Natural Cystitis Remedies for Cats

Last Modified on Sep 29, 2014

Feline Cystitis, sometimes known as Feline Urologic Syndrome, yes many cat owners are all too familiar with this particular problem. Feline cystitis can affect both female and male cats, although it is more common among females. The catch-all phrase Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorders (FLUTD) is inclusive of a number of disorders, but cystitis specifically refers to an irritation of the feline bladder. The condition occurs as a result of an infection in the bladder and will cause tiny crystals to form, which blocks the normal passage of urine. This can be very painful for your cat as it will be difficult for them to urinate as they normally would.

Cystitis Symptoms: Your cat with cystitis will need to urinate more frequently but upon attempting it, will generally only be successful in having just a few drops pass at a time. You might also notice that your cat will discontinue use of the litter box when it needs to urinate, as this condition is very irritating for them and they are more comfortable using a cold, hard surface such as your bathtub, sink or countertop. It is also likely that the consistency of the urine will be thicker than it normally would be, the scent will be strong and foul smelling, and the urine will contain traces of blood. If this sounds like it is in line with your cat's recent behavior then the chances are high that they are suffering from cystitis.

It is not known exactly what causes feline cystitis. The same condition in dogs or in humans would be caused by a bacterial infection, however most cats with this problem do not have bacteria in their urine. If your cat is affected by cystitis you may want to temporarily increase the amount of canned food that you are feeding them. Canned food as opposed to dry food has higher water content, and at this time you want to increase the amount of water that the animal takes in and decrease the mineral content of the diet.

Additionally, there are several homeopathic treatments that can be administered to help clear up this very painful and distressing problem for your cat, such as Nux Vomica, Chimaphila or Cantahris. Although you will want to have the exact cause of the condition diagnosed in order to choose the correct treatment.

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Posted by Basia (Vancouver, Canada) on 09/29/2014

[YEA]  Thank you for posting! ....ACV saved my adult female bengal from so much unnecessary stress and me from some serious vet combination with a herbal remedy I got over the counter at my local pet store (one of the ingredients of which was Cantahris) her symptoms cleared up in 3-4 days.... <3

Posted by Terri (Clarence Center, NY) on 09/12/2014

Hi ive been reading the posts here, cause I think my cat has a problem. I had first thought it was behavior, but when I saw him peeing in front of me, a red flag went up. I'm gonna like right now try the ACV; how many times a day and for how long do you treat with this? And also should ya do it a few times a month for maintenance?

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
641 Posts
Hey Terri!

If this were my cat I would treat 6 times a day for the first 2 days, and then drop it to 2-3 times a day for a total of 3 weeks. If your cat won't take a mixture of ACV in water [try 1 part ACV to 10 parts water] try dipping a paw in the solution so he will lick it off and ingest it that way. As a maintenance it would not hurt to give some in his food on a daily basis.

Posted by Twinkletoes
Cadogan, Pa
My cat was diagnosed with a bladder infection yesterday. He is on Clavamox 2 times a day for 14 days. DL Methionine 2 times a day for 30 days. Should I try ACV or wait until his meds are done. If so how much and for how long. Please help my little man is miserable!
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
641 Posts
Hey Twinkletoes!

Please do a google search and read up on DL Methionine. It would appear that ACV is contraindicated. It sounds like you need to follow up with your vet to rule out bladder stones. ACV may help you cat but it tends to have an alkalizing effect on the body and if your cat is prone to stones then you might wish to consider remedies that will replicate the acidifying qualities of the DL Methionine.

Posted by Jacqueline (New York) on 08/05/2014

[YEA]  My 3 year old male cat was straining in the litter box all day yesterday and completely unable to produce any urine.

He was also licking his genitals frequently. He is on a diet of canned food with about 15 small pieces of dried food mixed in Morning and night.

I immediately gave him about a 1/2 teaspoon of powdered probiotics which helped him with a mild UTI problem 12 months ago. Unfortunately his condition worsened over the next few hours as he appeared more uncomfortable, bloated and lethargic. I then tried 1/2 teaspoon of D-Mannose mixed with 1 teaspoon of water administered with a dropper in his mouth. When his condition worsened I worried I should have taken him to the vet.

After reading this site I gave him 1/4 teaspoon of ACV with 1 teaspoon water by dropper into his mouth. I did this again 2 hours later. He had difficulty walking was completely lethargic and I started to worry he wouldn't make it thru the night. Thankfully about an hour later he went to the litter box and passed a small amount of urine. Half an hour later he passed more and seemed much less uncomfortable. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I finally went to bed at 2am and when I woke in the morning he seemed almost himself. I gave him 1/4 teaspoon each of probiotics, D-Mannose and ACV this morning and will continue to do so periodically over the coming week until I am sure he is fully recovered.

Thank you SO much to all who posted detailed information on how they treated their cats with ACV. You saved my cat a tremendous amount of pain and what would have been very stressful for him and expensive for me if I had to take him to the vets.

Posted by Gene
New Bedford, Ma
Can you please call me I need info on how you treated your cat. Please call asap. 7744130255

Posted by Kim (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl) on 06/28/2014

I am totally amazed and delighted! Six days ago I took my big fat Bobby cat to the vet because he kept going in the litter pan without peeing. Long story short, 2 trips to the vet this week, X-rays, unblocking the clog, antibiotics and $800. Now this morning, cat goes into the pan and just dribbles. I read the info on this site and followed instructions to give the big boy ACV. I was so upset because I didn't have another $800 to spend and didn't know what to do. I ran out to do some errands and when I returned a couple hours later, there was a big pee in the pan! He is grooming and purring!

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc. Canada
Hey, Kim from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.-- I enjoyed the outcome for your cat so much. Just sharing your joy of success and hope other folk will save $800. He's a happy boy! Om

Posted by Donna (Anniston, Al Usa) on 02/03/2014

[YEA]  My cat is an 8 year old Himalayan, 15lbs. He started having trouble urinating during a snow storm ( this last week) in which I was stuck for 3 days. I googled the issue and , at first, I freaked out thinking he was going to die. Then I found this site. I took him off dry food right away and added 1/4 teaspoon of ACV mixed with 1 teaspoon chicken stock to his wet food at each feeding ( he seems ok with that, well at least he's eating it). Its now day 3 and he is perfectly ok now. He starting going about 2 hours after the first treatment. I finally was able to get out and bought him special canned food for urinary health. Now he's peeing up a storm much to my relief, lol. The plan is to keep him on the canned food and get him a better brand of dry food and give him the ACV once a week. I want to thank everyone who posted about this treatment, I know it saved his life ( and a huge vet bill).

Thanks once again,

Donna and Buddy

Posted by Marilyn
Cottonwood, Ca
[YEA]   This remedy saved and cured our female cat. I want to thank you.
Posted by Kaila
Hi my name is Kaila and I have a 3 year old female tabby & her name is Gabby . She was spayed as a kitten . We also have a dog that's 1 year . If we were to ever leave the bathroom door open we would find pee on the carpets , we have found pee on the couch's and we always assumed it was the dog . But then we found pee outside the litter box . My mom and I didn't really think too much of it and just cleaned it up . Also , Gabby our cat has thrown up a couple times and we cleaned it up and thought that she ate some of our dogs food . We recently caught her peeing on the couch right in front our eyes , and we found out it was her who peed on the couch previously and everywhere else . We have even found pee under the couches . We didn't know what was going on and then I searched online what could be wrong , and I found out that she could possibly have bladder stones , a uti or basically the same thing a bladder infection . Then all the pieces were coming together. The cat was the one peeing on everything, that's why she threw up , she probably has a bladder infection. My mom quickly said " I don't have the money to bring her to the vet "Vets are always so much money and yea " don't have a pet if you cant afford it " I really don't want any replies like that because it doesn't help at all . I have read alot of these comments and it sounds like we are all going threw or have gone threw the same problem . But I have a question , what cat food should my mother buy , what type of wet food because I have read to mix wet food with Apple Cider Vinegar and water or with chicken broth . This might be a main reason but she never eats wet food . She barely ate it . We always just get dry food. I'm really scared that she will need surgery of any sort or will die we have had her for a very long time ( 3 years ) since she was about 2 months old I think I would be very very very upset if she passed .. PLEASE REPLY WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Thanks ~ Kaila

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
641 Posts
Hey Kaila!

I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. Cat's do try to tell us as best they can when there is a problem; urinating right in front of your very eyes is one way for cats to tell us they have a UTI.

Your cat does need to go to the vet. You might try reaching out to a rescue group in your area to see if they can provide assistance or refer you to veterinary services at a reduced rate.

Barring all that, you should try to get your cat to ingest some ACV by mixing 1-2 teaspoons into a cup of pure water and then dipping your cats paw in the solution so it is sopping wet; your cat will lick her paw to dry it and thus ingest some ACV.

You might consider Ted's sea salt remedy for a UTI:

Use a quality sea salt - the aquarium stores tend to sell the best.

A crisis dose is 1 teaspoon of sea salt into a liter of pure, non-chlorinated water, for 1-2 days [play it by ear; you *should* see a rather immediate resolution to the symptoms in that time frame, but if not go for 3 days and consider adding cranberry juice to the water.

A maintenance dose after the crisis resolves is 1/4 teaspoon sea salt into 1 liter of water.

If your cat won't drink the water with 1 teaspoon of sea salt added to it, try dipping her paws in the solution or consider dosing 1/2 teaspoon sea salt into canned food and hiding it that way so your cat takes it. Give 1/2 teaspoon am and pm for up to 2 days.

Ted also adds: "As to the apple cider vinegar for UTI, I do not think it to be as effective as a sea salt remedy. However if ACV is used then it is likely to be mixed with a pinch of baking soda."

Posted by Jaw_a
Ca, US
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   Please help me ASAP.. My cat is male, 3 years old, he was blocked before 2 months and I went to the vet, and he used catheter for this problem. The vat gave him antibiotic he was better but not totally, so I read this page and I started giving him ACV, he was very good, I gave him maybe 3 ml with his food. He never eat dry food. So then I stop the ACV for 3 weeks. Now, the problem start again from 10 days. I give him ACV again but he is still sick. He pees but little. Now I need to know How millimeter should I give him from ACV daily?? 5 ml once a day? or should I increase it?

the vet give me jedcorene (effervescent granules) but I'm afraid, I gave him this medicine for 2 days and I just have stopped it today.. So please tell me..

I'm waiting for your informative and useful replies.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
641 Posts
Hey Jaw_a! Why are you afraid of giving your cat the Jedcorene? Read up on it: Http:// It sounds like your cat has a chronic issue. This means you need to treat him properly to get rid of the infection, and then put him on a maintenance regimen to keep the symptoms at bay. If this were my cat I would use the Jedcorene; if you are concerned about long term antibiotic use, if symptoms get better quickly you could stop at day 5 and then get him right away onto the ACV regimen that worked well for you before. The thing is you need to keep him on it - a life long thing, else the problems will persist.

Posted by Jeanieh (Sparks,nevada) on 01/21/2014

[YEA]  This site is a real Life saver and I am so happy to have found it! My wonderful cat was overweight and started smelling like urine, she was running back and forth to the litter box constantly and trying to lick herself, she was in a bad way , and I was cleaning her daily and nothing helped! She just stunk so bad! I found this site and started the Apple Cider Vinegar right away in wet food, it took about a week but, she is not smelling at all and she has lost weight too! This is truly a miracle! Thank you! Thank you!

Posted by Deedee (Santa Fe, NM) on 07/17/2013

[YEA]  Thank you for your experiences - my cat ended up with surgery with this issue about 4 years ago and this morning, he showed the signs again. I sooooo didn't want to go to the vet for many reasons, so I found this site and tried the ACV... Within an hour he had a blow-out all over the dog bed that he was on, but he is so, so much better now. He will continue getting ACV for about 5 days, continues with his Cranberry Relief and I've added Cantharis for 5 days, and that should get him back on track (this is all per my hollistic pet store owner and healer). I keep Peace & Calming (Young Living essential oil) on a cotton ball where he sleeps and that helps with the stress. Whew!

Posted by Nia
I have a question. I am so very sad atm. I just had a momma and her 3 babies dropped off on me the cost to get them all fixed was a lot and now I have no money to take my older male to the vet. I lost one already to the same condition I really can't lose him. I have raised him since he was 4days old. He is so my baby. He is throwing up and having trouble peeing. He will be asleep and the a lil will come out and he'll cry in pain sometimes and others cause he thinks he is introuble which he isn't. I know he can't help it. But its breaking me to see him like this. The vets don't help other than rob you of money and a friend that I had is a vet said to give half a zirtec and it helps for a short time but comes right back a few days to a week after he is off. Did any of your cats throw up with this condition? I know he has FUTI but will this help him too? Please I'm looking for any better remedies than putting him thru more bs to be told nothing will help him. Please help. Thank you for all your time.
Posted by Mary
I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I have such a hard time hearing about pet's suffering. Did you try applying diluted apple cider vinegar to the scruff of his neck? That is better from what I have read than trying to make cats drink apple cider vinegar. It helped my friend cure her cat of a bladder infection. Let us know how he is doing.
Posted by Silly-scilla
Mo, United States
The reason they throw up when they are in that state is because the toxins building up in their system because they can't pee. Ignoring the fact that they need to pee and not doing anything cuz the vet just drains you of money is ridiculous. I work as a veterinary assistant and they have to put catheters in the penis to clear the blockage. To prevent this from happening again they are put on a special diet that dissolves the crystals they make that causes the blockage. Crappy cat food contributes to this condition.
Posted by Spenser
I came across your post and hope you will listen to the vet tech who posted. I know from experience and while I much prefer holistic remedies, there are SOME THINGS that must be taken care of at a vet. The vet tech is correct, toxins are building up if a cat can not pee. They can die within hours if blocked and if they can not pee or only a few drops they are BLOCKED. I took mine in and they tried to clear it with a catheter. When that did not work, they did surgery. IF I had not, he would be dead.

Now if a cat has a urinary infection or cystitis, then yes, some home remedies work, like D-Mannose, etc. BUT IF THEY CAN NOT PEE AT ALL THEY ARE BLOCKED and only a vet can unblock them. If they do not get unblocked FAST (and I mean within the day not weeks) they will build up toxins fast and die. I hope you will get him to the vet if he can not pee at all. Many vets will make arrangements for payments or have funds set up. But please do not let any cat that can not pee at all go while you give days of home remedy. I totally understand how you feel, I do not like vets other than my regular great vet ( as one other one altered a necropsy on my bird to cover up his mistake ) but I still will always go IF a cat can not pee, as they will die of that. Hope this helps. Please take your cat in as the vet tech said.

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Spenser from Florida. If you contact a good homeopath, there are two remedies that are specific for this condition which should be kept in the house for immediate action. This can also be researched on the 'net.

For example, in another case a dog was just going under in seconds of poisoning and my guess is food poisoning, I gave ARDENICUM ALBUM 30c and watched him immediately recovering and fine from then on. Before I knew of this remedy, I drove to the vet and guess what -- antibiotics! The animal took a week to recover slowly. Sorry, I can't remember these two remedie's names but will post when, soon. Om

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Spenser from Florida -- from Om

The two remedies homeopathic are: Coccus Cacti and Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris. The reason for keeping these is that an attack can occur repeatedly and an operation can be very invasive especially considering the harsh meds and antibiotics.

However it depends on the severity as time is of the essence. Just think you are far away from a vet, it is middle of night and other limiting situations, last not least money limitations.

It is worth researching including homeopathic remedies in preparation for operation and post operation. These are very effective in my own experience, preventing pain, bruising and post op. infections.

In addition since autointoxication is in the picture too, advice from one natural vet is to give a pinch of baking soda in the food or, I feel, ACV and BS in water by syringe. The remedies can be ordered from a health store. All the best. Om

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Spenser from Florida from Om.. The homeopathic remedy in my first post to you should have read ARSENICUM 30C. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Atlcdn (Whiteland, Indiana, Usa) on 03/18/2013

My male tabby is running to his litter box constantly with very little output. [few days] I started him on organic ACV yesterday.. 3 times and once today, so far. I have a baby medicine dropper that holds 5ml. I use a bit less than 1/2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar and the other 1/2 tsp is filtered water. Getting this down a 25 lb cat by yourself is almost impossible so he only gets perhaps half of it. He wheezes afterward [he has asthma that nothing helps] and then he foams at the mouth for a minute. He will not eat canned food and I am at my wits' end trying to figure out if his Blue Buffalo dry food is hurting him now. I can't afford vet fees and don't trust their treatment for this anyway. [from reading other posts] Did anyone find that it took a long time for the ACV to work? There is a tiny bit of urine [which takes forever] in his litter when he goes. Any other ideas? or just wait and give it time... I'll keep trying to get Apple Cider Vinegar down him 3 times in a 24 hour period. [maybe it's too strong]I wish he would eat canned food.. And no, he won't eat tuna, or fish [people food].. no people food at all...

Posted by Sue
Austin, Tx, Usa
Hi! You should definitely dilute the Apple Cider Vinegar more. I usually do 1/4 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar to 3 tablespoons filtered water.
Posted by Chantal
Salem, Or, USA
Hi, I've read comments about this remedy. I'd like to try it; can you give me specific dosages and how often? My male cat is about 10-12 pounds and is 4 years old.

Thank you.

Posted by Adora Libertad (Carolina, Puerto Rico) on 03/10/2013

[YEA]  Like many of you I'm trully gratefull I found this site. My 8 year old neutered male cat, Otis has been sufering from UTI since june 2012. I started noticing he was urinating in certain places around the house. He had never done this before. At that time we saw it as a behavior problem since another cat had hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) and was getting extra atention with forced feeding, and a lot of tlc. If you have ever had a cat with fatty liver you now how time consuming it is. If not I hope you never have to deal with this. It is horrible. Sadlly, we lost our beloved Tashy after a 4 month battle. We are still recuperating. So you can imagine how I felt when a few weeks after Tashy passed away I found bloody urine on my floor. I can't loose Otis too. After all we went through for Tashy, I lost my faith in vets. If I would have had internet at the time I would have probably started alternative remedies on time. But the vets didn't give us much hope. Anyway...

In October Otis went through numerous test and left the vets with antibiotics and a large bill. The bloody urine happend off and on until last tuesday, march 5, I noticed him in pain and picked up more anibiotics. But on wednesday he was totally blocked, he was straining with no urine passing, he would cry and go to every corner to try to urinate. I had to find some remedy because I wasn't going to submit him to more test that lead to nothing. Found this site and quickly went to pick up a bottle of ACV and a couple of cans of friskies special diet for urinary track heath. Not my food of choice but it was the best available. Honestly I was a bit scared cause I read that male cats can die from a blockage within hours, but with vets letting my Tashy to die I wasn't going to give them one more cent. Started at about 11 am with half a can mixed with water and 1/2 tsp of acv. He ate it all up. In two hours he passed urine aparently in a burst because it was all over the place and he was all wet. After that he rested for a couple of hours then gave him more food. The next morning he was totally blocked again. Repeated the Apple Cider Vinegar for another day and went to buy cranberry juice and Cantaris on friday. Followed the recipe for cranberry, lemon and water mix I found from a reply on this site. Otis didn't like it at all but after giving him some water with a syringe to wash the juice down he seemed to be ok. I gave him the juice every 3 hours and the cantharis avery 1/2hour until he was unblocked. Today, sunday, is day three of the combination of the 3 remedies and for the first time in a while Otis asked to go outside to the balcony. He went to his litter no problem and seems to be happy and comfortable. I'm happy to see results but I know we are not in the clear just yet. I know this is a lot to read but I wanted to share my story and wanted to that all of you people that told yours. I can see how much you all love your cats. Just because we look for alternatives doesn't mean we are irresponsible or are not willing to spend the money on our cats. But as I lost my faith in doctors and pediatritians I found options for my family and we are healthier than ever and my daughters havent had to visit the pediatritian in over a year. I hope I can provide my pets with the same healthy lifestyle. Good day to all!

Posted by Johana
Talent, Or
Hey guys thanks so much for all the good advice, I pray my kitten doesn't get as bad. I think he has a start of a UTI, he was only peeing 1-2 times a day, now he is rained in the litter box so I can't really tell how often he is. I don't think he has today. Im gonna try to ACV hopefully tonight if I can get some. (if not, then first thing tomorrow.)

I found him by my dumpster in my apt complex last week. He is a handful, quite a few health problems and I cannot afford a vet. I would never plan on getting an animal when I didnt have money to take it to the vet, if need be.... But he would have dies if I didn't adopt him. He was so lethargic from starvation and dehydration. :( He is doing much better, but I'm still concerned about a few things... He also just has a cyst or abscess on his cheek pop last night. (it showed up like 4 days ago and got big, about 3/4 of and inch in diameter. I am having issues cleaning it properly and can't shave it because Im scared of cutting the loose excess skin. he has long hair and its matted up. I can't actually find the drainage hole, where it burst... All I can see is a little tiny scratch. I clipped his back claws so he cant dig at it but he is still trying.

Posted by Karen (Key Largo, Florida) on 02/23/2013

[YEA]  I am very happy to have found this site and all the posts about cats that have been helped (very sorry to hear about the one that was too sick to be helped). Matter cleaning the litter boxes after work , like most every night I realized Sassy Ass'es box was dryer than normal. Watched her for a bit & she was straining to do "nothing" . I have had many many cats over the years and knew it was a cystitis or infection. Vets closed so I start doing Internet search and end up here. The lack of fluids & ACV made sense to me. After an entire night mostly sleepless and the better part of the day, Sassy Ass is again peeing extremely well. I was jumping up and down like a cheerleader moments ago!!!!

Goes to show, if you are aware of your pets actions and catch an issue quickly there can be a positive outcome. Minus my own lack of sleep all as well.

Posted by Kerri
Darwin, Nt, Australia
[YEA]   Excellent advice regarding ACV for UTI in cats. My cat was distressed, running about scratching the floor & peeing in the bathtub. I put half a teaspoon of ACV, mixed with water with her canned food & the vey next morning she was back to normal!! I continued adding AVC to her canned food morning & night just to be sure & cut out all dry food. Worked an absolute treat!

Thank you! Love, love, love this site!!

Posted by Madi (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 02/22/2013

[YEA]  About: Apple Cider Vinegar for bladder problems, male cat. After repeated visits to a Vet over a period of three years, and many hundreds of dollars in cost, I finally realized there had to be a better way. My six year old male cat Peppi had another flare-up only two weeks after the previous, and it became obvious that the anti-inflammatory injections and pain medication the Vet was prescribing was not a solution. I have two cats in the house, the other is a female rescue cat, she's been with us for three years and they tolerate each other.

I separated them, gave the male two litter boxes of his own, and watched his movements. Three days ago he urinated at least a dozen times, some quite normal in quantity, others just a few drops, and towards the end of the day, although his urine was still clear and he was using the litter-box, he was in pain and began to howl.

I had stopped giving him any dry food even in the small quantities he was being given as a treat, and was on the verge of taking him to the Vet again when he started to howl, as I had been told he would need various blood tests and an Xray or MRI.

That very same day, we had taken him to the Vet who did a quick in-house blood test for diabetes - using the same little meter I use at home, because I have recently been diagnosed with Type 2. For that test, which took all of three minutes in and out, we paid over $90.

I came across this website feeling somewhat desperate, it was either find something natural rather quick (like a miracle?) or deliver him to the Vet next morning, and leave him there for tests and a cost of at least $500/$600. (And no guarantee that any further procedure would be effective! )

There was bottle of organic (with the mother) apple cider vinegar in my kitchen... I had bought it for myself, and had not yet started using it...

After reading page after page of the comments here on this website about ACV, I mixed about a half-teaspoon of it into some canned wet cat food, and he ate it with enjoyment. A couple of hours later, I gave him some more with another dash of ACV.

He spend the night on the bed, and in the morning, urinated quite normally - his morning feed again included a dash of ACV and by the middle of the day, I knew we were on top of it. He was comfortable, obviously had no more urinary arritation, and I am so happy to say that the Vet missed out on his fat fee, because Peppi is now totally back to normal. How long will it last? I don't know, but he's going to be getting his little dose of ACV at least once a day from now on.


Posted by Tracie (Williamsport, Pa) on 11/05/2012

[YEA]  About a month ago, the vet me my male cat (Grecco, 3 yr) had cystitis. He was peeing blood (little spots) in the bathtub and sink and not at all in the litter box. The first time I took him to the vet he was blocked... Hello $500 vet bill. The next time (about a week later) he was peeing blood again so back to the vets he went and they just flushed him out... $230. Each time they gave me antibiotics and pain meds, clearly that wasn't helping. I asked if anything would help and the Dr said no, and then I asked about switching to wet food and he said it was better for them but wouldn't necessarily help… Then this past weekend it happened again, this is all within less than a month! I can't afford another vet bill and I feel like taking to the vet isn't even helping anyway…

So off to the internet I went and found this site. Last night I started the ACV giving it to him in his dinner, he wasn't having that so then I had to do it with a syringe (2ml Apple Cider Vinegar 5ml water), nothing changed between last night and this morning. I gave it to him again this morning before I fed him (wet food with a little water to make it like a gravy, I no longer use dry food because it seems to make the cystitis act up). I went home on my lunch break and saw a nice spot in the litter box ( by the size and way it looked I am pretty sure it was his and not my female kitten) and then when I went to pick him up and take him into the kitchen to do another dose an awesome thing happened, he peed all over me and the kitchen floor! Sounds weird but I was so happy! There wasn't any blood at all! I am going to keep giving the ACV and probably continue even after it has cleared, just use a smaller dosage like 1/2 tsp instead of a little over 1 tsp. Not sure if that will hurt the stomach with all that acid. Hopefully it continues to work. Thank you everyone for posting, I believe that this may save his life.

Posted by Ellie
Stga Spgs, Ny
So impressive if ACV really worked for cat with serious bladder problem. I adopted a new cat from someone that wouldn't keep him. He had just been treated with a flee product. He had a soft stool and he had a serious bladder infection. He was scratching infected my other cat with flees and was so on the move or irratable that I was almost on my wits end and considering giving him away; exept not to the former owner. After ten days of an anti-biotic and a shampoo he is so calm and so other than he was when he had his problems. (Including avoiding the litterbox for no. 1and no. 2). Please, be careful with any products, cats have a very sensitive bladder and the first thing they will do is avoid the (pain) litterbox. Ellie
Posted by Kye Barnes
Brampton Onr
Hi! I'm so happy to hear about your cat getting better. My cat has been unable to pee for a whole day now and is on antibiotics and pain relievers. I was just wondering, how often did you give your cat the 2ml ACV mixed with the water in one day?

Posted by Heidi (Basel, Switzerland) on 03/13/2012

[YEA]  So, sooo impressed with ACV... Here's what happened:

I noticed one morning my Somalian cat had difficulty urinating and would try to go several times with traces of blood increasing as she kept trying. I then noticed there were droplets of blood on the floor as she walked around the house though no signs of her peeing outside her litter tray. I tried the following steps:

- Wet food only (in this case, she eats canned tuna)

- 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar spread over the day mixed well into her meals (and a little in her water on day 1 & 2)...

(Note. After getting the ACV I tried the dropper approach others have used and as I suspected, she hated it and is now afraid of the dropper and the noise it makes when it releases liquid...)

Day 1 when I noticed the blood she had 1/4 teaspoon in 4 different mini meals (she usually eats twice per day so fed her early and more frequently to get the ACV working and ensure she ate it).

Day 2 (i. E. About 18 hours later) she was able to pee fully in one go. I couldn't see any blood (so there might have been a little) though there definitely wasn't any blood on the floor again.

Day 3 again she was able to pee fully though I noticed she had constipation from the meat only diet so in the evening I gave her dry food.

Day 4 she was able to pee fully and the constipation had gone and I'd returned to 2 normal sized meals with the 1/2 a teaspoon of ACV in each meal mixed in well.

On about day 6 I started to reduce the dosage of ACV to 1 teaspoon one day, 1/2 teaspoon the following day. It's now day 8 and I'm still giving her 1/2 teaspoon per day and I'll do this for perhaps 2 or 3 more days. I'm so pleased - My cat Lily & I thank everyone who posted!

Note of caution: A few times I didn't mix the ACV in well enough to her food and she had a coughing fit as she inhaled the smell or couldn't handle the flavour. Thankfully when it was mixed in well, she ate all her food like normal.

Posted by Fae0305 (Asheville, Nc, Usa) on 01/08/2012

I have a 5 year old female who seems in good spirits. She is interested in food, cuddling, purring, and playing with my other cat - a male kitten. The only thing is that she keeps entering the litter box but only to scratch the walls. Her vagina also looks a little irritated. I was thinking maybe the kitten accidentally scratched the area around her vagina making it painful to pee but she doesn't seem in pain.

I started giving her ACV (1/2 tsp) with water by syringe around midnight last night. I started again at 6 this morning and again at 9. She continues to only scratch at the litter box. But otherwise is behaving normally. Still no pee.

Any guidance is appreciated. I will continue with the Apple Cider Vinegar every three hours and will take her to the vet if she doesn't pee today. I don't know if she actually has a UTI tho but I certainly don't want to wait til she is in pain.

Posted by Ashley (Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, Canada) on 12/25/2011

[YEA]  This post saved my cat's life. He was recently in for a urinary tract blockage, which cost me over $2500.00 to treat. He was home for two days and blocked up again - no urine what so ever. It was a holiday, nowhere was open, and I was contemplating having him put down. The vet agreed to see him without charging me the $500.00 emergency fee, and tried to catheterize him and couldn't. I was beyond hope.

I found this post, and tried the apple cider vinegar, and I kid you not he peed within 20 minutes. I kept giving him small doses by mouth (in a 1 ml syringe) every 30 minutes for 2 hours. He was up peeing all night, and filled the litter box. I am so gratefull!! Thanks!

Posted by Matwood
Carmichael, Ca
[NAY]   Remembered this thread as I was sitting here going through old pics of my Cat. In may of 2011 he had a horrible urinary tract infection.. Found this site and thread and read all the great stories about ACV. We bought some immediately and started giving it to him. After a few days he seemed better, started going in the litter box and seemed like his old self. We were so happy but sadly... The ACV didn't work. He ended up getting a complete blockage and we lost him last May.

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