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Vulvodynia Remedies

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Pelvic Floor Muscle Stretch  
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Posted by Anna (Las Vegas, Nv, Usa) on 05/20/2010

[YEA]  Vulvodynia Remedy: Pelvic Floor Muscles Stretch

Simple vulvodynia remedy/solution/cure (that worked for me) I'm so excited to have finally solved my problem that I need to share it with all of you, because I, like you, suffered SO VERY MUCH and I was so desperate for a solution! Unfortunately there are too many wrong, confusing, even dangerous suggestions online about crazy or expensive treatments, like surgeries, anti-depressants, oxalate diet, etc., when the solution is so simple, yet it eludes everybody. I am proof that vulvodynia can be treated very naturally, easily and FREE at home. If my story can help somebody, at least my pain has had a purpose. I had vulvodynia for almost a year, so bad I couldn't wear underwear/pants, sit down or go by bicycle. [As if it wasn't enough, months after it all began I ALSO started experiencing what I can only explain as urethral spasms (those are actually worse than the vulvodynia pain, because they always came unexpected). I thought there was something wrong w/ my urethra, I even went to a urologist who couldn't understand what I had and didn't find anything wrong w/ me but nonetheless gave me antibiotics which turned out to be totally useless & unnecessary because, as my gyno confirmed, I didn't have whatever strange invisible infection the urologist thought I had. Brilliant!] Anyway, after lots of research online, I realized it was possible that vulvodynia could simply be a muscle problem, so I finally went to a pelvic floor therapist, who confirmed lots of things to me. She did some manual trigger point therapy (which you can do yourself), but mostly what I got out of my experience with her was hope that it could be treated, which was the most important thing to me as the pain was driving me insane. Therapy helped a lot, but as I am unemployed I couldn't afford more sessions. Well, at least I knew for sure it was a muscle problem and nothing else, as I had already experienced a major improvement thanks to her. See, the reason that doctors can run millions of tests on all of you and find nothing wrong/related to the pain is because vulvodynia is simply caused by the SHORTENING of your pelvic muscles due to the trauma of, say, an infection, accident, bad posture, bad habits, scoliosis, or even just name the cause, you're probably right. Those poor, stressed muscles have contracted to the point of causing internal chronic spasms (whether you feel them or not), which tug at your nerves, thus giving you pain! The secret to reverse it, then, it's simply to LENGHTEN the muscles back to their original shape, by stretching them. I, by the way, requested a fantastic book from the library ("Heal Pelvic Pain" by Amy Stein) which explains all of this in detail. You should look into it, too, if you are looking for more info about how numerous pelvic disorders are simply caused by the shortening of the muscles & by trigger points (she explains how to do trigger point therapy -which I love- on yourself, however I found that the stretch I "invented" was enough to make the trigger points go away on their own!). One of her most useful pieces of advice was the part about "dropping the pelvis": until I read her book I never thought/realized how super tense my pelvis always was. Catch yourself anytime and you'll see that if you have vulvodynia your pelvis is all tensed up, drop it! (It's the same feeling as when you have finally reached a bathroom after holding it in for a long time.) Make a conscious effort to drop it/relax it/let go of it as often as possible until it will become normal to you again. (To better understand what I'm talking about, see her book.) I did the long routine of stretching exercises (for different parts of the body) that Amy recommends however I felt none of them were really specific enough to solve the problem, or at least I wasn't feeling any difference fast enough (I'm kinda impatient), as I am unemployed and I have a lot of time on my hands, I started mulling over where the problem was specifically arising from...I thought: it's not my back, or my butt, or my thighs,... my urethral spasms & vulvodynia pain MUST stem from the front of my pelvis (the area below my navel). Well, then! Those are the muscles I have to lengthen! So I created my own (easy) specific stretch exercise, which amazingly accomplished the job very quickly! I felt immediately better the first morning (I had no more urethral spasms! What a miracle!). After 2 days I was already MUCH better, and after a week my vulvodynia was virtually all gone! The longer you do it, the better. It's something you can do as a tune-up once in a while, too. THE SOLUTION: This is done in bed for as long as possible while you read or watch a movie (you'll know when you've had enough), you can get up once in a while if you really need to move around. (I guess you could try it on a table too, I used the bed as it's more comfortable and you can stay there longer.) On the VERY EDGE(<-important!) of the bed, without falling, put as many pillows as possible under your pelvis (it depends on how high your bed is, mine is pretty low), make sure you have some support for your back, too, if necessary, in order to be as comfortable as possible (you'll figure it all out on your own), but the important thing is that your pelvis needs to be a little HIGHER than your back TO CREATE AN ARCH! Then, let your legs hang from the edge of the bed, creating as much of a backward arch --between your thighs & your pelvis-- as possible. Simply lie there and feel the muscles of your pelvis and lower abdomen S-T-R-E-T-C-H. It's very easy. I even extended alternately my legs for further stretch of the pelvis, one leg at the time as much as possible. I did all of this while reading, so it's no big deal, it actually feels good. (I have a tile floor so I used a towel under my feet to made the sliding easier). This is all folks! Let me know if it works for you. If not, get Amy's book and try her stretches, maybe the muscles that you need to lengthen are not the same as mine. It depends on where your pain is, I guess. FURTHER ADVICE: #1 Months ago, when my pain was the worst, I noticed that the only thing that cut my pain in half was drinking a whole stalk of celery juice. Within hours it gave me so much relief! It might be for the same reason that celery is good for rheumatism (I don't have it), I'm not sure why it worked, all I know is that celery juice surely was a huge help! And it went to prove that my vulvodynia had nothing to do with too much oxalates, as celery is high in oxalates! If you strongly believe that your vulvodynia is caused by oxalates (very unlikely from what I've read) I highly recommend that before embarking on such a restricted, crazy diet at least you bother to get a test to confirm whether your oxalates are off, most likely you'll see that everything is normal! #2 As my therapist and Amy Stein say, do NOT do kegel or similar strengthening exercises until the pain goes away first! The problem is that exercises such as kegel actually tend to further contract/shorten the muscles which, in the case of vulvodynia, are already too tensed up to begin with! The exact OPPOSITE needs to be done, instead: RELAX them! #3 Do NOT constantly touch/mess with the area that bothers you! As my therapist said: if you keep on pressing on a bruise, you are preventing it from healing! #4 Also, as much as possible, try NOT to think about it, I know it's really hard, but you need to rewire your brain so that you DON'T constantly EXPECT pain from that area! Otherwise you're keeping the pain alive through a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Replied by Carley
Seattle, Wa
Hi Anna - thank you for taking the time to put all of that in writing! VERY interesting, and informative stuff!

I just realized while reading about your stretches...

since I got my inversion table it has helped a lot! It is basically the same concept. Hanging upside down for 5-10 ins a day has lengthened all of the same muscles. (It is also great for the back, which is why I got it in the first place). If you have the room and the money, I highly recommend it!

Thanks again, that was great info.

Best to you and anyone else who has this affliction!
Replied by Anna
Las Vegas, Nv, Usa
You're absolutely right, Carley!!! I've always thought inversion (or even hanging from a bar) would help stretch those muscles, too. I'm very glad you confirmed it! I've been wanting to get one of those inversion tables for a very long time: they have many benefits!
Replied by Charlotte
Oxford, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Thanks for this Anna. I suffered with vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis and urethral pain for 2 years - at times the pain was so bad I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. Except that lying down was equally painful to standing up so there was no benefit in not getting up! Then by chance I discovered Amy Stein's book - within 24hrs of doing her exercises most of my pain had gone. I still feel very mild pain but compared to how it was it seems like nothing. Her exercises have to be done 4 times a day and if I miss just one set my pain comes straight back. It's a long process of stretching and healing. However, like you, I'm impatient and I want to see all of my pain disappear so I was thrilled to read your 'invented' stretch and I am going to try it today! I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks so much.
Replied by Livia
The Woodlands, Tx
Anna, your piece on the pelvic floor muscles stretch/vulvodynia was great. It goes right along with what I've been learning about female incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse being related more to posture than anything else, and that the right exercises can really help improve or even correct these problems... (I read about this in "Saving the Whole Woman" by Christine Kent). Anyway, I find it really hard to follow exercises from books/print. I encourage you to do a video to post online about your discovery - and show everyone how to do your exercise(s), and maybe do a link from an posting. Women the world over need to know they have more choices than surgery (which, knowing what I now know.... Yikes! )
Replied by Betsy
Mackay, Queensland Aus
Anna, Has your streching maintained its cure for you? I have been trying to do it every day. I'm wondering, is it the same kind of stretch that you feel from lying back on a big medicine ball, really trying to get the strech around the pubic bone? Any advice would be wonderful!
Replied by Madsta333
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Thank you Anna for such a positive story, it's so great to hear of success! I have had vulvodynia for over 5 years and have recently been seeing specialist and paying heaps with no relief yet and I have tried a anti depressants and topical anaesthetics with no luck. This condition is wearing away at my emotional health and my relationship struggles everyday from almost no intimacy. I will try these stretches ASAP, I have also done research and believe there's a more natural cause therefore now natural treatment of the underlying issue. So fingers crossed, just wanted to say a big thanks for the positive success stories, renews my hope that there will one day be some relief. Cheers, Madeleine
Replied by Rhiannon75
Aberdeen, Scotland
This seems totally legitimate and will work for many people except those of us with spinal arhtritis, back trauma etc. I have been on other forums and was shocked at the number of people who had low back injury or autoimmune diseases such as Ankylosing Spondylitis that affect the spine. This is my problem, in addition to Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's Syndrome, etc. I have degenerative Osteoarthritis of the spine and I feel that that is what is causing both my Vulvodynia and new Insterstitial Cystitis symptoms. Also I am going for more testing this week due to long standing Crohn's symptoms. I have only been diagnosed with IBS but have been suffering with flares for 18 years and I have lived with chronic abdominal and pelvic pain.

I feel a little hopeless about what to do with the stretches because of my back. Every time I try even yoga I end up flaring up the problems worse.

I have had everything from childhood trauma, to recurring yeast infections and bacterial vagninosis, to trauma during childbirth, to using harsh antifungals and antibiotics and spermicides, to developing all of the other autoimmune diseases that could be responsible, to depression, to testing positive for HPV on pap although I never had any visible symptoms.

I am not beyond believing that the in chemicals in tampons, pads, douches, etc. (seriousy inserting plastic in your vagina a couple of times a day for a week for 20 years, or the lightly scented perfumes of pads... How can this not have an effect?) Birth control pills? Especially since we are seeing the age group affected are 20-40 predominantly. Overall it is a modern day problem, like Fibromyalgia, of unknown or denied origin. I am aware that older women have it to, after all they haved lived here long enough to have been exposed to who knows what. I dare say Vulvodynia has potential to be epidemic if these factors are the true cause and people are brave enough to admit this is happening to them. Whether or not it gets addressed is big question.

I also cannot ignore the possibility of GMO cottons in underwear from a certain major lingerie chain could also be responsible. Especially since we are seeing the age group affected being are of the generation shopping there. If you look elsewhere on line you will find that there are lawsuits being filed due to nightmares with the bras.

I wore their underwear exclusively from 1992-2004 with never a thought about pre-washing in borax or hot water soaks. I had never even heard of GMO.

Overall I do feel that the spinal compression is the worst. I am in a healthy marriage of 13 years and in the beginning of our relationship sex was good but I would say that being in chronic pain from other syndromes did affect my tension during sex and often times it would hurt. Now I can't participate at all. My husband is a blessing.

Replied by Krista
Oh my gosh, I think this is my problem. Would it be possible to ask you a few questions?
Replied by Alexandra
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
[YEA]   Ana, I have tried everything possible and I was really starting to give up hope and becoming very depressed that at the age of 24 I was going to live the rest of my life with this pain!! I have done HOURS of research and finally came across your story and I tried your stretch exercise one time for about 45 mins and I have little to no pain since then.. I feel like this is a miracle and you are heaven sent!! I seriously can't thank you enough and I would really like to get the word out about how these stretching exercises and how they really do work!! Thank you sooo much.. You have saved my life!!!
Replied by Amt
Anna and Alexandra, how did you guys make sure your back was supported while doing this? I keep trying to do this but it feels like my lower back is curving in way too much and feels uncomfortable. My bed is set a little high off the ground. I'm suffering from vestibulitis vulvar and I'm still working on giving this a try.

Also, do you think leg lifts (where you work out your abs by lifting both legs in the air and lowing them while fully extended) would work in a similar fashion?

Replied by Susie
Columbia, Sc
Hi this message is for Anna or anyone familiar with Vulvanydia can u please chat with me more about this condition?
Replied by Denise
Sounds like the Walcher's position:

Is it so? I usually recommend my clients to do it on the edge of the arm of the sofa...

Replied by Melissa March
Gunnison, Co
Thank you so much for this information!! I have the same symptoms and to know there might be help without drugs is incredible!!
Replied by Lee
Cape Cod

I can't even begin my tears stop me from seeing these posts. I have suffered for 16 years. The pain at touch has never gone away, but I have had decrease of the burning and urinating issues for three month at a time. I have research the carp out this Condition gone to Dr after dr some in gyno specialty. All throw the cymbalta or other generic anti depressant at you. I have never accepted the treatment but I've gone as far as getting the prescription. I have told my primary for years that my vulva pain and lower right back pain seem to coincide. Got no comment. I have had Amy's book for year and found that I felt worse. I am now just learning not all pelvic exercise help for ex: I was told do kigel, omg I kept doing them thinking no pain no gain. I am doing PT right now for posture back pain and we are talking about pelvic and my PT talk with her companies women PT and she said NO kigel exercise.

One question. I have run to my Dr when my symptoms have flared and I had one time came back with BV never yeast and never UTI. I get checked for both but now when I flare I wonder is it BV? How do I tell the difference? I am negative most days about this. I know I should not be. But I have other immune disorder. I just don't have room for this one... grateful to be able to just type this out and hope that all people that have this disorder can find relief.


Pelvic Floor Muscle Stretches, Multiple Remedies  
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Posted by Reecee84 (Acworth, Georgia) on 01/03/2012

[YEA]  Hi I have had my own trouble with Vulvodynia and I wanted to post my success with it since there is so little information about it.

Once I realized that what was going on down there wasn't a yeast infection I started to do research, I had no discharge, just redness, swelling. For the most part I only felt pain and itching when I touched down there. Dynia means pain. Doctors don't know what it is and they don't know how to treat it, even prescribing antidepressants for it when that isn't going to help at all.

Ok now for what you came for: What I found through my research is that trauma to the muscles of my hoo hah caused my vulvodynia. This was caused by forcing the aha moment by locking up all my muscles during my uh alone time if you will. One thing that I have tried is a cranberry supplement, mine is the once a day one that can be bought at the Mart we all know of.

According to my research a UTI infection affects the same or similar muscles or something that Vulvodynia does, so I take a cranberry supplement every day because that helps so much with UTI's. I also take a calcium citrate supplement to help with oxalates, you can also get it from the Mart and the one I get includes Vitamin D and Magnesium for better absorption, it's a name brand.

I also have Bacterial Vaginosis so I take extra amounts of Folic Acid and an Acidopholus supplement every day and extra if I feel the itch start. This has been the only thing that has worked for my BV and it works very well. Funny how doctors don't think vitamins and immune boosters will fix the body's problems.

The coconut oil didn't work for me. But what has made the most significant difference and has for the most part cured my Vulvodynia has been the pelvic floor stretches that I do. If muscles are traumatized in some way they stay tensed and contracted, just like they would if you were in a car accident, so they must be relaxed and this is accomplished through stretching. The one that has worked best for me is a perineum massage where I take the thumb of my dominant hand and press it against the bottom of my hoo hah towards my rear hole as hard as I can without hurting myself but so I can feel the strings or muscles down there pull and stretch. I count slowly to 30 or 45 and release. I do this every time I go to the bathroom or at least 3 times a day when it hurts, which for me only seems to occur after sex now. After sex and the next day of doing this along with some other stretches and I can totally avoid any discomfort I also do a stretch where I lay on my back, the soles of my feet pressed together with my toes up against something solid so the heels of my feet are as close to my butt as possible. I then let my knees fall to the sides and hold this position for as long as is comfortable. This stretches the top or front muscles of my hoo hah. Another is piling pillows under my butt while letting my legs dangle off the bed as another person suggested. I try to do this for at least 15 minutes at a time to get a really good stretch. This stretches similar muscles as the previous exercise. This isn't as easy to get out of and makes my back hurt some so I don't do this unless I'm hurting. I have started putting ankle weights on to assist in extra pull. I don't recommend starting out doing this. Adding more pillows should be gradual as well. One thing that has also helped me is masturbation, believe it or not. My little friend doesn't penetrate me. One thing I do differently now is I make sure the soles of my feet are touching just like the exercise I mentioned above except I'm on a bed, and I don't force the aha moment. Doing this pulls the muscles in a different way and for me seems to relax them. One more exercise I do is called the pigeon pose, I feel it stretches the pelvic floor from different angles and helps some. My Vulvodynia has gotten so much better doing these stretches that I now only have to do it after sex and if I'm feeling any discomfort, which I really don't. It is such a relief cause I was going out of my mind. I hope this helps somebody. The info I found was sparse on this topic so I want to be as detailed as possible which is why this post is so long. One thing I recommend is people look up pelvic floor STRETCHES online to find more exercises. DO NOT do the exercises that make you clench your pelvic floor muscles this will only make the pain worse! It must be a stretch. You can slowly add those other exercises, also called kegel exercises once the pain is gone, but not till then. It may take some time but I found ones that work for me and didn't have to pay for lots of doctors that don't work and have no clue. I think having a regular stretching or yoga program will keep those muscles more supple in general, along with a regular exercise program.

One final thing: I have found that reducing the amount of sugar in my diet helps immensely with how often I get yeast infections and the general health of my lady parts. Also becoming gluten free has helped immensely as well.

If anyone has questions email me at cbscientist(at)

Replied by Sapphire
[YEA]   I think there's probably a lot to this strategy. I've had volvar pain for 1-1/2 years. After going to one ob/gyn after another and spending a fortune, I finally found help. What I'm doing: Seeing a Dr. in NYC who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. He's actually in my Empire Blue Cross plan, which is great. For the past 6 weeks I have been using a compounded cream (lidocaine, neurontin and ketoprofin). It burns when it's first applied, but it has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my condition. I'm also seeing a physical therapist who also specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction. She predicts that it will take about 8 visits (and the use of a dilator, ugh) to get me back on track... Having sex again. I know everyone's condition is different, but this is what is working for me. Also, I highly recommend this book: "Healing Painful Sex" by Deborah Coady, MD and Nancy Fish, MSW, MPH. It's very well written and clearly explains the complexities of every related condition. It's also very positive and inspiring.

Peppermint Lip Balm  
9 User Reviews | 4 YEA

Posted by Melissa (Charlotte, Nc, United States) on 07/03/2013

[YEA]  I have struggled with vulvodynia for five years now and through my desperation I think I have finally found something that works. I have tried everything imaginabled from prescriptions to remedies on this site and it is always the same story, it works and then one day it flares back up and I lose all hope in a miracle cure. Recently baking soda was that cure for me, when it didn't work anymore I was in so much pain. I was desperate! I used an ice pack to try to get the swelling to go down when I woke up in the middle of the night the ice pack had busted open and I had tearing, sores, and swelling. As crazy as it sounds I had a natural beeswax chap stick that was peppermint flavored sitting beside me and I thought, that will give me a cooling sensation and I wont have to worry about a bag of ice busting... Hmm why not? It burned pretty intensely for about a minute but it was a cool burn so it didn't bother me.

I was able to get some sleep and when I woke up all of the tearing, sores, and swelling were GONE! I kid you not! I was so excited nothing I've tried worked that quickly before. I don't really know why it worked but I have continuously applied it twice a day. Haven't had a flare up in over a month since doing this. I don't think it really "cured" anything, I worry if I stop it I could have another flare up. It did however stop the pain and keep it away since I've been using it. I've also been going to the chiropractor, stopped my birth control, and am taking herbal adrenal support remedies to help balance out my hormones. I've been doing that for about 6 months now and I feel it has helped tremedously but has not cured me yet. It does seem to slow down the frequency of flares I do have so I feel I am on the right track but for immediate pain relief the chap stick 100% took care of the issue. I hope this helps someone!

Replied by Andreea
Hi. What brand is the chapstick? Thank you
That's no ordinary Chapstick or lip balm, Since the lady mentioned beeswax, I'm pretty sure that has to be a "Burts Bees" product!
Replied by Whitney
[YEA]   You are AMAZING!! This really works. I have been in a flare that has been absolutely miserable for two weeks now! This morning I tried making a paste with baby oatmeal bath, left it on for 15 minutes, got a shower, and when I got out I air dried and then used Beeswax with Vitamin E and Peppermint. You're right... It does burn for a little bit, but the relief is unbelievable! This Thanksgiving I am thankful for you, your post and peppermint beeswax lip balm :)
Replied by Suzanne Noonan
[YEA]   I'm going to try this! I have one questions though. I looked up the spirulina and they have different milligrams available. Does it matter if it is 500mg or 1000mg?
Replied by Karen758
Erie, Pa
I am desperate to try anything. After 30+ yrs of suffering and also anal burning (the last three years) I want to die.

The number of doc's I have seen is unreal and now my current gyn wants me to see a specialist in Pittsburgh (21/2 hr drive). I am skeptical as I really don't think she will have an answer and yet afraid not to go.

I found a gyn who was knowledgeable and she put be on amitripiline for nerve ending pain. I have had some relief during the years and have no idea why but the lastest episode has lasted for 3yrs (and mostly active! ). I have seen 2 gyn's, a colon/rectal specialist (levator syndrome????), have had P.T. both externally and enternally to no avail. I am a now 68 yrs old and not a happy camper. I am going to try to use some home remedies listed on this site. Wish me luck and thank you for this page!!!

Replied by Tiffany
[YEA]   I was desperate and I search the Web found this post, so I tried it and omg it worked. Although there is estrogen medicine that works, but I have no insurance right now, so this gives a great amout of relief. I used this method with some body cooling towelettes, (cleaned my area, then wiped it down with towelettes, then rubbed the Bee wax soothing chapstick, they did not have peppermint, so I got the one with eucalyptus and menthol, I feel alot better...Whew sometimes old remedies are the best, thanks!!

Vulvodynia and Allergy Connection  

Posted by Dee (California) on 10/18/2013

There is talk about vulvodynia being an allergy. I currently take 1 10mg elavil a.m. and p.m. along with 25 mgs of benadryl and the pain of the general vulvodynia has stopped. It's been 2 months.