Natural Remedies for Enlarged Adenoids in Children

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Holly (Toronto, Canada) on 11/30/2017

Hi Concerned MOM,

It can be so disheartening when a child isn't well especially when it's swollen adenoids for 1-2 years.

I'm concerned about the duration as adenoids are known to predominantly protect the child from infection as they act as a filter and are the first line of defense which traps the invading bacteria and virus.During the process, adenoids then may become swollen.In instances where the adenoids continue to stay enlarged and refuse to return to their original size, the condition is known as swollen or enlarged adenoids ( like you've stated ).

These swollen glands then develop deeper crypts and pockets which can trap and house infecting germs like bacteria and virus for a long time, leading to further increase in size of the adenoid glands.

Some of the more commonly trapped organisms which can cause infection are entero virus and H Pylori.

Most likely why she is experiencing bad breath at this time as well.

My suggestions to you are first of all, get a warm wet face cloth and apply it to her jaw area, neck and collar bone area ( use two face cloths if you need to ). This will loosen everything up.

After about 5 mins ask her to sit up and cup your hands and gently tap beginning at jaw joint below ears making your way all over jaw bone, down the sides of her neck then make your way down to her collar bone area.

Stay in each area for at least 10 taps and make sure you start from the top and always make your way down as this will help to stimulate and drain her lymphatic area.

Repeat this as often as possible and if she's interested you could explain to her how to do it herself.

A mini trampoline would also be fantastic for her to get the lymphatic area draining.
Sipping on warm clear broths would also help with the enlarged adenoids.
Gargling with warm water and 1/8 tsp. pink himalayan sea salt few times a day, especially at night before bad would help kill bacteria but make sure you supervise her and that she doesn't swallow any.
If she's unable or unwilling to gargle then you could always put a pinch in the warm clear broth for her to sip and pink himalayan sea salt is great for killing bacteria.
I would also suggest a good full spectrum plant based enzyme at least a few times a day on an empty stomach especially before bed, as this also really helps to clear up the lymphatic system.

I wish her a speedy recovery, much love and light. Holly