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Lyme Disease Remedies

Last Modified on Dec 28, 2014

"Lyme disease is not limited to humans. Pet owners and veterinarians have reported Lyme in dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats. Just as with humans, it is important for animals to avoid tick bites and receive prompt treatment for Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme in Pets:

Symptoms of Lyme disease in animals are similar to the symptoms in humans. Although you will not see a skin rash on your pet, they can experience a range of symptoms:

In dogs: Some infected dogs do not experience any symptoms of Lyme. Symptoms include lethargy, arthritis (displayed as joint pain, shifting from foot to foot, and lameness), loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, kidney damage, heart disorders, and neurologic disorders (including aggression, confusion, overeating). Symptoms can become chronic.

In cats: Most infected cats do not seem to experience any symptoms of Lyme. Symptoms include fever, arthritis, loss of appetite, fatigue, eye problems, breathing disorders, heart disorders, "trance-like" state, and possible sudden collapse.

In horses: Most infected horses do not seem to experience any symptoms of Lyme. Symptoms include arthritis (stiffness and swelling in large joints and shifting from foot to foot), loss of appetite, and neurologic disorders (behavioral changes)."


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Lyme Disease
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Posted by Bernadette (Fair Lawn, Nj) on 08/16/2011

Does anyone know if Lyme Disease can cause low potassium levels? My dog had Lyme, and took Doxycycline for a month. Her potassium levels remain low. I found some internet sites where humans with Lyme Disease have low potassium, but my dog's vet thinks it is not related. Her BUN and sodium are normal, so he does not think it is kidney-related.

Thanks, Bernadette

Reservatrol   0  0   

Posted by Jennifer (Grants Pass, Or) on 01/22/2012

Reservatrol for Lyme Disease. I read that reservatrol is recommended to help reverse the disease. It can be used in pets too. However the recommended dosage for dogs is 5mg per 30lbs of body weight. I have yet to try it because I am dealing with other veterinary issues.:(


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