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Last Modified on Jan 22, 2012

"Lyme disease is not limited to humans. Pet owners and veterinarians have reported Lyme in dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats. Just as with humans, it is important for animals to avoid tick bites and receive prompt treatment for Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme in Pets:

Symptoms of Lyme disease in animals are similar to the symptoms in humans. Although you will not see a skin rash on your pet, they can experience a range of symptoms:

In dogs: Some infected dogs do not experience any symptoms of Lyme. Symptoms include lethargy, arthritis (displayed as joint pain, shifting from foot to foot, and lameness), loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, kidney damage, heart disorders, and neurologic disorders (including aggression, confusion, overeating). Symptoms can become chronic.

In cats: Most infected cats do not seem to experience any symptoms of Lyme. Symptoms include fever, arthritis, loss of appetite, fatigue, eye problems, breathing disorders, heart disorders, "trance-like" state, and possible sudden collapse.

In horses: Most infected horses do not seem to experience any symptoms of Lyme. Symptoms include arthritis (stiffness and swelling in large joints and shifting from foot to foot), loss of appetite, and neurologic disorders (behavioral changes)."


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Posted by Bernadette (Fair Lawn, Nj) on 08/16/2011

Does anyone know if Lyme Disease can cause low potassium levels? My dog had Lyme, and took Doxycycline for a month. Her potassium levels remain low. I found some internet sites where humans with Lyme Disease have low potassium, but my dog's vet thinks it is not related. Her BUN and sodium are normal, so he does not think it is kidney-related.

Thanks, Bernadette

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Posted by Penelope (Greenwich, Ct) on 10/26/2009

Is it possible to start a page for Lyme disease for animals? My dog has/had lyme disease and would like to know more about it.

Posted by Beck
Harrisburg, Pa
To prevent Lyme disease you need to get a Lyme disease vaccination from your veterinarian. Many dogs I know including my own have gotten Lyme disease in this area. Some have died from it if not caught early. The vaccination is highly effective.
Posted by Rosemarie
Greenwich, Ct
After the rounds of antibiotics, my dog was doing a little bit better, but definitely not like she used to be. I looked on line and saw here on earthclinic that a lot of people give their dogs Ledlum. I looked it up on line and ordered it. I gave it to her just as suggested for three days, three times a day and she stopped limping and didn't look as sad as she used to. I didn't even have to go back for more medication.

Thanks Earth Clinic!

EC: Fantastic news, thanks for the update!

To all: more info about Ledum in our Lyme Disease (for people) section:

Posted by Diane
Edgerton, Wisconsin
I had both my German Shepherds vaccinated against Lymes. Within six months they both had Lyme's disease. Both my son's young dogs had Lyme's vaccines and in less than one year had Lyme's. The vaccines are worthless. I will never get my animals vaccinated against anything again (nor the human members of my family for that matter). My dogs constantly get Lyme's disease, I had it last summer, and I know several people who have had it.
Posted by Jp
Monroe, Ny
11 Posts
To: Diane from Edgerton, Wisconsin
I agree with you that dogs should not get the Lyme vaccination. A lot of dogs contracted Lyme disease from the Lyme vaccination. It is a much stronger strain, than if your dog got Lyme disease, from being bitten from a tick. Because of being much stronger, there is a good chance that your dog cannot recover from it. In that case the dog would have to be on medication permanently. If your dog gets Lyme disease from being bitten from a tick, your dog should recover on there own. As long as there immune system is healthy, they will show no or few signs of the disease, . So basically keep your dog healthy by: getting the least amount of vaccinations, do not use pesticides like heart worm and flea and tick garbage, feed a healthy diet(raw diet would be best but feed at least a grain free kibble), plenty of exercise and plenty of love.

Unfortunately I learned the hard way, not knowing any better. I followed the vets vaccination schedule for over vaccinations ;0(, used pesticides like heartworm and flea and tick garbage, and fed a crappy diet. My dog was sick with a nasty skin infection for 3 years. In that time I spent hundreds on antibiotics and than graduated to steroids and than both at the same time ;0( The vet wanted me to keep my dog on prednisone, because she diagnosed auto immune disease. I listened until the skin infection came back while he was on steroids and antibiotics. By the way, auto immune disease is caused by over vaccination. I started boiling(would like to curse but I'm being repectful ahahaahaha). I threw the steroids and antibiotics in the garbage. I then threw the heartworm and flea and tick crap in the garbage. I then started feeding a raw diet. I also started giving him 2 tablespoons of Raw ACV and 1 garlic clove every other day, instead of the pesticides the vet offers. After 6 months he was 100% better. I no longer vaccinate him. Some people have to do rabies because of the veterinary industry using scare tactics. If I had to, that would be the only shot I would follow up on.

In my opinion, puppies should get there puppie shots and than boosters at 1.5 year. I would only get the distemper and rabies shots. They probably do not need any shots, but I am a victim of scare tatics like most. I would hate for peoples puppies to contract parvo;0( Plus if you don't have a least 1 shot for rabies, I beleive they can euthanize your dog. If your dog has had at least 1 shot, they will just quarantine, until tests come back. I would never get any other shots, especially the lyme. My vet gave my dog the lyme shot, even after I told her I wanted to stop giving it. It was an honest mistake and I was lucky my dog did not contract Lyme disease.

Another important tool in fightin lyme disease is to check your dog thoroughly before bringing them into the house. Pick in toss;0) I am trying to make a spray thats safe to use on animals and people. Its under the lemon eucalyptus thread. Also give your dog ACV and garlic. Adjust the dosages to your dogs weight. It will keep your dog from getting fleas, heartworm and intestinal parasites. Cats can have ACV but not garlic. Instead you can give them coconut oil. I am not a vet just a concerned pet owner. I might sound like I'm against the Veterinarian industry and I guess I am somewhat. I feel that people should only bring there pets, to the vet when they are sick. There's no reason to bring a healthy animal for a checkup. Save your money and use it towards better food. This is only my opinion, so no one get offended.

Posted by Threebrits
Mirror Lake, Nh, Usa
I agree completely. A good diet is extremely important, and avoiding re-vaccinations is, also. We have three dogs, eight, ten and thirteen years old. They have not been re vaccinated, and have never needed a new vaccination. Just do blood titers to make sure they are still okay. We do the rabies vaccine, as it is required by law, but our holistic vet gave us a homeopathic concoction to use after the dog gets the vaccine. We use a product called Internal Powder from Earth Animal. Dr. Goldstein is a holistic vet in CT, and we love his products. We also use their Bug Off spray, along with Mad About Organics Flea and Tick treatment and spray, and Flea Flicker from Aromadog. I switch off on these. We've had pretty good luck, but the ticks are bad now, so my husband is very vigilant in checking the dogs. Also throw in Springtime Garlic powder on a daily basis. We feed Pinnacle, Avoderm, California Natural and Merrick Kibble with Honest Kitchen mix added. Ours have no trouble going from one food to the next, as long as it is healthy! Also give Stella&Chewy's freezed dried patties as a "topper" and treat, and just today received the frozen food from LuckyDogCuisine. I plan to try it myself tonight!
Posted by Jp
Monroe, Ny
11 Posts
Hi Threebrits, I would find out if your localities would accept a rabies titer test, instead of getting the shot. It's probably the most damaging vaccination. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste my money on any titer test. A titer test is not accurate, at showing the levels of immunity. It will show recent exposure, and give you a count of antibodies. That count is supposed to give you a degree of immunity, but there is no degree. There either immune or there not. Once exposed, there immune for life. A titer test would be useful, if your dog bit someone. Than it would prove that he does not have rabies at that time. Our best defense against lyme disease, is a healthy immune system;0)
Posted by Bette With A Pebble
Nj, Usa

It is working for my pitbull. Within not even a day she is like her three-year old self. I am just sprinkling some in her food. I am not sure of the dosage, but would try and adjust according for body weight. It works for people with lymes too. Check out Sea Salt Cures page. See post below:

YEA] 10/22/2009: Matt from Millbrook, Ny writes: "Sea Salt CURED my Lyme Disease in DAYS!

I had suffered for six months with Lyme Disease before I was diagnosed. It was absolutely horrible. I was going completly insane. I was at the point where I just wanted to die. After the blood work showed I was Lyme positive, I went on doxycycline for one month. That did nothing but make me sick to my stomach, and led me to developing a bad case of candidiasis (which was cured by raw garlic and restriction of sugar, another story for another time). Through this site, I found out about the miracle of sea salt. I bought unrefined sea salt from a local health food store, and when I got home, took a teaspoon (about 5 grams) of it with a glass of water. Within a few hours of ingesting the sea salt, I felt better than I had felt in months - it was incredible! The next few days, I took a teaspoon three times a day every day, and I'd say that within three or four DAYS, my now seven month episode of crippling Lyme Disease was GONE. GONE!!! For a few weeks after, I continued to take a teaspoon once a day, just to make sure that it wouldn't come back.

EVERYONE should be made aware that pure, unrefined Sea Salt, CAN cure Lyme Disease very quickly. Many people are infected with Lyme and don't even know it.

There are a few things you should know about using high doses of sea salt....

-Make sure you drink PLENTY of water.
-It WILL cause diarrhea, so I highly suggest using probiotics to replace the flora that are lost.
-Make sure you get enough potassium to balance out the salt (potatoes, orange juice, bananas.. )
-Make sure it is unrefined, raw sea salt (healthy for you, as opposed to refined sodium chloride)
-Stay away from MSG! Ted said that when he took sea salt with MSG, his blood pressure went skyrocketing. I had the same result when I took a spoonful of salt before eating a prepared dinner (lots of MSG).

I'm very positive that this is possibly the best treatment for Lyme.

To sum up everything, taking about 15 grams (about 1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons) of sea salt throughout the day, for several days, cured my Lyme. It should also be noted that a SINGLE dose of salt (about 5 grams) did more for me than an entire month of doxycycline.

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Posted by Jennifer (Grants Pass, Or) on 01/22/2012

Reservatrol for Lyme Disease. I read that reservatrol is recommended to help reverse the disease. It can be used in pets too. However the recommended dosage for dogs is 5mg per 30lbs of body weight. I have yet to try it because I am dealing with other veterinary issues.:(


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