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Vomiting Remedies

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Posted by Jessica (Liberty, Mo) on 03/12/2011
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My 2 year-old started vomiting an hour ago. It was on her birthday minutes before her birthday party, so I really wanted to help her feel better. I tried 2 teaspoons of raw honey. She ate it and said it was yummy, but it came up 5 minutes later, and she has vomitted 4 times since then in the last 30 minutes. Sadly, this remedy did not work for us! :(

Posted by Mel (Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada) on 02/18/2011
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The honey worked fabulously for me! After constant vomitting and diarrhea for over 8 hours I slowly sucked on a large tablespoon of raw honey, went back to sleep and haven't had symptoms since. I have been able to keep down water and been sipping on peppermint tea. What a fabulous site and such a lovely remedy! Thanks!

Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 08/08/2010
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Honey mixed with a bit of cinnamon to make a paste helped my daughter stop vomiting. She's 3 years old.

Posted by Mother (New York, New York) on 12/11/2009
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Hi, my daughter was vomiting for almost an hour and I used the advice from here and gave her 1 tsp of raw honey and that stopped the vomiting instantly. I then gave her another tsp when she woke up for water and she has been right as rain since then. I took one as per another poster and I am going to take another one soon because I am beginning to feel the onset of a stomachache. I have used other advice on the site for a bad cold and I have to say it was well appreciated.

Replied by Young_mama
San Diego, Ca
I drank vikatin for gallblader pain I was hesitant but pain was unbearable and if if went to the hospital they would give the same pain killer, I had gone to the hospital for that issue and non-stop vomiting they gave me medicine for nausea and vomiting I have not ate well today because I keep throwing up every time I eat it is 7:00pm I was searching for something easy and natural to help me on the web because the medicine didnt help read reviews and saw the comments of taking 1 tablespoon of honey I did at 4:00pm so far I have not vomited and now started on gatorades for pottasium and hydration im feeling better I will post how I am feeling with the honey remedy.

Posted by Leo (Monterey, Ca) on 11/28/2009
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My six year old has been sick since yesterday, not being able to hold any liquids or food down. I saw the honey suggestion and remembered how my parents didn't have health care and used to do home remedies such as the use of honey, I tried it on the kid a walla! She finally resting. Thanks for the reminder.

Posted by Cynthia (Canton, OH, USA) on 01/26/2009
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Our 5 y.o. was vomiting; of course water made it worse! My husband gave her honey, recommended from your site and... Walla! No more throwing up and no more tummy ache. In fact, the whole family took a teaspoon of honey as a preventative feature. thanks for the tip and so excited than an "earth" site like this is out there. Cindy

Replied by Sydney
Denver, Colorado
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Tried the honey, I think it's actually helping! I mixed about a tablespood with some decaf green tea about an hour ago, and my stomach has settled a little. I suggest it.

Posted by Doris (Orange County, CA USA) on 01/06/2009
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Pediatrician always tells us wait 8 hrs minimum after our child's first vomit event due to stomach flu or virus (usually caught from school). Once, after 2 days vomitting, fever spikes and the Pediatric Nurse casually says 'oh, just wait another 8-12 hours to start BRATS' (aka bread, rice, applejuice, toast, white/clear soda), we couldn't take anymore of seeing our child so weak. Mom's old recipe of a taste of honey, stopped vomits right away. Soda-pop is always way too rich, can't keep it down. For child we give honey, then honey in hot water with a tiny pinch apple pie spices as other blogger mentions in this page - cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. For adult, we use same or hubby likes honey in hot water with 'chicken soup herbs' - I use parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, sweet basil, or thinned chicken broth (same). Works great now, and don't get fever-bouts or dehydrated or weak like Dr's orders.

Replied by Angela
Grosse Pointe, MI
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Hello everyone, thanks for this great site!

Please make sure not to feed honey to children under 12 months of age. Honey may be infected with a bacteria that causes Infant Botulism and the consequences may be fatal. Here is a link from the Mayo Clinic regarding this subject:

Replied by Suzette
Ponchatoula, Louisiana

It's BRATT diet Bananas - Rice - Apple - Toast - Tea. You should never give soda for vomiting and everything in the BRATT diet should be closest to it's purest form with no additives, even salt and sugar, so plain cooked rice, plain toast with no butter, 100% juice, etc. I can attest to the fact that it works very well with diahrrea but Ive never heard of using it for vomiting.

My 6yo has been throwing up since midnight and it is now 8:02 am, she's thrown up 7 times and it's now just bile. I will try the BRATT diet and if ti DOESN'T work I'll write back. :)

Posted by Michelle (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 03/05/2008
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Raw honey (Garden of Life is my favorite) preferably organic, Raw Honey (unprocessed) helps get your energy back, kills germs of all types, halts diarrhea and intestinal cramps, (including firming stools) helps coughs and lung congestion and aids in the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. It is a good source of B vitamins and minerals containing potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is quite literally the "perfect food" and can sustain life all on its own! It does not take any energy to digest it because it is predigested form from the bees. They do all the work, we reap all the benefits!

My eight-year-old got the flu, I gave him Raw Honey, 1 heaping teaspoon as soon as he finished vomiting, then nothing for three hours, unless they want more honey. He vomited twice total, and was completely well in a matter of hours! My husband got it, would not eat the honey, has been vomiting for two days STRAIGHT, can't keep food down! Then my four-year-old started vomiting. I gave him 1 tsp. honey, he stopped vomiting and ate honey about 1 tsp every two hours. He felt so much better in four hours, he (against my warning) ate Goldfish crackers and drank a Capri Sun! He vomited one more time and then by dinner, was completely well and ate a light dinner!! Amazing! So, now it's Tuesday, my ten-year-old gets it. Fever, body aches, headache, nausea! Wow, of course, I get the RAW HONEY, I give her a nice big tsp., she mixes it with water (she hates honey but has learned her lesson) I keep her home from school and send her to bed with a fever and no medicine. My husband calls, he is leaving work sick because he can't stop vomiting! Third day, he is in bed all day, eats nothing, and feels terrible. He comes home and sees our daughter, all better in a matter of two hours! (I think we caught it early enough, she is at school celebrating her Birthday!) He eats the honey! Today he is back to work, amazed at the benefits of the honey. You will be too. Special note: My six-year-old (who has autism) and I take the most supplements, eat mostly organic, don't drink soda, etc. we are the only ones in the family who didn't get this FLU!

Peach Syrup  

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Posted by Magmoo (Overland Park, Ks) on 05/22/2012
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Canned peaches in heavy syrup. Our Omi from Germany swears by it. I thought it was crazy, but we have settled our stomachs so many times from it. There must be some kind of enzymes in peaches that kill off viruses or bad bugs in general or something. Towards the end of a bout of vomiting (aka: barfing, kissing the porcelain god, retching mercilessly while throwing your back out (true story-had to go to the chiropractor after I got better), puking up your guts, upchucking, enjoying your potato salad or chicken spedini a second time, trying to doze on the bathroom floor wishing for death, moaning, wondering why you always puke in the middle of the dark night, wearing 4 layers of sweat suits and a robe to warm up only to rip them off in a sweat 5 minutes later) from a stomach flu, food poisoning or allergy; sip little spoonfuls of the peach syrup. Take it easy at first and try one spoonful at a time to see how your stomach handles it. If you throw it up, wait a little while longer until your body settles more. Try another one spoonful and wait until you tummy stops gurgling and growling before you sip another spoonful. When a spoonful doesn't cause rumbles any more, then you're ready for a whole sip or even little bites of peach. When you add an increment, wait a bit to see if your stomach is ready to handle it before putting in more.

Peaches are also good for when your stomach is way so empty after you've heaved-ho'd, walked the plank and it's in-side-out. Nothing wants to stay down, no food or drink feels good and your stomach is all acidy, hurting. Maybe you even have dry heaves. Maybe you are empty, starving, very sure there could not possibly be any bad bugs or body organs left. You want to try something, but scared to anger Montezuma's Revenge one more time. Peach juice is calming. It seems to relax the stomach, calm it's nerves, settle the acid and set a base in the stomach to get it back in order. Maybe peaches have some sweet electrolytes to give you enough energy to crawl to the fridge and make a nice baked potato with only salt on it. I jokingly tell myself that peach botulism is botoxing my stomach into behaving nice and smooth. I know this is in no way true, but something in peaches does seem to help.

Any brand is fine, but not the light kind. It has to be the regular sugar, heavy syrup, kind. I like to get a more well known brand so I'm sure it will taste good to my kids, but I imagine a store brand would be just fine too. Open up a can and pour some of the juice in a cup for the poor soul. Save the peaches for later. I try to put off refridgerating the juice since room temperature seems to feel better.

Peaches may prevent barfing too. I have seen our entire family puke for days while my daughter is unfazed at all, slightly nauseaus or maybe throw up only once. I always stock up on a few cans every winter in preparation, so she would eat a bunch of canned peaches. We didn't. It happened nearly every year. She barely got sick, if at all. Maybe she had a better immune system, but I know she just gobbled up peaches every time!

I have had a couple bouts of food poisoning before. I know that feeling when my stomach bloats up, feels like absolutely nothing is digesting and it gurgle-gurgles constantly and loudly. I used peach juice to calm things down. This was before I found ACV and you all at EC (thankyouverymuch! ). ACV works too, but peach juice is a tasty alternative to try for kids who won't drink the sour ACV drink.

Replied by Chloe
London, Uk
I have had the norovirus for 2 days now and your post is the first thing that has made me laugh and feel a little better! I am no longer alone on trying to sleep on the bathroom floor and praying for death to take me quickly!!! Thank you for your glorious humour, a remedy in itself :)
Replied by Smith (s.a.s)
Cape Town, Western Province
I'm not here to comment on anything though it does sound like a good Idea , but I've been vomiting non stop for 11 hours and anything I drink nor eat I vomit out is there any other way of stopping this??
Replied by Jen
Fredericksburg, Va
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I was doing a Google search and came across this ingenius post! SO GLAD to see someone confirm it. When I talked to my doctor about waves of nausea (likely caused by combo of nerves, stress, and newly introduced Rx), the DOCTOR said, try some syrup from canned peaches. I was really surprised, but hey, I thought - I got nothin to lose here, except some of my guts! So, I have tried it, and so far, so good! ALSO -- there is always the excellent pharmacy remedy called E------l. It is a sugary tasting syrup, not all that pleasant, but it WORKS. I have always known this, since I was a kid.

Peppermint Water  

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Posted by Obeybunny (Santa Ana, California, United States Of America) on 12/29/2011
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Drinking cold peppermint water works instantly for me whenever I get motion sickness or nausea from eating bad food. Also, whenever I'm chained to the bathroom because of the flu, peppermint water helps to keep me from vomiting.

One or two drops of Peppermint extract in water. The ratio of peppermint to water really doesn't matter- I generally like my peppermint water strong (1 drop of peppermint in 3 table spoons of water), but everyone else in my family prefers diluted stuff (2 drops in 6 ounces). Nevertheless, it will still work.

Peppermint extract is available in the spice section of most of the grocery stores I go to.

Red Cordial  

Posted by Kendall (Brisbane, Australia) on 04/14/2009

I would like to let everyone in a a little secret that has helped me through many a night of vomiting children. Red Cordial, I dont know why it works but it does. Make according to instructions on bottle, normally 1 part cordial to 5 parts water, let child sip 10mls every 10 minutes. Vomiting should be a distant memory after 30mins or so.

EC: Red cordial is a sweet, raspberry flavoured drink made by adding cordial syrup to water.

Here's a recipe we just found:


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Posted by Eva (Fort Worth, TX USA) on 12/05/2008
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Rice is the best way to stop throwing up. No other remedy is as simple and absolutely effective as this one.

Rinse around 4 tbsp of rise and bring to boil with 2 cups of water. Add water if the rice becomes too dry. Drink the rice water at first very slowly, otherwise make your stomach turn again. Rice is very effective for this because it is packed with electrolytes, which regulate are responsible for regulating your stomach. If no rice is available, Gatorade or any other water with electrolytes will work, however it will be relatively heavier for your sensitive stomach to take.

Above all soothe your stomach, do not feed it dramatic, heavy elements or it will turn again, remember, there is a reason why it got to this point in the first place!

Sliperry Elm  

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Posted by Ruth (Penzance, Cornwall, UK) on 02/24/2009
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slippery elm for sickness (vomiting, diarrhea) and upset stomach, will literally stop sickness. one level teaspoon either with a tiny bit of toffee, maple syrup, honey... to be put straight in the mouth or mixed with warm water (very small amount)


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Posted by Kim (Gainesville, Georgia, USA) on 04/20/2009
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i was just finishing a water fast done through 2 days straight, but the night before i was going to break the fast, i got so incredibly nauseous while sleeping. so nauseous in fact, that i actually dreamt i was in the first stages of pregnancy again, telling people "it's just morning sickness." when i woke up, i could barely move for fear of throwing up. i know that vomiting can be a part of fasting as the body is cleansed and detoxified, but this was ridiculous. i could barely move and even lying still i felt so sick.

finally i decided to google my symptoms and found that all of these people on this site really liked this turmeric cure. i thought how weird but i was ready to try anything. i'd already thrown up 4 times upon waking from 7 am - 10 am and i had my 3 small children to take care of, so i was desperate to feel well. i did 1 tsp in about 6 oz of warm water and just the smell threw me off, but i persisted and after only a couple of sips, my tummy felt settled down. i thought "weird that it would work so fast, but let's see..." so i drank the whole cup and about 15 minutes afterward i felt well enough to get the kiddos breakfast!! i even had an appetite again so i ate some simple things and now two hours later, i feel absolutely amazing!! i plan on telling everyone i know about this remedy and i plan to continue it 2x/day for today and tomorrow just to be on the safe side :D

EC: Thanks, Kim. Where are you reading on EC that people are taking turmeric for nausea or vomiting? It's not listed as a cure on either of those 2 pages!

Replied by Judith
Cornelius, Oregon Usa
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it worked for the vomiting and upset stomach i have been experiencing for a couple of months. tried all the standard home remedies and energy work. the energy work tamed it but did not stop it. within 15 min. feel fine. crossed fingers, hope it keeps working till get to the source of it.try to keep posted. thanks earth clinic for being there

Water to Induce Vomiting  

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Posted by Donna (Janesville, WI) on 07/04/2008
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When your vomiting, a lot of people think that they should drink a lot of water to replenish the body....BIG mistake! All you will do is vomit more. Drinking Gatoraid or something like it will stay down.

When your child is sick though, and you KNOW they need to throw up, give them a cup of water. It does the trick for my kids who will do every thing in their power not to throw up! PS be smarter than me and have that bucket ready! lol~ donna