Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Conjunctivitis in Pets

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Posted by Health Nut (Los Angeles, California) on 05/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

ACV for Doggy Conjunctivitis

Unbelievable! If I didn't see it for myself I wouldn't have believed it. My little Yorkie got an eye infection which caused a whitish discharge and created these big boogers in his eyes for about 3 days. It wasn't 'til the 4th day when he woke up almost unable to open one of his eyes, I decided to get on my favorite website for natural cures (Earth Clinic) for a solution. Everyone raved about ACV and so I decided to try it. I followed most peoples instructions and since my Yorkie is so small I just mixed 1 Tbl. water with 1 Tbl. AVC and rubbed in on the back of his neck. The very same day it seemed it have been disappearing and by the morning it was completely gone. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and I was amazed at how well it worked. This sure beats going to the vet for some eye drops which would cost me a nice little penny. Thanks to all for the input and thank goodness for this website.

Replied by Jeanette
(Victorville, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

Thank You so much! My cocker spaniel eye was swollen at the corner & very red & tear dropping. I took him 3 times to the Vet(2)this past year a good vet I might add & spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Yet they couldn't diagnose it & none of the medications worked, which were $35 ea. I went on line to see what it might be & came up with Conjunctivitis. A home remedy was to mix Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with equal parts of water and put on the neck? At this time I would try anything because I couldn't afford to keep going to the vet & didn't want to see my dog suffer any longer it's been a year. I can't BELIEVE how it's working. I been putting it on 3 to 4 times a day on his neck & around his eye for the last 4 days. The swelling in the corner of his eye is down the redness has lightened dramatically. I am going to continue to use it till it is completely gone. I am just so greatful to this website. I had been praying to God for a cure that wouldn't break me & he sent me to earth clinic. Thank you so Much!!!!

Replied by Magus Trix
(Tampa, Florida)
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to thank everyone for their posts. ACV really seems to hav worked for my lil girl Sheba. The first day I tried honey and tea bags for her infected eye with no luck. After finding this site and reading about ACV I'm a true believer. First I cleaned out her eye with a lil warm water to remove all the gunk. Also so she could open the eye. Then I used a tbsp of ACV in about a half cup of water. I applied it all around her neck and the paw she would use to clean the eye about every 2-3 hrs except at night and within a few applications I noticed the difference. By the 2nd morning I no longer needed to clean her eye out as much as the gunk build up went away and I was able to see her pretty eyes again. Now the swelling has gone down drastically. I'm gonna keep doing this for a 3rd day and hopefully by the end of that she will be back to normal. Thanks again for all the great advice!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tatiana (Long Island, Ny) on 05/23/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I've all read on the wonderous healings of the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar..and decided to get it with the "mother" on IT!!

Biju is a black bombay/burmese stunning mix at just turned 15yrs old. Shiny,clear yellow-green moon eyes & acts truly like a behaviors too uncanny.

His undereye lining inflamed, and thought, his tear duct was blocked. SO I did the application of ACV to scruff of neck, and diluted with water w ACV under eye..well, the inflamed eyelining GONE! However he still continues to tear with one eye when eating & going to litter box to "push out." I also tried Saline Solution & warm compress.. but he still tears a clear lining dwn to nose. Realizing, internally is the way to go, he ONLY drinks water from the Bathroom tub fawcett. How long does the tear last..and how long with the ACV & Saline Sol... ANYone?!?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sara (Mpls, Mn, Us) on 04/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Worked wonders! I used a tbsp of organic ACV and a tbsp of water, mixed and put between her shoulder blades twice daily. After a week her eye is completely healed up.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Perth_girl_cherie (Perth, Western Australia) on 03/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) cured my dog's conjunctivitis. I have a four year old dougue de bordeaux who developed conjunctivitis in one eye. Like most others a vet bill looked likely to overwhelm us. I looked at your site, considered the ACV and thought it's six australian dollars what the heck. Now with my dog being almost 65 kilograms I thought the capful recommmended for a little maltese and the like would not suffice. So I administered about half a cup to the back of my dogs neck and rubbed it well in. OK so he smelt like someone had urinated in a pair of old sports shoes, but sure enough with 24 hours, I kid you not, not a sign of conjunctivitis, no discharge, no swelling or redness. Even now two weeks later, no reccurence.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Laura (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Dog: Boxer/lab mix (1 year)

Aliment: Pink Eye/conjunctivitis
Cure: 1/2 apple cider vinegar 1/2 water placed at the back of my dog's neck. (Same location where flea preventative is placed).

It works! I must confess that I was still doubtful, even after reading all of the "yea's". I filled a ear syringe with half ACV and half water and proceeded to squirt past his sleek fur along the back of his neck and rubbed it in. Thirty minutes later, it looked a lot better. So, I decided to wait a few hours before using the rest of the mixture.

I woke up this morning and it was gone!

What a life saver!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mtwist (Sacramento, California) on 02/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Organic apple cider vinager for cat's conjuctivitis

I have to tell you I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I got this information about ACV on friday from a friend.

I immediately went the the health food store after work and purchased organic ACV, Went home and got out a couple of Q-tips, dunked them directly into the ACV and rubbed them on the back of my cat's neck. Within a few hours he looked about 70% better, and by the next day, it was completely gone.

Replied by Hope
(Sacramento, Ca)

M - So very happy that Earthclinic was able to help you! This website is most certainly the cats' meow!

Replied by Rash
(Lebanon, Beirut)
5 out of 5 stars

I saw this website and I tried the ACV on my 3 month old kitten, she had in infected eye, probably from some plants outside my garden, so I tried it, and here I am now posting my review after 2 hours, her eye is healed, and you took off the burden of a vet and the expenses, thank you for this info, Long Live ACV !!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elbo88 (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 12/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My cat's eye started weeping a bit and then quickly went to eye boogers and her holding it shut. I called for a vet appointment but the next available was Monday, 2 days away so until the appointment, I googled cat eye infection and read about ACV treatment. I happened to have some Organic ACV in the house so decided to try it, just a bit on the nape of her neck and a capfull in her water bowl. The next morning her eye was much better. By the time I got back from work, her eye was almost perfect! No weeping at all, nice and clear, and she was no longer holding it shut. She still was blinking it a bit so I reapplied the ACV to her neck this evening but I am amazed at the results. Her eye improved 90% in one night after a single application!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kamilee (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

ACV for Dog Conjunctivitis

OMG - It really works. My Bichon suffered with eye issues for YEARS. Each vet vist cost nearly $200 for the service plus anitbiotic cream...but the infection would return.

Last night after seeing more of those green eye-boogies with the black crust, I decided to search for a more holistic solution -> EarthClinic lead me to rub a capful of organic ACV to the back of his neck and rub extra virgin coconut oil around his eyes. This morning I was gerated by a bright-eye dog instead of the usual raccoon-masked dog. Thank you EC

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Islandduffer (Yuma, Az) on 12/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was on this site 2 weeks ago checking out information on Eye Infection in cats. Our 17 year old siamese had an eye infection and I had been using ointment twice a day for 4 days and there was no inprovement. I read about the apple cider vinegar and all the testimonials were very interesting. I went and got a bottle of apple cider vinegar and when I got home I applied a cap full to her neck. Later that evening I applied another capfull to her neck and rubbed it in really well. The next morning at 6:30 her eye was completely open and bright. I was so pleased with the quick success of such a simple fix. I called our sons who also have pets to share the news so if they ever have their pets sick with eye infection to try apple cider vinegar first. Thanks, thanks, thanks. It was nice not to have to spend another $100.00 at the vets.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sharon A (Hollywood, Fl) on 11/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars


I rubbed a bit of pure, undiluted B---g's apple cider vinegar on the back of my maltese's neck. He had some light green discharge coming out of one eye yesterday morning. Well, it's GONE this morning. It was about 85% gone as of last night and 100% as of today. Does anyone know HOW it works? It's a miracle for sure.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kayla (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 11/25/2009
1 out of 5 stars

pink eye on my cat

I have tried the apple cider vinegar on the nape of the neck and on the paws, i was just wondering does it make a difference if the ACV isn't organic?? I have heard some people say they use it. does it matter?? So far ive done it for 2 days and nothing really has changed, am i doing something wrong???

Replied by Jessica
(Milwaukie, Oregon)

In response to Kayla from Grand Rapids, Michigan: Yes, the use of organic apple cider vinegar verses regular apple cider vinegar makes big difference. I started use regular store bought on myself and animals. It gave a small improvement to our ailments. After reading how much a difference many people had using organic I thought to try it. It was like night and day. Plus organic tastes soo much better. Its the enzymes in the organic i think that makes it better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teri (Nipomo, Ca) on 11/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a older Shih Tzu that me and my family love dearly.He got a eye infection in one eye so we took to the Vet.The Vet. charged me $105.00 for the visit and $50.00 for 3 small medications.After applying the meds. for almost two weeks both eyes were infected and he couldn't open them.I came across your article on apple cider vinegar and thought that's not possible. How could putting the acv on his neck help clear up a eye infection? But I had some acv and nothing to lose. It worked in less then 20 minutes. Its unbelievable but it works.

Replied by Tracy
(Lancashire, England)
1 out of 5 stars

Tried the Apple Cider on my cat but unfortunatly it didn't work for him so i rang the vet. I explained that at the moment i couldn't afford the vet fee etc.. Due to the cat being on there listings as having suffered with the infection before they gave me advice over the phone. They recomended a human eye ointment to be used 5 times a day. Chloramhenicol antibiotic 1% either cream or drops. If the infection does not clear using this cream after 5 days then the cat should be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Danielle (Cleveland, Oh) on 09/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar helped my 3 year old yorkie with an eye infection. An hour after a normal bath Monday night I noticed her squinting her eyes and the lids looked a bit swollen. Shortly after that I noticed her eyes tearing she was pawing at her face. After a few hours she didnt want to open her eyes at all and it was apparent she was very uncomfortable. Throughout the night I rinsed her eyes with lukewarm water to try help with her discomfort. The next morning I took her to her vet only to be told it was most likely shampoo in her eyes. They also did a rinse and sent us home with an ointment to be applied every 8 hours for the next 6 days. That night, I read about the ACV remedy on this site and frankly I found it unbelievable but since so many people said it worked, I stored it away just in case. The next morning she was exactly the same. Didnt want to get out of bed, wanted to be right up under me at all times and her eyes were mostly closed. She was so uncomfortable and helpless and whining and I felt so bad that I couldnt help her so I tried my "unbelievable" home remedy. I soaked up a teaspoon full of the ACV in a cotton ball and applied it to the back of her neck squeezing the cotton and rubbing the ACV into her skin. I put her back in bed. About 30 minutes later to my surprise she hopped out of bed and met me in the kitchen tail wagging and eyes open! I was thrilled! I dont know how or why it works but it did for her and she obviously feels better. I will be using the ACV for the next 10 days instead of the vet's ointment.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sylver (Galway, Ireland) on 08/29/2009

Hey, My dog has conjunctivitis and I was wondering, why put the vinegar and/or ACV on the back of the neck??? Thanks, Sylver

Replied by Chantelle
(Sydney, Nsw)

Hey everyone thanks so much for all the help I was hopeless when I just got a new 6week old kitty and her eye was looking a bit funny, we woke up the next moring with it completley closed I felt so so bad and sorry for her. First someone told me to wipe it with tea every few hours, id been doing this for a few days with no results then yesterday I googled for some help and found this site.

When I saw all the comments about Apple Cider Vinegar and thought there is no way it could work but I had nothing to loose. I called my husband at 6pm as I was at work and made him drive to the store to get it. I made him call me whilst he was in the store because he couldn't find it ( he was looking in the cat section for apple cider vinigar) but found it after a while. Then I called him when he got home and told him what to do. He mixed 1 tbls Apple Cider Vinegar and equal water and then soaked the back of her neck with it and rubbed a litle on her paws. I arrived home at 11pm and there was absloutly no sign of infection I was so so amazed, I re applied just before bed 12pm and for the first time kitty woke me up thismoring at 5am with the biggest open eyes ever it was amazing. She was so much happier im so glad I tried this. Please people try this first before anything else. thanks guys.

Replied by Janet
(Revere, Ma)

Thank you all so much for this invaluable information. I cant wait to get home to give my girl Violet some relief. I also cannot afford another vet bill and am so thankful to you all.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dee1969 (Luton, England) on 08/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My cat had a red, sticky eye and he couldn't open it. I was really stressed about it as he looked so uncomfortable and it was on a Sunday so the vet was closed. After researching the symptoms and finding out what it was I thought I'd search for alternaive treatments. Thankfully I came across this site. After reading so many positve reports about Apple Cider Vinegar treatment I went to buy some straight away.

I mixed 1 tsp of ACV with 2 tsp cooled boiled water, parted the fur on his neck poured some of it onto it and held a cotton wool ball on it for a few seconds. I also wet another one with the mixture and wiped over his eye and then wet another one and wiped down from the corner of his eye to his nose. I basically just folllowed the advice on this site.

Smokey opened his eye almost instantly (although not completely). Within a few hours his eye looked back to normal apart from a small amount of discharge in the corner of his eye. I used some more mixture to clean the eye area a few more times to make sure.

What a massive relief, a course of treatment from a vet would've taken longer to work and I saved on vet bills. The ACV only cost £1.35 and knowing that it was a natural remedy was a bonus. Thank you to everyone who posted this remedy previously. Dee

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