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Posted by Christie (Ontario, Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

Although I have not been using cold showers to treat specific ailments, I have been finding that in spite of an incredibly limited amount of sleep lately (3-5 hrs a night), the cold showers in the mornings have helped to revive my senses, increase blood circulation, and increase clarity and concentration(I only wish I had the opportunity to take one in the afternoon!). I did not know that cold showers were advised against during menstruation but that explains my intense aversion to them at this time and I won't be trying to endure that experience again. I have used cold showers at the end of very warm showers for about ten years now fairly consistently, however, I have switched to only cold showers in the morning under the direction of my yoga teacher trainer, and have noted that I feel I am gaining more benefits from the cold as opposed to the hot-cold routine.

Posted by Anonymous
5 out of 5 stars

I have a freezing cold shower twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, which I've added to my already extremely vigorous exercise routine, as well as sleeping in the nude, and I can't even begin to extol their virtues by saying how wonderful they are.

Posted by Fernanda (Sydney, Australia)
5 out of 5 stars

Well, I guess I will be the first woman to say how great it feels to be having cold showers first thing in the morning.. My dad who is studying naturopathy began about 2 months ago to have cold showers in the morning then went back to bed for 10 mins for his body to warm up!! I have been doing the same for 3 weeks and I feel mentally more alert, with more energy and the funny thing is that when ever I feel a little bit hot, my body is craving to have another cold shower.. my complexion is looking so healthy and I don't have to use moisturizers any more.. I recommend for other women to try this. You will benefit so much from it.. so go for girls give ur self that cold shower!

Posted by Justin (NYC)
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking cold showers for a year, the results have been tremendous. I don't take any vitamins, no herbs or supplemental vitamins and I haven't been sick once B''H. Any time I have a stomach ache or injury I feel the healing system in my body working more efficiently, helping me to heal quicker. After a really cold shower, and I have taken some cold ones, I feel invigorated and excited about life. Some in NYC where the water gets really cold or in the mountains in northern Israel where the water is absolutely chilling. I was laughing it was so cold. But I feel great, I trust my body and my immune system, I have confidence in my body's ability to heal itself. I feel my internal systems are functioning at their potential. Though, I have to admit, it is hard to motivate to go into a cold shower, but every time afterwards I say to myself it's so worth it. I tried to explain to my parents, okay big mistake, and they thought I was crazy, they're right. I hear the Seal song in my head, "we're never gonna survive, unless we are a little crazy". Get in there! justin

Posted by Andrew
5 out of 5 stars

I ALWAYS take a cold shower first thing in the morning (before my 10 mile, cross country, bare-chested, run, and another one immediately afterwards. These are invigorating and extremely healthy. I have been told this by the doctor who gives me two thorough medical examinations per year.

Posted by Dat (Phoenix, AZ)
5 out of 5 stars

I used to sell books door to door, and it is required that everyone of the 100,000+ students in the sales force wake up at 6 am and take a cold shower. This is done religiously and even though we all worked 80+ hours a week, this activity is actually considered one of the hardest to do. Everyone takes a cold shower in the morning, and it is interesting to note that people who stop performing this activity usually quit the job.

Posted by James (St. Louis)
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking cold showers (very cold) about a month ago due to high gas bills. I have also done some research on the topic and have found that many cultures from India to Russia have practiced this for hundreds of years. Russian boxers do this for toughing up the skin before a fight and as the topic above Indians have been practicing this for health benefits mental and physical. The most dramatic benefit I have found is sense of smell. I never realized how smelly hot water is. Also after taking a warm shower, you smell as if you didn't clean yourself an hour later. Start taking cold showers help yourself and the environment!

Posted by A student
5 out of 5 stars

Cold showers have increased my mentality to greater heights. My grades have sky-rocketed since I began four weeks ago. I guess it stimulates the mind by creating an irregular natural sensation, so making it regular works wonders both mentally and physically.

Posted by Robert (New York City)
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking cold showers for 2 years and have found them to invigorate both my mind and body. I had heard that the Russians did a study demonstrating that alternating hot & cold showers could boost recovery rates by 20%. So, I started taking them after work-outs. It seems to boost mine. Additionally, I have noticed my skin to be much better. Fortunately, the water in NYC gets really cold. Presently, I am living in London for a while and I only have a bath tub, so after a warm bath, I get out and refill the tub with ice cold water and then submerge myself. This method really works well. Glad to see that others are just as crazy as me.

Posted by Joe (Pocatello, Idaho)
5 out of 5 stars

I recently started taking cold showers just out of the blue. I'm not sure why, other than I know that the heart is pumping harder trying to keep the body warm, and it seems that anything to help with the circulation is going to benefit the body. I started mainly because I had been out swimming with the dog in the cool river, and when the temperature outside is nearing 100 degrees, the water feels so good. I came home and once again was feeling drained by the hot weather, so I jumped in the cold shower, and have been doing it since. It's sort of a challenge each day to see if I can stand taking it all the way down to the left side of the dial where the hot has completely stopped, and the water is so cold it takes my breath away, but that's the fun of it! It almost feels like pushing to run that extra mile or lift weighs for another ten minutes. The warm sensation when I step out is really invigorating.

I do start off with it just comfortable enough to get into, and then cycle it down pretty quickly after that. Years ago I would do cold water in the middle of a hot shower, so that I didn't get out shivering, but I wonder if that has the same effect. Certainly seemed much easier to do when I knew that I was going to turn the hot back on in a minute, just the same way jumping out of a hot tub to roll around in the snow before jumping back in was always a rush.

Anyway, nice to know that my cold showers are doing good things for me after all, and thanks for the informative site!"

And more helpful feedback from Brendan, writing to us from Ireland: "I have been taking cold showers every morning for the past 9 months and find them extremely invigorating both mentally and physically. I am not a medical person and have researched the topic of hydrotherapy to learn more and found from experience the following to be true. To take a cold shower it is important to take one after, not before, a hot shower. The coldness of the water is bracing, but like swimming, is something your body adapts to. If you get a pain in the back of your head or start shaking uncontrollably, the water temperature is too cold and you have lost your wits!! It's a health regime, not an arctic survival course! Cover [with water] all parts of the body, especially the joints, the feet, head and stomach, which will improve blood flow and digestion. Coming out of the shower, you will find yourself alert and warmed up and like a good breakfast, will set you up for the day. If you have any questions please drop me a line. All the best, Brendan.

Replied by Cris
Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania

Is it better to begin with hot or warm water then finish off with a really cold shower or just a cold one from beginning to the end? Thanks a lot!

Posted by Al (Atlanta, GA)
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking cold showers for two years now, every morning, and sometimes in the evening. I am addicted. I start my day with an energy level that is not possible to attain in any other fashion of which I am aware. I don't get sick in the winter, even when I go out without a shirt on. I don't take warm showers at all anymore. I used to think that I was a little nuts, but now after visiting this web site I'm relieved. I've only told a couple of my closest associates about my addiction to cold showers since most people would find it hard, if not impossible to appreciate or understand. I have also dispensed with air conditioning in my auto and home. I find myself returning to the days of my youth when such modern conveniences were non-existent. I walk a lot also. I practice the separation of mind and body, and cold showers assist me in taking control of the body through the power of the mind. I readily confess that cold showers are now a way of life for me and I feel blessed that I accidentally found out about this magnificent therapy when our heater went out and I was forced to take my first cold shower. Take care and God bless. It's time to take my shower! Al Jefferson

Posted by Toussaint (Louisiana)
5 out of 5 stars

After three years of hot-cold showers in the evenings and cold-cold showers in the mornings, the only regret I have is visiting locations where the water just doesn't get cold enough... I've found no other remedy that awakens such innate energy and realigns my ability to focus and concentrate.

Posted by Sid (San Francisco, CA)
5 out of 5 stars

I take a hot-cold shower 7 times as recommended by Dr. Schultz. At first I thought this was excessive but it wasn't at all. Moreover, it encouraged me to involve myself in taking cold showers at all. I found after 3 hot-colds that my body tolerated the cold much easier and by the time I got to the 7th time I was able to endure the cold shower easily. The results are remarkable as it easily brings me out of depression and brings good cheer and optimism to my heart. Moreover, my energy levels are high and I can then take my exercise routine with no difficulty whatsoever. There are too many good points about this discipline and I would encourage anyone to undertake this to do. If it is winter time and you feel really chilled out then it may be better to really arm up your body with a very warm shower until you feel enough strength for the first cold shower. And, it may be tough so do it for only a few seconds if you feel your body is weak. Then hot again until you feel strong enough to do the cold again for a few seconds. If after the third time you find it is chilling your body too much then I would not continue.

However, there is a distinction between a healthy body that can endure and enjoy the hot-cold routine and someone who may have a chill that has weakened the body so it is best to start the hot-cold routine during the summer or when you are feeling well rather than start it when you are tired, feel weak and lacking energy. Moreover, people who exercise have better circulation and can naturally enjoy the difference. I have tried taking only a cold shower but my feeling is that there is a distinction and that the hot-cold may have an extra edge on getting a better circulation and it will certainly encourage non-participants in getting involved. If anyone has other thoughts or info on this I would be glad to receive their input.

Posted by Jason (Belmar, NJ)
5 out of 5 stars

i am so happy that i literally stumbled across this web site. i have been a "polar bear," for the past seven years and it is the the greatest day each year. Not only do you get to raise money for a great cause, the Special Olympics, you get to jump into the icy cold Atlantic, 38F this year, and what a charge you get. i live right near the beach and i try to get up there as much as possible, especially in the winter. When i go i like to take a few handfuls of water and rub them on my face and head if it is not bitterly cold out. The feeling of the ice cold water on my face head and in my beard is amazing. i always believed that there was healing properties in the ocean, but i never knew that was such great benefits from cold shower therapy. i can't wait to start. Thank you so much.


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Posted by Kp (Punjab, India) on 05/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

i read about cold water shower yesterday and tried it today. it took me off from my depression medicine.