Heartworm Treatment: Home Remedies for Pets!

Last Modified on Oct 05, 2014

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Posted by Beth (Houston, TX) on 06/22/2014

I have read the posts for natural remedies and have our rescued bulldog on preventative w ivermectin in it...we thought the slow kill would be best. We have seen the bronchitis signs but they changed today to coughing up blood. It does appear that there are be broken pieces of the parasites in the blood but it scares me to pieces. Our vet of choice will b available in the morning but iI'm so worried about our dog. We love him so much and just can't bear what he is enduring....anyone have any suggestions....I also started him on garlic, ivermectin paste and gave him 2 drops of black walnut hull oil..

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Beth!

You are double dosing your dog with wormer - first with the ivermectin and second with the black walnut; this will cause a more rapid die off of the heartworms and is sure to aggravate the symptoms you are seeing, ie coughing up blood and bits of worms.

If this were my dog I would cease the garlic and black walnut and instead consider supporting the organs that must filter the broken down worms out of the blood - milk thistle for the liver, for instance.

Keep us posted please on what your vet has to say and on your boy's recovery.

Posted by Gardengal11 (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 05/01/2012

My 2 year old lab/great Dane had reaction to the new pill and I want to start using black walnut herb and one friend recommends rascal herb. I also found a spray of cinnamon and clove that the owner of store said would stop fleas and mosquitos from biting. Is this good for my pet and will stop the heart worm if an infected one bites him? Also he recommends the kyolic herb. He is 74 pounds Please help- no more chemicals for my dog or my family.

Posted by 5 Pooches Home
U.s., U.s
Usually you try BOTH black walnut and wormwood. You can also get them pre-mixed along with cloves. Just search it online.

For greatdane, you can give 30-40 drops twice a day. Also garlic is great for heart health and you can also give 'Healthy Heart Tonic' by Herb Pharm...I am not from the company. I have just used this for my dogs and it was great.

Good luck!

Posted by Nita (Pensacola, Fl) on 04/11/2011

i got a 2 year old male dachshund from a local animal control shelter, took him to my vet where he tested postive for heartworms, by( snap-test ) she wanted me to wait 3 months to start any treatment ( he was under weight. And needed to gain about 10 more pounds ) ( plus I have other pets to make sure its no stress on him) I thought it was a good idea untill I took him for his first treatment, she wanted to do it with no pre-treatment, no x rays nothing she just wanted to give him the shots, she also did blood work and she said his liver numbers were a little high and she wanted to wait another week.

So I have been loooking for a vet who does more or has more ideas I dont want to give him thoses shots in his back, and most of the vets here only want to do shots without even thinking there can be a better way, my dog is very active, only 2 years old he has no signs that I can see however; he does get tired form playing, I just want to do the best I can for him, does any one know anything they can tell me or a vet who does more then just shots? thank you

Posted by 5 Pooches Home
Houston, Tx
Hello. Don't worry about anything your vet said. Take charge of your dog's health back in your hands. No need to panic regarding the heartworms. They are not as deadly as vets and drug companies make them to be.

Anyways, go to your health store and get:-

1. Black Walnut Hull Tincture (LIQUID bottle)

Dosage :- 10 drops in the morning and 10 in the evening. Give him this 1st thing on an EMPTY STOMACH.

2. Wormwood Tincture (LIQUID bottle)

Dosage :- 10 drops in the morning and 10 in the evening. Give him this 1st thing on an EMPTY STOMACH.

Follow this regimen for next 4-5 months and THEN get him re-tested for hw and he will come out negative!

For your dog, either you can force them in his mouth with the syringe or mix with some food. But make sure he gets all the dosage Therefore, opening his mouth and force feeding is the best way to go for maximum benefit and fast recovery.

Its imp. with herbs you give them 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach (no food before or after atleast for 1 hr) coz this allows the herbs to do their work in the body with any interference.

Also, immediately start him on daily garlic regimen. You can give him fresh 3-4 garlic cloves.

For deworming him, also start him on ground cloves or if he will eat, just give him 1 clove each day.

Give him healthy diet as he needs to build his body and support his health. The best thing is homemade diet with coconut oil on top (3-4 BIG tablespoons each day). Will also help his coat and skin and joint health. Help detox the body as well.

For his liver health, start him on Dandelion Root or Dandelion Root Tea everyday!!!!

Last but not least, no need to get him any more vaccinations, shots, antibiotics, hw 'preventive', steriods etc!!!!! Save your money and you will save lots of headache and money down the road as well. These things are BAD for your dogs unlike what the vets and pharma-companies advertise!!!!!

I have 5 SHELTER dogs and have no issues with them coz they eat homemade diet with co oil and all the above! Good luck!

Posted by Jr
Coloma, Mi
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I am working with a person who uses homeopathic medicine on animals. She has been doing homeopathy for over 30 years. She has suggested that I don't give the heartworm medication and instead give my 110 pound lab/newfie mix Co-Q-10. She said one 100mg pill a day will protect her from heartworm. She said she has been recommending this for 20 years and has never had anyone say that their dog got heartworm.
Posted by Silentdarkness
Bradenton, Fl
JR --- I have a 40 lb Shepherd Timber Wolf Hybrid mix and a 15 lb or so Australian Shepherd (miniature)... Can you let me know with no liability to you, what is recomended for each of these dogs for the CoQ10 please?

Thank you.

PS Kevin Trudeau - Natural Cures they dont want you to know about is amazing... Everyone should read the "REVEALED" one or all.... very informative...

Posted by Elizn6
Napa, California
I took my Scotty to the vet yesterday because he was crying constantly, scooting his bottom, scratching and chewing his feet. The vet told be that he had thrown his back out and put him on previcox, tramadol and methocarbamol. After a $1,000 estimate, the vet said it was unlikely that he had worms, but this morning I checked his stool and there was a whitish thing about an inch long and 1/4 inch wide.

A few days ago I gave him a few drops of black walnut tincture in his food and water. Could he have thrown his back out from chewing and could the BWT be expelling worms? I brought a stool sample to the vet with me and they didn't even check it. Can I continue the BWT with the meds he was prescribed yesterday? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Jen
Orlando, Fl
I just rescued a doxie from death row, she has heart worm and a respiratory infection that is wicked. She can't do traditional heartworm therapy because it is likely to kill her in her present condition and age of 10. I have read through the previous posts and still feel insecure about taking this on myself. How much of the herbs would I feed to a 10 lb er anyway? Thank you, JJ
Posted by Rose
Walker, Louisiana
I have a 12 year old long haired chihuahua and he has a bad cough and I think it is heartworms... I called a vet and the first thing he asked was if I could afford the treatment... I need help.. I need to know how much to give him of the black walnut and wormwood and garlic... He weighs 7pounds and I also have three other dogs as well... Do I treat them also? I dont want to treat them if they arent infected... Please I need some help.. dont want my baby to die..
Posted by Jen
Nashville, Tn
I'm not sure if anyone has tried this but I went to nutritionist a few days ago because my 2 dogs have heartworms and he gave me the Black Walnut, WormWood and Garlic to give them, but he also suggested I give them something called "Hanna's Herb Shop - Dog Heartworm Caina Philaria. " It is a homeopathic med that actually kills the heartworms. He said I can give it along with the BWH/WW/G.

I called the company for Hanna's Herb Shop to get info on it and they said it will kill the heartworm in about a month or so. Here is the site for it... http://www.hannasherbshop.com/shop/pets/supplements/dog-heartworm-caina-philaria-para-vibropathictm.html You might be able to get it at your local health food or nutrition store. I am also following Bandit's program to use the BWH/WW/G... http://www.banditsbuddies.com/faqs.shtml I hope this helps anyone trying to use it. I will repost when I find out how my dogs are doing from it.

Posted by Debra
Lansing, Illinois
I read the comments and I am encouraged. My 7 year old rottweiler was diagnosed with lekumia or some sort of tumor. We were devastated. The vet wanted to put her down, but we took her back home and begin to give her geritol and a multivitamin. She is lethargic and wont eat, but gets up to urinate and lays back down. We are going to try the black walnut hull. Is the extract ok with the geritol and vitamins?
Posted by Elaine
Colorado Springs, Co
My Pointer is 12 yrs old and had all the signs of heartworms. He barely had any energy he would have big coughing fits and could only go on a 1/2 block walk before he would just stop and nothing could budge him to get home. I did some reading online and saw the types of treatments vets were using to treat heartworms and it seemed all chemicals which might cure or kill your dog and expensive.

So I did some research and ordered the black walnut hull/ wormwood extract, I found out later reading ingredients that it also contains cloves. So from a 2oz. bottle I give him 1 dropper full in his dinner every night. Also want to add that the type I am giving him contains alcohol. Within 2 weeks my dog did a full turn around and was back to his normal self. The recommended dose on the bottle is 2 dropper fulls so my dog weighs about 65lbs. I decided 1 was probably ok to start with. If your waiting to see if this treatment works for other ppl you should instead be getting this stuff for your dog. I am here to tell you it did work for us, my best friend was on deaths door and now we both feel alot better. I also give him 2 garlic pills a day. One thing I want to mention was feeding in the food as my dog wouldn't touch the water for 3 days when I tried putting it in there.

Posted by Robin
Winston Salem, Nc
I have been reading all this on heartworms.. I hve a white husky that is very sick with heartworms. I am not so sure he is going to make it. I took him to the vet yesterday and the treatment was going to be almost 900.00 I cannot afford the first treatment so she said the second which consist of using the pills. Ageet has lost weight and has been having seizures. :( The vet gave him at the office 1 prednisone and 1 doxycycline. After I got him home within a hour he went down hill fast. He has been out of it and had multiple seizures. I have not and will not give him anymore of this medicine. I did go and buy him the garlic, cloves, blck walnut and woodworm. This morning he came to enough to drink the water and eat a small amount of food with the clove, black walnut and woodworm in it. I do not know maybe he's in too late of the stages. The medication the vet gave him I believe just about did him in. Before the meds. He was eating and alert, he still had a seizure but pulled out of it and return to his old self. If anyone could help me with him PLEASE RESPOND... Thank you
Posted by Renee
Orlando, Fl
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My dog had heartworms. Now there gone. Used heartworm powder (1 and 2 together) on her food everyday. Adjust if not eating it, or diarhea occurs. Look up Paw Healer.com or any chinese medicine used to kill worms in the body, then dispell them out. It took about 6 months, but they don't have to be confined and the herbs are good for them. It was about $200.00 in all over the time frame, or there about. No chemicals or harsh side effects. Order it and get your dog right on it, is my opinion. It worked for mine. R

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Posted by June (Pa.) on 03/20/2014

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I gave my cocker spaniel her first dose of vrm2-sm, 1/2 capsule, in less then half an hour she started coughing and panting worse then ever, is this a normal reaction maybe that it`s working? Thank you for any feed back.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey June!

Sorry to hear about your dog's heartworm infection :-(

Please read up on heartworm as you continue treating your dog:





When you treat for heartworm, what you are actually doing is killing the worms in the heart and the microfilaria in the bloodstream. When the adult worms in the heart die, they break into pieces and they only place they can go is downstream, into the lungs where they eventually get absorbed. The coughing and panting is the result of the worms dying and getting 'filtered out' of the bloodstream by the lungs. The coughing [most likely] is from the build up of the dead worms in the lung tissue that have yet to be absorbed, and the panting [most likely] is from the pain or discomfort from this process.

Dogs undergoing heartworm treatment should be kept as calm as possible and strict crate rest is generally prescribed. This treatment is long term - you will NOT see immediate improvement as it takes time for the worms to die off. Again, please read up on how to best support your dog during the treatment phase.

Please let us know how it goes!

Posted by June
3 Posts
Thank you Theresa from pls, so much for the feed back on the vrm. I had no idea what to expect after treatment. I just lost my buddy Lady (cocker Spaniel) of 16 years a month ago, still recovering from her loss, so when Lacey came up sick, it worries me to death, I surely don`t want to loose her to.We just got her card today reminding me she is due for her check up.The vet. is aware of her cough, I gave her a tsp. of honey and she finally stopped coughing and is resting very well.i will continue with the vrm2-sm as it seems to be a miracle treatment, i`m sooo glad I found this site. Thank you again for caring.
Posted by Deb
Greensboro, Nc
Hi, I can't get my dog to eat food with VRM2 on it. Any suggestions?
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey Deb!

If you are using the capsules and need to split a capsule, you can buy empty gel caps at the drugstore; pour the powder into a gel cap and then wrap in cheese or some other soft tasty food - see if that will work. If you are using the liquid you can put the liquid in a gel cap as well and dose hidden in cheese or other soft food.


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