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Epsom Salt Baths   0  0   

Posted by Dianec (San Jacinto Ca.) on 01/30/2014

My dog sometimes has mild itching and I wonder if Epsom salt as a bath or soak would be safe to use on my dog? I use Epson salt for my feet as I sometimes have rashes and it takes away itching. I was wondering if Epson salt would work for my dog? Thanks

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Diane!

Epsom salt baths are safe for dogs.

Posted by Dianec
San Jacinto Ca.
Thank you, Theresa!

Fish Oil   3  0   

Posted by Carol (Flushing, Michigan) on 10/08/2009


Posted by Luann
Spring Hill, Fl
My 11 year old male cat has been suffering from a skin allergy for a little over a year. He has gotten the steroid injections, along with an over the counter antihistamine recommended by my vet. This seems to help for awhile, but now he's scratched himself raw again. Has all the same symptoms: itching, scabs, raw skin, hair loss. I can't get near him with ACV anymore, so the fish oil seems like a good suggestion. What is the strength (MG?) of the capsules you are using. It breaks my heart to him like this.
Posted by Kat
Crown Point, In
[YEA]   I have a small dog (under 20 pounds) and gets very itchy in the summer and fall. I have been giving him the fish oil caplet for the last few years. I went to the vet, and they sent me home with a prescription. The fish oil works better. Plus, he loves the fish oil and has learned to swallow the pill whole. I make sure he gets a drink after the pill. Don't want it stuck in his throat!
Posted by Sarah
Manchester, Britain
[YEA]   Tins of sardines work a treat, just mixed in her food and its an excellent food supplement.
Posted by Betty L.
Lead Hill, Ar
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I have just started fish oil again for my Dobie and her insanely itchy skin. Am treating for Candida. Just a caution, with fish oil. My little doxie cross loved the oil too. And I got to feeding them for treats. She got worse and worse, very sick looking. Then I read something about how it can thin the blood. I was thinning her blood too much! I stopped cold and she came back strong!

Ginger   1  0   

Posted by Mamaknocks (Downers Grove, Il, Usa) on 01/07/2010

[YEA]  A GINGER, 550mg capsule cured my dog's inflamed, itchy skin in 5 minutes. A MIRACLE MINUTES, thank GOD! After a long, miserable, sleepless night...peace and quiet.

Posted by Rina
Seattle, Wa
did you mean a ginger supplement or just raw ginger? Could you please be more specific? Thank you.
Posted by Mamaknocks
Downers Grove, Il
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Just a regular ginger capsule. I put it in a "Pill Pocket" that are sold by the bag at pet stores. My dog will take anything that I put in those little things! He thinks it's a treat. Ginger is wonderful. If he has an upset tummy, it cures that just as fast as it does itchy skin!

Grass Allergy Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Brooklyn (Brooklyn Ny ) on 09/23/2014

My pet yorkie went with us to Pennsylvania and was running all around the grass and squirming all around the grass now we got back and she's been itching all over. Please help me help her stop itching.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Brooklyn!

Please give your dog a bath and follow up with a vinegar rinse. I am OK with using white vinegar for a rinse [some only swear by ACV] - I would mix 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water after the bath, making sure your dog gets saturated down to the skin with the rinse.

I would also consider dosing benadryl if your dog is really uncomfortable. I also find it helpful to alkalize your dog's drinking water by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 liter of water and have this be the only drinking water for the next 7 days.

Posted by Lesley
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Agree with Theresa on vinegar, but baking soda has really good anti itch properties so you could wash your dog with a mild solution of bakingsoda, rinse very thoroughly with plain water, followed by a final rinse of 50/50 vinegar and water.
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Lesley!

Thanks for the baking soda rinse tip!!

Homemade Dog Food   0  0   

Posted by Leslie (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 02/09/2013

I have only now found this website and think it's wonderful. Many posts are years old however the problems seem to be the same year after year - so I thought I would give this information for those who are interested.

Dogs that itch terribly, pull their fur out, scratch their ears till they are inflamed, lick and pull at their paws, and more, may have a yeast infection. This is for males too.

A website that addresses this is: http// I have found it to be perfect for my Chihuahua and all his problems including this one.

Homeopathic Remedy Psorinum   1  0   

Posted by Om (Hope Bc, Canada, Bc) on 07/02/2013

[YEA]  My thirty pound Tibetan spaniel kept itching so badly for at least two months. He gets defleaed daily just by combing and ACV spray. It became so bad I put on my thinking cap.

Years ago I contracted scabies on my arms due to animal rescue matters. I used homeopathic PSORINUM 30C. I less than half an hour all was gone, not to return, several years later.

I had planned to use Ted's remedy for mites after doggie had his grooming and trimming for the summer. I could, however, not wait and look at it any longer.

So I gave about four little globules of PSORINUM 30C which is a scabies remedy even though I thought he might have other mites as well which are transmitted by fleas.

I had to observe him and as he resumed scratching after several hours' interval, I had to give the remedy up to five times more. But now, two weeks later, he only scratches when I find a flea upon investigation. I am also using DE in the house which has apparently made a difference.

So, PSORINUM, could be tried for mites or simply bad scratching episodes. It certainly is worth trying, especially the cost is about ten bucks.

I would never consider cortisone shots which damage health or flea treatment that poison the blood. Does anyone realize how many dogs have died in the drug trials before that drug was let loose on the maket? Dogs that receive regular blood poisoning flea treatments, do not live out their normal life span. This was confirmed by a dog breeder who mentioned his German Shepherds live only eight years while reguarly given this drug.

Also, I must make mention of Ted's remedy BORAX. I tried as a shampoo on my fine hair and was amazed how soft, bouncy and shiny was the outcome. Now I will use it regularly on myself and doggie as well. I leave the borax paste on for several minutes, then rinse. Voila. It does away with itch, too. Treats for mites, too.

An altenative is soap nuts. Info online. Best wishes to EC posters. Om

Medication Link   0  0   

Posted by Michelle (Normal, Il) on 08/25/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  itching dog: I have tried everything to cure my dog of his itching and I think it is the flea and heart worm medicine called Revolution that is causing it. I just now found a list of side effects and "pruritus (itching), urticaria (welts, hives), and erythema (skin redness)" was listed. I am going to get him some old fashioned heart worm pills and find an alternative flea preventer.

Medications, Dietary Changes   0  1   

Posted by Diane (Chardon, Ohio) on 01/22/2011

For the dogs ears an all natural product that really works is vets best ear relief wash and dry. Keep the ears dry. My groomer recommended enyzme pro to add to food and I am trying that. (botanical dog) Also, if your dog has really bad sore skin try looking at dermagic-wonderful products to put on skin.

Try to avoid any steroids or cordisones because they only will help short term and will rebound with worse skin worse than when started.

Posted by Kathryn (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 01/21/2010

[NAY]  Itchy Old Dog

The old dog is so tired of scratching and I've tried everything else. I've changed her dog food 3 times. She had a raw scaly bottom and tail about 6 months ago and the vet cost $300.00 for shampoo, cephalosporin and prednisone. Her fur grew back but now she's itching non-stop and starting to get really stinky even after I use the $85.00 shampoo. Don't know if it's mange but am going to see if the cure works!

Wish me luck!

Posted by Adrian
Los Angeles, Ca
When doing food, make sure it is grain free, especially CORN! This will help you a million times over. Also, many dogs that have food allergies are allergic to chicken, so it may help to go with Buffalo or some different protein source.

But if the issue is just itching... it could be an environmental allergy, which is a whole new bag of worries.

Neem Cream   1  0   

Posted by Linda (Dublin, Ireland) on 02/12/2010

[YEA]  cat eczema

my cat had a burn like streak down his back. i thought it looked odd but he didnt seem to mind it. when i took him to the vet he said it was eczema and the dry patch was from over licking caused by the itch. after my initial shame of not noticing i decided to take charge of his skin asap. i work in a health store and bought neem indian cream as i had used it myself on dry skin. the results were amazing. the cat hated it but a couple of times a day i attacked him and within a week or so no more dry skin. it did reapear on his face and again a couple of times a day cleared it up.

Remedies Needed   3  0   

Posted by Paula (Spring Hill, Florida) on 09/17/2014

We have a weenie dog, and her itching is super bad. To the point that she has what they call elephant skin on her legs. The itching is all over her body, its to the point where my kids don't want to touch her anymore. Plus all the constant itching, licking is making her stink!! I have read all the post on your ACV and wondering if this will help. Please help me help her! Also, what kind should I get???? WORRIED

Posted by Lauren
Queens, NY
Paula...check his food....that is what causes the constant itching and biting....if he doesn't have fleas then the food is the culprit...I don't know what you feed him, but I know a lot of people use the cheaper foods that are loaded with chemicals, food color etc and then the poor animals suffer because of dog had the same problem and it used to drive me nuts to see him constantly itching....finally I found a food that helped improve his scratching by at least 90%...try it you will be surprised with the results...
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Paula!

It sounds like your dog would benefit from a dip in Ted's Mange Remedy or especially Ted's Anti-Fungal/Anti-Staph dip.

In addition, you could also add 1/8 teaspoon of borax to 1 liter of your dog's drinking water and have that as the only water for 5 days; this will help fight any yeast over growth in the GI tract.

And as was also recommended a diet change may well be in order.

Posted by Susan
London, England
Hi Theresa!

I have truly enjoyed reading your well researched and informed posts every day on Earth Clinic.

I would like to ask you about the borax in water treatment for dogs. I have seen a number of posts where you recommend 1/8 teaspoon in a liter of water per day. I been researching borax quite thoroughly this past week and found 1/8 teaspoon is the recommended dosage for a man. A woman's borax dosage is half that. So I would think the dosage for a dog would depend on a dog's weight. 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a liter of water sounds like far too much for, say, a 20 pound dog to consume in 1 day. Since dogs cannot tell you when they are experiencing side effects, you would have no way of knowing how they were handling the borax. I have also been reading the side effects of people detoxing on borax and it appears that it can get rather intense and painful for some people. Please advise. Thank you very much! Susan

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Susan!

Thanks for asking this clarifying question!

While 1/8 teaspoon is the dose for a human - the human makes it a point to consume the entire dose, while a dog will lap when thirsty. So the dog does NOT consume 1/8 teaspoon per day - rather, a fraction of that.

Additionally, the 'side effects' of borax are loose stools - if the dose is too much for a particular individual, it will come out ... rapidly. Critters experiencing discomfort do tell you; they have a tight belly, they lick their lips frequently, they are 'not themselves', they may tremble and shiver despite it being warm in the room.

Bottom line: you should always monitor your results, and if the results are not what you seek then go with your gut and modify accordingly.

Posted by Jackie Page
New York, NY
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Paula - Haven't you taken your dog to a vet for a diagnosis? You need to do this. If you need information on how to get help with costs - Call some local Rescue Groups - or SPCA-type shelters ).

In the meantime, to help relieve the symptoms - you could try Colloidal Silver. I've used this for itchy/painful conditions for me & my cats with great success. It also is a great germicide - killing any germ it comes in contact with.

Be careful buying - Most Products labelled as Colloidal Silver - are NOT True Colloidal Silver. Read the ingredients carefully on the BACK label.

TRUE COLLOIDAL SILVER consists of actual particles of Silver - "suspended" in water (Not in solution) - that's what a Colloid is. Silver Protein is not true Colloidal Silver, and, it can become contaminated easily. Ionic is not True Colloidal Silver. It works OK - but - not as effective as True Colloidal Silver. Since it's composed of ions, it dissipates quickly.

The one I favor is Mesosilver. I find it to be the best, as per ratings on a comparison site. It's 20ppm (Parts per Million) - of Silver Particles (which can be diluted to 5ppm for most purposes. Never seen it in Retail Stores. I get it on the internet. This can be used topically, or ingested.

Also - 4Life Transfer Factor - Classic Formula -has relieved - and cured - extreme itchy conditions in both me and my cats. (And, many difficult illnesses). It is very safe, and will not conflict with meds (Except for High-Dose Steroids - since Steroids knock down immune cells - and TF builds them up) TF is composed of the same immune molecules you find in mother's first milk - Colostrum.

It is available only on the internet or through distributors. This also can be ingested - or used topically (Open Capsule - sprinkle powder on wet area. You can make the area lightly wet first - with a small amount of water on skin).

I recommend this specific company, because - this is the only company I have found that makes a product that contains ONLY Transfer Factor Molecules (Nothing else added). It's much better than colostrum, which you can get in retail stores - as it does not contain any milk, so can be used cross-species (This is a human formula), and, the TF molecules are 2000x more concentrated than in Colostrum.

I've also seen it actually repair "Stem Cells" (which are the cells that develop into tissues/organs)- so that it can sometimes even "fix" the damage.

Good Luck, Jackie

Posted by Diamond
35 Posts
[YEA]   I was just reading these messages and hope to answer a message in here(?) I found a free program to help me neuter my dog, the program can be found on the computer type when you get to the site scroll down until you find the Snap certificate(form) answer their questions also they will ask your income etc. but it's real easy and fair.

Good luck

Posted by Kay (Jax, US) on 06/04/2014

Pup has been scratching ever since he was at the breeders. He is on Triflexus because he is a border collie and they are known to have bad reactions to other heart worm meds and not this one. Because he has been on both no grain foods and now grain foods, it doesn't seem to make a difference, he still scratches all night and during the day. I was wondering if Tea Tree Shampoo would help him? I have been using a shampoo with Oatmeal, no help. Is over the counter Benedryl safe for a 3 month old puppy?

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Kay!

My experience with high end grain free diets such as Orijen left my pack's coats dry and dull; switching to a different diet with more carbs helped, as did adding oils.

So, does your puppy have flakey dry skin? If so try adding oils to his kibble. Evening primrose might help, or salmon oil or flaxseed oil.

If your puppy does not have flakey dry skin, you may need to look further; are there fleas about? Do you have new carpet? New carpets may have oils and irritating chemicals on them as they cure and gas off. Consider your laundry detergent that you use for towels and puppy beds.

And, where is he scratching? Meaning if he is trying to scratch his collar off its because he isn't used to wearing a collar. Be careful to avoid reinforcing scratching behavior by paying too much attention to it! You have a super smart breed, and it is easy to inadvertently reinforce a behavior in the quest to be a good dog mom.

Finally, it never hurts to balance the ph by alkalizing! Try 1 teaspoon baking soda into 1 liter of water for a week as the only drinking water and see if this has any effect; it might be the simplest thing to do and it might bring the most effective result.

Posted by Kay
Jax, FL Usa
Thanks so much for the advise, Theresa. Yes, I have been feeding my BC 1 full cup of his EN 3 x per day. He no longer has the diarrhea but yes he goes to the bathroom a lot. I also noticed with the change to EN his bowells are now hard. So, I have taken the Orijen and put 1/4 cup and the remaining cup with EN. This seemed to help. No it is not his collar as while in the house he does not wear it. His skin is not flaky. I did think about fleas, but like I said is on Triflexus. I think I will add a little fish oil into his food, it can't hurt. I do add a teaspoon of canned pumpkin now.

What do you think about the Tea Tree shampoo? When I had my GSD she was allergic to almost everything and had skin issues. The only thing that helped her was the Natural Balance salmon and sweet potato food and than she won't totally veggies when she came down with DM, which eventually was her end. The veggies gave her coat a shine and the skin issues left. I would have preferred having skin issues than DM.

Since my 3 month old BC is just starting out, I actually thought of giving him a more veggie diet. Packaged foods are not the best, but it is easier on me.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
653 Posts
Hey Kay!

I wonder if the BC breed evolved eating sheep dung. Seriously. I think a high veggie diet might not be out of line.

As for the shampoo - I think adding baking soda to the water would get you faster results, but I don't see the tea tree oil shampoo hurting as long as its formulated for dogs; I know folks who just add tea tree oil to a bottle of shampoo, but I worry that going that route might end up with a concentration that dries the skin. Also it might be more effective with an ACV rinse after the bath.

I am going to try giving my allergy dogs herbal yucca; yucca has anti-inflammatory properties and may help allergy dogs not itch so much.

Posted by Kay
Jax, FL, Usa
Theresa, thanks again for your input regarding itching for my BC pup. I still have him on the EN and Orijen mixed and only feed him now 2 x per day with one cup (3/4 EN to 1/4 cup Orijen) with tbls pumpkin. Seems to have helped his digestive system. The itching I haven't done anything yet about. Did not get the Tea Tree shampoo for dogs. I may try the ACV in a rinse but concerned about the acid level in this may dry skin out.
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Kay!

And ACV or plain white vinegar rinse would help to balance the PH of his skin and in that way would work to reduce the itching.

Posted by Teresa (Nashville, Tn.) on 03/31/2014

My Shih-tzu is 4 years old. She has been getting a flea pill every month, but just in the past two weeks she has been itching near her private area and back, and her ears. I might of been bathing her too much and got her oils all messed up. But wanted to know what I can do now to help her from itching all the time. I don't want her to make herself raw. Thank you for any help.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Teresa!

You might want to try bathing/dipping your dog in Ted's Anti-Staph/Anti-fungal solution:

You will need:

Milk of Magnesia [magnesium hydroxide]
Epsom salts [magnesium sulfate]
Borax [sodium tetraborate]
1% hydrogen peroxide solution [Buy the brown bottle from the drugstore, which is a 3% solution, and then pour it into a larger jug and then fill up the empty brown bottle twice with purified/non-chlorine water and empty that into the jug and now you have a a big jug full of 1% solution]

Mix 1 tbsp of MOM with 1 tbsp epsom salt and 1 tbsp borax into 1-1/2 cups of 1% hydrogen peroxide; when I am treating a dog for the first time I quadrupple the batch so I have enough to fully bathe the dog. Apply to freshly bathed and still wet dog - ideally you would stand her in the tub and use a plastic cup to scoop up the solution and keep pouring it over her for 10 minutes. It is important that you do NOT rinse. then put her in a crate with no bedding so she can drip dry. The solution is still active and *workgin* until she is fully dried. This solution should knock out any staph infection or yeast infection going on in the skin. Then once her whole body has been treated you can make up a small batch and put it in a spray bottle and try spritzing the particular areas as often as it seems to be needed.

Make sure you keep an eye on her ears and keep them clean as ear problems seem to go hand in hand with itchy skin this time of year.

Posted by Susi (Atlanta Ga) on 12/22/2013

I got a 7 week old micro potbelly piggy with a skin schaffing. It like cradle cap. And she won't stop scratching. Any remedies or solution would be great. Keep in mind it's winter.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
653 Posts
Hey Susi!

Check out EC's pages on cradle cap:

Also check out the EC page of remedies for Seborrheic Dermatitis:

Please report back and let us know what worked for your piggy!

Posted by Tinker (Surrey, Bc Canada) on 04/12/2013

I have a7lb. Yorkershire terrier, silky purebred. We've been dealing with an itchy rash for over 2 years. Have exhausted all the vet Rx including allergy and steroid injections. Now he's getting vanectyl P 1/2 twice daily. He is gaining weight and needs to pee very frequently, often can't control and leaks.

I have tried many different foods and now is on Royal Canin Anallergenic food. But the rash is still there. On his back he has scabs but his front has red and puss like rash.

Frustrated, please help.

Posted by Clondon
Lakewood, Ca
Really sounds like a food allergy. I would get off that royal canine or the vet food and consider Raw feeding, you can buy pre made raw! My pugs used to suffer with skin yeast and ear conditions and since switching to raw they both are very healthy!

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