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Garlic for Dogs: Home Remedies and Safety Issues

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Posted by Betsy (Colorado Springs, CO) on 02/13/2009

I have a question. I have a 50 lb Shepard mutt and a 25 lb Corgi. How much fresh garlic should I be giving them to keep them worm-free? Do I do it every day or a few days each month? What is the recommendation here?

Replied by Sid Davis
Springfield, Missouri, USA
I have read on some of the veterinary sites on the internet that things like garlic and onions can actually kill a dog. The explanation is that dogs cannot deal with some of the chemicals in these and these chemicals will combine with the dogs red blood cells preventing them from carrying oxygen. I think they have the same problem with the oxalic acid in chocolate.

You might want to research this carefully before you give your dog garlic.

EC: Please read Lisa S. Newman's article for more information:

Posted by barb haven (WINDSOR, canada) on 12/01/2007
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I routinely use 1(med) clove of garlic in a 2 litre stewpot that yeilds 72 oz of dog food. consisting of 2 cups brown rice, 2-3 small potatoes, 3 carrots, 1 tbsp rosemary, 1 stalk celery, 1tbsp basil, 1/4 can chick peas, 1 med zucchini, or broccoli and two apples, I sometimes include 1/8 cup cottage cheese, to this I add' a ratio of 1/3 pureed mixture of either beef or chicken liver, chicken gizards and hearts. In additional after cooked I sprinkle in 2 tbsp of a 2:1 ratio of calcium/phosphorus supplement, which also includes proteins, fats,vitamins, minerals and advanced micro -nutrients. Am I overdoing it by adding the calcium vitamin supplement?

Replied by Rachael
I hate feeding my dog commercial brand dog food. Just like I hate feeding myself processed food. But I can't afford to buy either of us very much healthy food at the store. So this is a homemade dog food you make yourself? Can I ask what kind of dog you have, how old, if your dog really benefits from a diet like that, etc? How much do you feed daily? I want details! :) I was reading on how much garlic give a dog daily to prevent ticks and fleas and came across your comment... intrigued.


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Posted by Anon (NY, NY) on 08/29/2008
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I have been giving my dog one 1500 mg garlic oil capsule a day for over a month in hopes of curing her smelly/itchy ear problem. I have given her garlic in the past, so I already knew this would not hurt her. It hasn't seemed to help so far, but I can attest to the fact that GARLIC DOES NOT HURT DOGS.

Replied by Anon
Just an update. I give my dog (probably weighs at least 90 lbs) one 1500 mg garlic oil capsule 2 x's a day in her food. Her ears don't seem to bother her as much, but not completly cleared up (she won't let anyone touch them to clean them.) The one thing that I HAVE noticed, is that when she burps in my face!!, it no longer gags me with the sewer gas smell. Now it kind of smells like mild salami. LOL

I must add that she likes to eat, socks, paper towels, a whole straight popsicle stick, a thumbtack, get the I'm sure she had bacteria growing in her that I beleive the garlic has taken care of.

I have also added 2 1000 mg of fish oil capsules 2 x's a day. No more chewing raw spots on her back near her tail, and she has slimmed down, and her coat is shinier.

Fleas and Ticks  

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Posted by Ladyrichards (Fort White, Floria, United States) on 06/27/2011

Yes I just started giving garlic to my dogs because we have such a bad flea problem. We hav 5 dogs 4 German Sheperds and a coon hound and after trying all the money coasting things that dont work I have to try it. I was just wondering how long it should take to work? I am putting 1/2 tsp in food mornig and night of minced garlic and they really seem to like it. I even went as far as to have my yard sprayed and still the fleas are here just as bad, so Im hoping this will work for me. I plan on taking them off of it when flea season is over and then I will start them back right before it begins. I also wonder if anyone can tell me what to do for in my house in the carpet.

Thank you, Lady Richards

Replied by Maxie
Deckerville, Michigan--usa
3 teasoons of mint oil in 14 oz of water to spray furiture, rugs and pets for fleas. I read this on the Internet, tried it and everything did smell better even the dog.

Good luck, Maxie

Replied by Cindy
Muscle Shoals, Al
Maxie, I have heard about the Peppermint Oil but I have never tried it. I am having a problem with fleas on my little dog which he is a 20 lb Pomeranian/Sheltie mix. Not even Frontline is doing it's job this year.

I gave him a good brushing with his undercoat brush and put some of the mixture of Peppermint Oil you talked about. But I down sized it to 1 tespoon of Peppermint Oil with 4 1/2 oz Water to see if it would work first. I sprayed and rubbed it in his fur. Hopefully it will work. Is once a week good enough or do I need to do this more often?

Thanks, Cindy

Replied by Lynneepoo
Thousand Oaks, Calif
When we lived in Hawaii, we used baking soda and brushed it into the carpets. Because it's such a fine powder, it gets into the flea's body and does something to them that kills them. Our vet on Maui told us to never use flea killers that go into or on your dog. You are putting poison on or in them! How can that be good for them? I have not used them on my dogs since then (1994) and so far, they have not died from cancer or other causes! He also told me about the baking soda.

We do have our exterior sprayed every 2 months by a pest control company and once a year or if needed more frequently, the interior. My dogs have not had flea's - we are rural with lots of rabbits and other wild visitors to the property that do carry the flea's in, but so far, no problem. And as for garlic - I do give them garlic - granulated! No problem but then it's not a daily thing either. Found out the hard way that avocado is deadly to a Cockatiel though! As one person said, check things out before giving to the pets! A policy I wish I had done for my bird's sake!

Replied by Karen
Elk City, Ok
There is a product called Diatameceous Earth. It is totally natural and healthy. It will solve your flea problem. It is not the type used in swimming pools--it is the type uysed for livestock. Please google it and order some online. It is safe on carpet and in the yard and in the bedclothes of your pet--and it totally works. I have lived with flea infestation and this has completely saved my yard and pets and us humans!
Replied by Brenda
Calahan, Fl.
there the websites too on garlic and how benefecial it is for dogs it also suppose to kill heartworms. I have 4 chiwawa, and I have given the garlic to them and they have goten more active also you can make a mixture of ground garlic and water and spray your yards in the sumer for fleas and ticks and they say it really works I am planing on trying it this summer
Replied by Ann
I give my dogs garlic. Not our garlic but Dene's garlic for dogs. Then you know you are not overdosing them. Every vet I have had has been told this and not one of them has told me not too. Would not recommend fresh garlic though as I said. Ann.

Posted by Sally (Dallas, Tx) on 05/20/2010

I just started giving my dogs garlic six days ago for flea prevention. One of my dogs weighs about 100 lbs. so I gave him 4 teaspoons of Brewers Yeast with Garlic on Sat, then 2 cloves fresh garlic on Sunday, then on Monday and Tuesday back to the 4 teaspoons of Brewers Yeast and Wed. 2 cloves of fresh garlic with his morning food. By Wed. night he was starting to look ill to me and today - he is sick!! No energy, breathing hard, and crying a little. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow. What do you think - could it be the garlic? My other dog is doing great. (I am very worried!)

EC: Hi Sally,

Someone recently reported side effects from Brewer's Yeast on the flea page section:'SYEAST_42214

Also, where did you get those high measurements for the brewer's yeast and the garlic?

Let us know what you find out at the vet.

Replied by Sally
Dallas, Tx

Thank you for the response.

I got the dose of 1 teaspoon per 25 pounds of Brewers Yeast powder off of the jar. It also said the amount could be doubled in the summer. (Which I did not do!)

The amount of raw garlic I got from this website:
Dr. Pitcairn (author of The Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats) recommends the following amount of fresh garlic for dogs, according to their size:

* 10 to 15 pounds - half a clove
* 20 to 40 pounds - 1 clove
* 45 to 70 pounds - 2 cloves
* 75 to 90 pounds - 2 and a half cloves
* 100 pounds and over - 3 cloves

Dr. Messonnier (author of The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs) recommends one clove of fresh garlic per 10 to 30 pounds of weight a day to boost the immune system and cancer prevention.

I feel so bad. I did not know the amounts were high!

I will see the vet in 1 hour. I will post again.

Replied by Sally
Dallas, Tx
I was very worried that I gave my dog too much garlic and hurt him, but my vet assures me that he does not show signs of garlic poisoning. He is doing much better, but still has high globulin- which is a concern. I will continue with the Brewers Yeast with garlic, but I'm going to stop with the raw garlic.

EC: Thanks for keeping us updated!

Replied by Ladykati
Fayetteville, Ar
My 13 pound shih tzu/pomeranian mix just ate 2 cloves of garlic in his food. I had been giving him a little bit of garlic salt in his food every morning, but decided to give him a some real garlic today. This was about two hours ago and he seems to be just fine, but I was wondering if he ate too much? Should I take him to the vet or wait to see if he starts acting sick?
Replied by Xanadu1jw
Memphis, Tn
Your dog will be fine but for a 13 pounder you don't need that much on a regular basis, probably a half clove chopped into food will be all that is needed. Two clove could be used on a temporary basis say if your dog has an infection of some kind or on a longer term basis if it is something like a severe heartworm infection. Onions now are different as they will give your dog anemia, never give it onion. Garlic though has been used with dogs for centuries with only benefit. It is very strong though and like many good things more doesn't necessarily mean better.
Replied by Jennifer
Burton, Michigan
5 out of 5 stars
I have to agree. I chop up 1 to 2 cloves for in each of my dogs food dishes, once a day. They are about 85 lbs each. My one dog has tumors, and before I started adding the garlic, was showing signs of arthritis. Now, at 15 years old, my baby is bouncing like a puppy. I have been feeding both my dogs garlic for about 5 years, and it has shown nothing but positive results!

Posted by Ben (Southern Pines, Nc) on 10/14/2009
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Garlic Oil: I give my 130lb shepherd/dane 3 tablets 2 times a day and when I ran out the fleas where horrible, he had sores and all. started back on the regimene and within 3 days a drastic improvement

Replied by Pj
Columbus, Texas
5 out of 5 stars
We give our dogs the Brewers Yeast and Garlic pills found at pet stores. They help with dandruff and give them wonderful coats and keep the fleas away. At first I crushed them and mixed them with food, but now I just drop the tablets in the food and they eat them right up. It has worked very well for our dogs and I'm not concerned at all about the garlic. I haven't found much that says it's bad, other than that link futher up in this thread, and it's science seemed way off.

Posted by Tommie (Phoenix, Arizona) on 06/09/2009

I just discovered that my 160 lb rottie/chow mix has ticks! I've always heard that garlic will keep them from getting worms, and it only makes sense, that ticks would not like the flavor, either. The products like Frontline, etc. are so expensive! I am going to start putting garlic powder in his food. I found that after he got neutered, and had to take pain pills, that if I put the pill inside a big dollop of peanut butter, I had no problem getting him to take the pills. I think I'll try it with fresh garlic, I cannot bare to live with gross ticks! I've had him for 6 years, and we have never had fleas or ticks, I think they must be coming from my new neighbor's dogs. I also bought some organic flea/tick dip, I'm going to give that a try, too. Has anyone had success with fresh garlic to keep ticks off their dog?


Replied by Angie
Adelaide, South Australia
I had a beautiful Samoyed dog for seven years from a pup. I routinely added finely chopped fresh garlic to her food with the objective of naturally preventing intestinal parasites and maintaining her good health. I fed her kangaroo mince, with added vitamin/mineral supplement, olive oil, grated veges & 1-2 cloves of fine chopped fresh garlic. I also fed her a premium dried food with no added artificial additives. She NEVER had fleas (something I attributed to the qualities of her thick double coat - but now think was the garlic) and I rarely treated her with chemical medicines for intestinal worms. Once in a while I would treat her, just to make sure. Sadly, I had to give her away when she was seven years old. Happily to a lovely home. The woman, who adopted my dog, took her for a vet check-up on the day she went to live with her. The vet could not get over how healthy my dog was.

I am not saying that everyone should feed their dogs garlic. I am not saying that everyone should not. The difference in how dogs physiologically react to garlic/onions may come down to individual make-up. Just as individual people may be sensitive/allergic to certain foods. I know people who wont eat onions and/or garlic. They say that onions and/or garlic make them 'gassy. ' I, on the other hand love onions/garlic so much that I joke that I cant be friends with people who dont! And I dont have a problem with gas - just in case you were wondering! We have to remember that dogs/cats have been eating our onion/garlic left-overs for centuries and not dropped dead like flies! That is not to say that onion/garlic is the best thing for them. As a Paleolithic-like diet is considered best for the human body (as it has evolved to this diet for thousands of years) it must also be considered that garlic is not a food that your dog/cat would seek out in the wild. I would probably recommend avoiding onions, to be safe, but if you want to give your dog/cat garlic (as I did) use your common sense. Think 'medicinal dose' and remember that a dog/cat is smaller than you and needs smaller dose - best of luck

Replied by Dog Lover
FYI: I've read that garlic is ok for dogs but onions are not as they contain a substance that can be very harmful for dogs.

Posted by BRAD F. (WESTPORT, CT.) on 04/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

folks- i have BRed and raised collies and you may know heart gard is deathly dangerous to all collie type dogs.a few years ago i finally became a pure natural person and hence my dog cash is also.

if you wish to use garlic - i do - you can substitute garlic spray which you can get in stores and the internet.what you do is spray his food an his water bowl.3 dog loves it - theres no gas. of course all dogs like people are different.i will try the other above recipes as well.

the garlic spray can also be used to spray outside areas to kill fleas . its alot safer that pesticides.

also for fleas instead of using all these shampoos- mix in lemon juice. fleas hate citrus.its a curative and preventative item.

so many vets have showed me they care very little for your pets health. they go right for the meds and their own special dog companies from food - etc to make their profits.they know nothing of organic and natural remedies. they cant make the money on that.

Replied by Mags
Coppell, Texas
I'm feeding raw with great success. I'm going to add some garlic to the pups breakfast now. I also use beneficial nematodes to protect against fleas. 3 years ago had the worst infestation - in the HOUSE!!! No problems since using the beneficial nematodes, which also take care of many other pests attacking home & critters!
Replied by Jennifer
Lockport, Ny
If you use the Garlic Spray, check to see how it is made. If it is heated you will lose many of the beneficial/medicinal benefits. I use Raw Garlic and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in my Two Little Monsters food each day, they are about 8-9 pounds and a Chihuahua/Miniature Pincher mix. They eat a Raw, Species Appropriate Diet with a Teaspoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and a SMALL clove of Raw Garlic added to their food each day. Since I started doing this I have not seen a flea or tick!

There is also Concentrated Garlic Liquid, Garlic Barrier or Mosquito Barrier available for treating your lawn. They are both made by the same company, just check on the concentration level of each product and buy the MOST concentrated to get the best value. Mix it in a Tree/Yard type sprayer with water and spray your yard. Follow directions and your own experience for how often to spray. If you buy the Gallon Size it is HIGHLY concentrated and will keep away many pests in your yard.

If I get a flea problem, I use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with a couple of Essential Oils that are Flea Deterrents added to it on all of my carpets and set up Flea Traps in the areas that My Two Little Monsters spend their time in. They are easy to make. In a Wide Shallow Bowl or Deeper Small Dinner Plate Add 1-2 Tsp. of Dawn Dish Washing Liquid and fill with Warm Water. I bought a Victor Flea Trap, the one with the night light bulb in the top and set it over the top of the bowl. The Light/Heat attracts the Fleas, they jump in the water and the Dawn make them sink and drown immediately. It got rid of a very bad flea infestation fairly quickly and completely using the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth & Flea Traps.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
I just wanted to add to this excellent post that beneficial predatory nematodes may also be very helpful to keep flea population down in grass yards. Also cedar granules may be very effective as well.
Replied by Liz
Ann Arbor
That is awesome and true about vets.. I want to go all natural with my pet. Starting using garlic today. Where did you get all your info? A holistic vet or a website? Thanks

Posted by Nena (Johnson City, TN) on 11/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

i have use garlic on my dog for years and they have no fleas and very heathly.and havent had to treat my home for fleas in years and i bath them in tea tree shampoo that adds to help flealess in tenn....just a speakle of garlic powder on their food each day

Replied by Brianna
Plainfield, In
How much garlic powder do you use in dogs food? Is an eight of a teaspoon of garlic powder enough, too little? I have a female beagle, Lilie. She was an inside only dog, for a while until beginning of this summer actually. And I now know why I have kept her an inside dog. fleas! And I would like to stick with home remedies for many reasons. I just may, make her inside dog again.
Replied by Theresa Donate

Mpls., Mn
Hey Brianna!

If this were my dog I would give her good flea bath, follow it up with a vinegar rinse and then keep her inside. I am sure she is much happier inside than outside.

Posted by Tanya (Apopka, Florida) on 10/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had been having trouble with ticks on my cocker spaniel. We started giving her one garlic pill everyday and we have not had any more tick issues. The only way she will take it is if I hide the pill in a small piece of banana. If the banana is too firm, she will break it and spit out the pill. So be sure it is a ripened banana.

Replied by Mrsfluffurs
Port Richey, Fl
What kind of garlic pills do you give your dog? I know you can't say the brand but are they solid pills or oil and what mg??????
Replied by Lissa
Carbon Cliff
How many mg is the garlic pill? I can only find 1000 mg. Is that too much? I have a 15lb dog.

Posted by Corinna (Copperas Cove, Texas) on 10/15/2008

I have 9 dogs. 6 of them weight over 50lbs and the other 3 are 2 min. Yorkies and one min. Dachshund. I've been having a flea problem for a year now. I spent fortunes on all kinds of flea prevention and tried almost EVERYTHING there is. It got better but the fleas are still there. 2 days ago I started giving them garlic pills. 1 for each of the large dogs and 1/2 for the small ones. I also have 5 cats and give them 1/2 each. But it is a fight and hassle to make them eat the pills. After reading this blog, it seems to me that fresh garlic is better than the pills, but I can't just throw in their food 'cause they won't eat it. Does anyone know a dog-treat I could make and put the garlic in there so they will eat it? My cats already had tapeworms because of the fleas. I got rid of those but since the fleas are still there it will only be a matter of time until they get the worms again. I would really appreciate any suggestion on how I can give my cats and dogs the garlic.

Replied by Suzanne
Bangor, ME USA
5 out of 5 stars
We make the garlic for the dogs part of the stuffing that we use for their tire biters and kongs. It's a mix of pumpkin, squash, plain yogurt, and sometimes peanutbutter (sounds appetizing, doesn't it?). My little guy caught on, so we mixed it with some wet food cat food and he's none the wiser. You could probably do that for your cats too. If you need to get rid of worms again, try using diatamcious earth.

EC: Please read the warnings about using pool grade diatomaceous earth for pets here:

Replied by Lynda
Bayview, Tx
Avoid the cat food; dogs love it but it is very bad for them (and vice versa). I boil some offal, it is very healthy for dogs, I add no seasoning, grind it up fine in the food grinder and add it to the base as a meat treat. However, you may be surprised to find that many dogs, including my 13 love the taste of garlic! Good luck!

Posted by Larry (Okla City, Okla ) on 10/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been feeding my dogs garlic for years. I just put it on top of the food in the diced form or cook it with meat. I always cook meat for them even though raw is supposedly better. I have also always used tumeric too to prevent inflammation, adding herbs last to the cooking process. I am still really fighting parasites. I think I have more of a problem than my dog. I bathe my dog pretty frequently but plan to bathe him more. I will also try cloves and cayenne. My chiropractor told me to drink cider vinegar water daily. I also was curious about the chewing tobacco deal. Thanks for this site. It is very informative.

Posted by Kate (London, ON) on 07/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I read the topic about garlic and dogs. Needless to say, I had to try it just because I don't believe in all the chemicals that the vets recommend and personally I think they cause alot more harm then good. Leaning towards the natural approach, both my dogs had fleas. I mixed olive oil and garlic powder. I have my lab (the one with the worse case of fleas) a small clove of garlic. The 8 month old pup I didn't give him any. So far my lab has not SCRATCHED ONCE, in the last hour. He was constantly scratching every 3-5 mins. This would go on all day. Finally I bathed them with the oil/garlic powder and then washed them with dish soap. All is well and they are both very happy dogs.

Replied by Karen
Hatfield, Pennyslvania
I have 2 dogs. One 6 yrs. and one 5 months. They have fleas. I wanted to give them garlic but after reading all these different opinions Im totally confused.I just lost 2 dogs. One(14 yrs) to cancer and old age and one(2 Yrs) to kilo thorax. I dont want to lose any more. But I also have 9 cats and cant afford to buy flea control besides I dont trust the chemicals in them.

Posted by Miles (Oceanside, California) on 06/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I use to have a German Shepard, and every year around summer time he would become infested with fleas. Flea/tick shampoo was pretty much useless, as I would have to bathe him with it 4-5 times before all the fleas were gone. However, the eggs would still live on, so a week later he would be infested all over again. I had enough so I took him to the Vet, who strangely gave me garlic pills to give him. He told me most Vets don't recommend it, but he has been giving his dogs garlic for years and they've lived healthy lives. My dog hated it, and it was very difficult to get him to swallow it(even if I put it in the back of his throat, or wrap it in a treat). So I started chopping cloves daily and mixing it with plain white rice(the chopped garlic sticks to the rice so he has to eat it). About a week later, I started to notice more fleas! The only side effect I saw(or smelled) was a bitter smelling flatulence. Every year, around mid-May, I would chop cloves and mix it with rice daily. My neighbor said I was "killing" my dog slowly, but his dog always was sick or had some kind of problem, and he would feed her as much RX pills as your average American family takes(needless to say that's a lot). Of course, his dog died, and it was very sad because he thought synthetic man-made pills wasn't the reason. His exact words were something like "she was an unlucky dog". She never even got to see 10, she died at 9 years old from complications, and they had to put her down. However, my dog lived to see 17, and every time I would take him to the vet they would tell me how healthy my dog was, how healthy his coat looked, and they could never find worms. I only gave my dog garlic daily between May-August, so maybe excessively giving them garlic might lead to anemia. However, I don't believe that since some of my friends give their dogs garlic daily year-round and they're healthy. I now have a year old Boxer, who like many Boxers, has minor digestive problems. When he was a pup he would vomit alot and get diarrhea. He also started getting fleas(not nearly as bad as my Shepard) around 6 months, so I started the garlic treatment with him too. To my surprise not only did it get rid of the fleas, but it cured his digestive problems! I thought the garlic might give him diarrhea, but I wanted his fleas gone so I took a chance. I couldn't believe it, he no longer vomited or had diarrhea after feeding him cloves daily with a cup of white rice. I can honestly say garlic is NOT fatal or even harmful to dogs. Whoever published that statement that it is, was probably just trying to market a new pill for dogs, or doesn't want you to know that $2 a month will cure/treat symptoms that most vets charge $200+ for. Last time I checked, I never heard of anyone getting negative side-effects from natural medicine, but how many negative side-effects are there in your prescription and OTC medicines? Exactly! So to all you "experts" who wanna tell me that some world-renown vet said it's harmful, save your breath. I really don't care. I've seen the results, and it continues to work for me and my dog, and that's all that really matters.

Replied by Bethanie
Charlotte, NC
You just gave me the perfect way to feed garlic to my dog. He loves rice so I know he'll eat it. I've been researching on the internet. We always have trouble with fleas during the summer here. I can give him a pill...or I can put stuff on his back. Last time i put the stuff on his back I noticed that within thirty minutes his skin had turned bright red. This really worried me and since then I've been considering how to get rid of fleas without putting poison on my dog. I oiled him with a tea tree oil otc mixture (not pure tt oil, but diluted) this evening and will give him this as well. He has a recurring worm problem because of the fleas so we'll see if this helps him at all. Thanks for the tip.

Replied by Janis
Renton, US
Another solution for fleas is brewers yeast tablets. I buy the human kind and some dogs even like the taste of it.If they wont just eat the brewers yeast pill you can crush it up and put in their food. Fleas hate brewers yeast.

Posted by Kathy (Cypress, TX) on 06/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

To keep fleas off my 70 lb. dog, I juice fresh raw garlic and add 1/8 teaspoon of it to a raw egg yolk. He eats it joyfully. NO MORE FLEAS. Fleas hate the smell of garlic. I may carefully increase the amount of garlic juice some in the future because he is 70 lbs. He eats his food joyfully. He also loves greens such as Alfalfa powder, Wheatgrass powder, Barley powder, etc. Dogs need greens too!