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Natural Trigger Finger Remedies

Last Modified on Sep 02, 2015

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Fish Oil, Ball Exercise   1  0   

Posted by Dora (Houston, Texas) on 07/05/2012

[YEA]  Months ago had Trigger Finger problem in my right thumb. I followed Ted's remedies from Earth Clinic and other remedies from the same website. I really improved when I started taking Fish oil and sometimes Cod liver oil, as well as eating more salmon, fish, fruits, and vegetables, and tried not to do much work with that hand with the injured thumb. Also, the exercises with a small ball that I got at the Academy store did help me. The ball is similar to the ones used to release stress. My thumb is a 90% better since the problem started. Now can move it very well..

I do not recommend surgery, found out that surgery is not the best option. I encourage you to be patient.

I thank God for you all who shared the information on the Trigger finger at Earth Clinic.

Flex Ball   1  0   

Posted by Kim (Harrisburg, Pa) on 02/19/2008

[YEA]  Trigger Thumb/ Trigger Finger. First of all let me tell you I love this site. After suffering from trigger thumb (both hands) and Trigger finger,for 6 months I believe I found something that helps. After seeing my Doctor and having several injections, my last hope was surgery. This I didn't want. I tried everything. I came across a product called LivRite Flex-Ball. Its a small ball filled with a squishy material. I purchased it at Wal-Mart for $3.00 I have been using this ball for a week now and my symptoms are easing up. I can bend my thumbs again, and the pain is also easing. I'm not going to lie, when you first start to squeeze this ball, it hurts, but the pain does decrease with use. I set it by my T.V. everytime I sit down I do a few squeezes. Hope this helps some of you like it helped me.

Replied by Hanna
Eidi, Faroe Islands (denmark), Eysturoy
I live in Europe, where can I buy this ball?

Foods to Avoid   0  0   

Posted by Margaret (Grants Pass, Or) on 05/18/2013

I have trigger finger in my middle finger. If acidity causes it, does that mean I should avoid ACV? Also, I drink a lot of kefir that I culture at home. Kefir is acidic, and I wonder if that could be "triggering" it. I'd hate to have to give up kefir and/or ACV because of all the health benefits associated with them, but I do want to get rid of the trigger finger.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash
I believe I read that low magnesium causes this but I also think that dehydration would contribute. Since magnesium pushes the calcium in and out of the cells and also aids the salt to hold the water in the cells then it would affect the joints as well.

With no water cushioning the joints, they would get sticky and very painful. Try a multi vitamin and multi mineral supplement and drink water half an hour before eating.

Replied by William
Colorado Springs, Colorado Usa
Margaret, with regard to the ACV I have two sharings: first, in spite of the efficacy of ACV, Blood Type A people do not do well on Vinegar, including ACV [see Eat Right for Your Type by D'Adamo].

However, w/ regard to acidity please remember that its not the acidity of what goes into the body but what happens when the body processes it [burns, oxidizes, or whatever you wish to call it] and the sah it deposits. Many acidic things like Lemons create strong alkalinity, thus negating acidity.

Finally, many parasites [Candida for example] generate acid systems.

Best, Nutricon Wm, Colorado

Replied by Medsec
I've had quite good success with magnesium oil for both the carpal tunnel and trigger finger, not immediate, but after several weeks. Still have numbness in the trigger finger (thumb).

Gayle's Bandaid Method   4  0   

Posted by Gayle Judice (Lafayette, Louisiana) on 08/06/2008

[YEA]  Bandaids cured my trigger finger. I kept a bandaid wrapped where my thumb bends, keeping it straight and unable to bend for (2 to 3) months and I was cured. I believe trigger finger flares up by using the flex motion too much and letting it heal and not being used (such as carpal tunnell) lets the joint relax.

Replied by Sheblessed
Indianapolis, Indiana

I have just been diagnosed with trigger finger on my left thumb. Ironically, it started with me getting a rose bud thorn in my thum, which I though I got all out. This happened in March 2010. It is May 2010, and I am my thumb is still hurting. I am trying everything I can not to have surgery. Right now I have a rubber ball I am squeezing. I might try the ginger tea. I appreciate any advice anyone has. I don't like surgery. Thanks

Replied by Nancy
Mc Kenzie Bridge, Or
[YEA]   I agree with Gayle's bandaid method. I wore a splint on my finger for a long time to keep it from bending and it has cured my trigger finger in the past. When I have not been able to wear it though because it got in the way, I noticed a significant increase in the swelling and pain when my finger was able to bend. Gayle's idea of a bandaid is much better than a splint because it is a lot less cumbersome and can virtually be worn at all times.
Replied by Katie
San Clemente, California
[YEA]   I have been doing this for about 1 week and my finger feel much better. I have been using 2 inch blue tape and only change it a few times a day due to water.
Replied by Lisa
New York, New York Usa
Yes I use tape and it was getting better now its hurting again I am trying b-6, red river clay, arnica, traumeel, mend-me-shop home ultrasound, was feeling better but I had vitamin c, chocolate and caffeine today and now it hurts again. I am trying alkalyzing drops and I must lower the acid.

Just purchased the book Balancing Body Chemistry about over acid how this creates all disease. Great book. Thing is vit c is very important. I take Ester c where am I going to get that from now if not from this? Also I love dark chocolate. Green tea keeps me up at night even if I have it in morning.. Looks like acid foods cause the flare up. I bicycle a lot and grip the handle bar. Hate trigger thumb but refuse to go for the cortisone shot. It has helped people in one shot but I am afraid to weaken the tendons there. Also taking type 1 collagen, msm thought I bought it the other day for good but here it is again.

I like the hot water idea, the tape, the vitamin b6, garlic capsules and natural antiinfalammotory. When is this going to end? if it is diet related, looks like I am giving up so many foods nothing left to eat of things that I love that are also good for you such as some dk choco, caffeine is also beneficial in some levels, tomoto sauce is lycopene have to give all this up? What fun is there in eating now?? As it is I have given up most offending fattening foods but love certain things. Need to be food nun? once and for all what the heck is this trigger thumb and lets be rid of it!! I think I will try the acupuncture.

Replied by Andrew
Los Angeles, Ca
[YEA]   It worked for me! I had severe trigger thumb (left hand) for a month. Went to an orthepedic surgeon who diagnosed it as trigger thumb and gave me a cortisone shot. That worked for about a week. Pain came back. I did not want to have another cortisone shor or surgery so I looked for a homeopathic remedy. I found, and finally decided to try, the "bandaid" method. I bought some first aid tape at my local pharmacy, wrapped my thumb and kept the tape on day and night. After 2-3 days my thumb felt much better and did not hurt, especially at night and/or while sleeping.

After 3-4 weeks of taping my trigger thumb problem is 80%-90% managable! The tape/wrap "bandaid" method worked for me! Now I only need to put the tape on if my thumb is hurting at night and, if it is, the tape gives me immediate relief! It's a miracle!

Replied by Ange
Grifton, Nc, Us
I love this method and it makes sense. Thanks for the information. I am going to try it!
Replied by Lisa
New York Ny
Well here we go again. I found my 2012 post about trigger of the thumb I did finally go for the cortisone shot and it worked like a dream no new problems except now it is in the third finger from too much mouse and tool gripping (floral design) lots of pain more afraid of a shot there..trying the tape method.. dehydration probably causes all of these problems.. I am trying B-6, taping with blue tape splint at night, more water. I am grateful for all the posts here because each one is helpful thank you Earth Clinic anything to avoid surgery and shots but the cortisone shot at the base of the thumb really did the trick.. this is so common and painful my diet is even better than ever but something caused this..wonder if it's too much calcium? By the way the very best magnesium imo is Derma-Mag a topical liquid form that is absorbed thru the skin Highly recommended..These fish oils have vitamin E (soybean oil) as a preservative and very very allergic and dont want hormone disrupters which soy is
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Hi Lisa,

Re the finger pain,

Have you tried DMSO? I've had two episodes with cyst formation in joint area at base of hand and finger and I diluted DMSO fifty-fifty with purified water (May have used colloidal silver)...and wrapped with white paper towel. Left as a poultice for thirty minutes. Cyst (or whatever it was disappeared). Also have used DMSO (capful) many times over twenty years if hands begin to get "tight" and a bit hard to grip. Works every time. I do this capful on fingers and joints once every three or four months now just as precaution.

Replied by Lili
Los Angeles, CA
Appreciate this forum and the shared wisdom. I have been trying to ignore the injury and recurrent situation affecting my thumb but will now vow to keep a bandage on for three months and see if that helps. It is nearly impossible not to use it. This article reminded me I cut a thumb off a glove to use as a bandage and have also wrapped a long strand of copper wire around my thumb like a knuckle ring because I heard copper helps circulation. Both these ideas helped keep it immobilized but I didn't quite realize how much it helped. I mention them incase anyone is interested in alternative band-aid ideas.

LD in LA

Replied by Hal M.
Jupiter, Florida
I have tried many approaches without success. I started the bandaid method two days ago and I think it is helping on my left middle finger. I am not sure about locating the tape. Seems that three quarter inch wide tape wrapped between base of finger and second joint from tip keeps it straight best. Is that right?
Replied by Vicky
You want a neutral position. lay your hand on its side on a table...relaxed...there should be a slight arch to your palm and fingers. That's it! There are neoprene sheaths available at Walmart that can do this as well. from my experience this was helpful in the beginning of my food regime. The vitamins, reducing inflammation/ acidity, bromelain are more helpful!

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Sue (Hillsboro, Mo) on 08/17/2011

Hi everyone. Has anyone had a ganglion cyst or a hard "knot" in the hand prior to the trigger finger? If so what can be done nonsurgically for the gangion? My husband is having this problem and so does his father. The doctor just wants to keep doing surgery on my father-in-law. Thanks!

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi Sue, traditionally you hit the ganglion cyst with a huge book and it bursts. (the bible was the book of choice). I have done this and it goes down and sometimes comes back up so you just repeat the "cure", until it stays away. Hope this helps. Lily.
Replied by Carla
Acworth, Ga

I had a ganglion cyst on my right wrist for several months- it was right in the joint and you could only see it when my wrist was bent- very painful. The doctor drained it twice and it always came back- but each time he mentioned hitting it with a book. The last time it came back I had someone us a Very large hard cover book to smack it. It has been about 5 years and it has not come back yet.

Just be careful with the joint!

Replied by Joanne
Tulsa, Ok
I had a ganglion cyst years ago, I took large dose daily of crystal "C". The pain stopped first, then the bump disappeared. A few years later, I was pressured to stop my "C" intake by my GYN, because I was pregnant... Mistake. The ganglion cyst returned, but disappeared after I started by crystal "C" again. Crystal "C" is a high dosage vitamin C. My daughter is now 18 years old, and the cyst has not returned.

Posted by Pamela (Marlborough, Connecticut) on 10/04/2010

Also I have been having trouble with my knuckles being swollen for months, when to a doctor who gave me to cortisone shots in one hand and said I had trigger finger. I don't have any clicking in any fingers so I think he is wrong and the shots only helped for a week, which also cost 600.00 for the visit. I am desperate for help. I have been taking pain pills for weeks that only help so much. Thanks for any help Pam

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
Hi Pam, If I were you I would research Turmeric and Boron. I can't explain why, or how they work, but there are some excellent articles on here re Turmeric, and on the web re Boron. They are both working for me. I used to wake in the morning feeling like someone had slammed my hand in a door... It is truly amazing to awaken to no pain in my hands. I literally lay in bed first thing in the morning just making fists in disbelief - it is still shocking. I take 1/4 tsp of turmeric a day in my tea with VCO (virgin coconut oil) and one 3mg boron (chelated - dont know if that matters or not) a day. I hope you find your answer! Carly
Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk

Have you tried anything from this site's Arthritis section here?:

Not mentioned under that section is Niacinamide, the amide form of Vitamin B3. (I'm assuming it's arthritis you have, since trigger finger is almost never accompanied by many swollen painful knuckle joints! )

Once again, to one of Dr. Pauling's legacy sites:

Click on "Search" in the molecule picture there. Type in "Niacinamide Kaufman arthritis" into the search query box.

This first one looks to be the best info and detail:
The Pioneering Work of William Kaufman: Arthritis and ADHD

From Page 3:
"The (more frequent) 250 mg dose of niacinamide is 40 to 50% more effective in the treatment of arthritis than the (less frequent) 500 mg. Dose. In my 1955 paper (The use of vitamin therapy to reverse certain concomitants of aging. J Amer Geriatric Soc. 3:927-936) I noted that niacinamide (alone or combined with other vitamins) in a thousand patient-years of use has caused no adverse side effects. Please keep in mind niacinamide is a systemic therapeutic agent. It measurably improves joint mobility, muscle strength, decreases fatiguability. It increases maximal muscle working capacity, reduces or completely eliminates arthritic joint pain. Some joints are so injured by the arthritic process that no amount of niacinamide therapy will cause improvement in joint mobility, ...

Interesting tidbit here:

Kaufmann was a very careful observer and showed clearly the significant therapeutic value of niacinamide. But 1949 was not the right year for such reports, for the wonder drug, cortisone, had just been found to rapidly relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Dr. Hench, who had done the basic work, received a Nobel prize and Merck and Company held the patents. There was a tremendous display of publicity about these wonder drugs and they became the standard for all the arthritides. The fact that cortisones do not help very much was discovered later in England when they were compared with aspirin in the first ever double blind experiments. Aspirin proved equally as effective. Also cortisone and ACTH made many patients psychotic. Dr. Kaufman's 1949 published book 'The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction' is even now still available in places on the net.

DOSAGE:Niacinamide is water soluble and has a half-life of 90 minutes I. E. The amount left unmetabolized in the body drops in half every 90 minutes. This explains the divided doses. That daily dosage is divided into equal doses for ingestion every 2-3 waking hours waking.


Usually adequate in moderate joint dysfunction was the continuous ingestion of 150 mg niacinamide administered every 3 hours for 6 daily doses (900 mg/24 hours). In extremely severe and severe grades of joint dysfunction, 100-150 mg niacinamide were prescribed every hour (1500-2250 mg/24 hours), every hour and a half (1110-1650 mg./24 hours), or every two hours (800-1200 mg/24 hours), depending on the severity of the joint dysfunction, the more frequent schedule being used in more severe cases (97) (51). It has been found in the treatment of joint dysfunction that the manner in which the daily dosage of niacinamide is divided has an important bearing on the the therapeutic results achieved; e. G. , 300 mg niacinamide given three times daily (900 mg/24 hours) is inferior in its therapeutic action to 150 mg niacinamide administered every 3 hours for 6 daily doses (900 mg/24 hours).

Replied by Lili
Los Angeles
I tried turmeric for my finger and it hasn't helped yet, but the pain in my jaw (which was like TMJ but caused by a sprained inner ear muscle) which had hurt and restricted my jaw motion for two years, feels absolutely great finally. I swear by it even though it has yet to heal my thumb.

Posted by Hanna (Beerwah, Queensland Australia) on 12/06/2008

Thank you for this great site, I found it on searching for alternative cures for a trigger finger. I'm a scenar therapist and was treating a case of TF with only minimum results, your site will be very helpful I will also get to use it for other problems. HannaB

Miscellaneous Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Amy (Springfield, MO) on 05/09/2007


Replied by Amy
Springfield, MO
I apologize. The above misc remedy is a comment from myself. I didn't realize til later, that I didn't even mention what the link was all about. My 2 yo daughter Mikah had trigger finger and was cured. This is her story and what worked for her.

Over the Counter   1  0   

Posted by Ava (Naples) on 04/23/2012

[YEA]  Trigger fingers and thumb is caused by inflammation in the joint. Simply take one Anti-inflammatory pill every day. I took Ibuprofen, one a day. In about two weeks or less it will be gone. I had a trigger finger in the right hand and trigger thumb on the left... now totally gone.

Paper Tube   1  0   

Posted by Pfmills (East Killingly, Ct. Usa) on 03/15/2011

[YEA]  I've had "trigger finger" in my left little finger, and cured it by sliding a handmade semi stiff paper tube over it at nite. have TF in my right hand ring finger.. Doing the same thing to cure it, and it DOES cure it.. But takes months.. Have patience.
PF Mills

Rescue Remedy Cream and Essential Oils   1  0   

Posted by Linda (Gilsum, New Hampshire) on 05/26/2008

[YEA]  Trigger Finger Thumb Pain and Stiffness: I had looked at this site the other night and on a whim decided to try one of the recommendations since I had the oils on hand. Someone had suggested lavender oil. I pulled out my essential oils and mixed a dab of Rescue Remedy Cream, three drops of lavender oil and three drops of lemongrass oil (my info had said it was good for athritis)and rubbed it thoroughly into my hands. I have done this three or four times now and even though I have been under a lot of stress, did some major gardening/digging, took a hike with my hiking stick and played my cello, the stiffness has eased tremendously. The clicking is still there but the nodule at the base of my thumb is less tender and the tendon is less stiff. I have tried other remedies with absolutely no relief so I am sure this is not a placebo effect.

Sesame Oil   1  0   

Posted by Joyce (Easley, Sc) on 07/21/2014

[YEA]  I started getting the pain and 'clicking' in my thumb 2 years ago. Doctor recommended surgery.

My thumb was to the point that I could no longer move it without excruciating pain.

I started taking a couple of teaspoons of sesame oil each day orally for another issue I was battling and started noticing the pain going away on my thumb and getting mobility back. It felt 100% cured. A few weeks ago, it started to stiffen again, I took the sesame oil again, and it stopped again. Never read about this, it just happened.


I was taking some oral oregano also at the time, but not for as long as the sesame, but wanted to mention in case it had helped a little also.

Replied by Suguna
Penang, Malaysia
I'm having trigger finger since last Sept 2014. Isn't can be cure if I'm taking the sesame oil as you said. I don't do any injection or surgery. If I consume sesame oil.. How many time per day need to take and how much need to take per day. Need your advice. Thank you in advance. Waiting for your reply. Rgds, Suguna
Penang, Malaysia

Soursop Tea   1  0   

Posted by Linda Davies (Nigeria) on 10/31/2013

[YEA]  I had a problem with my thumb called trigger thumb. A health situation where the finger locks and to unlock is very painful. Tried the hot heat treatment in addition to eating a lot of pineapples which is supposed to contain bromelain, a substance that is supposed to aid the cure. To no avail. By chance I discovered a painlesslump in my anal region. In a bid to get rid of the lump which I feared might be cancerous I started myself on a soursop tea treatment daily. To my greatest surprise not only did the lump disappear, the thumb trigger condition disappeared. I have a friend who suffers from rheumatoid athritis. I will tell her about this and see if it will alleviate her condition.

EC: For those interested in learning more about soursop, see:

Surgery   0  1   

Posted by Dan (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 08/20/2015

[NAY]  My advice is DO NOT GET SURGERY. This was the biggest mistake of my life as my left hand is my only usable hand. They don't tell you of the possible serious ramifications afterwards. It's been almost 3 months now and although the trigger finger I believe has subsided, the pain has increased and now I have different pain issue's and swelling that hampers it's use. I was better off with the trigger finger. Now my other finger on the opposite hand is beginning the same symptoms. But I can tell you for sure, no more trigger finger surgeries for me. My advice folks, do your research before committing to surgery.

Ted's Remedy Feedback   2  0   

Posted by Dora (Houston, Texas USA) on 02/27/2012

[YEA]  The "Trigger Finger" condition that I had back in October 2011, has improved after increased my fish oil intake. Also, practice with a small soft ball to move my finger again. Thank you, thank you to ted's remedies again.

God bless you.

Replied by Revsheryl
Silver Spring, Md
I am taking fish oil and BioFreeze it helps. I am a knitter. Slowing my speed -less physical and mental stress adds relief. Sheryl
Replied by Dream2long
Flint, Mi, United States
Bull, I take anti-inflammatories daily for arthritis and am currently dealing with trigger finger on the pointer & middle fingers of both hands. I take Cod/Borage/Flax oil supplement 2x daily for years, take a vitamin B complex every other day and am in horrible pain right now at age 49. I have already had Carpal Tunnel surgeries on both hands years ago, that was a "Godsend" and trigger thumb release years ago on the right hand. Started B6 for left trigger thumb which helped immenensly, but the switched to B complex & it is not helping with the fingers at all. Tried Tumeric and got a nice two weeks of constant constipation and nice hemmorioids for it. BTW, Tumeric is a great anti-diarrhea med. Use it now instead of Immodium in our house. I have had cortisone epidural injections that helped Sciatica in both legs for 100% relief, yet it never helped my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Think I'll try the Cortisone for the trigger fingers. I hardly eat Citrus and recently discovered that drinking unsweetened Ice Tea with real lemon gives me nighttime leg cramps, I've been expermenting occasionally with limited exposure to Iced Tea w/without lemon and am not having leg cramps. I beileve it may be the lemon? Tired of my body being out of whack, need a Chemical Exorcist!!

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