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Conjunctivitis Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Last Modified on Dec 16, 2015

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Apple Cider Vinegar  
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Posted by Tamara (Des Plaines, Il) on 04/01/2011

Hi, I got 2 kittens in October with eye infection, since then I've tried a bunch of remedies, and finally their eyes are cured. I've tried black tea, green tea, chamomile and other herbal teas, vinegar rubbed into fur, coconut oil, prescription antibiotic ointment rubbed under cats' eyes, and even prescription eye drops.

None of these remedies have worked until I tried this routine: 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a half cup of water, with this mixture wipe up the eyes cats with separate cotton balls and then add regular off-the-counter lubricant eye drop. The most important thing repeat this procedure every 2 hours for 2 weeks (except night time of course)! I did it 3 times a day for 5 months and it didn't work! Good luck! Thanks everyone for their posts. Remember, by everytime posting the remedy, you run a chance to make a difference in someone's life.

Replied by Sonya
Melbourne, Fl, Usa
[YEA]   I've used this remedy twice now to cure "Pink Eye" in my Jack Russell Terrier. I soak a cotton ball with ACV (I use organic) and put it on the back of her neck. I try to hold it there for 5-10 minutes. I do this once or twice and always it goes away within an hour. It has saved me quite a bit in vet bills and my dog the aggravation of applying gooey stuff to her eye for a week or more. Highly recommended!
Replied by Shouston303
Rincon, Ga, Usa
so I just simply have to rub the Apple Cider Vinegar on the back of his neck and I should see results..... Should I rub some acv/mixed with water on his eye or should I flush them with eye drops.... Thanks for ur help
Replied by Lldsmitty
Addison, Pa
[YEA]   ACV for Eyes: I have a dog and 4 kittens that all came down with eye infections at the same time. My vet bills lately have been out of this world. Also, I live in the mountains so you have to travel quite a distance to get to the vets, then they charge a fortune because they are the only ones around. Anyway, I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar on the nap of the neck and to my joyus surprise the dogs eyes were cleared up the next day and the kittens were markdly improved and I believe within a day or two they should be good as new. Thanks for the tip and my pets thank you tooooo!
Replied by Chichiritad
Boston, Ma, Usa
[YEA]   Hi I used Apple Cider Vinegar on the back of my kitty's neck after I saw greenish/yellow eye boogies on one eye. I first wiped her eye with a warm wash cloth and then applied 1/2 water and half Apple Cider Vinegar solution with cotton ball on the back of her neck. Her eye discharged just a tiny bit a couple more times that nite and each time I wiped it clean. In the morning there was just a little brown eye speck and I repeated the procedure today. Looks like her eyes are getting better in just 24 hrs!!!! YAY
Replied by Lexi
Melbourne, Australia
[YEA]   I've also had amazing results using Apple Cider Vinegar to treat my dog's eye infection! Last week my chow x Samoyed had green goop leaking out of his left eye so I swabbed it with a very weak salt and water solution directly around the eye. I then went on earth clinic and read everybody's results using the vinegar and decided to give it a try. On the first day I applied a dilution to the back of his neck about three times and kept cleaning his eye with the saline. The next day there was significantly less muck coming from his eye but it was still a bit red. He was also trying to scratch it now so I applied the vinegar to his paws also. On the third day he was back to normal! The white of his eye is clear again and there's a normal amount of dark eye discharge!! I could tell he felt better as soon as I got up in the morning, as he was happy and wanting to play again! Thanks so much everyone, this has saved me a huge amount in vet bills, and also saved us from using antibiotics for small ailments which I think is unnecessary in pets and humans!

Posted by Chrissy (Auckland, Nz) on 03/31/2011

[YEA]  I tested the ACV for conjunctivitis on our 6 year old cat Marmite who had chronic conjunctivitis relating to cat flu. It worked amazingly fast and well, it took about 4 days applying it twice sometimes 3 times a day. I didn't do anything else other than the ACV and sometimes washing out her eyes with a saline mix.

Then our 11 year old cat Molly developed acute conjunctivitis last week - emergency vet visit last weekend - her eye looked like it had a ping pong ball under it so I didn't want to take any chances. The vet gave her 2 antibiotic injections and an anti-inflammatory injection and ointment. That brought the heavy swelling down - but her eyes were still watery the past week and she was waking up with them shut and sticky but I thought, the antibiotics must still be working and it would take time. 2 nights ago I noticed the other eye starting to really swell up large - and not wanting it to get to the size of the other one, I quickly swabbed her neck and back with ACV and overnight her eye came right down in size - the same speed as all the vet medication. I've been swabbing her about 6 times a day and it's nearly back to its normal size today after about 3 days.

Another cat Tilly always has one runny eye so last night I swabbed her too and this morning her eye looked clear for the first time in ages. I think this is an excellent remedy if the condition is mild, but I do think vet help and a second opinion is needed if the condition looked as serious as Molly's - it'd be terrible to risk an animal losing an eye. I don't know how this remedy works but definitely absolutely worth a try! I didn't use organic ACV but I will get some today in case it works even better than the ordinary kind.

Replied by Carol
Blandburg, Pa
You swabbed her neck and back? How does that help the eyes?

Posted by Julie (Central Coast, Nsw Australia) on 03/26/2011

Thank you all for your advice, I have a Cocker Spaniel who has had pink eye / discharge 2 times in the last 2 months. Like the rest of you I can't afford the vet bills so I have decided to try this. Luckily for me my son had bought some at a Chinese market so have mixed equal parts with water and soaked the back of her neck. Will let you know how it works.

Replied by Shouston303
Rincon, Ga, Usa
how did it work?

Posted by Ladykalaveras Loves Bruno (Pacoima, California) on 11/30/2010

[YEA]  I'm ever so grateful for this site and all the people who take time into contributing their remedies. Thank u so much!!! A couple of days ago my dog Bruno and I went hiking and although it wasn't his first time there and was familiar with the environment something went wrong because once we got home I noticed he kept rubbing his eye it was red swollen and kept tearing with some whitish funky stuff in the corner of his eye. I didn't make a fuss at first and thought it was a simple scratch but later his eye would'nt fully open and that's when I started to panic. My parent put regular eye drops for redness relief but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Make the long story short I was freaking out because nothing like that has ever happened to any of my dogs and the vet was closed so remembering that this site has a pet section I right away researched and found a lot of helpful things many were suggesting ACV mixed with water and rubbing it in the back of their necks do when they bathe themselves the ACV will do its magic. I have faith in ACV in use for many things so I right away went to grab my bottle but since the vinegar has a strong smell my dog didn't like it so my mom suggested to put a chamomile tea bag over his eye not rubbing it but sort of patting it softly over his eye. Not only did I save myself a nice vet bill but if your dogs or cats don't like the smell of vinegar I suggest placing the tea bag over his eye every other hour and with the water from the tea soak a warm cloth into the tea and use that to kinda clean all the eye buggers that they produce. And plus they seem to love the smell of chamomile.

Posted by Kelly (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) on 10/07/2010

[YEA]  I didn't think apple cider vinegar would do it, but I had a bottle in the pantry and figured it was worth a try. It's just the regular stuff, I won't pay extra for organic anything. My cat's eye had been runny for a few days and yesterday it looked somewhat swollen and crusty. I soaked a cotton ball with the vinegar and dabbed it on the scruff of his neck while he was sleeping and then I was off to work. When I woke up this morning I was being pestered by said cat, which he hadn't been doing for several days. His eye was wide open and looked so much better. He seems like he feels better too. If his eye flares up again (it usually happens a couple times a year)the first thing I'll do is dab him with the vinegar again.

Replied by Silvia
Pembroke Pines, Fl, Usa
I have regular apple cider vinegar, will it still work even though it isn't organic? Thanks!
Replied by Chaplain2b
Smithfield, Va/usa
Emmanuel is my therapeutic animal, he is mainecoon, approx. 5 yrs. All of his shots are up to date and he is neutered as required for rescue adoption. He is nationally certified. Long story short, we were surprisingly snowed in with my wheelchair last week. I kept him as dry and warm as possible in his carrier. A week later Christmas day, he has what appears to be conjunctivitis in his right eye. He is a Whiskas cat... He won't eat anything else. I keep Temptations treats and Whiskas fish foil dinners for traveling and convalescence. He normally eats 1 c. Dry at 12 lbs weight daily

After reading all of your helpful comments I decided to use the following:

I use hypoallergenic baby wipes with approx 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. I wipe them on the back of his neck and his paws. I plan to repeat this twice daily. I also gave him 1 tsp of cider in his foil dinners twice daily. I use a small amount of triple antibiotic cream and swab it under his eye with my finger daily, being careful not get it in his eye. I will report how he is taking to his treatment plan. Thanks for all of the helpful information.

Replied by Marina
Mcallen, Texas
Kelly I have a Corgi and she has really bad skin irritation and has scratched so much that her eye is swollen. My question to you is you just rub the ACV on the eyelid or where. I wonder because doesnt it burn?

Posted by Kit (Salem, Va, Usa) on 09/20/2010

Some people ask why put apple cider vinegar on the neck. My guess in putting ACV is too strong directly in the eye, so when cats clean themselves, you notice they rub their front leg/foot starting at the back of the neck and over their head, face, and eyes. This dried ACV flaking onto their eye and face must be enough to cure, but not too strong for their eye.

Posted by Namooni1974 (Portland , Oregon, Usa) on 08/31/2010

[YEA]  YEA for Apple Cider Vinegar and feline conjunctivitis. My neighbors cat came down with a nasty case of conjunctivitis in both eyes while I was watching him. I checked with this site and found this remedy. I applied a solution of 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar/1 tbsp water to the back of his neck, saturating his fur, then washed his face with a washcloth and warm water. By morning his eyes were clear. I applied it again that morning just to be on the safe side and now a week later his eyes are doing just fine. Thank you everyone who posted here from me and my neighbor!

Replied by Lorene
Willow Springs, Missouri

Posted by Ebynum415 (Winter Garden, Fl, Usa) on 05/31/2010

[YEA]  Kitten with Conjunctivitis

My 8 week old kitten was suffering from very severe conjunctivitis and it had gotten so bad I thought he wasnt going to make it. I brought him to 2 different vets who were giving me the runaround and I needed to help my baby boy feel better before it was too late. My husband was doing some research and we came across this site, he flew out of the room telling me I needed to get some ACV with mother in it immedietly. I honestly thought he was nuts. We rubbed some on the back of his neck, added a capful in his food, dipped his paws in a concentration of 50 percent water and 50 percent ACV and put one part ACV and 3 parts water in his water bowl. By the next morning my kitten was starting to open his eye and eat again. today was his second day with this treatment and he is running around like he never got sick and we are able to see part of his eye again. We are going to be doing this treatment for about another week or so and hopefully he will return back to normal. We also used a saline solution 1 cup of water and 1/4 teaspoon of salt on his eye 3 times a day and he loves it. I feel like this site has been a true blessing to me and my kitty.

Replied by Lisa
Wichita Falls, Texas
You can also use antibiotic ointment for the eyes. Not in the eyes! You just rub some in the fur just under the eyes 3 times a day until the eyes clear up. I did this for a recue kitty 3 years ago(I still have him). I was using a warm wet cloth several times a day and it helped but not cured. Someone who worked in a no kill shelter told me about the ointment. It worked. In a week, the little eyes were clear and beautiful blue!!
Replied by Mickey
St Albans, Vt
Ok so this is my first time here and I ran across it looking for a cure for eye infection in my yorkie. I just tried 1 tbsp of water to 1tbsp of ACV. I am hoping to see a difference in his eyes tomorrow. I had brought him to the vet and she said his sister probably bit him because it looked like a bite. I explained it started as a little pimple loking bump then it got a tiny hole in the top but she wrote it off as a bite. The next day after doing the twice daily hotpacking and anitbiotic on his eye followed by oral antibiotics I noticed his other eye looked goopy too. Now if it was a bite it wouldn't spread and it looks like my nephews eye when he got eye infection but I have decided to keep using the antibiotics and eye packs and tonight just tried the ACV. Hopefully my bright eyed bushy tailed little man comes back to normal soon. I hate seeing him like this.

Mickey & Spike

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa
Mickey; As it was stated in previous messages it isn't all too good to use antibiotics on animals too often, but if so you should use a probiotic which is non-fat-plain yogurt, it's some-thing all animals love especially on hot summer days, but also helps to support the immune system. Good luck
Replied by Hamlet
Toronto, Canada
[YEA]   One of my dogs came down with conj. as well, believing it started as a reaction to pesticides sprayed by a professional company to eradicate a flea infestation that came into my residence courtesy the neighbor's pets who are not flea-treated (note: yes, my dogs are flea-treated via vet Rx, and I will be speaking to said vet about it as that shouldn't have happened, right?).

In any event, I've 3 dogs, 2 JRTs which are fine but were sneezing for a bit after the pesticide treatment, with my Chow being even more sensitive--not only sneezing but also developing red eye, which has since developed into Conj. (irritated red eyes which he pawed at (itch), followed by tearing and soon a mucous discharge in both eyes). As this occurred over the weekend, I irrigated the eyes by flushing thoroughly with water, wiping the area clean with cotton pads soaked in a warm saline solution which seemed to bring my guy some relief. I continued this regimen overnight (about 12 hours), contacting the emergency vet by phone to explain what happened, and to check whether it was safe to use an antibiotic eye wash. They said "no" and suggested I bring him in immediately, saying it was likely a corneal ulceration and if so that antibiotic drops or creams would worsen the condition. This theory/diagnosis did not make sense to me, but I held off from using the wash/ointments just in case.

However, so far as both eyes (not just one) are affected and seem to be improving with simple irrigation and saline washes (which I was told can't hurt in any event), I also held off from rushing to emerg, believing it to be conj. (irritation/allergies and/or bacterial); obviously, to be confirmed by his regular vet on opening which I thought we could wait for, with emerg always being an option if needed.

That said, I've continued with the saline solution every couple of hours or so, it now being almost 48 hours since I first started the saline, and his eyes have continued to show improvement. Namely, they're no longer seriously bloodshot, nor seemingly itchy as he's no longer pawing at them (that said, I put an inflatable collar around his neck on starting his at-home treatment as a precautionary measure to prevent him from pawing/scratching at his eyes, which could just as easily explain that). He is otherwise in great health, acting normally and his eyes do not appear to be light sensitive either, such that I believe it's resolving on its own, with help from the irrigation and saline wash, and will continue to monitor him.

As such, I don't see any reason at this moment to take him to the vet, at least not at this time, thanks to this simple regimen (thanks). Should his condition change, I. E. , if I fail to see continued improvement or, should his condition take a turn and worsen, then off to the vet he shall go and I will report back. Otherwise, so far so good, and thanks also for giving me comfort. Cheers.

Posted by Health Nut (Los Angeles, California) on 05/27/2010

[YEA]  ACV for Doggy Conjunctivitis

Unbelievable! If I didn't see it for myself I wouldn't have believed it. My little Yorkie got an eye infection which caused a whitish discharge and created these big boogers in his eyes for about 3 days. It wasn't 'til the 4th day when he woke up almost unable to open one of his eyes, I decided to get on my favorite website for natural cures (Earth Clinic) for a solution. Everyone raved about ACV and so I decided to try it. I followed most peoples instructions and since my Yorkie is so small I just mixed 1 Tbl. water with 1 Tbl. AVC and rubbed in on the back of his neck. The very same day it seemed it have been disappearing and by the morning it was completely gone. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and I was amazed at how well it worked. This sure beats going to the vet for some eye drops which would cost me a nice little penny. Thanks to all for the input and thank goodness for this website.

Replied by Jeanette
Victorville, Ca
[YEA]   Thank You so much! My cocker spaniel eye was swollen at the corner & very red & tear dropping. I took him 3 times to the Vet(2)this past year a good vet I might add & spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Yet they couldn't diagnose it & none of the medications worked, which were $35 ea. I went on line to see what it might be & came up with Conjunctivitis. A home remedy was to mix Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with equal parts of water and put on the neck? At this time I would try anything because I couldn't afford to keep going to the vet & didn't want to see my dog suffer any longer it's been a year. I can't BELIEVE how it's working. I been putting it on 3 to 4 times a day on his neck & around his eye for the last 4 days. The swelling in the corner of his eye is down the redness has lightened dramatically. I am going to continue to use it till it is completely gone. I am just so greatful to this website. I had been praying to God for a cure that wouldn't break me & he sent me to earth clinic. Thank you so Much!!!!
Replied by Magus Trix
Tampa, Florida
[YEA]   Just wanted to thank everyone for their posts. ACV really seems to hav worked for my lil girl Sheba. The first day I tried honey and tea bags for her infected eye with no luck. After finding this site and reading about ACV I'm a true believer. First I cleaned out her eye with a lil warm water to remove all the gunk. Also so she could open the eye. Then I used a tbsp of ACV in about a half cup of water. I applied it all around her neck and the paw she would use to clean the eye about every 2-3 hrs except at night and within a few applications I noticed the difference. By the 2nd morning I no longer needed to clean her eye out as much as the gunk build up went away and I was able to see her pretty eyes again. Now the swelling has gone down drastically. I'm gonna keep doing this for a 3rd day and hopefully by the end of that she will be back to normal. Thanks again for all the great advice!!!

Posted by Tatiana (Long Island, Ny) on 05/23/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've all read on the wonderous healings of the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar..and decided to get it with the "mother" on IT!!

Biju is a black bombay/burmese stunning mix at just turned 15yrs old. Shiny,clear yellow-green moon eyes & acts truly like a behaviors too uncanny.

His undereye lining inflamed, and thought, his tear duct was blocked. SO I did the application of ACV to scruff of neck, and diluted with water w ACV under eye..well, the inflamed eyelining GONE! However he still continues to tear with one eye when eating & going to litter box to "push out." I also tried Saline Solution & warm compress.. but he still tears a clear lining dwn to nose. Realizing, internally is the way to go, he ONLY drinks water from the Bathroom tub fawcett. How long does the tear last..and how long with the ACV & Saline Sol... ANYone?!?

Posted by Sara (Mpls, Mn, Us) on 04/24/2010

[YEA]  Worked wonders! I used a tbsp of organic ACV and a tbsp of water, mixed and put between her shoulder blades twice daily. After a week her eye is completely healed up.

Posted by Perth_girl_cherie (Perth, Western Australia) on 03/16/2010

[YEA]  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) cured my dog's conjunctivitis. I have a four year old dougue de bordeaux who developed conjunctivitis in one eye. Like most others a vet bill looked likely to overwhelm us. I looked at your site, considered the ACV and thought it's six australian dollars what the heck. Now with my dog being almost 65 kilograms I thought the capful recommmended for a little maltese and the like would not suffice. So I administered about half a cup to the back of my dogs neck and rubbed it well in. OK so he smelt like someone had urinated in a pair of old sports shoes, but sure enough with 24 hours, I kid you not, not a sign of conjunctivitis, no discharge, no swelling or redness. Even now two weeks later, no reccurence.

Posted by Laura (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/10/2010

[YEA]  Dog: Boxer/lab mix (1 year)

Aliment: Pink Eye/conjunctivitis
Cure: 1/2 apple cider vinegar 1/2 water placed at the back of my dog's neck. (Same location where flea preventative is placed).

It works! I must confess that I was still doubtful, even after reading all of the "yea's". I filled a ear syringe with half ACV and half water and proceeded to squirt past his sleek fur along the back of his neck and rubbed it in. Thirty minutes later, it looked a lot better. So, I decided to wait a few hours before using the rest of the mixture.

I woke up this morning and it was gone!

What a life saver!

Posted by Mtwist (Sacramento, California) on 02/08/2010

[YEA]  Organic apple cider vinager for cat's conjuctivitis

I have to tell you I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I got this information about ACV on friday from a friend.

I immediately went the the health food store after work and purchased organic ACV, Went home and got out a couple of Q-tips, dunked them directly into the ACV and rubbed them on the back of my cat's neck. Within a few hours he looked about 70% better, and by the next day, it was completely gone.

Replied by Hope
Sacramento, Ca
M - So very happy that Earthclinic was able to help you! This website is most certainly the cats' meow!
Replied by Rash
Lebanon, Beirut
[YEA]   I saw this website and I tried the ACV on my 3 month old kitten, she had in infected eye, probably from some plants outside my garden, so I tried it, and here I am now posting my review after 2 hours, her eye is healed, and you took off the burden of a vet and the expenses, thank you for this info, Long Live ACV !!

Posted by Elbo88 (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 12/19/2009

[YEA]  My cat's eye started weeping a bit and then quickly went to eye boogers and her holding it shut. I called for a vet appointment but the next available was Monday, 2 days away so until the appointment, I googled cat eye infection and read about ACV treatment. I happened to have some Organic ACV in the house so decided to try it, just a bit on the nape of her neck and a capfull in her water bowl. The next morning her eye was much better. By the time I got back from work, her eye was almost perfect! No weeping at all, nice and clear, and she was no longer holding it shut. She still was blinking it a bit so I reapplied the ACV to her neck this evening but I am amazed at the results. Her eye improved 90% in one night after a single application!