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Stroke Recovery and Prevention Remedies

Last Modified on Apr 16, 2015

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Posted by Dely (Ashburn, Virginia) on 05/16/2011

Please, explain how to take these 23 items for a stroke patient. My brother had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that these remedies will help him recover. Thank you for any assistance you can extend us.

Replied by Doddie
Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa
Ted would you give the procedure as to how to take the prescribe 23 listed items. I have a friend who has been trying to recover from a stroke that affected speech on the right side, arm and leg for a year and 9 months. Would you also include the time of day or not they should take each one and which not to take together. Thank you, Ted
Replied by Neha Thapar
London, Uk
My father had a hemorrhage stroke in the right hand side of the brainstem on the 8/9/11. he is weak on the left side, has slurred speech, eye movements are contricted, however our biggest problem is the vomiting which he gets from movement, and therefore he is unable to do physio to help him walk again. the doctors say they have tried many antimetics but they are not working. He also cannot swallow yet.
Replied by P
Middle, Fl
Hi, I'm no pro, however I've been reading about amino acids, they help rebuild tissue and neuro issues in the body and brain, look into hyaluronic acid as well as others.. gonna post a website were not only you can purchase the product but gives you basic understanding the role it plays in your body! acid&x=0&y=0

Also look into omega 3, 6, 9...... flax, fish, borage & evening primrose!

Look into coconut oil and look into hydrogen peroxide therepy!

You should really read these by googling or going to earth clinic remedy and supplement section. It's a start, hope it helps!

Replied by Zorro
West Allis, Wi

Google DMSO it has been known to help people regain their health even years after the stroke. You can take it internally and use it on the skin. I wish I knew about this a long time ago I could have helped a lot of people. This even brings back speech.


Replied by Louisa
Wichita Falls, Texas
When mom had a stroke, I rush to her and gave her a cup of coffee with a shot of whiskey. I had read a few years before of this remedy for strokes. The coffee is a stimulate and the whiskey is a thinner. You've got 3 hours to get oxygen to the brain. Mom didn't lose any of natural self. She was 83 at the time.
Replied by Palvan
Venice, Florida, Usa
Ted, Would you respond to the many requests for your stroke regimen. As you know, without dosages and frequency, the list of supplements is useless. The patient you treated had extraordinary results so it must be the way you administered the supplements. I have incorporated many of them in my husband's regimen for the last 3 months but he is stuck with limited use of his arm and leg. Thank you for your invaluable research and recommendations. Palvan