Vaginal Itch Remedies

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Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx) on 05/02/2012

[YEA]  Three years ago, I was on multiple and repeated doses of antibiotics for a recurrent Staph infection that has now ceased due to using - Tissue Salts... However, I did develop a yeast infection and (fungus) itchy flaky skin on the labia from the use of these antibiotics.. Nothing would get rid of it... The only thing that helped was drinking borax water that Ted advised on Earth Clinic... Another thing that helped was digestive enzymes, but they got too expensive... And the problem with both of these remedies was that I was okay throughout the day, but at the end of the day the itchiness came back... Same thing with the digestive enzymes, the itchiness would come back at the end of the day... I gave up and basically told myself, "OH WELL"

Then years later I was surfing on Earthclinic for a weight loss supplement and saw one of Ted's posts suggesting to take Chromium, Taurine and especially Vanadium to lower blood suger levels which would reduce the weight. I first tried the Chromium and Taurine together... Did not notice any weight loss or change... Then I purchased a bottle of Vanadium on Ebay, which is Vanadium supplements of 50mcg each and Ted was suggesting to take 200mcg... I did not lose any weight... However, the first day I took this, my itchy vaginal yeast infection disappeared instantly and the effects lasted all night long and into the next day... I can miss a day or two and still be okay... So, I am doing a one day on and one day off and it is working great... Better than anything else I tried : Garlic, Oregano Oil, Borax, Probiotics etc. I don't know if it is a permanent cure yet, but so far so good... Vanadium, go get some now!!!

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Posted by Relieved (Fresno, Ca) on 12/17/2013

[YEA]  I have suffered with severe external vaginal itching for the last three+ years. Initially I thought it to be vaginitis, but nothing abnormal was present and all tests came back negative. Luckily I work in a lab and did my own lab tests cause I could not believe nothing was wrong. It was specifically the discharge that was causing the irritation, (itching only on the outside). My OBGYN and NP could provide me with no real cause stating that everything looked clean and healthy down there. They could only give me some suggestions. For the last three years I tried doing my own research and came on this site repeatedly trying to find relief but everything only worked temporarily and then not at all. I tried LB cultures, yogurt, change in diet, ACV, honey, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, , everything minus bleach, , , lol. I came to the conclusion that these things only worked temporarily because they were simply diluting the causing agents in the discharge. It made no sense that all of a sudden this would occur. I love watching Dr. Oz and one night decided to see if he had any info. on the topic just for the heck of it. He had mentioned my condition specifically and suggested Vit. D. It was the first I heard of it as a remedy. Skeptical, I tried it anyway. I am very happy to say that I am now taking Vit. D3 supplements twice a day, on a daily basis and the itch has been 100% gone. It has been over a week that I have found relief, longest ever in 3 years. I will continue this for a few more weeks and see if it is still gone then. Though I know this won't work for everyone, I hope that those with my same situation will also find relief. I have regained my intimacy with my husband and can focus on daily tasks!!!

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca
@Relieved from Fresno, CA: How many mg's of vitamin D are you taking twice per day?
Replied by Relieved From Fresno
I am taking 2,000 IU, 2X/day. I should also mention that I have been taking it in combination with a lactobacillus pill (1billion culture) and it seems that the two are working best together. Hope this helps for you!!


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