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Corneal Ulcer Remedies for Pets

Last Modified on Jul 28, 2013

Natural Cures for Corneal Ulcers in Dogs and Cats
Corneal ulcers, also known as ulcerative keratitis, is an inflammatory condition of the outer layer of the cornea; but corneal ulcer can be a general term for loss of corneal tissue. The cornea is the transparent structure of the outer layer of the eye that refracts or changes the direction of light, and helps protect some of the more sensitive parts of the eye. Corneal ulcer in dogs and other animals is a common eye disease typically caused by physical trauma; small ulcers can heal rapidly. Feline corneal ulcers can be caused by the feline herpes virus-1 (FHV-1) which also suppresses healing and can leave corneal scarring. After the initial trauma, bacteria or even eye fungus can enter the eye and cause disruption of normal eye tissue.

Corneal ulcers can be painful. The area is sensitive and nerves become more exposed than normal. Symptoms include tearing and squinting, your pet becoming very fussy or pawing at the affected eye, red and inflamed vascular structures in the eye, constricted pupil, and discoloration of the pupil.

Find a Remedy for Your Pet's Corneal Ulcer

This page is for user-submitted home and natural treatments for your pet's corneal ulcer. Currently we are actively interested in expanding this page to help people find home remedies to help their pets heal their eye injuries naturally. If you know of a natural treatment for corneal ulcers, please don't hesitate to share your story with us!

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Corneal Ulcer - Pets
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