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Fountain of Youth and Anti-Aging Remedies

Last Modified on May 17, 2016

Multiple Remedies  
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Posted by Tania (Stockholm, Sweden) on 10/21/2005

[YEA]  Hi. I guess I do look far younger than my 51 years coz people think I'm in my thirties! I smile when people ask me how do you look so young? I smoke and seldom drink beer but I think it's the heart forgiveness and keep smiling keeps you young. Prayer also. I use sunscreen mixed with a few drops of moisturizer everyday.I also take a mineral mulitvit b complex with has the omega 3 included in the pill. I walk my dog for 10 mins trice a day. I hardly keep good meal hours but sleep 8 hrs is a must even if it 2.30 in the morning. I use a scrum on my face once in ten days. That's it. And you know what I can walk as fast as a teenager if not faster! My skin body and hair is yummmmm! luv to all tania.

Posted by Monique (San Francisco)

[YEA]  I am a massage therapist in San Francisco. I am 39 but people guess my age is anywhere from 23 - 29. I think it has to do with a number of contributing factors. Since you asked, I will share them with you! First, I try and get enough sleep. If I don't get enough sleep one night, I make it up during the day with a short nap. Just lying down for 10 minutes often revitalizes me. Since I give a lot of my energy to my massage clients, I am careful to work out and keep my body vital with energy. At the same time I am careful not to work out too much! I lead a relatively serene lifestyle... boring to some, I am sure... I do think my lack of addiction to adrenaline and my determination to maintain my body at optimal vitality contribute to my youthfulness!

Neck Massage With Castor Oil  
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Posted by Anna (NYC, USA) on 09/16/2009

I have been looking over your skin and fountain of youth remedies. What surprises me is that no one is mentioning the neck! I have come to conclusion after looking at myself in the mirror and people-watching that the neck gives it all away. It doesn't matter how smooth your face is, if your neck is wrinkled and has lost elasticity, you can look years older than your age! I am 37 years old and my neck looks like it's been through the wringer. When people guess my age they guess older, not younger, even though I have no wrinkles!!! I don't know if this will make a difference, but I am started to massage my neck every night with castor oil. I will let you know if it works. I would like to know if people agree with my observation or if I am loco en la cabeza!!!

Replied by Lee
New York, New York, New York
I couldn't agree more. The neck is everything. I have a friend who had a face lift - her neck gives it all away. Can't wait to hear how you do with caster oil. Good luck!
Replied by Catherine
Seattle, Washington
Thank you for reminding me about the neck! I massage my face every night after showering with castor oil but have not been applying it to my neck. The castor oil is amazing! I have given up my expensive creams because it works even better and my skin is soft and dewey. The tricky part is getting the timing right. I need to apply the castor oil early enough in the night so that it has a chance to absorb into the skin, otherwise I make my pillow all oily. I have tried to put a towel on the pillow to absorb the oil, but I wake up with towel lines on my face and they don't go away for at least an hour!
Replied by Sue
Risbane, Qld Australia
Hi, I cannot agree more, the neck seems the first to fall! I have just found this site in the last week, after searching everywhere for natural remedies bought on by the seeing my neck in a photo. I have taken photos and started ACV/ VCO internally and externally last week, so hope to see changes over the next few months. Also I am trying oil pulling, but so far have not been able to last longer than 5 minutes! Any tricks to keep it in longer?

I have Hashimoto (no thyroid action) so I am still taking throxine, just ensuring I leave 4 hours before ACV drink.

Does anyone have a face lightening recipe for age spots? I am rubbing ACV and lemon on the area at present.

And with everyone else a big THANKYOU for this site - I am addicted!

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA
Someone in the latest posts wrote about their oil pulling and how they could not get beyond 5 minutes. They asked for suggestions but when I scrolled back up to search for it, it was gone. Anyway, I too had the hardest time the first couple times I tried so was discouraged and didn't take it up until 6 months later desperate to finding something to relieve my hip pain. One day on this site reading the oil pulling testimonials, I thought I'm a fool for not giving this a chance and started again determined to make it work. Well, I have not given it up because the results were miraculous for me. I have been doing it steadily now for about 2 months. What I do is oil pull first thing in the morning while I read email, garden, play a game, surf the internet, read Earth Clinic, etc. Getting your mind off it really helps. I found that if I focused on the oil pulling I have the urge to gag and spit it out. Hope this helps. Keep at it though, it's worth it- at least in my experience.

EC: Found the post you were referring to!

Replied by Tahiti
Monroeville, Pa
Hi Sue! Addicted to this site? Me too!
Replied by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Since castor oil does not soak into the skin easily, I decided a couple of weeks ago to rub castor oil on my face and neck before I go on the treadmill in the morning. I figure since I end up sweating so much, when the pores open the oil will absorb into the skin easily which has been the case. If you jog outside then you will look like a grease monkey - so it would not be such a good idea.
Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio
[YEA]   Hey, im 30 and I use castor oil nightly, and its fabulous. It literally gives a glow to the skin, but it is oily, so usually what I do is, after liberally applying it, I moisten a towel and lightly wipe the excess off. Thats all you can do, as it will get all over your pillow otherwise.


Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 12/23/2012

Hi Everyone, I want to post this great interview with Donna Gates speaking on the gut health, probiotics and the connection of these with anti-aging and emotional/ mental health. She speaks on aging and living well. And what is crucial for men as they age. I hope you take the opportunity to listen.

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the audio interview. Best of health to all, Lisa

Raw Food Diet  
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Posted by Sylvia (Bradenton, Florida) on 09/24/2008

[YEA]  Apple cidar vinegar in conjunction with the raw food diet lifestyle helps me stay young.

Replied by Caitlin
Austin, TX
[YEA]   I was once vegetarian for about a year but had to quit because I was always dizzy, lethargic, and moody. My hair began thinning at that time, too. Turns out I have low iron assimilation as well as Nut, milk, gluten/protein intolerances. Ion pills gave me migraines. I had these problems as a baby; mom, bless her heart, didn't know this as she happily bottle-fed an immature, colicky gut and fed me regular food too early. I made sure my daughter was breastfed and that her first meals were not grain or cow's milk based. Warm stewed apples with a dash of cinnamon is a great dish to start a breast-feeding young one on. Now, she does not have the stomach problems that I have. She simply glows and she does still avoid excess milk and wheat. She mostly eats and makes chi/thai food.

You are right about a raw food diet; it does work! I did this for a week many years ago and I looked incredibly younger, seeing a difference after only 4 days. People thought I was my husband's daughter. But, it was soooo hard to maintain alone and with my low iron problems. My body craves a little protein and feels great when it gets it without grains or milk, my nemeses.

Interestingly, I once did a 30 day fresh carrot and veggie juice fast before a birthday; it was enlightening. I had to take an enema every other day as the bowel system functions less during this time. After the 3rd day I was not hungry and became committed to the full 30 days. BUT, around the 21st day - OH MY GOODNESS - I had an overwhelming desire to hit the toilet and the black tar that came out of ME for 20 straight minutes was astounding. I had NO idea how clogged and rimmed my colon had become with years of viscous, putrid, tarry offal. It wasn't pretty and it smell to high heaven; my husband opened all the windows. Afterwards, I had this overwhelming sense of spiritual lightness and a desire to finally eat. Elated, I goofed and ate pizza! Go Figure an Idiot! That cleansing experience was a wake up call that I ignored. So now, with diabetes dogging me I am committed to getting this body to a place it has always wanted to be. I totally get it that on this planet it is the ONLY thing that is truly MINE. It is the temple that houses ME and I've kept it very unclean and I reflect this. Well, enough is enough. As a friend once said, "Cat, we're not 16 anymore and our bodies are telling us this every day. We gotta listen." Sooooo, I'm listing now and I've made my body a LIFE PROMISE and I'm getting it together. THANKS BODY for waiting on me. :)
Replied by Vina
Powder Springs, GA
When you are on raw foods, how can you be sure you are getting all the nutrients that is needed? I am interested in going raw for a while. Is there a food chart of the foods to eat to make sure you get the proteins and nutrients that is needed? Please advise on where to get more info on raw foods. Thanks
Replied by Cat
Austin, TX

I once read of a group of pure raw foodists who, after many years on this healthy diet, began feeling decidedly ill, with declining health. They found that their B12 and iron stores were extremely low despite eating high protein vegetables like sprouted grains and exotic fruits and taking B12 shots. They decided to try 3oz of high quality lightly braised liver which is full of iron and B vitamins. Some tried cottage cheese. They were astounded with the results which included complete alleviation of their sick feelings. These old dudes began advocating eating a small amount of meat or cottage cheese at least once a week. Still, there are a lot of dogmatic purists out there who believe in only raw fruits and veggies. I found that they have no answer for genetic allergies which can cause many health problems as well as death. For some, allergies go away on raw as the stomach gets better and some not. There are sooooo many raw food books at health stores and on amazon and the diet is all over the net. Just read and find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

I personally decided after much experimentation and research that what works best for me with diabetic genetics is the following: 1 fruit, large amounts of raw salad, raw juices, and 3-6 oz of cooked meat daily. This works because I'm totally allergic to, in all their forms, wheat, soy, corn, oatmeal, nuts,seeds, egg whites, oranges and all milk products. I will say one thing; the first time I tried raw juices and it was just for 4 days, my hair grew an inch. I know this because I had a brand new straight perm and at the end of 4 days, I had an inch of coiled new growth all over my scalp. So raw is extremely nutrient dense. Research and experiment with what works best for your own body with its unique chemistry and genetic inheritance. Raw does works but follow the rules that work for you.

Replied by Preet
New York, USA
Well, while raw food is healthy and is helpful in alleviating many health problems, an inch of hair growth in 4 days is not possible.
Replied by Catlin
Austin, TX
Hi Preet: I acknowledge your skepticism. If I had not just gotten a bone-straight-to-the-root perm, I would agree. But after 4 days on RAW, I could FEEL AND SEE that inch of soft new-growth, healthy virgin hair. I'm aware that the norm for hair growth is, more or less, up to 6 inches a year. I'm a 4-5 incher per year at best and that's why this was SO astounding. It NEVER occurred before or since my 4 day experiment with RAW. Such an unusual happenstance, a sure thump to the noggin, showed I was seriously lacking nutrients for better hair growth as well as better health.

Oh dear! before I forget, something else happened. My husband, daughter and I were driving to the bookstore on my 4th day and as GOD IS MY WITNESS my vision suddenly brightened and, like an old wily coyote binocular experience became extremely focused and my ears popped; in that order. Colors were seriously brilliant and brighter, as if I had been seeing at half clarity all along and sounds got instantly louder as if my ears were suddenly unplugged. I sat there a moment, without speaking, taking it all in. To say I was astounded would be an understatement! I tried to explain what was going on to my husband and daughter who was in the back seat, but they laughed and looked at me as if I was making it all up to convince them to go RAW. I wasn't, this actually happened. I ALSO had never experienced THIS before or after going RAW. Another thump to the noggin, perhaps? Saying this now, remembering it now, leads me to conclude that incorporating lots of raw into the diet is the way to go. Hope I haven't confused anyone, but it's all true. Thanks, and Peace Out -CAT

Posted by Ronn (Bountiful, Utah) on 03/30/2008

[YEA]  Dear Sirs, I am 58 and could pass for 40. My face is very youthful looking. I have very few wrinkles and have had no blemishes for years. My diet has been make up of as many raw foods as I can. I eat a steady diet of raw organic nuts and seeds. There is a great web site,, that I purchase them from. In addition I never wash my face with soap only with warm clean water. I use an oil after shaving called Squalane, oil from sharks I believe. I have for years put on a moistureizing lotion each morning after my morning bath. Hope this can be of help to some of you out there.

Red Beets  
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Posted by Julian (Crosby, Texas) on 08/03/2007

[YEA]  In Slovack villages the people live to be 100 years old. Many have tried to learn the secret. Scientists Believe that Red Beets ( that the slovacks eat like americans eat carbs) Is the secret to longevity.

Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, PA
I have just found that red beets strongly alkalize the body (much preferred state)!
Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx
wow - i hope this is true. i dearly love red beets. my favorite way is to steam them and then use a sauce made of brewers yeast, olive oil, tamari, tahini, ACV, and a little water and shake it up and it is wonderful on beets!

Rhodiola and Vitamin E  
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Posted by Sandy (In the sticks, Nevada) on 08/04/2008

Hi, I tried the rhodiola & Vitamin E fountain of youth formula and it didn't seem to help me in any way. I believe this is because of the brand I was using. If you could email me directly and share the brand of rhodiola you have had results with, I would be very grateful. Also, is there an easy way to take flax seed oil other than mixing it in cottage cheese? Thanks in advance for your help.

EC: Sandy, unfortunately I can't remember the name of the rhodiola that I bough a few years ago (at Whole Foods) that produced such good results except that it was liquid gel cap and it came from Russia... perhaps Nature's Way? It was quite expensive, that I do recall. The second time I bought the rhodiola, I bought the capsules containing powder and it didn't provide the same results whatsoever! In fact, I got a bad headache from it... I haven't tried it since then.

People have been reporting taking flax oil straight up or mixing it in salad dressing.

Replied by Robert
Manhattan, New York
EC: you may be referring to Gaia which makes a liquid cap. I have only tried 2 brands Now & New Chapter. I honestly cannot recommend one over the others, though only going by the quality reputation that New Chapter has, I've decided to try it for a while. I found the 300mg capsules too much, causing anxiety and now take just half in the mornings which seems to work fine. Someone commented on the softness of my skin (I am 48) I was surprised, though I attributed it to the occasional omega 3 supplements, pycnogenol, and turmeric I regularly take. Pycnogenol has some studies behind it for it's benefits for skin elasticity.

EC: Thanks for the info, Robert!

Replied by Robert
Manhattan, New York
Someone commented on the softness of my skin (I am 48) I was surprised, though I attributed it to the occasional omega 3 supplements, pycnogenol, and turmeric I regularly take. Pycnogenol has some studies behind it for it's benefits for skin elasticity.

Posted by Pinki (Chicago, USA) on 12/17/2007

[YEA]  Dear All, I was really looking for a remedy for open pores on face due to acne and when I browsed for remedies posted by Ted, I found that taking zinc acetate as one of the remedies. My skin and hair are not oily, they are more on the drier side but still I have immense hair loss. Also, I have pores on my face due to severe acne I had as a teenager. Also, I have been taking Rhodiola and Vitamin E for glowing skin which is working wonders. Do you still recommend me taking zinc acetate for shrinking my pores on the face? If so, should I stop taking Rhodiola and Vitamin E then? Please Let me know. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks, pinki

Posted by Clara (New York City, USA) on 04/05/2007

[YEA]  I recently started taking rhodiola and vitamin E in the mornings and afternoons, and I've noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. My skin is more radiant, and I have a lot more energy than I used to. However, a word of caution -- two rhodiola capsules per day might be too much for some people. I noticed that after the afternoon dose I was feeling a little nervous, jittery, and restless, so now I take only one rhodiola capsule in the morning, and I take the vitamin E in the morning and afternoon, and it seems to work better for me. I'd highly recommend this remedy, but be careful with rhodiola if you're at all prone to nervousness and/or panic attacks.

Posted by Artemis (Bismarck, ND) on 02/19/2007

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I started Rhodiola about a week ago for the "fountain of youth" benefit. When I added the Vitamine E, I experienced severe, nearly arthritic pain in joints and muscles. I have not experienced the improved sleep pattern, either. I plan to stop the herb a few days then restart on lower dosage.

Posted by Earth Clinic (Los Angeles, CA)

[YEA]  We've just simplified our fountain of youth formula after experimenting for the past 6 weeks. The concoction we listed here previously takes too much time and energy to carry on for more than a day or two!

We have noticed that along with drinking plenty of water, the 2 supplements listed below will take 5-10 years off your face within a matter of hours. Unfortunately, these effects are short lasting. If you stop taking the supplements, your glowing and youthful skin will disappear once the supplements leave your system...


1. Drink at least 8 glasses of distilled water a day.
2. Take together, 1 Rhodiola and 1 Natural Vitamin E capsule first thing in the morning, and then repeat the supplements in the afternoon.

You will notice that the combination of rhodiola and vitamin e causes your pores to shrink. This combination is almost as good as getting a facial.

The supplement from Siberia called Rhodiola costs around $30 for a quality brand. Make sure to read our fact sheet first to see what you need to look for. We tried dropping the supplement to see if just water and vitamin E would work and decided that no, this was an important component. Similarly, we don't think you can just take the Rhodiola and get these fantastic results either. It's the combination of rhodiola and vitamin e water that is so potent.

If you decide to try this combination of remedies, give it a few days and then please let us know (yea or nay) what you think!

P. S. 1: No, we don't sell Rhodiola, but you can read more about it here.

P. S. 2: The following combo produces immediate results if you already exercise regularly and eat well (i.e., no fast or junk food). If you don't, this concoction may not work at all.

Replied by John1230
Delhi, Delhi, India
What is it called in India and where can I purchase it from? Thanks

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Posted by Ashaki (Garner, North Carolina) on 06/26/2007

[YEA]  how to look young -- i always get a good sleep and put a hot cloth on all of my bumps and boils.

Supplements and Outlook  

Posted by Reina (NY, NY) on 07/20/2008

I will be 50 and look 30 (according to what I am constantly told).....I work out everyday, (run, weights, stretch, sit ups), drink ACV, take MSM, C, E and am a vegan and a beginning raw food live it person. I do not sleep a lot of hours and am very intolerant of toxic people, places and things. I laugh at myself and at life since I will sooner or later. I totally accept myself as I am as long as I am doing something about me and my life.

Ted's Remedies  

Posted by Li (Nashville, Tn) on 01/21/2014

Ted from Thailand, what tips would you recommend to always stay healthy and to slow the aging process down. Are there certain lifestyle changes and supplements that give most bang for the buck? Thanks.

Replied by Mike62
Li: A loving God gives his thankful children everything they need in each habitat to thrive. One of the poorest people in the whole world, a 95 year old tarahumara walked 50 miles over rough terrain because he ate right. A world wide celebrity who lived in mansions and rode in chauffeur driven Mercedes Benzes, Julia Childe, suffered for decades because she did not. Very poor people like myself have 4 advantages in this harsh environment of the 21st century, the internet, the global economy, enlightened knowledgeable wise men like Ted, and religious people who love their neighbor like Bill. Lucky for some of us we are able to get refrigerated organic whole flours for 1c/20 calories. Fermenting them with water kefir grains makes them more potent. The Chinese detected 4x the energies coming from resveratrol in hu zhang when fermented for 1 day. Fermenting adaptogens in liquid phyto caps from North Carolina can give a calm energy to all the systems. Brewing 3g yucca powder and 3g fresh harvest incredibly potent maca in 1 pint kefir fermented with organic whole buckwheat flour delicately poises mitochondrial proteins and turns on 2 longevity pathways. A 17 blend mushroom extract from Washington is the best fungi. Vitamin c from organic strawberries increases the absorption of the polysaccharides. Raw fermented wild harvested ocean nutrients have the highest energies. Skate liver oil from Nebraska and Thai fish sauce brewed for 2 years are best. Carbs are for fuel. The man who ran 120 miles per day for 5 days ate 95% carbs. Organic whole sugars, raw honey, raw organic fruits, kefir, and activated barley are best. Protein is for structure, enzymes, and neuro transmitters. The super foods non denatured whey isolate, colostrum, raw cocoa powder, non defatted desiccated liver, Hawaiian spirulina, and chlorella are best. Fats are for the cellular wall. 1/2 saturated, expeller pressed coconut is best, 1/2 unsaturated, and 1/6 omega 3 from plants, black chia is best. Strength athletes need more protein and fat because they add muscle.