Natural Remedies for Enlarged Adenoids in Children

Honey, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Arun (Sydney) on 02/04/2016
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I will share with you both side of the stories here.


My son had Adenoids and snoring problem with recurrent ear infection since he was 2 years old, we managed symptoms until he was 5 and then finally decided to bite the bullet and agreed removing adenoids (not tonsils as they were ok) and grommets on both ears, ever since he is sleeping perfectly. So In hindsight we thought it was a good decision to opt for surgery but, recently we found another cure for adenoids while have to deal with the same problem now for our daughter who is only 17 months old.

My daughter started developing snoring and ear infections so often that we had to get her admitted into children's hospital and did sleep study , although sleep study didn't show much of a problem sleep physicians suggested to take adenoids out because of her recurrent ear infection. We were absolutely distressed.

Eventually my mum suggested to try traditional medicine which we did not try for our son.

The medicine is Honey, Ginger juice (few drops) and Lemon Juice (few drops), but a good quality organic honey, take nearly a tea spoonful and then add 3-4 drops of freshly squeezed ginger juice ( the best way to get juice out of ginger is to grate them finely and then squeeze them) and also add 3-4 drops of lemon juice, mix them and give it to your kid twice a day morning and evening before going to bed.

It did wonder for Evani and she has now stopped snoring all together, last week after stopping the honey for about a week and have been away on holidays, she had runny nose and snoring again and we started with the medicine and after 2 days she stopped snoring and no fever and runny nose.

I hope this remedy works for your kids as well.

Thanks, Arun