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Fulvic Acid Cures

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General Feedback  
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Posted by Jen (New York, Usa) on 02/22/2010


Can someone please advise me on how safe is it to use shilajit everyday? It is one of the ingredients in a green food powder I am considering to take and I do not know much about shilajit. Is it an herb that is suggested to be used for a period of time only? I think I read somewhere that in texts it has been suggested for use for one year at the most.


Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Jen, Shilajit is completely safe and is highly revered in Aryuvedic medicine. It helps to re-mineralize the body and a host of many other benefits. It is to some, the ideal fulvic acid. It is safe to use it everyday and is very good for you. You can find lots of detailed information about it online. It is really coming to the forefront in the alternative medicine world.

Still, as with all things, I like to give my body a rest after a week or two of anything. So, for instance, if I am taking herbs, I'll go for a full week or maybe even two and then stop for a day or two before I return. That is a protocol embraced by many. That way the body does not become completely dependent upon something to stay healthy. Hope this helps you. Lisa
Replied by Wee Kiong
Kg Cham, Cambodia
It has been many years ago when I got to know about shilajit from an ayurvedic practitioner friend. Very good indeed but it was a purified form and coloured like milk. Two years ago, he gave me the unpurified type which is dark reddish brown in colour and smelled urine which turned me off. Can someone who might be familiar with fulvic acid tell me if the urine smell is normal? Thank you.
Replied by Ernesto
Paramus, Nj
Fulvic Acid is yellow in color, however it shouldn't have any taste whatsover. If it does, then most likely it is not pure and chemicals have been added. Pure Humic is Black in Color and should also be tasteless if its pure. There's a company Regeneration USA that sells Humic & Fulvic Minerals which are I believe the purest available and aid in dealing with a host of issues from acid reflux, digestion problems, it also re-mineralizes the body and assits in removing toxins from the body. Hope this helps
Replied by Sarah
London, Uk
Re: silajit, though it may be harmless in its pure form, at least one Indian manufacturer on the UK market has been done because their product was full of added heavy metals. Six months later: product still being quietly sold on the UK market via various websites. It's one of those things I'd love to try if I could find a guaranteed pure source for it, but as things stand, I'm very wary - it may just make things worse.

I've found fulvic acid products a bit too strong in the past, though I seem to tolerate them better now. One alternative is moor mud, dug out of an Austrian bog and pasteurised. Absolutely delicious, but criminally expensive, at least in the quantities that I am drinking it. The moor mud sold for baths is a quarter of the price, but I have to figure out how to replicate the effects of pasteurisation without just boiling it to death (part of the goodness of the moor mud is in the bacteria, so I'm reluctant to kill the lot) - any bright ideas on this front?

Posted by Anonymous (Anywhere, Usa) on 01/06/2010

could someone please tell me if fulvic and humic acid are the same? i am very confused.which is for the phneumatic flu? is liquid as good as powder? thank you

EC: Fulvic acid redirects to humic acid on Wikipedia...

"It is important to note, however, that no sharp divisions exist between humic acids, fulvic acids and humins. They are all part of an extremely heterogeneous supramolecular system and the differences between the subdivisions are due to variations in acidity, degree of hydrophobicity (content of aromatic and long-chain alkyl molecules) and entropy-driven self-associations of molecules."

Posted by Dave (Friend, Ne) on 03/22/2009

[YEA]  Fulvic acid fertilizer: Contrary to what some believe, I have been using humic/fulvic acids in my fertilizer program since 1994. I balance the soil with the help of these fine products to help Mother Nature build a healthy soil> Then I have a healthy crop, and Bovines eat it and they become healthy etc.

Replied by Loquat
Jinan, China
Humic acid, is rapidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. It is one of the most crucial factors in the reversal and prevention of disease, as well as the maintenance of good health. I got this link:

Posted by Dave (Friend, Ne.) on 02/21/2009

I use humic acid in the soil. It is "hydrogen" or digestor of the soil. If the digestor is weak or missing, what do you suppose will happen to all that fertilizer that American Ag producers use? And could that be one reason that there is Nitrates in our water? Please read articles from The Albreght Papers (google search ) and you will learn just like this wonderful place @ Earth Clinic
Thank you...

Posted by Nguyen (Vietnam) on 08/10/2005

I am 35years old, living in Vietnam. As you know, VN is an agriculture country (80% of population) and there are many peat-area. I am looking for technology, equipments that can help me to extract humic acid from peat - this is a good target in business and support my peasants in VN for better life. Please kindly contact me with my above email address. I do hope to be advised from you how to extract humic acid. Thank you in advance.

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
The amount of humic acid in peats are so small you cannot do it. Most humic acids and fulvic acid are extracted from near ancient prehistoric deposits on top of coal. In coal mining they resemble a very low grade for heating purposes only, bituminous coal deposits.

However, humic acid are softer than bituminous coal deposits for which they are extracted with humic acid. You cannot do it from extracting from peats, it takes many tons of peat just to get only a handful of fulvic acid or humic acid. The best way to make money from fulvic acid is to mix them into fertilizer to improve the uptake of minerals by the plant.

It causes fertilizer chemical to be biologically available. To date there is no fertilizer chemicals
using this process, but it works well.

Replied by Carl
Nottingham, England, Uk
i have been looking at suppliers here in england for fulvic acid in 32oz quantities and still require adding to water yet advertised on here in 2oz "concentrated" amounts is concentrated "natural" any advice on buying the real deal, thanks.

Multiple Cures  
29 User Reviews | 4 YEA

Posted by Fringed_lunatic613 (Plano, Texas, Usa) on 06/03/2010


About two years ago I tried a humic supplement (black water) and the wide spectrum of benefits that I observed was nothing short of phenomenal! Everything from remission of long-term sleep disorders, alleviation of severe, long-term depression, tobacco cravings virtually eliminated, physical and mental energy in abundance ... it was unforgettable!!!

Mind you, this was a HUMIC substance, and it was completely black. When you would add it to your water, it would mushroom-cloud (like chlorophyl does) and turn it completely black. This is a product that is no longer being made, so perhaps I will have permission to list the brand? It was by Dr. Lamar's products, they stopped making it over 2 years ago.

Alot of people talk alot about how great fulvic acid is, and it really is good, but fulvates are derivatives of humates, and in my experience, humic supplements are vastly superior. I NEVER responded like that to ANY one supplement I had ever taken in my life, and I've been popping supplements and cures for almost 30 years!

Humic substances are not given the fanfare that they rightfully deserve (at least not outside the gardening community). Instead most companies produce fulvic substances. I highly reccommend trying a black water HUMIC supplement, and it should indeed change your water black, not brown or gold like the fulvates do. There are several companies that produce a true HUMIC product, just do a bit of Scroogling and you should find them. Some of them offer fulvic AND humic acids in seperate bottles. This is a great idea. Feel free to write me with any thoughts, questions or comments! Needless to say I am a bonafide believer in the black water humics!


Replied by Joe
Wpb, Fl
JD Can you email me directly some of the companies contact info for a good humic acid source ? Thanks JP
Replied by Gean
Salina, Ks
Please tell me where you get the humic acid, and the dosage you take. I tried to do a search but it is very difficult and confusing. Thank you.
Replied by Marcia
Minnetonka, Mn

Could you please advise where I can go to get humic acid you are referring to? Thanks!

EC: You might try writing Fringed_lunatic613 at the email address noted at the beginning of the post.

Replied by Lovin Life
Grand Rapids, Mi
I have been using a product called fulvia which is a combination of fulvic acid and resveratrol and it had done a wonders for me.
Replied by Mesh
South Africa
How does fulvic acid affect patients taking Coumadin?
Replied by Fitz
San Francisco
Excellent feedback. Offering here to be a helpful resource, with this in mind had you considered an Ayurvedic substance: shilajit ?

Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl, Pa) on 01/18/2010

[YEA]  I ran across fulvic acid quite by accident and started using it as a preventative supplement for various conditions. I noticed that I had more energy, better concentration and a general sense of better health but found another interesting effect. Fulvic acid is a chelator that helps detox the body. I think it took the nicotine and other pollutants from smoking out of my body so that I no longer had the strong cravings. In fact, sometimes I found the cigarettes distasteful so I just quit. The one problem I had with quitting was the physiological reaction of my lungs still wanting that feeling of being filled by the smoke. I solved that just by inhaling and exhaling as if I was smoking without the smoke and it reduced those cravings. I've been off cigarettes for two weeks now. As Samuel Clements aka Mark Twain said, quiting smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times. Well so have I. I have a feeling though, this time will be my last time quitting. I just am not having the cravings I had the other hundreds of times I tried quitting and it's just been so darned easy. If this isn't detoxing, I don't know what is.

I use a concentrated form of fulic, 350 times in liquid form. I add 12 drops to to juice or tea. It seems to react to milk so don't use that. Also, as it is a chelator it's highly reactive so don't buy it in any kind of plastic container, only glass. Plastic is also now found to contain a chemical that might contribute to erectile disfunction so stay away from it as much as possible. I won't even use a plastic cup with fulvic acid because of how reactive it is.

EarthClinic won't let us post specific products but maybe they'll let these key words through so you can find it on your own if you do a search. Fulvic Acid, Optimally, Organic. If they let this through then you'll find a supplier that provides several reports on the site that tells of the many other benefits of fulvic acid and one that offers the best value I've found so far in a quality product in a glass container.

Replied by Cindy
Ch, Wi
will you allow product names for this? thank you

EC: Yes, just know a good # of recommendations will end up coming from the manufacturers!

Replied by Rena
Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa
Hi Scott from Pen Argyl, Pa.

I don't know if you are aware, but the brand you are using isn't just fulvic acid, it's ionic minerals in a fulvic acid base. Not that you may care, just to let you know. I also bought this brand first, then I realized what it was, so then I bought the other from bioag which is just fulvic acid, and am currently using both. The kind you have in the morning and the other in the evening.

May I ask how old you are, and how long have you been using it? Also, what conditions are you using it for? It is wonderful stuff isn't it, Peace, Rena.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
EC, thanks for not printing brand names. Allowing so would bias the information. Still, I suspect the rare post is a clever spam.

EC: Actually, recently we mentioned that we would allow name brands on fulvic acid because a few of our regular readers keep requesting it! However if it looks like it's out of control, we'll go back and delete the names. We deleted a name from a post a few months ago after one fulvic acid company (a competitor) complained!

Replied by Cindy
Ch, Wi
thank you earth clinic, if it helps at all i only want to hear from the couple people who have just recently posted on this.

Posted by Bronwyn (LA, USA) on 12/27/2008

[YEA]  For years I've suffered severe neck and back pain, diagnosed as fybromyalgia. 7 days on fulvic acid has relieved 90% of the pain! I haven't felt this good in years! I've gained vitality, clarity, hope and concentration. I can't recommend it enough.

Replied by George450
Cerritos, Ca, USA
I would truly appreciate it if someone can email me privately to let me know where to obtain fulvic acid/humic acid? Thank you so much

EC: Hi George, Please include your email address in your comments if you want our readers to email you directly!

Replied by Rena
Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa
Hi George450 from Cerritos, Ca.

I am currently taking fulvic acid. Like you, I had no guidance in which one is the best to take. I am only on week 2, way to soon to report anything. I am planning on reporting after 3 months use.

My health complaint at this time is bursitis in my left shoulder, which runs all the way down past my left elbow. For some reason I have very weak tendons. About 7 years ago, I had tennis elbow in my right arm, and it took about 5 years for it to completely recover. I am trying to speed up the progress using fulvic acid, because like most health issues I know it is due to some kind of deficiency.

I am a long time Earth Clinic reader, a big fan of this site. I will report my results, good or bad, but only in due time, unless of course the ailment recovers before hand. Peace, Rena.

Replied by Rena
Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa
It's been 3 months for my experiment with Fulvic Acid, as promised here is my report on my experience. First a brief history for why I chose fulvic acid. I had another bought of tendonitis, this time in my left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist. At first it wasn't that bad, not until my co-worker and I were in the warehouse where I work, and a rake handle knocked a box above our head off the shelf above us. Out of reflex action, I through my left arm up to keep the box from falling on our heads. I heard and felt a pop, and then I almost passed out from the pain. I had to stand there for a few minutes holding my arm, taking deep breaths and trying not to black out, that's how bad it was.

I heard about fulvic acid speeding the recovery of many ailments, tendonitis included, so I thought I would give it a go, I had nothing to loose, and my left arm was now practically useless. I had trouble getting dressed, couldn't raise my arm even high enough to shave, couldn't even put my hand on my hips, it just dangled there. I am happy to report that it is now nearly recovered, and I am shocked how far it has come in such a short amount of time. I can now do anything with it that I need to without noticing any pain. I still need to rebuild strength in it for lack of use all these months, but that should come in time. The only time I do feel a slight twinge of pain is when I reach back to undo my bra, but I feel even that is only slight, and in a short amount of time I will not feel that anymore either.

Other pluses about taking fulvic acid was that my left eyebrow grew back in. For years I've had a bald spot about 1/4 inch on my left eyebrow, that I just penciled in, I have hair there now, blows my mind. My eyelashes are longer too. I have so much hair on my head, that I can't tell if it is fuller or not (sorry), this would be worth a shot for those who have thinning hair and could afford to test fulvic acid for this condition, might take longer than 3 months to test though. Toe nail fungus is gone. Although I didn't have it very bad, just a little on 2 toes on my right foot, but it is gone now. Three black heads I have on my face, the smallest one is gone, and the 2 larger ones are much smaller now. All these little pluses tell me I am healing from the inside out.

Other supplements I took on a daily bases with weekends off (I always rest my body of any supplements on weekends). These I took before tendonitis.
1.)Greens drink )My multi vitamin/mineral.)
2.)Vitamin E (to keep from having hot flashes)
3.)Cod liver oil (twice a week)
4.)Magnesium oil
5.)Vitamin D3 (twice a week)
6.)Extra virgin coconut oil
When I got the tendonitis, I still took all the above, but took some additional sups as well, all fresh herbs I cap myself. All for inflamation and pain reasons.
1.)Turmeric with fresh grated black pepper
2.)Ginger root powder
3.)Yucca root powder.

Now this is the part you are going to hate, because I can't tell if one is better than the other, but I took 2 different kinds of fulvic acid. In the morning mixed in my greens drink, I took the fulvic acid minerals 300X strength 12 drops from optimally organic. In the evening I took one ounce in 8 ounces of water of the Wu Jin San Fulvic acid from Bioag.

The fulvic acid from Optimally Organic was bitter that's why I hid the taste in my greens drink, but the Wu Jin San has no taste at all, so I could take that in water.

Just a few more things I want to add before I close is the amount of energy I had. It did not seem to matter if I had 2 hours sleep or 9 hours sleep, I always had the energy to make it through the day. I also found myself happier, laughing so much more, I just feel better all way around. I still get my monthly, and it has been steady for these 3 months. Exactly 31 days cycle, like I did when I was young. This past year and a half, my period became irregular, sometimes it would come every 3 weeks, sometimes I would miss a month, never knew when it would hit, but these 3 months have been right on Q. I hope I covered everything, and was clear enough for everyone. Writing is not my best feature, Peace, Rena.

P.S. BTW 49 year old female

EC: Fantastic feedback, thank you Rena!

Replied by Ronit
Byron Bay, N.s.w Australia
Hi Rena from Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa. Thank you for your detailed post from 3/6/2010, I would like to obtain information from you regarding purchasing the fulvic acid you were using, Can you please send me a private email and let me know where you buy your fulvic acid? I would really love to know. Thank in you advance Ronit


Replied by Cazroid
Ogallala, Ne, United States
Rena, If you're still involved with this process I'd love to hear from you and the direction things have gone for you with Fulvic Acid. I was curious about your using Bioag's Wujinsan vs. Optimally Organics products and what your results were. Also is it a problem that the Wujinsan comes in a plastic bottle? Any and all information you might have to share if greatly appreciated, I'm just embarking on the dirt eating/drinking pathway! Thanks! Caswelldoug(at)

Posted by Candice (Walker, Louisiana) on 09/30/2008

[YEA]  Fulvic and Humic Acid: This stuff is abosolutely the most amazing natural cure i've tried yet. I have some kind of hormone or thyroid condition and the doctors were never able to find anything wrong with me. It's caused all kinds of problems. Irregular periods, forgetfullness, weight gain, dry cracked feet, no energy, hair loss, dry brittle hair etc. I have taken humic and fulvic acid for 18 days and have so much energy (like drinking 5 cups of coffee) Also I can finally remember things. It was so bad I would forget what I was talking about in a conversation. I have stopped losing so much hair and am losing weight. We will have to see if if helps the irregular periods and cracked feet. But thing stuff is absolutely amaging. I got it from _____. Contains 72 minerals and vit c, a and e.

Replied by Regina
Miami Beach, Fl
Can you please send me a private email and let me know where you buy your fulvic acid? I would really love to know. Thanks

EC: Please include your email address inside your text comments, otherwise it won't appear on the site. Thanks!

Replied by Lonnie
Houston, Tx
would like to know where to find this humic /fulvic acid here in usa....where did you get yours...would be greatly appreciated....thanks lonnie
Replied by Joe
River Ridge, La. 70123
I would like to know were i can get the humic acid Ted is talking about.

Replied by Cindy
Cochrane, Wi
dear earth clinic,

i would also like to know of sources for humic acid.internet searches are confusing. don't know if you are spending on a good product or not.would you be willing to e-mail good product and sources. thank you so much for earth clinic,i found this site a year ago and thankful i did!

EC: Sorry, never bought or researched humic acid! We'll open the door on this one and let people post product names that they like.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
Hello Cindy, this is Merryanne in FL,,I purchased Fulvic Acid from there is humic also but I purchased the Fulvic acid powder,,I have not used it yet, I have been trying to solve some fungus infections, I do plan on using it soon, unless I resolve this problem soon...good luck,,and for most of my other vitimins and mineral I use, good health and happy days, Merryanne
Replied by Paula
Oakland, Ca, Usa
Hi all,

I am looking for the best source of fulvic (or humic acid) for humans and pets. Would you please email me your sources?

Thank you so much!

Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa
Replied by Raj
Princeton, Usa
Replied by Khali
Puerto Rico
Where can I buy in a reliable place the Fulvic/Humeric water?
Replied by Lisa
Il, US
Candace from LA--please email me regarding your post. Thanks in advance!

Where to Buy Info  

Posted by Dr R.k.khatri (Mumbai India, Maharashtra) on 04/14/2012

Dear Members, Best source of Fulvic/ Humic acid is Leonardite based. And this is in colour of dark brown to black and acitic Ph 2 to 3. This should used with non-chlorinated water and should be free from any heavy metals and becteria before use.

Regards, Dr R.K.Khatri

Posted by Dr R.k.khatri (Mumbai India, Maharashtra) on 10/22/2011

Dear Members,

I being the doctor don't prefer to have non-organic and food grade fulvic acid. I get it from natural sourcefrom Europe Fulvic Acid in 100% powder form and dilute here in India for my pateints to get best results if anybody interested more about Fulvic acid please contact me at rajuk_7(at)


Dr R.K.Khatri

Posted by Sarah (London, Uk) on 08/13/2011

After going round in circles like everyone else on this forum, reading loads of dodgy fulvic acid sellers' claims, I've finally decided on a way forward.

Crucially he recommends two competing brands, which are much cheaper than some of the other websites mentioned and also come from established healthcare companies with a notable absence of hysterical marketing: I find this very reassuring. Just tried a bit of Brand A - broke open the capsule and took the powder in water - and feel uplifted but not frenetic. Early days: I will give it a month or so and report back.

Replied by Zaf
London, Uk England
hi I have seen your link but has no information about where to buy the fulvic acid can u please tell me if this new product is any goood Zeolite I have been reading about zeolite and many say beware im very confused is there any uk seller selling fulvic acid :( HELP ( TO CURE MY ACID REFLUX HAD FOR 2 YEARS :(! )
Replied by Sarah
London, Uk
Hi Zaf,

It's down at the very bottom of the article - it suggests either Enzymatic Therapy's complete metal cleanse (which is made from fulvic acid concentrated from a Hungarian bog) or Morningstar Minerals product (it has a few on iherb). I'm experimenting with the former - I want to give it a bit longer before I really comment, but so far I'm very pleased and think it's actually working - both more energy and less stressy. Just don't take it last thing at night, I'm finding I don't sleep well and have very weird dreams if I do. Zeolite stuff is a whole other can of worms - exactly like fulvic, lots of manufacturers with wild claims and attacking each other - very difficult to find anyone who has done research with their own product. Good luck! - and do tell me if you try either of the products above, interested to compare notes...

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
I've tried both the expensive liquid (Wairora) and powder (Zeoforce)..

It is hard to measure their effect but both seemed to help with brain fog, clarity... I experienced a slight cramping with the powder and both would give a slight headache from dehydration... important to drink lots of water taking it..

I won't buy the Wairora brand anymore because it is multi-level marketed which explains some of the aggressive selling tactics on the web... The Zeoforce is probably a better deal... It does seem to help when my system feels off or acidic... However I don't take it too often as I am waiting for more science to back it up... proceed with caution is probably the best advice on this...

Where to Buy: Australia  

Posted by Cally (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 03/06/2010

My search for fulvic acid was endless. It was very difficult to find which fulvic acid was the best. Could you please tell me where I cay buy a high quality fulvic acid. I would prefer it to be in Australia but in the end if the quality is good I am willing to buy it elsewhere as well. Thanks a lot.

Replied by Angel
Anaheim, Ca
Hi , I found the best fulvic/humic/zeolyte and other trace minerals and the whole family is using it even my Mom and my Dad. It does wonders. Even my friends are now using it. If you are still interested to know where I buy it from pls provide us with your contact info. I am buying it from outside US and they mail it to me directly for my personal use.
Replied by Caruso
Davison, Mi
Where can I purchase the best fulvic/humic/zeolyte and other trace minerals?
Replied by Nicole
Sydney, Nsw
I am not sure where you live, but I know Newtons Pharmacy on York Street in Sydney sells zeolyte.
Replied by Bonnie
Queensland, Australia
PLEASE help me find the true Fulvic Acid in Australia. I came across the WuJinSan online and wonder if anyone has found it here in Australia. If not, what is the next best thing? Thanks!
Replied by Prioris
I notice that WuJinSan doesn't list any information regarding concentration. It's hard to tell what amount one is actually getting. I think the mother earth labs gives much more bang for the dollar. I can't give you any help regarding where to find it in Australia.
Replied by Danton
Washington, DC
One of the cheapest and most bio-available sources of fulvic acid is Blk water. It can be purchased in most health/grocery stores. It is purified fulvic/humic trace mineral complex + spring water from near Polar Wisconsin. Since it's already in a liquid form, I believe that it's the best source of fulvic/humic acid (Shilajit). The mythology (which always contains truth) is rich and vast concerning the healing potential of this substance. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is at the top of the list as far as healing, detox, and longevity.

Where to Buy: India  

Posted by Sumanta (Kolkata, India) on 12/01/2011

My UC detected 6 months back. I had colonoscopy and also have Asacol, Mesacol and Steroid Wysolone. But it didn't work. I still have diarrhea. Loose stool and stomach pain after eating. I would like to know if I found Humic Acid in India / Singapore. Also is there any chance to get it from California?

Where to Buy: Internet  

Posted by Dmitriy (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 08/09/2011

if anyone interested in humic acid in bulk form you can go to I just bought it from them but never used it yet.

Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
Hi Dmitriy, I got mine from the same place. Have you used it yet? I'm still formulating, but will post when I do.


Replied by Pete
Austin, Tx
I tried kelp4less humic & fulvic acid mix. I mix a liter of pure water to a teaspoon of mix and drink about 20 oz. a day.

My results so far is that I feel like it helps me hydrate when I'm thirsty. It counteracts acidity I noticed too. Also, when you feel run down for no reason, it seems to neutralize the toxins inside of you and makes you feel better. It's supposedly great for counteracting radiation.

Replied by Linda
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
Hi Peter from Austin :-), I am writing to thank you so much for posting this; I have actually posted this very question just now, before I found this. Now, thanks to you, I am able to extrapolate from your post what I should do, and I feel that I have enough information to proceed.

BTW my Fulvic/Humic came from the same place ( :-) great people :-) ), except that it sounds like you might have got it as a mix, whereas I got the powdered Fulvic and granulated Humic acids separately.

Once I get my stuff blended and tried out and have an experiential opinion on it, I will post back here; I do not know how long that will take though. I do want to put some safeguards into my blend which will not impair the Humic/Fulvic activity, yet will be precautions for sanitizing things in case it is necessary because of processing, etc...

Thanks again for posting Peter :-). I would be interested in hearing your further thoughts on this BTW, if you have any further experiences to add to it by now...

Stay well, Linda

Replied by Sadie
Hi both, I am trying to locate some fulvic/humic and this company does ship to the uk. I was wondering how you both got on with your purchases from them. regards