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H2O2 Side Effects  

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Posted by Evelyn (New York, Ny, Us) on 09/18/2011

Side Effects:
We had been using food grade hydrogen peroxide in a humidifier for many months.

My nearsightedness has suddenly gotten worse for near distance, for example, signs in supermarkets. My boyfriends' eyes have gotten a lot worse in conditions of glare and haze, he had photosensitivity before but it has become a big problem.

We stopped using the hydrogen peroxide in the humidifier because that is the only new variable.

Does anyone know if hydrogen peroxide caused these problems? At no time did our eyes feel irritated or did I feel he was putting in too much. If damage was caused, what would reverse it?

Replied by Dud
From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa
Both of your symptoms indicate that the "lens" of your inner eyeballs could be getting clouded over by cataract-like distortions.... possibly due to the h2o2 free radical damage [?].

There is a protein-glycogen substace called acetyl-L-cysteine [spelling?] that is being used as eye drops to reverse cataracts. Improves about 75% of people who try it.

search it on a scroogle search.

Remedies Especially for Cataracts

*The use of carrots is considered beneficial in the treatment of cataract. Take plenty of raw carrots daily or else drink two glasses of fresh carrot juice, one each in the morning and evening.

*Eat two or three cloves of raw garlic daily to clean the crystalline lens of the eye. The cloves should be chewed slowly.

*Extract the juice of pumpkin flowers and apply externally on the eyelids twice daily to prevent further clouding of the crystalline lens.

*Mix an equal quantity of aniseed and coriander powder together with one teaspoon of brown sugar, and take the mixture in doses of 12 grams in the morning and evening.

*Place a few drops of raw organic honey in the eyes twice or more each day. This is an ancient Egyptian remedy which is reported to have benefitted many people with cataracts.

*Finely grind seven kernels of raw almonds together with half a gram of black pepper and place in a half cup of water. Sweeten with raw honey and drink the mixture to help the eyes regain vigor and clarity.

*Twice daily, close your eyes and bathe them with hot (but not scalding) water containing Epsom salts. In addition, take an Epsom salts bath at least twice a week. Remain in the bath from twenty-five to thirty-five minutes till you perspire freely. After the bath, cool off gradually.

When it comes to eye remedies, the best results may well come from combining one or more of the suggested remedies.

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a small organic molecule with a disultide bond. It is a superb antioxidant that is soluble in both water and fat. ALA is an important coenzyme for the production of acetyl coenzyme A. Dihydorlipoic acid (DHLA), it's reduced form, is an electron donor that recycles other fundamental antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione). ALA and DHJLA are superb free radical scavenger themselves because they neutralize peroxyle radicals [36], hydroxyl radicals [39] and singlet oxygen [38].

ALA is also a metal chelator that removes mercury from tissues [17], prevents calcium oxalate crystals (stones) from forming in the kidneys [21, chelates copper [28], and removes arsenic [18].

Lately, there has been a great explosion in ALA research. The lipoic acid/dihydrolipoic acid redox couple inhibits viral replication by stabilizing the NFK beta transcription factor [4], blocks the development of cataracts [24], protects the kidneys form aminoglycoside damage [35], insulates the pancreatic islet cells form inflammatory assault [7], inhibits thymocyte apoptosis [8], and stimulates the production of helper T cells [15]. In addition, the toxic side effects of cancer chemotherapy can be attenuated with the use of ALA [5] and it protects bone marrow from free radical damage secondary to ionizing radiation. [33].

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
I would be very concerned about taking Alpha Lipoic Acid if as stated it chelates copper and iron. These are two very important minerals for the body. Copper as I understand it is one of the most important minerals.

Posted by Julie (Columbia Falls, Mt) on 11/30/2010

Side Effects:
Has anyone ever had red eyes from taking the dosage three time a day. I started getting red eyes when I hit six drops a day.

Replied by Nay
Sacramento, Ca, Usa

Side Effects:
I just started taking H2O2 (35% FGHP). I am at 5 drops twice a day. I noticed red eyes yesterday, I am not sure if it is because of H2O2 or something else. In a few days, I am planning to go for 6-10 drops 3 times. I will update results.

Replied by Ali
Swansea, Wales, Uk
The HP has triggered detox in my eyes. Gobs of gloop and crusts in the morning. Fantastic. Better out than in! Red eyes is just detox. It should pass. Keep going.

Posted by Sistertongue (Albuquerque, New Mexico, Usa) on 10/01/2010
1 out of 5 stars

Heavy metal interaction with H202 caution. I had been happily using h202 for several months, then started have concerning heart palpitations, though I was not linking this in any way to h202. I live in an area with high naturally-occurring arsenic in the water supply. A neighbor mentioned that most filters do not filter out arsenic and that I should be buying drinking water. This little tidbit caused me to look up arsenic poisoning - which fit my symptoms exactly: headaches, confusion, drowsiness and heart arrythmias. The latter is where the h202 caution comes in. I read that "arsenic in cells stimulates the production of h202. When h202 reacts with certain metals such as iron or manganese, it produces a highly reactive hydroxyl radical, " which can cause neurological imbalances and disruptions in the electrical-voltage complex of the heart, resulting in disruptive intervals in the QT (that's that lovely little bio-battery we all have that keeps our heart beating at regular intervals). I stopped taking h202 immediately and stopped drinking my water. I have begun a heavy metal detox (I am also having old mercury/silver fillings removed right now) and will complete this before I go back on the h202. I think it important that, if readers have been exposed to metals or other harmful toxins, they may want to consult with health care providers about h202 interactions before proceeding with its use.

Posted by Sunny (Chennai, India) on 09/24/2010

Side Effects:
Hi Ted
This is Sunny from India. I am a 35 year old woman with two kids aged 7 and 31/2 years. After my second son is born I got severe hyper pigmentation and Melasma and also my immunity came down and I put on 10 kg s of weight. I get frequent colds and cough which are so severe that I used to be on bed for at least two days a week. Then I saw Earth clinic and started Food Grade H2O2 therapy and also Baking Soda. I am using right now from past four months and I want to stop now as my sicknesses came down drastically. But one side effect is that my face and neck has turned to almost black after I started using H2O2 and Baking Soda. In a country where skin color and complexion is given predominant importance I am not even able to step out of the house. I tried many cosmetic treatments like laser, peels which only further aggravated my problem. They told me to avoid working with computer as it sends UV rays and increases pigmentation. They gave me many suggestions to avoid sun through windows also at home, avoid going out in the car too in daylight even with sunscreen. These are so impractical for my lifestyle and anyhow I am avoiding direct sun exposure. My rest of the body is a shade better as usual but it is also darkened a little after using H2O2. Only my face, neck and feet are very hyper pigmentated. So my now only hope is alternative and folk remedies. So Ted please help me why all this happened. Does H2O2 aggravate hyper pigmentation? Now my only help is YOU. So please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you

Kind Regards

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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Actually I have made update in the protocol here to make it more effective. I have a few cases of melasma that seems to respond better with the magnesium chloride solution remedy. Basically it is made of 60-70% magnesium chloride and 30 to 40% water. The solution is applied to the skin four or five times a day. So if the hydrogen peroxide did not work, the magnesium helped. There is another one that had similar problems and seems to respond to B2 100 mg, folic acid 10 mg and B12, but this one seems helped gradual clearing up of the skin after about a month of supplementation. It's important however that bowel movement is maintained at once or preferably twice a day, by taking perhaps 20 to 30 drops of magnesium, 30 minutes before meals. If there's enough cases of melasma, I can at least say which ones worked the best, but what I do know is in some cases of melasma, it turns out to be a vitamin B deficiency. That's why B2, B12, and folic acid works. However, some B50 vitamin B complex may need to be taken also, but that's usually twice a week or three times a week maximum to once a week minimum.

Replied by Sunny
Chennai, India
Here Ted posted as an update for the protocol to make it more effective. But there is no any protocol post. For me it seems there was a protocol post which he made and later updated it. EC, did you miss any of the Ted posts regarding this. Please look into it and clarify at your earliest convenience. You can e-mail me also. Thank you

Kind Regards,

EC: Hi Sunny,

Ted is probably referring to the remedies posted here:

and here:

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand

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H2O2 might aggravate hyperpigmentation, but I haven't seen a case here that had it. Magnesium chloride seems to be most consistent in resolving this but it is rather slow. In some cases if hyperpigmentation is due to sun exposure, usually aloe vera oil works, but is applied lightly. In yet another case, I found melasma came from a vitamin B deficiency, such as B2, riboflavin and was quickly resolved in a week or two. However, I prefer to try B2, with some vitamin B complex. Usually B2 dosage I used is about 100-250 mg.

Posted by Oz (Miami Beach, Florida, Usa) on 08/31/2010

Does hydrogen peroxide treatment causes the body hair color to change? Since the beginning of the current treatment of hydrogen peroxide that I start I notice that my eyebrows hair becomes brown/ blond (my normal hair color is black). I tried to look for any kind of post about it- and I could not find any post that talks about such an event. Is this normal or am I the only report on the hydrogen peroxide Therapy I already went through the daily level of three times a day and right now I'm taking the 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE every 3 days 20 drops and soon I'll start to take 20 drops once a week.

Replied by Tricia

89 Posts
HP will definitely cause hair colour change if applied directly onto the hairs. It is an ingredient in hair colour. Internally, I haven't seen any reports on this site but I do remember that at some stage the New York Times(I think it was that paper)published an article about a university study that claimed an excess of HP in the body caused premature greyness. They weren't talking about ingestion of HP but conversion of another chemical to HP within the body.

Posted by Lisa-lou (Perth, Wa, Australia) on 06/20/2010

Side Effects:
I have just started h2o2 therapy orally and would like to know if bloating and uncomfortable bladder is normal. I started with 3 drops 35% hp to 230mls water.

Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) on 05/18/2010

Side Effects:
I have tried Hydrogen peroxide as it supposedly has many cures, so I was using it to clean my teeth. I gargled with it one morning and 4 hours later almost ended up in the emergency. I had so bad pains that I never experienced in my life, I thought it was having something worse than a heart attack. It was like heartburn, tightness, everything mixed together. Well after 2 hours it subsided and I then went to my doctors for a complete physical, which still taking tests. He realized then I must of swallowed some of the stuff and luckily it did not do more damage. It could've burned right through my insides. He thought I was crazy to do this. Never again will I use the stuff. Please do not use it for teeth or internally at all. I warn you all. Thanks Laurie

Replied by T
Maryland, Usa
I've used HP as a mouth rinse (including keeping it in my mouth for several minutes sometimes) for at least a year, and I have had absolutely no ill effects from it, nor any damage to my mouth or teeth.

I have never gargled with it (don't see the need). Obviously you want to avoid swallowing it.
Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
ANSWER To Laurie from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada:

Hi Laurie

Don't gargle with h2o2, especially not with 3% solution if you are not very careful.

For mouth hygiene it does not have to be 3%. I make my own at 2% and it is quite effective. It could be 1.5% or 1% or the way you can tolerate it.

What you do is you swish with it, and when it is all foam you spit it out. And rinse with water.

1-You can swish with diluted h2o2 solution.

2-You can swish with solution 1 mixed with some baking soda. The baking soda will neutralize the acidity in the mouth, making the h2o2 more effective for killing the bacteria.

3-Spray your toothbrush with h2o2 and put some baking soda on it and brush your teeth. Rinse with water, than swish with solution 1.

search for homemade mouthwash and tooth paste.

google "baking soda mouthwash"

You will find these below

To know more about how to use h2o2 for health go there

Good Luck

Alain from Ottawa

Good luck
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Maybe you used a different concentration? I think that people should always mention the concentration of what they are using in cases where many concentrations are available! Thanks!
Replied by Cameron
Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Could you please post what concentration of H2O2 you were using as your report is very unusual. Were you using food grade H2O2, how much were you using i.e volume, number of drops at what concentration?

I gargle H2o2 twice daily with no side effects 5ml in 50ml of water, I have ingested H2o2 also with no side effects. 3% food grade always.

I was told by a Pharmacist friend that I would get Cancer from H2o2, conventional medicine does not like alternative remedies and seeing how H2o2 is a known Cancer buster I did not bother to respond. I also suspect your doctor jumped at the first and easiest diagnosis that being a reaction to H2o2.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
My husband, who has a degree in Chemistry, advised me never to use H202 in any way or form. According to him it is a very powerful, dangerous chemical. As I know nothing about these things I have to take his advice but I always follow with interest what people post here about the subject. In my country, Portugal, it used to be used to stop bleeding from wounds for example and to make the hair blond.

Posted by David (Marbella, Spain) on 05/07/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects:
Half way through completing 20 day master Cleanse lemonade fast I started taking daily dosage of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in carefully monitored drops increasing to limit of 25 & subsequently decreasing dosage down to 3 drops, 3 times a day. On day 20 I felt as good as I ever have in my life

1 week after I developed continual pins & needles in my hands & fingers & weakness & instability in my legs that has stopped me from running daily in the gym.

I am currently awaiting results from a complete clinical analysis to determine what is wrong.

has anyone experienced these or similar symptoms or can anyone offer a diagnosis?


Posted by David (St. Albans, Wv) on 04/27/2010

Side Effects:
After the 7th day of 35% h2o2 therapy I had to stop. I noticed shortly after beginning the therapy my stool were almost black. I was afraid it was causing some sort of bleeding. My stools prior to this therapy were normal. Hopefully I didn't damage myself with this experiment. I was up to 10 drop 3x per day in 7-8oz. distilled water. Never had bowel movements that dark before that I can recall.

Replied by Rainman
Central, Vt
I would be careful of using distilled water long term. It depletes minerals because it is an active absorber. I know there are a lot of myths out there about useage. But, there are facts. I wanted to find something that everyone would trust so I turned to a post by Ted in the distilled water remedies section dated 12/16/2008.

"1. Long term used of distilled water is not healthy
2. Distilled water only short term use may help detoxify, but never use more than for a couple of days.
3. Distilled water depletes the body of bicarbonates, causing metabolic acidosis in the long run.
4. Some people use medicine added to distilled water to help absorption. This doesn't work for me because you are going from a lower concentration of distilled water to a higher concentration blood. Hence, more concentration of blood would not help absorption."

I'm not sure I understand what peroxide can do to distilled water but, I am concerned that it could make it worse and acidic.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge can enlighten us... but, thought a word of caution should be raised regarding long term use... which the h2o2 therapy is for. I think Alain from Ottawa, Ontario in an answer to Lucy below was a good idea. She mentioned adding baking soda to the mix. Which sounds like a really good idea according to the information provided by Ted regarding bicarbonate absorption.
Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Comment to Rainman from Central, Vt about hydrogen peroxide and distilled water (internal use)

As per

"I would not put the drops of hydrogen peroxide in anything but highly distilled water (grocery store distilled tap water is not acceptable, either get double distilled tap water or distilled natural water). The reason is that other chemicals in water may cause a chemical reaction that prematurely strips the extra oxygen atom from the hydrogen peroxide atoms."

As per the possibility of detrimental long term use of distilled water, I saw both sides of the arguments. Those recommending distilled water would say that the minerals on water (especially hard water) are not bio-available and will create with time mineral deposits and stones. I am not saying that I agree with this. At the moment I don't know enough.

My feeling is that for a person whose pH is balanced, this may not be a problem, and that a person whose is acidic will have its body try to use those "non bio-available" minerals and creates deposits and stones.

Replied by Liz
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
The black stool is toxins being expelled by your body. It means the H2O2 is working. When I first started psyllium husk, my stool got very dark. It gradually - over several months - lightened back up. This was the toxins in my digestive tract. (My cholesterol went from 227 to 186 in three months. ) Recently I started chlorella and my stools are very dark again. I am happy to see this because I know what it means.
Replied by Ali
Swansea, Wales, Uk
I can't figure out this thing about using distilled water. Rainwater isn't distilled, neither is sea or river water, or ground water, yet they all contain trace elements of H202! I can understand not putting H202 in chlorinated water, but not in filtered spring or mineral water. Healing artesian springs contain both H202 and minerals.

I also don't understand why the H202 needs to be so radically increased. H202 in 'living' water is only in very minute amounts yet is beneficial. More is not necessarily better. Surely regular ingestion of minute amounts (1 - 3 drops 35% HP in 8oz water) is better in the long run than large unnatural quantities that cannot be tolerated very well. Healing spa water often contains in the region of 0. 25% concentration. If that is healing at that level wouldn't that be enough?

Posted by Lucy (Sleepy Hollow, New York) on 04/19/2010

Side Effects:
I was doing a 6% h202 therapy on myself by drinking the food grade type but i started getting ear and throat pains after drinking it for a few days and i even have a lump on my left side neck where my throat is.

Do you think i should keep on drinking it and put some eucalyptus oil in my ear and gargle with water and the oil while im going thru the therapy if i must keep on taking the H202?

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Answer to Lucy from Sleepy Hollow about H2O2 side effect

Hi Lucy

You should tell us what you exactly did.

The maximum concentration for internal use is .5% as per Ted's
"In the alternative health field, the maximum is actually 0.5% concentration. Actually and optimum H2O2 concentration was first determined in 1950s by Dr. Reginald Holman by implanting Walker 256 adenocarcinoma tumours. The drinking water for the rat used H2O2 optimum concentration needed to kill the tumors were about 0.45 percent.

Tumors completely disappeared in 15 to 60 days in rats. Of course a better way is to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in the glass of 0.45% concentration of H2O2. This can be extended to treatment of almost any kinds of conditions, from virus, bacteria, microbial infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, flu, etc. My own experience of using just baking soda (also increases the body's oxygen) and ascorbate vitamin C about three weeks for a small tumor to go into remission.

A more effective I think in the future of peroxide therapy is to add baking soda to the 0.45% concentration to normal drinking water since baking soda is alkaline and increases oxygen, while the peroxide furthers this natural increase."

To reduce 6% to 0.5% take 1 volume of FG 6% H2O2 mixed with 11 volumes of distilled water. But since it is the maximum you should start with much lower concentration and increase gradually. You can start as low as 0.05% (and even lower). H2O2 is powerful stuff. It is better to be on the safe side.

-Use Food Grade H2O2.
-Drink the diluted solution on empty stomach.

For more info on the use of H2O2 you can go to

Good Luck


Posted by Pam (B.c., Ontario) on 03/26/2010

Side Effects:
I have a question for anyone who might know.

I am on the H202 oral treatment and following according to Ted's recommendations and now have the detox symptom of a bad head cold. I know that this is detox because I don't get colds!! I haven't for many many years. But now my children have this same head cold; and are NOT on the treatment, so I'm wondering if a detox symptom like a cold can be contagious. I understand that h202 can kill parasites in the body and I've learned from Hulda Clark that inside a parasite lives many viruses including cold viruses, and that when a parasite dies it releases them into the person-host. So this detox of a head-cold might be contagious then right?

Has anyone read anything like this or had a similar thing happen? I then gave the kids all 5 drops of h202 hoping it would stop this cold - but it hasn't done anything. Any ideas?


Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.s.a.) on 01/15/2010

Side Effects:
I have been ingesting the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted to a 3% solution...I am currently taking 1oz in 5ozs of water, 3xs daily, for a week and then I increase...however during the course of this protocol I have noticed that it is exacerbating my immune system conditions...also, when checking my urine ph levels, I was already acidic, but it seems to have made it worse for me. I am at a 5.5 when taking it...can anyone suggest why this is the case and what I can do to make myself more alkaline? Would a combination of baking soda, or apple cider vinegar do the trick?

Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.S.A.) on 01/09/2010
1 out of 5 stars

I tried the popular internet dosing routine for the diluted 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide protocol, about ten days ago. The protocol that I attempted was as follows:

Day 1: 3 drops, 3xs a day
Day 2: 4 drops, 3xs a day
Day 3: 5 drops, 3xs a day
Day 4: 6 drops, 3xs a day
Day 5: 7 drops, 3xs a day
Day 6: 8 drops, 3xs a day
Day 7: 9 drops, 3xs a day
Day 8: 10 drops, 3xs a day
Day 9: 12 drops, 3xs a day
Day 10: 14 drops, 3xs a day
etc.etc. up to 25 drops, 3xs a day.

I was only able to complete this protocol for at least ten days.

When I first began I diluted the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide drops in about 6-8ozs of water. It immediately began killing my stomach and so I increased my water to about 9-11 ozs...11 ozs is way too much water for me to ingest at one made my stomach feel as if it were going to blow up...then someone suggested that I dilute the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 8ozs of milk which I tried, to no avail...In the past I have suffered from stomach ulcers and this regimen most certainly exacerbated my condition, or perhaps created a new felt like it was ripping my stomach in, perhaps this solution must be further diluted, I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that the initial protocol, that is widely distributed via the internet, was without a doubt a tremendously painful experience for me. I am not in any way indicating that it will most certainly be someone else's experience, verbatim, but nonetheless I feel the need to share what has happened to me in order to possibly aide someone else in their attempts. I do not think that the former protocol for diluted 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is good for ulcerous must be extremely careful if you have these issues...that is really all I can say...

Replied by Bunny
Santa Ana, Ca
If you have an ulcer you should deal with that first. 2 ounces of fresh cabbage juice 5 times a day for a couple of weeks will usually do the trick. Most ulcers are caused by NSAIDS (aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc.)so you need to watch those. If this doesn't improve things you'll need to have your doctor run a few tests to see if something larger is going on.

Posted by Phoenix75 (Carmel, Ca, U.S.A.) on 01/09/2010

Side Effects:
And here are my thoughts on the 3% store bought hydrogen peroxide:

First of all I have seen all of the postings, via the internet, about using the 3% store bought hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash, etc. so I tried it...on the back of the bottle it says to mix it with an equal amount of water...well, first off I tried it mixed with an equal amount of water and I also tried a miniscule amount of it mouthwash...I gurgled it around in my mouth, morning and night, after made my gums extra sensitive and made them crack open and bleed, all over...the one thing that it did do was kill the toothache that I, perhaps I did not dilute it enough, or properly, etc. and again, I state that this is only my personal experience, and as such, it may not be applicable to everyone else, but it is important to note, nonetheless...

Replied by Astralclean
Atlanta, Ga
In 2007 I went on the h202 therapy and so did some of my friends. They had reactions like diahrea, stomach cramps and such but plowed through it.

I didn't have any reaction but I started out with 1 drop per day in 6-8 oz of water but also added Colloidol (spell?) silver-they work great together. I worked my way up to 11 or 17 drops per day with no reactions.

It may be that sometimes the detoxing in the body that goes on can be somewhat painful or a discompfort and I have read that the stomach may blow out a bit-theres a lot of stuff in the body that is dead and the H202 is eating it up, but not harming the healthy tissues.

Anyway, it was a great experience for me because it lowered my hepatitic C viral load from 23,000,000 copies down to 5,000,000 copies. I stopped because you ARE supposed to NOT EAT 3 hours before and for 1 hour after, maybe that is why I didn't have problem with it.

I love coffee first thing so I made sure I woke up during the night/am-3-4am to drink the H202 (kept the container I was using in a bucket of ice water to keep it cool during the night)and went back to sleep. This way I wasn't going throughout the day with out eating for such long periods of time.That is why I stopped, but I am starting back slowly now to kill the rest of the virus. I am starting with 3% in a gallon of water so that I don't have to fast yet and will work my way back to the normal protocol of NOT EATING 3 hours before and 1 hour after-I like to eat! 8-)

Posted by Echorae (Linesville, Pa.) on 08/04/2009

Side Effects:
I've been on the hydrogen peroxide therapy for 13 days now. My question is: Has anyone noticed a change with taste. Food just doesn't taste the same. Is it Me?!