Nerve Damage Remedies

Last Modified on May 09, 2014

How many times have you ever been in rush to go somewhere or get something done, and as a result of your carelessness, slammed the car door or cupboard on your finger or hand? It hurts more than we ever could have imagined and the pain just doesn't seem to stop shooting through our limbs.  Yet at the same time our affected limb continues to throb so intensely that we often don't know whether or not we will actually make it through the pain!

Our pets feel the exact same way, and their body's nerves respond just as ours do to similar situations of severe trauma.  Have you ever been walking through the door with your dog as they were lagging behind a little bit only to catch their tail in the closing door?  Just the thought of how painful that would be sends shivers up your spine.  What about a kitty toe that has been caught in a cupboard door as they were trying to explore uncharted territory?  Or, when you're in a rush to leave for work in the morning and with your high heels on, you step on a pet toe or foot as the animal tries to sneak out the door with you.

A great homeopathic remedy to use in cases of nerve damage, and even situations that present shooting pain, is Hypericum Perforatum.  Your pet will surely thank you for the relief it will provide to them.

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DMSO   1  0   

Posted by Whollyfool (Farmington, Mi) on 06/08/2010

What is the best way to give a cat DMSO for nerve regeneration? I have seen people refer to rubbing it on the cat and giving it internally, but I haven't seen a dosage for either.... Does anyone have a success story?


Posted by Raghunath Bj
Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh And India
Hi how far it works in regeneration of nerve system and how many of those success stories?

Could you please help us what is the dosage we have to go for and if we use this, shall we get back to the sensation to the lower limb of the body?

Please help us,

Raghunath BJ

Posted by Kathy (Morrice, Mi) on 02/26/2008

[YEA]  My cat broke her back 10 weeks ago and hasn't walked since. Her spinal cord was not severed but only had limited use of one back leg. I rubbed DMSO mixed with aloe vera 3 times daily and within 3 days, the leg with no nerve responses started twitching and she started moving it. On the 4th day, she stood up twice. Still not walking but getting more use of both legs and making progress. I don't believe it was coincidence. I started rubbing on peroxide over back today to oxygenate her system and help with regeneration. DMSO is miraculous and FDA should not stop it's use.

Posted by Chris
Etna, CA
How do you know the DMSO was the reason for the recovery? Also, thinking a system can absorb oxygen from a rub down of peroxide is dangerous. Mammals will not "oxygenate" from rub downs of peroxide. There is no such thing as water with a "memory".
Posted by Donnaj
Wisconsin, US
Actually Chris, water does have a memory. Google "Forced Resonance" and stop being so negative! Remember, you are made up mostly of water so be aware of what energy you are carrying!

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Shahlasecret (Violet Hill, Ar) on 07/31/2013

One of my puppies (almost 9 months old) just got accidentally hit by a car, by my daughter who was diving up the driveway. Shiloh (my dog) doesn't appear to have any broken bones but she cannot feel her back legs. Immediately after it happened we went down to get her and she was up running around but dragging her back legs. I sat her in my lap for a long time and tried Reiki on her and couldn't find anything broken. Her abdomen has some swelling and her breathing has slowed and she's resting now. Can you recommend anything to help her????

Posted by Wendy
Columbus, Oh
You MUST take your dog to the VET!!!

C'mon people, serious injuries to a dog, such as getting hit by a car, must be seen by a vet for x-rays and ultrasounds, at the very least.

Posted by Angel (Bullaburra, Nsw) on 08/14/2012

My beautiful cat angel was attacked one month ago by a dog and suffered severe damage to his rear end - ie the tail is gone and the vet mended his rear end and said while there was no severance of nerves they were exposed and traumatised. They say it's a miracle he survived. He is full of life and generally hungry as a tiger - but still needs to regain sensation in the nerves around his rectum and area for urinating. I have been giving him homeopathics and it seems to be helping. Just wondering if msm or something else could help with getting the nerves firing up again. He is passing motions and weeing but not spontaneously yet. The feeling still has to return to that area. I would love to hear of ideas. I am enjoying this site there is so much love out there for our animals...

Posted by 5 Pooches Home
Houston, Tx
Maybe you can try chiropractic sessions and accupuncture. Highly effective and guess what? no drug or deadly medications involved. So worth the effort! My poodle boy got COMPLETE hind leg paralysis and I treated it with homeopathy, herbs and chiro/accupuncture sessions. He can run now!!

Also start giving you cat some good coconut oil. It will help immensely with the nerve repair and overall strength for the back area including legs.

You can try the herb Ginkgo Biloba as it repairs the nerve and better he brain signals. Maybe 10 drops 3 times a day. Good luck!

Posted by Angel
Bullaburra, Nsw
2 Posts
Thanks for the suggestions for my cat. I will try ginko. Angel loves coconut oil, but how much would be a good amount? Would it be best if it was once a day?


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