Natural Remedies for Enlarged Adenoids in Children

Colloidal Silver
Posted by East Coast Mom (East Coast) on 02/25/2018
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Well I am on earth clinic looking for natural remedies for my daughter's fever, between waiting for ACV, egg whites and potatoes to decrease the temperature, I've been reading the website. My heart hurts for us moms because I was in the same boat with my little one. from birth until about 3.5 my little girl adenoids were so enlarged her pediatrician was suggesting surgery. I am a heath care professional and did not want to come off as hippy dippy, so I attempted to go the antibiotics and steroid route. I wanted to know that I had at least tried all of her MD's options before even discussing surgery.

Well one month of antibiotics and steroids the nasal drainage cleared up for about 1 week and then returned in all its snotty glory. Also at that time I was on a journey to slowly discovering natural products that actually worked and had recently began using colloidal silver as an immune boosting supplement. She had an upper respiratory infection that did not want to clear up and I read that you could use a nebulizer for those types of infections. Well it cleared it right up, so I wondered if it would work if I used a nasal squirt bottle and spray it directly into her nasal passage.

Well less then one week later her drainage dried up, no more runny nose and her adenoids shrunk back to normal size. Her doctor was amazed but I am happy to report 1.5 years later she has not has a recurrence of the drainage. Its gone. I now use it at first sign of sneezing and we as a family take it internally and topically also. Rashes, ringworms rashes, all gone with the application of the colloidal silver. it one of my current natural tools against illness. between colloidal silver, ozonated water, the ultimate zapper, ionic footbaths, anything to create an alkaline body PH and etc. I just wanted to share something that worked for me in hopes it would work for others as well.

Here is to no adenoid surgeries for our babies.

All the best.