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Diarrhea Remedies for Pets

Last Modified on Sep 04, 2014

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Pasta and Salmon   1  0   

Posted by Karin (Cape Coral, Florida) on 05/06/2012

[YEA]  After trying all the usual stuff, I finally found something to cure diarrhea in my foster greyhound. Feed about 1-2 cups pasta (cooked until mushy) with about 2 tablespoons of salmon (cheap canned is fine) and add in 1, 000 mg of L-Glutamine 2x a day. Do not feed anything else until a few days after it completely resolves and then just add in a little of other food until you eventually transition to regular food. It worked in less than 24 hrs. Recipe was in an issue of Celebrating Greys magazine. Good luck

Probiotics   2  0   

Posted by Karen (Fraser, MI) on 10/12/2006

[YEA]  This is an additional comment to what I wrote previously: We discontinued giving them (one dog with the problem but the other dog ate it too) the probiotics and they continue well. My guess is that the probiotics re-plenished the intestinal flora of the dogs, none of them have had any antibiotics since then, I believe that if they do need an antibiotic in future I would give them some probiotics again. NOT expensive at all to use probiotics, I gave them one with food each day. Sometimes I split the capsule in the 3 different bowls. Can't get any more frugal!

Posted by Karen (Fraser, MI) on 07/09/2006

[YEA]  My 16 year old dog (a Silky Terrier) had diarrhea, it looked like clear yellow goo. The vet over a several month time period tried an antibiotic liquid, then a powder to sprinkle on food every day. It worked as long as I used it, but dosage was very tricky, and cure was not achieved. I asked if I could sprinkle some probiotics on his food instead, vet said shouldn't be harmful. I put 1/2 of a capsule of probiotics on each of our dog's food, the sick dog was the 12 # dog, the well dog was 22#. This remedy worked immediately, and dog continues well, I no longer give it to him every day. It has worked for the past 5 months. There have been no effects that I can see on the other dog who had normal bowel movements, and continues to do so. I told the vet, and he was pleased and happy to know this as well.

Probiotics are the live flora found in live yogurt. I used the same probiotic that we take, and I have used 2 different formulas for us and the dogs, not on purpose, just that I had 2 different bottles of these on hand. I hope you can pass this along, we love our "fur children

Pumpkin   13  2   

Posted by Sherryk30 (Wilmington) on 03/09/2014

[YEA]  We have a Pitbull who has a very sensitive digestive system. After a couple of bouts of bloody diarrhea (about 6 mos. apart) and $600 vet bills, I came across this website when the third bout happened. Ran out to the store and purchased canned pumpkin, rice and a couple of chicken breasts. Within 30 min. his stools were visibly more normal - no blood and formed instead of water. A few hours later, he was acting like his normal self again. Kept him on the pumpkin for another day and did the rice and chicken for a few days before incorporating his regular diet into it. I swear by it!! The vet had put him on steroids, given him a prescription diarrhea med. and told us to feed him chicken and rice - all for $600 and I don't believe that steroids are healthy at all.

Can't tell you how many remedies I've gotten from EarthClinic, including organic apple cider vinegar to remove a wart from my grandchild that nothing else worked on, and they've all worked!!! No wonder BigPharma has gone to such lengths to brainwash us to believe that it's quackery!! Worked 100 years ago - why not today? Thanks much!!

Posted by Annaj (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/08/2012

[YEA]  Just a quick post to report another success. I tried the chicken, rice and pumpkin combo for my siberian husky (8yrs old). She had really watery diarrhea from anxiety over the noise of 4th of July. That went on for 4 days. Once we gave her the pumpkin (2 tbsp every 3 hours) there was good success in less than 24 hrs!!

I started out with just the chicken and rice with no change observed. The key was adding the canned pumpkin (.59 cents!! ) Thanks for the info!

Replied by Carly
Orlando, Florida
[YEA]   A few months ago I came across this website when my parents Black Lab had a problem with his eye. I found a cure on here that worked perfectly and have been coming back ever since. So the other night when my Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier mix, Isabella, got an upset tummy, earth clinic was the first place I turned. She had gotten into the trash while we were out and ate some left over chicken I had thrown away. Since we don't give her human food, her stomach couldn't take it and by the next morning she had diarrhea. It lasted all day and I was hoping it would get better by the end of the day but it didn't. Finally, after her worst bathroom usage yet, I turned to earth clinic for a solution. The pumpkin remedy was rated very high so since I had a can in the house I tried it. I gave her a teaspoon full last night (she's 17 lbs) and by this morning she seems great! No more upset stomach and she's playful again. I'll be monitoring her for another 24 hours but the teaspoon of pumpkin seemed to of done the trick! Will definitely keep this in mind for the future and highly recommend it to anyone whose fur baby might have a sick tummy.
Replied by Tom
Bloomington, Il
[YEA]   I am truly amazed at this remedy. My 50 lb, 8 year old mixed breed dog developed diarrhea from what I can only conclude was stress from an injury. For more than 2 weeks, I fed him a diet of rice, chicken or turkey, and even Kaopectate. But he never got past it. I read this article Monday morning - Labor Day, bought a can of pumpkin puree (Libby's) that day, and gave him approximately 3 tablespoons over the next few hours. He loved it, by the way. The next morning (Tuesday) I gave him 1 tbls with his breakfast. He did not have a bowel movement that morning, so after work when walking him he stopped to poop, and to my surprise - normal!! A somewhat glowing orange, but normal. I gave him a tbls with his dinner Tuesday, another with his breakfast Wednesday, and then nothing more after, and today (thursday) everything is still right as rain. I'm sold. I was only a matter of hours from calling the vet, who would have put him on some harsh meds, and charged me a lot more than the $1.29 I paid for the extra-large can of pumpkin. No more days and days of rice and chicken, kao, or any other remedies. As long as I'm fairly sure he does not have worms or some other sort of infection, pumpkin it is!! Thank you for this blog.
Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/usa
Just make sure the canned pumpkin contains ONLY PUMPKIN. Do NOT get the pie filling!

Posted by Tam (Detroit, Mi) on 11/16/2011

My dog started have loose stools six days ago, within the last two days it finally stopped. Now it's started again. My Vet told me to give her boiled white rice and boiled hamburger and a tablespoon of Metamucil. I'm going to try the pumpkin mixture for two days then it's back to the Vet. I hope this works.

Replied by Bellal
Washington, Dc
[YEA]   Pumpkin works! I gave my beagle two tablespoons of pure canned pumpkin (not pie filler) and some rice for two days after he had 2 days of loose stools. After a day he was back to normal! Saved lots of money and time going to the vet.

Posted by Mgiustina (St. George, Utah) on 03/28/2011

[YEA]  My puppy had ingested some of my older dog's food and caused him to have diarrhea. I have used this site in the past for other remedies for my family and saw that there was a 'pet' tab. I mixed a heaping teaspoon of plain, natural pumpkin in his food and by later that night, he was back to normal.

Replied by Pinkshoe
Hibbing, Mn, Usa
I gave my 4 month old chihuahua 1/4 tsp. of pureed pumpkin. He has had diarrhea for the past 3 weeks. He has tested positive to round worms. He is taking a medication called Metronidazole twice per day. With the 1/4 tsp. his diarrhea started to stiffen up but then I gave him 1/2 tsp with his next feeding and back with the watery diarrhea. Should I give him more pumpkin? It did seem to be working. I am not sure what to do at this point. Should I fast him for awhile? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Replied by Sami
Irvine, Ca, Usa
May I encourage you to have pup dewormed promptly. Round worm can terrorize a dog's intestines and get into lungs. You may have to deworm again. Also, I found that several vets prescribed too low of a dose of metrodiazinol. The best result for a 7 lb, chihuahua is 100 mg at 1 1/2 ml once to twice daily, depending on how bad the diarrhea is. Add probiotics to food--a half capsule twice daily to encourage good bacteria in intestines. A boiled chicken and rice diet, 60-40 ratio, 60% rice or more. Allow dog to adjust to diet and probiotics recipe with medication until resolved. As pup heals and resolves worms, keep doing what you are doing. You can then slowly add kibble back into his diet.

Note: some vets say that dosage is toxic. I was fortunate to have found two vets who finally put my chi on the proper dosage. Also, you might try getting him hydrated at vet to help him recover his strength. Probiotics build the immune system as well, for the allergy sufferers. Metrodiazonal should cease diarrhea immediately. Round worms can kill a dog. So take care of that first. If vet insists on fecal, insist you saw the worm. Many vets wrongly say fecal exam must show infection. Simply not true. God bless. Oh, be certain all dogs are walked to ease the stress of illness and gas.

Replied by Leslie
Clearlake, California
Try prebiotic, probotics for dogs. I just went thru the same thing. I used nutramax proviable paste, and capsules, fda approved for canines. Its a 10 day program. I also changed food brands to a no grain limited ingredient. Things are almost back to normal. I will continue to supplement probioctics because my dogs digestive system was completely torn up and will take a long time to heal. Prebiotics in this product are specifically designed to make it thru the stomach acids and get to the problem areas in the small or large intestine. good luck.

Posted by Pamperingpaws (Orlando, Fl) on 01/24/2011

[NAY]  Where is this coming from? Pumpkin is HIGH in fiber and water. It works well for constipation BUT NOT DIARRHEA! Would you take metamucil for your diarrhea? the easiest and safest way to stop diarrhea is to stop feeding for 12-24 hours, then start slowly feeding small meals (break up a regular meal into 2-3 feedings afew hours apart) or start with small amounts of pain rice with or without plain boiled chicken then transfer back on to regular food over a few days. Adding pumpkin dose no good and may make a bad situation worse. If you INSIST on using pumpkin for diarrhea PLEASE check with your vet for advise, a phone call cost you nothing.

Replied by Danielle
Durango, Colorado
Yes, I would use fiber for diarrhea. That is why rice is commonly used.
Replied by Kate
Costa Mesa, Ca
Actually, there is something unique about pumpkin's fiber, allowing it to be used for both diarrhea and constipation. You would use small amounts (up to 1 Tablespoon per cup of food) for diarrhea, and large amounts for constipation. My VET suggested it for diahrrea - so long as it is related to something that is ingested; it won't help with worms. Pumpkin is also very helpful in pets with diabetes as it helps the pancreas to function properly.
Replied by Jasper2
Minneapolis, Mn
[YEA]   Pumpkin WORKS in the vast majority of cases. It is well documented for anyone who bothers to research it. I had a very sick puppy, very loose diarrhea and dehydrated. I gave him one tablespoon of pumpkin puree mixed with boiled chicken breast, boiled WHITE rice, and one capsule of dog probiotics mixed in. Immediate positive results. Why would anyone hesitate to use a natural food with a proven track record to cure a dog's illness?

I now give my puppy one teaspoon of pumpkin in his food once a day, and never any problem with diarrhea or loose runny stool.

Don't hesitate to try this. It does work, and quickly.

Replied by Jenna
Rochester, Minnesota
I just gave my 9 month old Lab/Golden Retriever Mix a teaspoon of Organic Pumpkin to help with her diahrrea that's been going on for 48 hours now. We'll see if it works...
Replied by Lillanromeo
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
@ Pamperingpaws from Orlando, Fl,

I found your post interesting! I have never used pumpkin for my dog/cat, but being a Sr. Nursing student I do know that you can use metamucil for diahrrea. Metamucil is a "bulk forming" laxative. This means that it regulates the water content in your stool. If your stool has too much water in it (diahrrea), it will add bulk to it. If it has too little (constipation) it will add water to it. I found this interesting when I was learning about them because typically people assume that metamucil is just used for constipation, but actually it can also be prescibed/used for diahrrea as well. I assuming that pumkin does along the lines the same thing. I will probably do a little more research! But I think I am going to try the pumpkin, chicken, and rice diet and also some probiotics for my kitten. Thanks everyone!

Replied by Kim
Palisade, Colorado
[YEA]   My English Staffordshires both developed diarrhea at the same time, nothing new to diet, no added stresses, usual routine. Not sure what caused this but after four days of it dicating every moment of me life for these poor "babies" I sought out the 'home' cures on line. Thank you so much for the reviews on Pumpkin!!!

I took my Staffies off their usual food (had already cut back) and put them on the rice/chicken/pumpkin. Within one whole day (24 hrs) they finally had a normal stool. They are back to their happy energetic selves. Now, in the evening, I'll give them each a small spoonful of pumpkin which they love. I'll do that for a few more days and ease them back to their regular diet.

Yes, you can feed pumpkin for diarrhea.

Posted by Tucson_arizona (Tucson, Arizona, U.s.a.) on 12/27/2010

[NAY]  I bought Libby's 100% canned pumpkin, mixed with rice, and did not help my dog's diarrhea, gave it to him a week, 2 tablespoons every time he ate.

Posted by Mary (Syracuse, NY) on 07/14/2009

[YEA]  I want to let you know that giving a 1/2 teaspoon of pure pumkin from a can cured my cat of his diarhea. He had been suffering for about a week. I gave him the pumpkin twice a day mixed in his soft food. On the fourth day his stool returned to normal. I will continue to add to his food daily. I came back to your site for a natural flea cure so I am going to try the ACV. Will let you know how it turns out. Your site is excellent providing info that also gives the negetives letting me choose what I think is best for my pet. Thank you so much! And Bob (my cat) also thanks you!

Posted by Pam (Milwaukie, OR) on 03/20/2009

[YEA]  Hey cat lovers, I have 3 cats, all male and when I got my Middle one, he got severe diarreha it was so sad, I called the vet and he said that people use canned pumpkin for constipation and diarreha, (for some reason, it works both ways) well it seemed like a huge amount so I went to the baby food section to look, and all I found was sqaush, so I called the vet again and asked if ok to substitute, he said give it a try, and let me tell you it works like a charm!!! plus the little buggers LOVE it!! it is a real treat for them, I feed it to all 3 for good digestion.

Posted by Veronica (San Antonio, Texas) on 11/20/2008

[YEA]  I have used pumpkin (canned, plain, no sugar) for my cats' and dogs'diarrhea and constipation. It works great for both. I usually cook up some chicken and rice as well when it is diarrhea. As long as it is not giardia (fenbendazole- brand name Panacur or Safe-Guard from any feed store will take care of that) then I can usually clear it up within a day or two.

Replied by Kelly
Nashville, TN
Canned pumpkin (100% pure pumpkin) is a great cure for dog who must have their anal glands expressed due to impactions. Also, my two dogs take enzymes and herbs daily. The herbs smell (and most likely taste) really bad. I mix them in a few teaspoons of pumpkin and add a couple of drops of omega 3 and vitamin E and a drop or so of Agave nectar. No problem getting them to eat this.

Posted by Kris (Benton City, Washington) on 01/09/2008

[YEA]  I have used Pumpkin for constipation for my dog who suffers from chronic problems daily. Contrary to others beliefs. I give him a tablespoon every day. It works great! I also have another dog that has problems with diarrhea I also give him the same amount as it has fiber and works for both problems. This is a marvelous cure all. I am thirlled that I found this information on this site.

Replied by Renee
Tacoma, Wa
[YEA]   It works! When My puppy came home from having surgery he was constipated... I gave him pumpkin and withing a few hours his "stuff" was normal and he wasn't straining himself outside. (It was so sad watching him try his hardest with no result) A couple of days later he got diahrea from his medication, and again, I gave Him a spoonfull of pumpkin and added the same amount of greek yogurt with each meal. While he was on the medication I had to keep this up... If I stopped the additions to his normal food, he would have the "runs" again. Now he's off the meds and the problem is gone... though he likes the yogurt so much I keep giving it to him.

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato   1  0   

Posted by Teri (Erie, Pa. USA) on 01/10/2009

[YEA]  Hi Everyone,

First, thank you for your wonderful web site. Last week I was up all night with my sick 90lb german shepard. First she was vomiting, then got slammed with really severe diarrhea. After I read your messages about the use of pumpkins I decided to give it a try. I'm on disability and these $150 vet visits are killing me. Well as luck would have it I also didn't have any pumplin but remembered I had some unbaked sweet potatos left over from Thanksgiving that were still good so I baked them till they were nice and soft and mixed it in her food. Her diarrhea was gone in a day and a half. It gets better. I was speaking with my brother who lives with a ankle bitter that eat a five pound box of Christmas cookies and got so bound up he couldn't walk. Their vet recommended pumpkin to relieve his problem and it also work great. It appears that pumpkin, sweet potato or any high fiber foods will work for both problems. Thanks again for your web site and the information you publish. It was a blessing.

I would also appreciating hearing from anyone who has a remedy for allergies and itching and chewing. Almost $1000 dollars into treatment we are no closer to finding out what makes Willow (my puppy) go crazy. She chews her feet, stratches her nose, and get chews the fur off her legs and digs in her ears. The only thing the vet does is put her on antibotics and steroids and as soon as she quits taking them it starts all over again. Hoping someone can help. I breaks my heart to see her suffer. Thanks again.


EC: Re: the allergies -- please tell us brand of dog food you are feeding her, also what ingredients are listed on the packaging!

Replied by Sarah
Phoenix, AZ
My dog did the same thing, but not to the extreme of your dog. She would bite the fur off of her back and was missing fur. She also had really bad dry, flakey skin. I found out that she was allergic to corn and wheat. She also has a negative reaction to chicken and beef. I did this by experimentation and research since the vet was going to charge me an arm a leg for steriods amongst other things! I now have her on a venison dog food with no corn or wheat. I found the food at the local pet store. You can just ask someone who works there and they will know which brands have what in them. She will occasionally chew on her feet, but now it is a force of habit. I just try to give her something else to chew on. That works immediately! She stops chewing. She no longer has the severe problems she had before. I hope this helps! Good luck!
Replied by Sue
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Teri,

My dog has similar food intolerances to Sarah's dog. My guy can't eat chicken or pork and he can't eat grains or starches such as rice, pasta, white potatoes, corn etc.

In your situation, I would put Willow onto a food elimination diet to identify possible food intolerances, especially given the recent bowel problems. You can start two ways - either by feeding 100% home cooked or 100% high quality kibble with only one protein/meat source and no grains or fillers. California Natural make two good kibbles - a fish and sweet potato or venison and sweet potato.

Allergies will be caused by either something in the environment or something in the diet. Diet is probably the easiest place to start.

Good luck. Hopefully you will find it is something as simple as eliminating grains!

Replied by Lesley
Kagel Canyon, CA
My chihuahua had the same symptoms... chewing feet, losing hair, scratching and digging in his ears... I put him on a holistic organic dog food, and gave him Skineze by and it really seemed to help... also, Nzymes supplements have helped other dogs with this issue... mixing ACV and water and spraying his skin might help with the itching... good luck

Pumpkin, White Rice   2  0   

Posted by Jan (Waterville, Maine, Usa) on 02/21/2012

[YEA]  Thanks you everybody who suggested pumpkin and rice for diarrhea. My dogs and cats vomited and had diarrhea every time I fed them, and we've been through many foods over the past few months. I fed them home-cooked rice, chicken, and vegetables plus pumpkin and the symptoms were gone within 2 days. My life is so much better now, and so is theirs. thanks. I add flax seed oil or olive oil, too, and oatmeal, fruit, or whatever I have. I make sure I give them the recommended amount of protein:carbs. Life is good.

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