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Posted by Litsa (Tarpon Springs Florida) on 11/02/2013

My mother suffered a minor stroke a week ago and even though she was able to move her left arm and leg at the time she became progressively worse. I would appreciate a protocol inspired by Ted's work. She is 92 and the only other issue is sciatica in the other leg. Please help. Thank you. Litsa

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Litsa,

Concerning your mother's stroke and continued worsening condition:

The stroke is likely a tiny clot which broke from the veins or arteries and was small enough to go through the heart and into the brain where it lodged. Most folks who are subject to strokes are equally subject to the same thing in repeated form...the small clots. So it could be that the mini strokes have continued.

First, attack the underlying cause. I've just written two posts you can find on the cholesterol issue on this very subject. Using Vitamin E (natural) and CoQ10 and Dr. Mercola highly suggests the derivative of CoQ10, ubiquinol to stave off clotting issues.

Second, the E will also give your mother strength because it assists in oxygen delivery.

Third, I'd be on four caps of Cal AEP daily to overcome the damage done by the brain blockage. See a great article on AEP: Google, "Calcium AEP nutrition review"...

Fourth, I'd be on two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a large glass of water daily.

Fifth, for more oxygen delivery I'd consider Hydrogen Peroxide. Look in the EC directory at "remedies" and findd HP to see how to take it.

Those are the key things I'd do if this were me. I treated my own parents for similar problems. Neither died from cardio issues.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
I'd wish Ted would just drive a stake through the entire cholesterol issue and put the issue to rest as it regards heart disease. Cholesterol is an irrelevant problem but still people want to find a solution for it.
Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
In regards to "Take it with a Krill oil supplement". I'd take something like vitamin E or Astaxanthin with any fish oil oxidation which is viewed by many people as damaging to the brain. Krill oil has an advantage over other omega 3 supplements because it absorbs better. I'd just be careful about the over oxidation. It has been found over long term to even cause rodents to die an earlier death.
Replied by Rw
Southwestern Virginia
Hi. I was a little confused by your comment. What causes over oxidation, the fish oil, or the other things you mentioned?

Posted by Slavcho (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 02/23/2013

Dear Ted, I am contacting you regarding my father and it would mean the world for me if you could take some time to read my letter and give me an advice. I apologize as the letter might be a bit longer but I don't know how to make it shorter.

The story begins somewhere in the last days of December 2012. At that time my father had issues with his bowel movement - he was trying multiple times a day and having diarrhea. Around Christmas he got the flu - 38.5C body temperature, headache, cough, sore throat.

On January 2nd he went for a chest X-ray as the cough wouldn't go away. The doctors said it is pneumonia (right lung) and gave him antibiotics (Augmentin, 1g) for 10 days. As those 10 days passed he went on a second X-ray and the picture was worse (bigger shadow on the lung and I don't know the word in English but it is about some fluids in the bottom part) than the first one, so they prescribed another antibiotic (Tavanic, 500mg) for seven days. After that he went on a 3rd X-ray and there was not improvement nor worsening on the picture (even though sometimes he was coughing bits of blood). So the doctors asked him to go to the hospital. He went there on January 23rd and when me and my mother went to see him on January 24th he was not able to walk (his left leg), almost unable to move his left arm and his eyes were intense and turned to the right. We went to the doctors and asked them if they don't see what's happening, and guess what -they haven't noticed that. So a neurologist came, the doctors send my father to a head CT-scan and it showed ischemic stroke. Also his heartbeat was about 160bpm and arrhythmia came from somewhere.

For the next 8 days my father was in the ICU where they were treating the stroke and also giving him cough-suppressing medicines and another antibiotic (Maxipim). On the 7th day they sent him for a head and chest CT scan. It showed no additional problems in the head even though there was not much of improvement as we saw it. However the chest CT scan showed something that according to the doctors looks pretty much like central carcinoma in the right lung and they wanted to make a bronchoscope biopsy to see what it is and take a sample. We didn't agree for them to do this test because of his heart problems and the fact that he had a stroke just a few days ago and also because we have heard and read it is the worst thing to do -cutting a piece of tumor, if it was in fact that.

So, on the 8th day after they put him in the ICU (February 1st) we took him home. When they were discharging him from the hospital, they gave us a prescription which contained:
- Blood thinner (Pradaxa)
- Diuretic
- Anti-acids
- Beta-blocker (Betaloc ZOK)
- Anti-arrhythmic medicine (Cordarone)
- Something for improving the strength of the heart (Lanitop)
- Some medicine for better bloow flow in the brain (Cavinton Forte)
- Antibiotics (Klacid SR).

And here begins our story. Firstly, we didn't get the antibiotics, stopped the anti-acids and the diuretic -we wouldn't give him any more antibiotics as he has already been on them for more than a month, and it makes no sense a person to be on Blood Thinner and Diuretic medicines at the same time.

As I am very familiar with the Earth Clinic and in the last few years am always looking here first when anyone in our family has any health issues, we decided it was time to start treating my father the way we believe to be right. I first stumbled on your cancer protocol and yours and Bill's comments regarding it. It made a lot of sense as it is some kind of similar to Bill's protocol for Candida (which, by the way is fantastic), I saw that large doses of Vitamin C are also good in case of pneumonia and Vitamin C and Lysine looks like a pretty good combination for "cleaning" the arteries (something my father most certainly needs as he had this stroke).

We started giving my father:
- Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid, 1000 mg) and Lysine (1000 mg) - 6-8 times a day with a two hour gap between the doses.
- NAC -1000mg six hours in a roll for the first 6 days, after that morning 1000mg and 500mg at lunch and dinner
- Green Tea Extract -500 mg -six hours in a roll -first 6 days
- Methylene Blue -4 drops once a day
- Iodine 5% - 5 drops 5 times a day
- DMSO/Aloe Vera -2-3 times a day, topically on the chest and back
- Selenium 150mg -3 times a day
- Milk Thistle -morning and evening
- Vitamin B complex -3 times a day, two pills each time
- Alpha-Lipoic Acid -200mg, three times a day
- Q10 200mg, three times a day
- Flaxseed oil -1tbsp three times a day
- Probiotics -3 times a day
- Amino Acids -three times a day
- Vitamin B6 100mg -three times a day
- Vitamin B1 50mg -three times a day (started 4 days ago)
- Hyaluronic acid 20mg -three times a day
- Cayenne pepper -three times a day
- 8tbsp freshly squeezed lemon, 1/2tsp baking soda, 1/16tsp potassium citrate, 1/16 tsp Himalayan salt, 1/16tsp Magnesium Chloride -3 times a day (started 4 days ago)
- Taurine 1500mg -twice a day (started 4 days ago)
- Arjuna 500mg -twice a day (started 4 days ago)
- Vitamin D 5000 -once a day
- Diatomaceous earth 1 tbsp -once a day
- Borax 1/8tsp - 4 times a week
- Propolis -3 rimes a day (started 4 days ago)
- Spirulina -1 tsp 2 times a day
- 3% H2O2 -in a nebulizer -3-4 times a day
- 8.33% Baking Soda in a nebulizer -3-4 times a day

About the diet -no sugars, not honey, no sweet drinks or carbohydrate water. No meat, no fish. No calcium. Morning and evening he is eating oatmeal, cornmeal or something of this sort. For lunch -soups and salads. No spices from the store. It's been 21 days and so far:
- Blood pressure is about 120/80 and we reduced the doses of the beta blocker and anti arrhythmic medicine in half
- Arrhythmia is less severe
- Heartbeat -70-85 and feels stronger (it was hard to get a feel of it in the beginning)
- Walking is a way better
- Left shoulder hurts less and regaining movement in left arm
- Eyes are almost as before the stroke -just occasionally he turns them to the right.
- Appetite is very good.
- Sleeping is good
- Skin color looking healthy
- Energy and strength overall returning to normal.
- Bowel movements are regular and there is no diarrhea.
- Urine pH - 6.8

Except that, when we took him home my father was spitting and coughing a lot of mucus (or phlegm, I don't know). After the first week the mucus decreased and some traces of blood started showing in it -about 10 times a day. Around the beginning of the third week (the one that's ending today) -only 3-4 times a day there were some traces of blood, but more like a pink-colored dots, not real blood. And also he is coughing a lot less, only to expel some mucus.

YESTERDAY we went to acupuncture specialist for the arm, and after we came back home, for the last 20 hours there were 7 occasions when my father is coughing some mucus that looks like coming from somewhere deeper (it is thicker and not getting out at once) and there is MORE BLOOD in it. Now, as you may imagine we are all pretty stressed. On the one hand we want to believe it is happening because in the last few days we started working more on my father's heart issues and his heart is pumping better and also the acupuncture has moved his energy through his body and now he is clearing some "trash" that was deeper in his lungs. We also think the blood thinner might be responsible… However, on the other hand we are very afraid that maybe we are doing something wrong and we are not treating this cancer (if he has one).

PLEASE, tell me something, anything - do you think we are walking the right path, are we making some mistake, should we remove something from this list or should we add something. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
Hi Slavcho... You seem to have been very thorough with your protocols. You have combined Ted's anti-cancer protocol with my anti-candida protocol and liver protocol together with a strict diet. Your father is on a strong protocol. There are only a few other nutrients I would advise and these are:

* Magnesium chloride - Try and get the Magnesium Oil form because it is easily absorbed through the skin directly into the blood. Just rub the oil on the underside of the forearms or you can take 10 drops of magnesium oil in water before meals two or three times a day. You can also rub Magnesium Oil on his sore left shoulder for another beneficial effect. This should help reduce the pain. If you can't find the magnesium chloride then just use magnesium citrate -- 250 mgs twice a day. But magnesium chloride is the better one. This will also help your father's arrythmia problem.

* Add niacin -- vitamin B3 -- to your father's protocol -- between 500 mgs and 1 gram three times a day at mealtimes. Higher dose niacin may cause a flushing effect -- but this is evidence that niacin opens up the veins and arteries. Niacin also works to unclump blood -- it thins the blood safely. Niacin also reduces depression and anxiety. In a recent piece of research it was found that vitamin B3 raised the effectiveness of the immune system by a factor of 2000. However, since you are also using drug blood thinners already, niacin -- also a blood thinner -- may perhaps be contra-indicated. If you use niacin you will have to reduce the drugs blood thinners to be safe. This is your decision. Niacin in combination with lugols iodine(which your father is already supplementing) also works to remove constrictions in the arteries -- it cleans the artery walls. In the 1950s there was a special formulation -- called iodo-niacin or 2-Iodo-nicotinic acid -- which was used successfully for heart problems and arteriosclerosis in the past. Now we have statins which do very little except to vastly reduce your energy and cause diabetes(see side-effects of statins on For the full range of benefits from taking higher dose B3 -- see this link:

* To help remove the blockage caused by the ischemic stroke you father can also supplement serrapeptase or bromelain. These are protease enzymes that digest dead organic proteins and this will help to clean up his arteries and veins. The serrapeptase or bromelain should be taken 3 times a day outside mealtimes because you want it in the blood -- not digesting food.

Lastly I'm pretty convinced that your father's coughing up blood problem is caused by the drugs that your father is taking now. I've only checked a couple of the drugs you list -- but both Pradaxa and Cordarone actually list coughing up blood as a regular side-effect on See these links:

Pradaxa Side-Effects

Cordarone Side-effects

So if I were you, I would search and check all your father's meds (side-effects) on to see if any of his problems are related to the side-effects from the drugs that he is taking. If this is the case -- then I would seriously consider reducing or stopping supplementation of these offending meds.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
You are missing some important cancer remedies in getting rid of the bacteria and virus. These remedies include zinc acetate or zinc gluconate supplements, 25 mg x 2 or x3, and whenever he coughs he needs to take N acetyl cysteine every time. The other problem I see is whenever there is a sign of any blood, he needs 100 mcg x 6 of vitamin K or as much vitamin K1 as he needs until the bleeding stops. That will stop most bleeding over the course of a day. It's not a large dose for vitamin K1. As far as his tumor is concerned it can be generally resolved with baking soda and lime juice, after meals and never in the morning, as many times as possible.

It appears this is a virus problem that caused your father's cancer. I have surveyed cancer patients and found out the other causes of cancer besides sweets (mainly honey) and they were trans fat (vegetable oils), lead and arsenic. Apparently the source comes from our water faucet (and pipe fittings) as we do not use reverse osmosis, which is the only known water filtration system (besides atmospheric water generator) that filters out arsenic and lead. The best chelator, and therefore best cancer remedy, appears to be lime and baking soda. It works across all cancer patients I have tested. Of course there is a better one, but present circumstances prevent me from posting it.


Replied by Slavcho
Sofia, Bulgaria
Dear Bill and Ted,

First of all I want to say THANK YOU! It is really calming to the mind when I know you are agreeing with the course we have taken. It really means a lot to me! Now about the suggested additions both of you made:

- Magnesium chloride - we are giving it to my father as suggested.
- Niacin - I am a bit afraid giving it as I read it may cause arrhythmia and tachycardia. If you could tell me your opinion, please let me know.
- Bromelain - my father is taking this 3 times a day 360mg with curcumin 450 mg – outside mealtimes in the last 10 days).
- Pradaxa (blood thinner) - discontinued 15 days ago
- Cordarone (anti arrhythmia) - discontinued 10 days ago after we tested TSH, T3, T4 and the TSH level was 11 (T3 and T4 were fine). Now, because of these tests, we stopped the Lugol's iodine because I read every now and then that it is not good for the thyroid, especially if there is Hashimoto (which I don't say my father has, nor I say he doesn't, I don't know).
- Zinc gluconate - my father was actually taking it and is still taking it, I just forgot to mention it.
- K1 - we are not giving that because: 1. The bleeding problem stopped (there is only some small, drop size pink colored mucus once every 1 or 2 days). 2. I am afraid because of the arrhythmia (actually heart palpitations) and tachycardia problems together with the stroke he had.
- N acetyl cysteine - we were giving it 3 times a day 600-1200mg, but after Ted's post we are now giving 600mg whenever he coughs (it is not often).
- Baking soda and lime - we are actually preparing it with lemon but if it is important to be lime, I can replace the lemons. Thank you, Ted, for paying attention to me that it should be taken after meals and never in the morning - now we give it this way! From what I see, this way the pH stays higher for longer.

About the progress: I believe my father's lungs are really getting back to normal now - only a few times a day he coughs and most of the time it is productive. The pH is steadily above 7, even above 7.5 most of the time. Only after physical exercises (walking) it drops lower (the first time, a few days ago it dropped to 5,7 but yesterday it only dropped to 6,8 and raised pretty fast back to above 7). I guess it is just the toxins in the blood, lymphatic system and muscles leaving the body, so I don't worry too much. Here I guess it is important to note something that made a great impression on me. About 10 days ago my father's dark circles around the eyes vanished and his face started looking really fresh. It was really easy to maintain high pH as well. For me that was the point when his body became stronger than the illness and he became free of all the toxic overload. And now imagine how stressed was I at first as days few later his pH started dropping below 7 and it was hard to raise it up! However, I was thinking about it for some time and finally came to the conclusion that his body, now being stronger than the bacteria/viruses/toxins and after staying in the pH above 7 for some time somehow decided it is time to start some very active detoxification. I guess I was right as another few days later things came back to normal.

BEFORE I MENTION WHAT STILL WORRIES ME, I will give updated list of the foods, vitamins, etc. My father receives now. Because I want my message to fit in 1 page on the EarthClinic site I will give a link to a the table we use, where all the things are included (.xls file in English) -

As you might see in the file, I've added: bromelain (as Bill suggested), clove oil (as I read in Ted's cancer remedies), peppermint oil (as I read in one of Ted's comments about viruses and cough), Lecithin (Ted's Pulling oil remedy), Maca root (Bill suggested it in the adrenal fatigue section as endocrine regulator), Wheat Grass (I read it is rich in chlorophyll and I guess that is good), Apricot seeds (cancer remedies), L-carnitine and Biotine (some book by Dr. Pauling), Hawthorn extract (for tachycardia), Grape seed extract and Grapefruit seed extract, garlic, Kidney&Bladder herbs (just to be safe). The Magnesium Chloride is missing in the file but he receives it as well. Also yesterday I bought cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon oils and prepared the four thieves blend (they say it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, etc.).

Since yesterday I am also playing the cat purr from the computer, not sure of the effect as of now.


FIRSTLY, it seems like we are unable to deal with the atrial fibrillation and tachycardia problems. Currently my father takes two pharma drugs for the heart - lanitop 0, 1mg once a day (for better pumping they say) and Betaloc ZOK - 12. 5mg morning and 25mg evening (for the atrial fibrillation and increased heart rate (they say)). What worries me is the second medicine, the beta blocker. I would stop it as I believe it is the reason for all the problems - it brings the blood pressure down to about 110/70 - 100/60 and I guess the heart is compensating as it wants the blood pressure to be a bit higher. I also read here - - "Another study showed that magnesium replacement given before open heart surgery did NOT prevent atrial fibrillation after the surgery when it was given with a drug called a Beta Blocker! ..... So this makes one wonder if the action of beta blockers DECREASES the effectiveness of the magnesium! " YES, IT MAKES ME WONDER! And also here - - "A third possibility is that you have a baseline lowish blood pressure. When you take the beta-blocker, your blood pressure drops further which leads to a compensatory increase in heart rate. When you feel the relative tachycardia, then you develop anxiety which further speeds the heart rate, thus cauing a vicious cycle. I see 2 or 3 patients per month that develop this type of syndrome."

On the other hand I read that atrial fibrillation might be caused by a bronchial or lung inflammation and that makes sense. But what doesn't make sense is that the lungs are a way better now and the problem persists.

I guess it is important to say that my father never had atrial fibrillation or tachycardia before this illness and my guess - before taking the Tavanic antibiotic - it is listed in its side effects, and is also listed in the side effects of the other antibiotic they were giving him in the hospital - Maxipime. And I really want to solve this problem but I am kind stuck. I wish to stop the beta blocker and I am afraid his heart might start racing and I wouldn't know what to do. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED.

SECONDLY, there is the pain in the left shoulder. It seems to not go away or at the very least it takes lots of time for a small effect. At the same time my father seems to receive everything I have seen to be helpful in case of arthritis or tendonitis - borax (5 days a week), sea salt in the drinking water, magnesium chloride, alkalization, bromelain, curcumin. I am starting to feel it is because of the lack of movement and at the same time my father really resists on rehabilitating the shoulder because it hurts him. Here I guess it is good to say that my father never had problems with the shoulder until taking the Tavanic antibiotic (which often leads to tendonitis). And if that is tendonitis I am not quite sure if movement is a good thing or not. Please, give me an advice what to do. Oh, and one more thing - the hand (around the wrist) gets a little bit swollen during the day - I guess it is also because of the lack of movement.

AND LASTLY, there is a strange problem. When my father lays down the sides of his neck hurt him, but not like deep inside, rather like the skin, sometimes also the ears and the back of the head. Clove oil and peppermint oil rubbed on his neck seem to help a lot. However I think it is because of the increased blood flow to the head when in laying position. And probably the circulation is improved as his blood vessels are constantly being cleaned by vitamin C, lysine, bromelain, garlic, curcumin, diatomaceous earth, etc. and his heart getting stronger.

I really do apologize as this message is one of the longest I have seen on EarthClinic but I think it wouldn't be serious if I write two sentences and let you guess what I mean. THANK YOU for reading!

With Best Wishes, Slavcho

Replied by Slavcho
Sofia, Bulgaria
I actually have to make a few corrections about the neck and ears. It seems that my father has pain in his right ear and the neck below the ear when he lays on his right side, and his back upper neck hurts him only when he is laying on his back. So I took a closer look and it seems like the skin on the neck below his right ear is slightly more red than the skin under his left ear and on the back there are some small (3-8mm) reddish spots that look kind of like seborrheic dermatitis.

And what is interesting is that I am starting to convince myself that I see new hair growing on my father's head (so maybe he was bold because of fungus, at least partly). So, is it possible these problems (with the neck and ear) to be because the spots I see are the fungus's last stand and it is fighting real hard or am I fantasising?

I also want to add that today we tried the H2O2 in ears remedy and there was pretty much no reaction (bubbling and foam) at all. And we haven't done this in months, so I guess this therapy really cleans the whole body.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines La Union
Dear Slavcho, I have recommended Magnesium Chloride for your father, which, amongst all its other benefits, will help to safely raise his blood pressure because of the chloride content. Chlorides always have the effect of slightly raising blood pressure in the body.

I have been helping an 84 yo Filipino mother and her 50 y o son - they have both just had serious heart attacks (strokes). The mother is our landlord and she is in a particularly bad way. She also has a problem with low blood pressure and oxygen and she is losing her appetite --which is always a bad sign. Today, for the son, I recommended just the Vitamin C (at least 6 grams a day) and Lysine (at least 6 grams a day) Protocol with Nattokinase or Bromelain enzymes and Magnesium Chloride. There is a rather large problem in the Philippines with availabiliety of nutrients and affordability, so I just kept the remedy simple. The high dose Vitamin C and Lysine will act to help remove the Lp(a) from the arterial walls and also help to prevent the Lp(a) from forming in the walls of the artery respectively. The nattokinase or bromelain enzymes will dissolve any blockages and should greatly help to reduce the risk of further strokes. The son also told me that his doctor was going to recommend a stent be put in to his artery eventually. This is further proof that heart meds cure nothing. I told him that his arterial problem should clear up within a month or two on this Vitamin C/Lysine protocol. People might not believe this, so here is Linus Pauling himself, the Nobel prize winner and the discoverer of this remedy -- who was not in the habit of lying -- talking and relating several successful testimonial cures for heart disease using just the Vitamin C and Lysine therapy:

Pauling Therapy Website

Listen to Linus Pauling's Testimonial on his First 3 Cures Using Vit C and Lysine (Linus Pauling talking)

I also think that you are doing as much as you can right now for your father. The remedy your father is currently taking is geared to removing blockages in the blood vessels, reducing arterial constriction, removing embolysim as well as in aiding recovery of the heart muscles. Your protocols are also strongly anti-microbial.

Indeed, most of your father's problems now seem to stem from the side-effects of the heart meds he is currently taking -- since these meds also might well be the reason for his current arrhythmia problems.

Replied by Nv
Hi Slavcho, any update on your father's condition? Did he recover 100% already?
Replied by Slavcho
Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Nv from California, unfortunately not. He passed away in june last year. Actually he recovered very well from the stroke.

The problem was that doctors were saying he had the pain in his shoulder and the problem with his heart because he had lung cancer. However during the treatment we were doing at home his lungs cleared at 100%.

We could never solve the problem with the heart and the shoulder until it got too late. The problem was actually the liver. At some point we realized his skin color was getting yellowish and it turned out to be just a very mechanical problem - enlarged, inflamed liver that was pressing against the lungs and the heart.

So, our mistake was we stopped the Milk Thistle, Selenium, ALA and Lecithin too soon I guess. But it was very very hard situation as every doctor was looking for a problem in the lungs and none of us, including my father, had good knowledge in biology, physiology or something like this, so it was very hard to get some grip.

However, when it got clear my father is having obstructive jaundice, and as the doctors again said it is just metastasis from the lung cancer and there is no hope at all (of coarse they would say so), we started doing the Calrk's liver cleance, coffee enemas, Milk Thistle, ALA, Selenium, Lecithin, Vegetable juices (radish and some other vegetables) and also Aloe Vera and Papaya. And you wouldn't believe what came out - flukes, rope parasites, cholesterol blockages, gallblader stones, etc. The liver was draining enormous quantities of bile and there were also some large (like golf balls) balls of fecal matter that have obviously been in his intestines for a long time.

So when the liver got unclogged all the heart problems just went away - heart rate about 55-58 per minute.

But then another problem occured. I guess (even though I might be wrong) when all the stones and other thrash got out of the liver, there was nothing to keep the ducts wide from the inside. And as the liver was enlarged (some physical deformation must have taken place as it was really very enlarged and it couldn't just get back to normal size over a few days), the liver itself pressed against the bile ducts and shut them down. That is one, and also I guess because of all the bile that went down the toilet some mineral imballance took place and my father's feet got swollen.

So, at this point we couldn't drain and respectively clean the liver (when it was draining we could hear it like a bottle of water is draining) and there was the problem with the edema. Nevertheless most of the blood work and liver tests got better (bilirubin did not).

Therefore, we went to the hospital and they said - we don't care if he might have cancer, we would take care of the liver - we will insert biliary drainage tomorrow and we would give him hepatoprotective medications and hopefully he will be able to come home in a few days.

So, it was evening and my father sayed in the hospital for the night. He got there walking on his own feet and during the night they put him on breathing apparatus - probably because they have this policy patients should be laying flat on their backs and this is kind of hard on the lungs when the liver is enlarged. I guess my father wanted to switch the position as I later noticed he was having a large bruise on his strong arm - as if they tied him to the bed.

So, the biliary drainage took place 4 or 5 days later. And after that he lived for one more week. During this time he didn't have the chance to have a bowel movement and the doctors said he didn't need to (which is very strange as he was having 2-3 a day with lots of things you don't want in your intestines going out). In the meantime they took 3x biopsy of his lungs trying to determine what kind of cancer he had. So, his liver didn't get the adequate support, his intestines were full for 12 days, his lungs were irritated from the liver on the outside and from the biopsies on the inside and he passed away.

One more thing - according to the doctors there are no liver parasites, there are no liver stones and even if there were you can't get them out without a surgery. I showed every single one of them the pictures we took and they just didn't care. (I have the pictures but they are not pretty and I don't know how to upload them but if anybody is interested I guess we will find some way).

After my father passed away we agreed for an autopsy. It was done in the same hospital where they were treating him, so, of course they found cancer in his lungs (but not a primary one they said, it was metastasis) and they also found cancer near porta hepatis (again, metastasis)... they never found the original cancer... because there was none.

If we only knew we had to treat his liver in the first place, and only his liver, he would have been alive today.

I almost forgot - they were saying the cancer is in his right lung but his left shoulder was hurting. If I remember right, there is explanation in chinese medicine (and not only there) why this happens when the liver is sick and enlarged. It presses some nerves, so your shoulder aches, or your year aches or you just have overactive urinary bladder - it is all connected and I have seen it.

By the way I was reading somewhere about a few relationships that might be interesting:

- stroke and liver

- thyroid problems and liver (or gallblader)

- pulmonary problems and liver

It took me quite some time to sit and write this update as it is really painful but I hope I was thorough and not too emtional.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
Liver problems, especially in the severe category, cause immune dysfunction as well as enzyme deficiency, particularly Glutathione. The detox & immune impairment together leaves the body wide open for chronic infections and cancer.

Posted by Ronnie (Fort Worth, Texas) on 01/08/2012

I could not find the dosage for Ted's remedies for the stroke victims.

Posted by Dely (Ashburn, Virginia) on 05/16/2011

Please, explain how to take these 23 items for a stroke patient. My brother had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that these remedies will help him recover. Thank you for any assistance you can extend us.

Replied by Doddie
Lawrenceville, Georgia, Usa
Ted would you give the procedure as to how to take the prescribe 23 listed items. I have a friend who has been trying to recover from a stroke that affected speech on the right side, arm and leg for a year and 9 months. Would you also include the time of day or not they should take each one and which not to take together. Thank you, Ted
Replied by Neha Thapar
London, Uk
My father had a hemorrhage stroke in the right hand side of the brainstem on the 8/9/11. he is weak on the left side, has slurred speech, eye movements are contricted, however our biggest problem is the vomiting which he gets from movement, and therefore he is unable to do physio to help him walk again. the doctors say they have tried many antimetics but they are not working. He also cannot swallow yet.
Replied by P
Middle, Fl
Hi, I'm no pro, however I've been reading about amino acids, they help rebuild tissue and neuro issues in the body and brain, look into hyaluronic acid as well as others.. gonna post a website were not only you can purchase the product but gives you basic understanding the role it plays in your body! acid&x=0&y=0

Also look into omega 3, 6, 9...... flax, fish, borage & evening primrose!

Look into coconut oil and look into hydrogen peroxide therepy!

You should really read these by googling or going to earth clinic remedy and supplement section. It's a start, hope it helps!

Replied by Zorro
West Allis, Wi

Google DMSO it has been known to help people regain their health even years after the stroke. You can take it internally and use it on the skin. I wish I knew about this a long time ago I could have helped a lot of people. This even brings back speech.


Replied by Louisa
Wichita Falls, Texas
When mom had a stroke, I rush to her and gave her a cup of coffee with a shot of whiskey. I had read a few years before of this remedy for strokes. The coffee is a stimulate and the whiskey is a thinner. You've got 3 hours to get oxygen to the brain. Mom didn't lose any of natural self. She was 83 at the time.
Replied by Palvan
Venice, Florida, Usa
Ted, Would you respond to the many requests for your stroke regimen. As you know, without dosages and frequency, the list of supplements is useless. The patient you treated had extraordinary results so it must be the way you administered the supplements. I have incorporated many of them in my husband's regimen for the last 3 months but he is stuck with limited use of his arm and leg. Thank you for your invaluable research and recommendations. Palvan

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/08/2009 | 685 Posts

[YEA]  Since I don't receive any questions from earthclinic on strokes, I have decided to make a brief summary on this condition, in case someone is interested.

This is the remedy for a stroke victim, where there is a blood clot in the brain and was unable to improve for at least half the year. The medication I have looked into didn't make sense. The iron supplements had to be discontinued, this causes the blood clot. The medication that dissolves blood clot didn't make sense since if the iron were discontinued, the anti blood clot medication doesn't need it either. Besides, my approach to increasing iron has never been to take iron anyway. A daily 2000 mg dose of piracetam were counter-productive, since it's taken everyday, that causes a cascade of neurodegeneration, when there is not temporary discontinuance of the medicine.

It was changed from taken everyday, to taken once every two to three days. This the body can handle. The dinner was discontinued, the objective was to get three bowel movements a day.

Initially the bowel movement was once every ten days. When I first had a glimpse, the bowel movement appears to be about once every three days to once a day, which was unacceptable. The stroke was bought on by daily meals of steak which leads to constipation and the blood became toxic, leading to clotting, which leads to stroke. Hence steak was discontinued, only salads are eaten for dinner.


Stroke victim: entire half of the body is paralyzed, partial feeling only in the right foot. The rest no feeling. Cannot talk, not possible to use right part of body.

In the first day of remedy, feeling restored for the entire leg, on the third day was able to take bath, unassisted, On the second week, is regularly talking to his son over the cellular and able to go on exercise bicycle by herself. Although not a perfect remedy, always need improvement. This is just only my archive and the woman's doing fine since last reported about a week ago.

Constipation, Blood clot, low rate of healing, digestive enzyme deficiency, anemic, low stomach acid, recovery slow, wounds don't heal, brain damage from stroke, blood clot, flatulence, possible electrolyte imbalance, in particular potassium, metabolic acidosis, inability to communicate.

Needs three month's supply of:

1. Digestive enzyme
2. tetra EDTA
3. Magnesium Chloride
4. Potassium Citrate
5. Sodium Citrate
6. Baking soda
7. Potassium Carbonate
8. Humic acid to help digestion
9. White tea to lower blood sugar
10. Granulated Lecithin
11. Chlorophyll Drops
12. Hydergine
13. Piracetam (Nootropil)
14. Zeolite Azomite
15. Iodine and potassium iodide
16. Vitamin C
17. DMSO
18. B50 Bottle
19. Amino acid
20. Vitamin C
21. HCl
22. Borax,
23. Glycine

I expected the recovery time to be three months, apparently it went much faster than expected, after only 2 or 3 weeks.

The recovery is about 80-90% back to normalcy.

My only concern is the supplements may need to be discontinued or reduced much faster then expected.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
As for the update for the stroke victim, she continues to improve. However, it is my feeling that women generally recover from strokes faster then men because women have higher progesterone levels.

Hence in a stroke victim, I have modified the remedy to use progesterone cream apply near the neck area, on the side of the neck, as this area has the least fat that reduces absorption. This allows people, and especially men, to recover from strokes faster. In fact a progesterone that is very low in men may also be what's causing the stroke and prostate enlargement.

Men generally need a lot less progesterone then woman, but they still need it.

The dose for a progesterone cream applied is around 1/8 teaspoon once a day for women for 4 days out of a week. For men the dose maybe 1/2 of that to be applied for only 2-3 days to out of a week, at only 1/16 teaspoon. This allows the brain to recover from stroke faster and repair the damaged myelin sheath also.

I am also expected to attend a wedding of the stroke victim (who is a mother to the son who's getting married) this February in Hong Kong.. Obviously she's strong enough to go and her speech has returned (after the paralyzimh stroke she couldn't speak) and now she regularly calls her son by cellular phone.

Replied by Sophiya
Fairfax, Virginia
Please, explaine how to use those 23 remedies. thank you
Replied by Paul
Duluth, Mn, Usa
Yes, more details about the treatment please.
Replied by Curious From Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
Please give more information on the treatments and how to use them. Also - please provide some information on how to prevent strokes and how to treat someone with a mild stroke. Thanks so much!
Replied by Gjergji
Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire
My brother suffered a stroke on 11 March 2001. Fortunately, he has since been in "stable" condition. However, he never gained his speech back and he is paralysed on the right side of his body.

I copied the medication list you provide in your blog, but it doesn't say what dosage to use, when and how frequently.

I would be grateful if you could assist me with the followings:

1. Either to indicate the method and the application (dosage of each medication, the frequency and when) of the medication that has been used in the given case; or

2. Any clinic that would be prepared to accept my brother to undergo this treatment.

I thank you in advance for your kind assistance in this matter


G. Shajko

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Gjergji, here is an interesting article by Dr. Hoffer. Niacin will have some affect on his brain following a stroke but it will also give protection for his heart to stop another stroke.

Well worth looking in to.

Replied by Pam
Venice, Florida, Usa
Ted, Please respond to the many of us who seek more detail on your list of 23 remedies - how much and how often?

My husband also has isolated systolic hypertension as a result of the stroke - is on several medications for it. Do any of these remedies have a negative effect on systolic pressure? Thanks for your valuable information.

Replied by Jason
Fort Worth, Tx
Can you please post the dosage and duration of each of the 23 supplements for stroke recovery? Patient has a feeding tube in their stomach and is diabetic. Are all of these supplements ok to use via feeding tube?
Replied by Chavi
Fort Worth, Texas
Is there a way to contact you about my dad's stroke symptoms and challenges. I don't fully understand your remedies.


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