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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Hydrogen Peroxide Cures and Health Benefits

Last Modified on Apr 25, 2016

Hot Tubs  
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Posted by Deborah (Edmonton, Canada) on 05/03/2009

Hi, This information may be on your site somewhere but I haven't accessed it yet. I was wondering if you could tell me of a chemical free solution to keeping a hot tub. The therapeutic value of hydrotheray is nullified by the chlorine/bromide we have to use. I do have an ultraviolet light. Do you recommend food grade hydrogen peroxide?

Thank you

Replied by Ron S
Lloydminster, Alberta
[YEA]   I have used food grade h202 in my hot tube for many years. It works well.
Replied by Trena
Virginia Beach, Va, United States
My husband and I no longer want to use chlorine and bromine and all the other toxic chemicals in our hot tub either. I've done a lot of research and hunting to find natural alternatives. I have found 3. We are trying the first one right now. I can't give any brand names or anything but I can tell you it is a colloidal silver. Emptied and cleaned the hot tub taking out all parts possible and cleaned with a toothbrush. Filled up the hot tub with tap water using a carbon filter. All I did was dump the 16oz bottle of colloidal silver and it's been sparkling clean for a month now. We use our hot tub every night. But here's the kicker. We do shower every time before we get in the tub. Bought 35% H2O2 and when I empty the hot tub after 3 months....I will try this method but I won't use the carbon filter to fill the hot tub with this method. The 3rd one I will try will be another natural product. All I do is dump one bottle in every 3 months and that is it. So far the colloidal silver product is awesome! No smell and we are so clean!

Humidifier With Hydrogen Peroxide  

Posted by James (Havelock, Nc, United States) on 07/23/2013

How many drops of 3% food grade peroxide to add to air concentrator humidifier bottle half full ( about 8 oz.) for disinfection. Don't want it so strong it burns my sinuses or lungs or can taste it. Appreciate any help.

Hydrogen Peroxide Additives  

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/02/2010

Well here's something interesting that I've just found. I use HP quite alot, looks like the FDA are trying to squeeze out HP for internal use completely. Probably part of their Codex Alimentarius tactics. It seems that perhaps even food grade HP may not even be so safe from additives. Here are some extracts:

"Food grade and Technical grade hydrogen peroxide are essentially the same. However, the FDA regulates among other things the processing of Food grade hydrogen peroxide.

For Example:

The manufacturer produces 10 drums of technical grade H2O2. He would test the first and the last drum for quality and purity. The FDA inspects or test all 10 drums. All 10 drums are now considered to be food grade H2O2 after the additives added by the manufacturer for compliance. If the packager pours food grade H2O2 out of one of those drums into a smaller container, it is no longer a "food grade" unless that smaller container is also tested for the FDA compliance."

"Hydrogen Peroxide Grades

3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Drug/Grocery Store Variety)
Used as antimicrobial agent for treating wounds and sanitizing agent
[Made from 50% Super D Peroxide, Diluted. Contains stabilizers - phenol, acetanilide, sodium stanate, tetrasodium phosphate among them.]
[This peroxide contains known chemicals do not ingest!]

6% Hydrogen Peroxide
Used by Beauticians for Coloring Hair. Used as sanitizing agent.
Comes in strengths labeled 10,20,40 volume. Must have activator added to be used as a bleach.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process. Do not ingest.]

30% Re-Agent Hydrogen Peroxide
Used in medical research.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process. Do not ingest.]

30-32% Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Used for washing transistors and integrated chip parts before assembly.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process. Do not ingest.]

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Also 50% Food Grade H2O2)
[....*....]. Also used to spray inside of foil lined containers for food storage - known as the aseptic packaging system. [...*...additional information removed for FDA compliance]
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities dependent on manufacturing and dilution process.
--e.g. This Food Grade Hyrogen Peroxide is Stabilized using tin based formulations ]

35% Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Used for waste water treatment and the disinfection of potable water, cosmetics, and laundry applications. [...*...additional information removed for FDA compliance] [May contain a small amount of phosphorus to neutralize any chlorine in the water it is combined with.]
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET & Technical Details: Hydrogen Peroxide (20 to 40%)

35% Standard Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Also 50%, 60%, 70% Standard Grades)
Used mainly for bleaching in the pulp and paper industry and in the textile industry; oxidation reactions in the chemical industry; environmental processes (detoxification and deodorization). Used for Waste water treatment.
[Contains stabilizers, additives, and impurities Do not ingest.]

90% Hydrogen Peroxide
Used by the military as a source of Oxygen at Cape Canaveral. Used as a propulsion source in rocket fuel.

99.6% Hydrogen Peroxide
This was first made in 1954 as an experiment to see how pure a hydrogen peroxide could be manufactured. "

It seems that even food grade HP will have stannous or tin stabilizers in it at a minimum. This won't stop me using HP though, since I only use drops anyway, but the article is interesting.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Birth Control  

Posted by Sara (Ohio) on 01/15/2014

Hello, Can one continue Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, while using the NuvaRing? Do you know if there would be any issue or adverse health?

Hydrogen Peroxide and Stabilizers  

Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 08/24/2013 | 156 Posts

My question is for Ted/Bill, I have asked this question earlier also but so far no answer has been given to me, and it is very important for people living in India. I have even gone to people who make H2O2 and they have told me that demand for food grade H2O2 in India is so little that it is not viable for them to make it and it is very unstable so if they make it and is not sold, it is total loss to them. I therefore had requested Ted/Bill to give their advice whether one can take the normal (non food grade) H2O2, as we are taking Borax which is for lab use only. Why I am emphasising this question is that we in this part of the world are being deprived of the benifits of H2O2. How harmful are the stabalisers which they put to make H2O2 stable for lab/external use only? Ted/Bill please take some time to answer my question so that once for all this subject can be taken out of my mind one way or the other.

Thanks Baldev

Replied by Ed2010
Baldev, I bought 20 mule team Borax in local grocery for $10 here in canada. It was nearly 1 kg I guess. The better way for you to buy is try for reputed people in Ebay. It does not hurt to try. All you need is money. Good Health
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Baldev, for inhalation of h2o2 Bill Monroe uses plain stabilized h2o2 from any drug store. Personally, I just put some diluted plain h2o2 in my mouth and breathe "thru" it 6-7 breaths then spit it out. Seems to help any respiratory problems for me.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Vitamin E  

Posted by Sean (Richmond, Va) on 12/11/2009

Ive read the instructions on how to take hydrogen peroxide and it says to also take Vitamin E while you are doing the treatment. Do you take the Vitamin E before , during, or right after you take the dose of h2o2? I know you're not supposed to eat anything 3 hours before or an hour after taking h2o2

Hydrogen Peroxide Baths  
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Posted by Dreena (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 06/25/2010

[YEA]  Here is my experience so far using hydrogen peroxide:

I started a month ago, trying out the baths, the inhalation method, and also the food grade drops internally. For anyone who is worried that the h2o2 bath is less useful since it's used externally, don't worry about that. The baths work just as effectively. In fact, I've had to taper off the number of bottles (32oz at 3%) I use per bath, from 4/day to just one, because my detox symptoms started to become pretty bad. I've done a lot of metal detoxes, and I recognize from those the same anxiety and flu-like symptoms when my body can't clear out the toxins fast enough.

Anyway, for me drinking the drops in water led to a lot of nausea which was a deal breaker, so I stopped. The throat spray seems to have been incredibly powerful, but I stopped doing that as well since it irritated the back of my throat. The good news is, if you have those problems, you can easily get the same results from the baths alone. And they make my skin look excellent as well.

What I want to mention though is this: it is possible to overdo it! Someone else on this site wrote about a "hang over" effect from the h2o2, and I think that must be what I've had? I believe that the h2o2 is building up over time, and that it needs enough space between doses to clear itself out? Has anyone else had a similar experience, finding the upper limit on the dose they can handle? And what happens after that?

Overall, it seems that my muscles and joints are less rigid than before I started. I'm taking the h2o2 for persistent low level arthritis and fibromyalgia. Thanks so much earthclinic for providing such valuable information!

Posted by Ana (Knightdale, Nc, Usa) on 12/29/2009

I want to try Hydrogen Peroxide baths. I would like to know how often should I have them. Everyday? Every week? I would appreciate any input that anybody might have. Thank you in advance.

Hydrogen Peroxide Capsules  

Posted by Norma (Illinois, US) on 08/20/2014

Does anyone know if the Zero2Sixty Oxylife capsules work and also Earths Bounty Oxycaps? they both have good reviews on Amazon the only difference seems to be (besides the price) is the Zero2Sixty lists only 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide as the only ingredient and oxycaps lists sodium, potassium and calcium as ingredients, I would personally think the zero2sixty would be better for breathing problems. does anyone have any suggestions?

Replied by Timh Donate

The Oxycaps are essentially oxygen "precursors" of Sodium Chlorite w/ potassium and calcium stabilizers or buffers. With adequate or higher levels of these nutrients, the body naturally produces "more" oxygen than normal. I would recommend the Oxycaps taken first and if necessary add the H2O2 products to maximize O, probably in about a 2:1 ratio.
Replied by Norma
Illinois, US
You don't think it would be harmful to take both of these hydrogen peroxide capsules at the same time?

Hydrogen Peroxide in Humidifier  

Posted by Roula (Arlington, Virginia, Usa) on 02/10/2013

I'm reading all this wealth of information on about HP and respiratory issues. I want to try what I learned on my 3.5 year-old-son who has pnueumonia. Then I got to thinking, would putting HP in the air humidifier be an effective way to transport the it into the breathing ways leading into the lungs?

I couldn't find any discussion on this topic, and hoping to start one with this inquiry. Thanks!

Replied by Cat
Tauranga, New Zealand
Just a word of caution: Humidifiers are known to be extremely bad for health, whereas de-humidifiers are safe. The best ways to humidify a home are as such: 1) Place as many plants as you can fit onto your window ledges. The plants will release moisture into the air through transpiration. 2) Once you've finished in the bath, leave the water overnight to cool and some will evaporate into the air and humidify your home. 3) Place bowls of water in rooms of your home, these will evaporate eventually, then just refill. 4) Try and do as much cooking on a stove top rather than in the oven. The stove top cooking allows moisture to be released - the oven will dry your home out.

p.s. not to mention you'll save heaps on electricity!!

Replied by Argentina
Indiana, Usa

I use 7 drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in a gallon of water. Can I use this water for cooking also. Make coffee etc... or will the heating cause any benefit loss or all?


Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and Supplements  

Posted by Lizajane (Id, United States) on 02/07/2014

Hydrogen peroxide therapy and accidental iron intake: Just realized that our brand of multi-vitamins added iron (10 mg) to it's formula. I've been doing the hydrogen peroxide treatment (ingesting) and am now scared that I may be hurting rather than helping myself. Have of course stopped the vitamins. Any advice or thoughts on this? Should I stop the treatment completely? Seems like you can get added iron in your diet in multiple ways (cereal, etc.) without realizing it, so I'm sure some of you others must have dealt with this. Any help will be much appreciated!

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
Lizajane: Vit-C is very important for the assimilation of synthetic iron supplements, so do make sure this brand also includes the Vit-C or find a brand without iron and be sure to eat at least 1 serving of cooked liver per wk and/or Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) as these two foods are the best forms of Iron. A B-12 w/ Folate will help the body use the Iron for the production of Red Blood Cells. A broad spectrim Vit-E suplement will greatly increase the lifespan of the Erythrocyte thus reducing the need for Iron.

As for the H2O2 therapy, be sure to first alkalize the body to maximize the Oxygen levels in the cells. Also, if you are using the H2O2 for infection issues, I would rotate, on a weekly basis, w/ herbal antibiotics like Neem, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Garlic.

Replied by Lizajane
Id, Usa
Thank you for answering, Timh. I will try your suggestions. My body definitely doesn't need MORE iron (according to lab work), so I avoid it in supplements. I'm on the hydrogen peroxide therapy for sinus problems and general preventative (ex-smoker, fibromyalgia, etc.) and am up to 21 drops 3 X daily, so I really don't want to stop now..too hard to get here! Just wasn't sure how much damage that multi-vitamin with iron might have caused. I do get lots of Vit C. Thanks for your thoughts...past and future.
Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
Lizajane: It is difficult to determine what oxidative damage might occur w/ the H2O2, and this therapy should only be temporary; that's why I suggested the herbal antibiotics for rotation. As for general protection, which seems appropriate in your condition, continue your H2O2 course and monitor for results, but eventually what your body needs firstly is nutritional antioxidant protection. This is an entire science in itself, so do familiarize yourself and begin fortifying your body.

Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy  
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Posted by P (Middle, Fl) on 10/27/2011

Those with interest about hydrogen peroxide, here is an interesting read! Explain its uses & how to's! Also list locations to purchase and places whom do it intravenous all by state.

" If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, there bodies will soon be in as sorry state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny. " - Thomas Jefferson -

Took this from the link above, AND I love it! Sort of describes our motives! =]

Posted by Charlie (Stoney Creek, Ont) on 10/07/2010

Does any one know what the protocol is for intravenous administration of Hydrogen peroxide? From my current research, it appears that it is mixed with D5W. What I would like to know is the exact protocol of H2O2 IV administration. Please share here and reply to my email provided.

Replied by Alan
[WARNING!]   Anything intravenous should be done by a licensed professional. Intravenous H2O2 is not a folk remedy or supplementation, it can easily lead to death. This is an extremely dangerous discussion to be having here.

IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy  

Posted by Terry (Hcm City, Na ) on 06/30/2013

H202 IV injections: What is the correct ratio of 3% FGHP to saline solution (100ml, 500ml) for injection?

Jock Itch  
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Posted by Thomas (Homewood, Il / usa) on 02/17/2009

[YEA]  I've had 'jock itch' now for around 20 years. It comes and goes and is always worse in the summer. I've tried all the creams and sprays and all they do is suppress it and control it. I ordered some food grade H202 on line, 35% and just dabbed it on with a cotton ball and it immediately turned white and started to burn, I let it burn for about 20 seconds then jumped in the shower and rinsed it off. I did this again at night.The next day I diluted it by half and applied it again for as long as I could stand it, no longer then a minute. As I did this I noticed that the fungus was spread around a larger area then I ever imagined. I had small areas that went from my inner leg all the way up above my pubic hair. Anyway after about 10 days the insidious fungus was eradicated and hasn't come back! Thank you Earth Clinic. I am now huffing H202 a few times a day and I gargle with it twice a day and notice my teeth are getting whiter and cleaner. Who knew?

Replied by windjroby
Twin Cities, MN
That was what I wanted to know about some forms of yeast and bacterial BV I have been trying for quite sometime to get rid of BV and cronic yeast infections and it always comes back I havent been sexualy active for quite sometimes but for some reason I can't seem to rid myself of the terriable smell that comes with these issues and I realy want to know if it is safe to douch with peroxide eve the food grade one I am looking for answers to this issue so please someone who has been through this respond.
Replied by Pahlee
Phila., Pa.
windjroby>>> I feel you in this, I am battling this problem as I type, but I read on this site that half of h202 and half of h20 in an enema bottle that you may purchase from the store, empty out the solution and add 1/2 h202 and 1/2 of h20, insert, try to hold it in for a few seconds, of course u r laying in the tub w/o h20, for 7 days, u will see the difference and the odor will have gone immediately, good luck, it benefited me, the odor is no joke, God Bless
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

1223 Posts
Hi Thomas...I had jock itch for 7 long years. The area affected went right round from my genital area and on my inner thighs to my rectal area, big red welts.

I researched jock itch and found out that tinea cruris (jock itch) was exactly the same as tinea pedis(athletes foot). Both are the same fungus.

Initially I started using athletes foot powder during the day, and after my shower at night I would douse the whole area, front and back with ordinary Milk of Magnesia (MoM) using cotton wool(this is very soothing, bye the way). I would leave this on all night, then wash it off in the shower the next morning. I was amazed when the jock itch completely disappeared without a trace within 3 days !! Killed it dead.

Leaving the MoM on overnight might not be such a good idea for those with sensitive skin. You can also apply the MoM and leave it on for just 20 minutes -- until it's dry and powdery -- then and wash off. The MoM has a pH of 10 -- very high -- which kills all fungus, yeast, bacteria etc. It's also best to apply a hydrating cream onto the skin area afterwards because MoM has such a drying effect on the skin.