idea of food allergies. He dismissed it instantly and said there was no proof of that. So I decided to try an elimination diet, before we had this test. Within 2 days of taking wheat, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, sugar, food dyes, etc. From his diet he slept peacfully through the night. Never in 3 years did he sleep so good. His digestive system was out of balance from all the antibiotics he had taken every month for almost 3 years. I have had to help with enzymes and supplements and diet to restore his digestive tract to normal. I give him a gluten/dairy free diet. It is hard, but worth all the work to keep my son from having nightmares and get some sleep myself too :)

Replied by Susie
(Anonymous , Michigan)

As far as the sugars go, would natural sugars be ok. I buy REAL honey from the natural food stores for my daughters herbal teas. And we do push for fruit. Are natural sugars ok?


Posted by Revite (California, US) on 12/07/2014

ADD and ADHD are in many cases a result of copper toxicity. Slow oxidizers can take L-taurine and fast oxidizers ICMN (inositol, choline, methionine and niacinamide) for symptomatic relief. The oxidation rate can be measured using hair mineral analysis. coach(at)

Supplements and Indian Herbs

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/04/2008 391 posts

ADHD and Asperger's: It needs to be remembered that was not mentioned in your email, baking soda, granulated lecithin and magnesium (found in sunflower seeds) are also vital to the initial stages of the improvement. However, during the final stages once the child is detoxed of heavy metals and properly alkalized, dechlorinator added to drinking water such as drops of 10% of sodium thiosulfate, such as 5-10 drops per glass of water would calm a child, but initial dose will cause loose stool, but later dose won't have the same effect because some reason the sodium thiosulfate detoxed the intestines. In the final stages I found once every three days hydergine and piracetam to be very helpful to the recovery process. Also some glutamine added once a week can cause the brain to recover by leaps and bound, although initially it is not good, but it makes a leap on improvement a bit later in the day or a couple of days. Omega 3 fish oil and lecithin is vital, along with vitamin C sodium ascorbate since these are found in large amounts in the brain. A sea salt contains superconductive materials used by the brain, so it is best that some baking soda is added to sea salt, such as 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of drinking water at the very least. Ideally, I think, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate in one liter of drinking water has a more calming effect then just the baking soda used alone.

Supplements and Indian Herbs
Posted by Mehernosh (Mumbai , India ) on 06/03/2008

Hi this is Mehernosh. I am father of a wondeful daughter Nicole. She has aspergers and adhd ,we live in Mumbai

presently i am getting postiive results with

for ADHD:
Omega 3/6/9
Evening primrose oil
flax seed oil
sankpushpi( indian herbal mix for brain tonic )
Panchamrut( Indian Aruyvedic with Amla + bel patta etc)

For Aspergers:
Epsom salt cream massages
Lots of Vitamin C( I give Chyvan prash ) this also has amla

Flax seed oil is main thing + fish oil , I use natural Organic honey to make every thing sweet so she can drink same

God Bless you all , please consult your naturopath before doing any thing I my self first try treatment on my self

my daughter and I both are on Eggs and vegetable diet

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