Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Pet's Itchy Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kanika (Virginia Beach, Virginia) on 01/27/2010


Hi my six month old lhasa apso has been itchy now for over two months. I tried meds from the vet hot spot spray oatmeal shampoo but nothing worked. I then found this site and tried acv. Now I first washed her with the oats shampoo and then used one cup acv in one gallon water for the final rinse. I am also spraying her with one part acv with 2 parts water and also giving half teaspoon orally. I have done all of this in the last 2 days and her itching has gonne down by about 60%. I have however noticed that everytime i spray her with the mixture she gets very depressed and falls asleep. She seems very lethargic and I am wondering if the acv has anything to do with it. Also she has 3 very noticeable bald spots on her hind legs and although the itching has decreased it hasn't disappeared. I asked the vet and she has ruled out a yeast infection. My question is that can acv cause depression or a change in behaviour or in a nutshell can the acv have any side effects on my puppy. Also how long will it take for the itching to desappear completely if I continue to use acv?

I am very worried about my baby. I am glad that she isnt scratching and licking so much but I dont want her to be sad and depressed. Please help me Earthclinic.